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Sew Sampler Box April 2021 Sneak Peek!

It’s finally April and that means it’s Sew Sampler’s 5th Anniversary!!! We are SEW excited to share this milestone with you. We have curated a special box this month and it will come packed with new and exciting items as well as bonus coupons to commemorate our anniversary!

If you are not yet subscribed, and want to join in on the fun, be sure to do so quickly because boxes ship out around April 20th!

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    1. I got mine yesterday- I was so excited! Box was in rough shape, but everything inside was great! Can’t wait to use it!

      1. Just wondering about the May Sampler box .Havent recieve my box yet .Will it be late this month ?Its already May 26 th ..

  1. Happy Birthday Sew Sampler! I’ve been on board just a few months shy of 5 years and loved every minute of it! I see a cake tray. Could that mean a layer cake in the offering? 🤔🤔🤔

  2. Happy Birthday Sew Sampler. I am so excited about this box. Looking forward to a new year of patterns.

  3. Happy Birthday Sew Sampler and big thanks to Kimberly and everyone at FQS! Wahoo! (Throwing virtual confetti-the quickest and easiest to clean up!❤️❤️)

  4. This will be my first time to celebrate with you!! Congratulations your doing an excellent job ♥️♥️ I’m excited😘😘

  5. jelly roll? hmmmmmm. sew what sticker maybe? more fabric. a ruler? anything you send me will be sew sew sew sew happy🌺

  6. Happy Birthday Sew Sampler and congrats to the Fat Quarter Shop for supplying us with five years of sewing/quilting goodness. I’ve been a subscriber from the very beginning so it’s also my 5th anniversary for subscribing. Special thanks to Kimberly and her team for the hard work they put in to create these wonderful boxes. I’ve tried many quilting boxes and the Sew Sampler Box is the best value for money, which is why i’ve stuck with it. I can’t wait to see what is store for the
    April box

    1. I haven’t tried any others, but I have looked around and this box is the best all around!

      1. I agree, I watch a lot of box openings and for the money its the best. I love getting it every month

  7. Happy Birthday Sew Sampler. I have loved every box that I’ve received to date so I know the birthday box will be just as exciting. I can’t wait to receive it.

  8. 5 years is awesome. I can’t wait for my box. I’m finally getting around to projects and will be so excited to open the April box.

  9. I am thinking something using 5″ charm packs! You know, for the 5 year anniversary! And it may have something to do with stars! That said, I never guess correctly! Hahaha!

    1. Just had a thought—Kimberly’s new book with star blocks is coming out. Maybe that’s what the star is about! The colors remind me of Laundry Basket Quilts new line. Or Bonnie and Camille’s got a new line coming out too.

  10. Happy Birthday to Sew Sampler and the FQS family. Can’t wait to see what’s inside the April box and the start of a new year of monthly patterns.

  11. ohh – birthday surprize…? sizzors ? cake matter what it will be fun.

    1. Congrats Sew Sampler/FQS!! I have received them right at 4 years. I am sorry I missed the First year. Can’t wait to see the new quilt pattern.

  12. Happy 5th …wow, so many great boxes and lots of great surprises in everyone of them….thanks FQS !

  13. Congratulations FQS on sew sampler 5th year anniversary!!! I love the anniversary boxes every year. I’m never good at guessing the boxes and Could be completely wrong but I’m curiouser & curiouser if we could be lucky enough to be invited to Tula Pink again for this years anniversary box 🤞🏻 I could be way off based but thinking maybe invited to a tea party. (Could be wishful thinking too lol) Whatever it is will be amazing and counting down till it arrives 💕Happy Anniversary Kimberly, Kevin, and the whole FQS team/family!

  14. Happy Anniversary #sewsamplerbox I love getting mine every month & I’m surprised & delighted every time! FQS is always so generous and so thoughtful. Y’all are the very best and I hope you know it!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    1. So I’m thinking that cake stand might be a nod to Alice in Wonderland, and maybe this will be curiouser and curiouser from tula pink? Fingers crossed!

  15. I’m very excited about the anniversary I’m a fairly new sampler box membership so this is a pleasant surprise. I never guess well so it will be a pleasant surprise.
    Happy 5 anniversary Kimberly and Kevin Jolly, you’ve made quite a success out of pre-cut fabric!!!

  16. Happy 5th Anniversary! It’s my 5th one too since I’ve been a sew sampler subscriber from the beginning. Your boxes always make me happy, but Anniversary boxes are always incredible!! Can’t wait!!!

  17. Happy anniversary. Thank you for providing a fantastic box of sewing goodies to us each month.

  18. Couldn’t get a better Happy Birthday present (24th). I love getting my box and see the surprise inside.

  19. Oh boy, fantastic goodies and coupons! Thank you Kimberly and Kevin for everything you do and Happy Anniversary! I love getting my boxes every month and all of the goodies inside! If only my husband celebrated anniversaries like you guy.

  20. Happy 5 th year Birthday to the Sew Sampler Box. I used to divide the box up and slide the project into a bin. Until I decided to start making these projects ! How many are doing them ? They are fabulous learning tools. Finally learned how to foundation piece! These projects were given as gifts and I am using many of them. Show your finishes !

  21. I hope it is Robin Pickens new Cottage Bleu, the colors are aquas and blues so pretty!

  22. Looking forward to the new block of the month! Happy 5th anniversary to Sew Sampler’s boxes. Can’t wait to get mine!

  23. Love Sew Sample Boxes!! I am guessing that the fabric will be Confection Batiks by Kate Spain to go along with the cake plate and birthday celebration!
    Happy Birthday!!

  24. Layer Cake, snips, April Showers….. Happy Birthday!!!!Thanks for sending me the best gifts every month!

  25. I’m guessing its a precut from Sherri & Chelsi’s Happy Days collection. Happy birthday, Sew Sampler. I love it!

  26. Happy 5th Anniversary Sew Sampler and, a big thanks to Kimberly and everyone at FQS!

  27. I bet the anniversary box will be special. I look forward to opening. I’m so excited Sherri is the designer of the monthly sewing blocks!

  28. The anniversary boxes are always great! I’m super excited to see what they come up with this year. Congratulations on 5 wonderful years of curating these fantastic boxes. Much of what I have learned about quilting comes from these boxes, so thank you!

  29. This will be my third box and I’m sew excited! I’m a couture and heirloom sewist branching out!

  30. I can’t wait for the box to come!!!! I have been receiving this box for almost two years now – and I have loved every box! All my friends and family members love the items that were made with the items in the box. Kudos to FQS and their fantastic team! Happy Anniversary!!!

  31. That’s awesome – 5 years! I wish I had been in it from the very start. You never disappoint!

  32. I’m excited for my anniversary box. My husband pays the bills and said the price went up a little this month. Am I the only one? Maybe shipping costs went up I’m not sure. I love my boxes and the sunrise every month.

  33. I recvd mine yesterday and I loved it!! Can’t wait to start the new block!!!

  34. I just got my box and it is one of the best I have gotten in a lone time! Please send more like this one please. Thank you FQS

  35. If been anxiously waiting “on wait list” and now I’ve arrived, Looks like April is the best month to join.

    Happy Anniversary sew sampler and FQS.

    I love everything in the box, thank you, thank you!❤️💜

  36. I love the April box! I can’t wait to see Erica Arndt, Sew Becca, Arkansas Gal and Pattimac Makes videos on the box. It is so fun to see “my” sew sampler box through their eyes. Happy 5th Anniversary, and thank you for the coupons. Time to go look at layer cakes, lol!

  37. So excited for this new quilt pattern cards, Bright Side! Are there fabric requirements for the top and binding? I may want to do this in primitives. Thanks!!

    1. Hi! We’ll release all the fabric requirements here on the blog on Friday, April 30.

  38. I love getting my sew sampler boxes!! But I’m sorry I have to cancel my subscription!!! If anyone ask I will definitely tell them about y’all!!!