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Sandi Henderson on “Ginger Blossom”

We are really excited to introduce today’s guest author, Sandi Henderson, who has just debuted her first line, Ginger Blossom! It’s got spring written all over it. This collection is proving very difficult to keep in stock, but fear not! We have more in today and more coming in later, so keep your eyes peeled!

Greetings to all of the Fat Quarter Shop readers! I am happy to be here as a guest writer.

My first line for Michael Miller Fabrics has just debuted and what a pleasure it is to see it traveling into people hands at last. Ginger Blossom has been a journey of love for me. One year ago I was happily working away at Portabellopixie. Portabellopixie was my business for custom-made children’s clothing. I worked away in my little studio in our home, creating clothing for children all over the world. I was always on top of the newest and prettiest lines of fabric and eventually decided to design some myself. Why not? It doesn’t hurt to try.

Eight months later it is on the shelves and Portabellopixie is lending its name to my new line of patterns debuting at Spring Market in Portland. The line will consist of children’s clothing patterns, very much within the same spirit of my past designs. We will soon add accessories like bags and aprons as well as crafts and adult clothing to the line, but the initial kick-off will be children’s clothing. For me the most rewarding sewing is always something I’ve done for my children, and I am excited to put the “how to” into other sewers hands.

I am often asked where my inspiration for my fabric comes from and it is always a different answer. It depends on what I am designing. For Ginger Blossom, I really drew inspiration from some of my favorite things that are dear to me. For example, the Blossom Buds print was inspired by my son’s crib. It is a 4-poster canopy crib that has been passed down through my family and has held both of my children. The posts are topped with ornate, pineapple like knobs. I gave them a little bit more of a clean modern shape and added a leaf or two and it is one of my favorite prints in the line.

All in all, it’s been an incredibly exciting ride! I am looking forward to an amazing year with lots of new projects to come and new friends to make! Thank you for letting me gab a little on Jolly Jabber!


  1. This is a very pretty collection. It should do very well; very fresh looking. I for one think inspiration is found in everything we look at and feel.

  2. I absolutely LOVE the pink collection (with the daisy on top of it) is so very precious! I love to create things, mix colors, patterns & textures in a way that no one would ever expect! I work full time and have a small sewing business on the side. I am always looking for unique fabrics. I think I found another place to shop! Keep up the great work!