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Get ready to fawn over the patterns from Jessica Goldman’s brand-spanking new pattern company, Bananafana. Her hip clothing and accessory patterns will make you and your kids feel cool, even if they’re not old enough to say it yet!

Holy Toledo! I feel so privileged to be doing this! I told my husband about the little article that Fat Quarter Shop asked me to write and the cute title of their blog. His response to this was, “Oh, jabber, that’s pretty fitting for you.” What can I say, I know I’m not the only one.

Anyhow, I’m most excited to introduce myself and my darling little pattern company. I’m Jessica Goldman, owner and designer of Bananafana. I’m married to a wonderful supportive husband and have two out of this world adorable children. Ever since I can remember I always had designing on my mind. Every year before school would start, I’d sit down and spend hours sketching out the clothes I would like to start the school year with. Of course in a family of eight kids, these sketches were merely dreams, and hand-me-downs were a regular (although I do remember upon occasion snatching something from the dress-up box and wearing it to school for a little extra flair).

I learned to sew from my mom who made dozens of beautiful dresses for us growing up. I had a doll house that I bought at a garage sale when I was eight, and I would sew little pillows, blankets and clothing for the dolls with scraps of fabric from my mother’s many projects. I took sewing classes every year in school from 6th to 12th grade. Sewing has just always been in me. I put my husband through college by working full-time and picking up odd sewing/upholstering jobs. No matter what the stage of my life I always seem to fit sewing in.

Now I’m a stay-at-home mother of two super duper adorable kids (ages 22 mos. and 3 1/2 yrs.) They have become a HUGE source of inspiration. I designed and sewed everything for each of their baby rooms. Upon the arrival of my baby girl I began making baby clothing and diaper bags. I love dressing my little Lucy in unique clothing made just for her (what mom wouldn’t?). After a bazillion comments on her clothes and my bags and much encouragement and guidance from good friends, Bananafana was born the summer of 2007.

Since I’ve been doing everything from designing my logo to drawing/designing my patterns, I’ve learned so much and have had many opportunities to grow. I’m so excited to go to Spring Market in Portland and to have my very own booth. The anxious and eager side of me wants to pass out and wake up when it’s time for market, and the more practical side of me says, “You’ve got a heaping ton of work to do, girl!” Wait ’til you see the Bananafana booth! It’s going to be spectacular, and I’ll provide pics on my blog!

I feel Bananafana patterns provide a modern yet whimsical view of the sewing world, in the hopes that more young people will feel excited and encouraged to pick up this wonderful hobby. Right now I just have bags, clothing, and chidren’s play items, but wait ’til you see the quilts I’ve got coming out in the next couple weeks! Fabulous!! Don’t be shy, leave your comments, and feel free to visit my blog to keep yourself updated on the latest and greatest from Bananafana. Make sewing fun again!!!

Jessica Goldman


  1. A wonderful,fun line of patterns. I really like the use of fabrics and embellishments. Looking forward to more patterns. Cute family picture. Aunt Chris