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Riley Blake’s Fabric Fest

A few weeks ago, we took a trip to Utah and stopped by the Riley Blake Headquarters for a bit of fun and filming. We have an adorable tutorial coming soon to Riley Blake’s YouTube channel and a couple videos already on the Fat Quarter Shop YouTube channel. One thing we couldn’t wait to chat with the Riley Blake team about is their upcoming Fabric Fest event. Have you heard about this event? Three of the Fat Quarter Shop ladies will be in attendance and it is going to be so much fun!

Cheryl, Debbie and Kimberly will be heading to Las Vegas with Riley Blake Designs from September 9-12 2013 to spend a few days sewing, quilting and creating. Are you interested in joining in on the fun? Go to the Fabric Fest registration site, find out all about the weekend and sign up! We would love to see you in Vegas!

And for even more information, Jina and Cindy filmed a cute little video with all of the Fabric Fest details. Want to find out who will be teaching classes at Fabric Fest? Or get more information about the events of the weekend? Watch the video and head to the Fabric Fest website to sign up!

For one last bit of fun, we have two bundles of Riley Blake Designs’ Cotton Solids to give away! Comment below telling us about your favorite memory of a sewing or quilting retreat for a chance to win one of two bundles of Riley Blake Cotton Solids. Contest closes 5/4/2013!

Thanks for playing, everyone! We loved reading about the memories! Winners have been chosen. Congratulations to Karen and The Whelan Family!

Karen in Breezy Point said…
I just got back from retreat–staying up late and getting up early with nothing to do but sew–love it!! My favorite part is seeing what everyone else is working on and being inspired.


The Whelan Family said…
I haven’t ever attended a real retreat! So sad. I have gone to some all Day sews and I must say that the ladies there crack me up. It is so fun to just listen to them talk…AND…I learned a ton from them.

We hope you enjoy your Riley Blake Solids!


  1. wow – no one has posted a comment, strange….I have never attended a retreat – would like to…my favorite memory of sewing is with my grandmother over 40 years ago.

  2. My favorite quilt retreat memory was from a month ago when I made little water bottle aprons for all the ladies. It was a blast

  3. I've only attended one day retreat. It is the ladies that make it fun. If I never got anything done, I still would have enjoyed myself. Oh and the food!

  4. Haven't been to any sewing retreat yet. My first one will be this year in London (Fat Quarterly Retreat) so I'm counting for a lot of good memories from there πŸ™‚

  5. I've never been fortunate enough to attend a retreat. However, I have fond memories of a marathon sewing event with my mom. We had access to a huge room with lots of large tables one summer when I was about 13. Two machines, patterns, fabric, pins and needles–sew sew sew. The result was a whole new wardrobe for both of us!

  6. I have not had the ability to go to a retreat. I see all the blogs and how much fun they are and cannot wait to find one that I can attend. I would love to make new friends in the quilting world. Thanks,tx(dot)angela(dot)Gibson@gmail(dot)com

  7. My favorite memory of a Quilt retreat was with my friend Tammy and we went to Paducah. IT was a 1st for both of us and we were amazed, inpsired and confirmed that our addiction was healthy and that there were many other women like us.


  8. Favorite retreat- I don't know that I have one that I didn't enjoy in some way. I LOVED QuiltCon. Does that count as a retreat? It was for me.

  9. I've never been to one!! I am that much of a beginner, but I took a Hawaiian Quilted pillow class and it was so much fun! Perfect for solids πŸ™‚

  10. Did a little retreat with 2 quilting friends where we rented long arms for 3 days. I got my 2 granddaughters quilts done! We had a wonderful time!

  11. Next Thursday I leave for a four day quilt retreat. This is our ninth or tenth retreat held by Quilt'n Friends. What a wonderful time we have and the food is great.

  12. I have never gone on a quilting retreat but I have enjoyed sewing time with my sister when we visit one another. We stitch and talk and share ideas. We like the same things so it is pretty easy to work on common projects. One sews while the other cuts and irons, then we change positions!

  13. Sadly I've never been to a quilting or sewing retreat:-( But I'm sure it'll be fun … perhaps sometime in the future!

  14. I haven't been to a retreat yet, but I still have lots of life left in me! Maybe when the kids are all grown. Or sooner…

  15. Me and three of my craziest and closest friends. Wasn't anything organized. Just a spur of the moment, "hey, let's do some sewing this weekend" kind of thing. So much laughter, so much joy. Need to do it again soon!

  16. We went to a retreat in Amish country. Ended up in a quilt shop on a dairy farm. Oh my, the aroma of the cows got me into a giggle fit and my girlfriend and I were holding our noses. We kept thinking of the old movie "city slickers". We SOOO did not want to offend the shop owners, but we had stayed up late sewing the night before and we were slap happy. We felt like the class clowns on the bus. Laughter is part of quilt retreats!!

  17. My favorite memory of a quilt retreat is one I attended at Lake Tahoe. The screen door had holes in it and some little raccoons came visiting us! They were cute, but dangerous so we "shooed" them away quickly.


    tamiquilts (at) att (dot) net

  18. I have yet to go on a retreat, but gabbing about quilting is one of the reasons I would go to one. Who understands the obsession better than a fellow quilter?

  19. I have never been to a retreat, but one of my favorite quilting memories was in middle school when our geometry class put together a quilt at the end of the year. We hand-sewed our own quilt blocks, and it was so much fun to see the end results.

  20. I would LOVE to go on a retreat, and meet other quilters! Some day…! I started sewing when I was 5, being taught at kindergarten. I loved it, and made tons of stuffed animals during a few years. Got interested in other things after a while, but found my way back to the sewing machine a few years ago, and love it. Again!

  21. I did some little mini-retreats several years ago with a bunch of work buddies. Would love to do some more. I would especially like to go to Vegas!!

  22. I just started quilting about 2 years ago so haven't had an opportunity to go on a retreat. It sounds like a very exciting time, but scary also. I've never spent more than 3 days away from him since we meet 25 years ago! πŸ™‚

  23. Went to a mystery quilt weekend where we made a queen size quilt. 70 women sewing late into the night! Haven't ever had the chance to do it again but would like to someday!

  24. I haven't been to a retreat as they are to far away and money is tight!! Maybe someday I will be able to go to one..Until then I just follow and drool over all the goodies and fabric that come from them! Thank you

  25. My sisters and mom and I get together for quilting for family special events. We have a fantastic time! Cutting, sewing and most of all laughing! We put a lot of love into the gifts we make for our family members!

  26. I've only been to one, The Sewing Summit in Utah, and it was great fun, I considered it a mini vacation. I also went a day early and spend that time checking out all the local quilt shops and that was awesome too!!

  27. I've never been on a retreat, but I've had sewing marathon sessions with friends. These are the best, because you have one or two good friends with you — just enough not to get you too distracted from your sewing. My favorite memories are when we've worked on a group project (such as a teacher gift) and just gabbed. I'm sure chocolate was involved too.

  28. I haven't gone on a retreat yet, but that is because I've been busy tending to my mom. She loves to watch me quilt while we chat. I hope to go on a retreat soon, though.

  29. This sounds like SO much fun! I would love to be able to go to one of these events in the near future. I am a new sewer, having just started last August and to be surround by all these creative individuals would be a dream!!

  30. I'd love to go on a sewing retreat someday – have not had that privilege yet! Thanks for the chance. πŸ™‚

  31. My fav things about sewing retreats is the company and how much fun you have with the other ladies and you always learn something new!

  32. I've been to only one quilt retreat – it was so fun to just sew nonstop without having to worry about meals, kids and the husband!

  33. I haven't gone on any retreats. But have spent time sewing with my aunt…which is a retreat – no housework, just sewing!

  34. I have never been to a sewing retreat of any kind, or any other kind of craft retreat! I would love to go! But.. I can say I have my own…literally all day long at the machine! just recently doing a bargello for my daughter for her birthday next month! And it ended badly…I didn't have enough fabric! But it is 3/4 done so I'll be happy with that!

  35. Sadly I have never been to a retreat or fest. Sounds like a fun time! Wishing I could go to your fest!!! πŸ™‚ Thank you for having this giveaway! πŸ™‚

  36. I have not attended a quilt retreat, but do love my monthly quilt group time. We share our current quilts and most often our fabric purchases πŸ™‚

  37. I've never been to a quilting retreat, but I 'hosted' a very impromptu sewing bee one evening when a few friends came over to help me get three bridesmaids dressed hemmed in a big hurry. The bride thought the dresses were hemmed and didn't pick them up until after the rehearsal dinner! the dresses were full and had to be sewn by hand because the fabric kept 'running' no matter how fine a needle we tried to use. We sewed until the wee hours and were a bit bleary eyed for the wedding, but it was worth it!

  38. I've been to a retreat once many years ago with my guild. It was close and in a posh hotel. Such fun! We all sewed a mystery and as a fairly new quilter, the other ladies were so helpful and encouraging to me.

  39. As far as I know they don't have sewing/quilting retreats in my area. If they have they're poorly advertised. I wish they would have some around here, I would love to take some good classes.


  40. The closest I have been to a sewing retreat is sewing with my nieces on New Year's Day. My niece has a beautiful great room with so many windows letting the natural light in & we had three machines set up, ironing board & cutting table! Never had that kind of room before, oh, and, Downton Abbey was on – perfect!!!!

  41. I've never been to a quilting or sewing retreat. The closest thing to a retreat was a quilting workshop to make "A quilt in a Day". Had so much fun sewing, cutting and laying out my quilt. Didn't quite get it finished in a day, but came really close. I want to learn more about quilting now that I have more time on my hands.

  42. I haven't ever been to a sewing/quilting retreat, though it does sound like lots of fun. I do adore getting together with a couple of my best friends every couple of weeks to sew, chat, and eat chocolate!

  43. I have not gone to a quilt retreat yet, but I hope someday! I have been to a couple of all day sew-ins through my guild. The girls in my guild are a riot and always make the day memorable.

  44. The one quilting/sewing retreat I will remember to my last days was the AQS Quilt Week at Paducah way back in 1995. I traveled from Brisbane Australia with my friend, leaving our menfolk to survive as best they could. We were blown away by the Paducah experience. We squeezed in a workshop every day and attended just about every talk or dinner in the evening. We stayed with a beautiful family with three young boys who were so friendly and hospitable. We slept all the way back to Australia. Bliss.

  45. The closest I've been to a sewing retreat was when I was 14. I spent a week at my Great-Aunt's house. My uncle made me a quilting frame and my aunt taught me to hand quilt. We gardened, played in the sprinklers, at homemade pickles. It was an amazing week with lots of sewing!

  46. As i am new at sewing and just starting to quilt i have never been to a retreat but would love to go given the chance. Sewing has been so relaxing and fun except when i need to take out the seam ripper. lol

  47. I've never been on a sewing/quilting retreat! I did once sew for 36 hours straight though! Daughter away on school trip and hubby away on business so I made a queen size quilt by sewing non-stop!

  48. I have only been to one sewing retreat and I wasn't able to totally retreat! But the best thing was to have the pattern writer right there in the room with you to magically make all the instructions make sense! It was the best!

    I shall be in Las Vegas for the Fabric Fest! I cannot wait!

  49. The sewing retreat I went to was with my daughter. My favorite memory is sewing side by side and asking each others opinions.

  50. I'm fairly new to quilting and have not had the opportunity to go to a retreat yet, but would love to win some fabric anyway! Thanks for the giveaway! wonderlandbyalyce at gmail dot com

  51. Oh, how I would love the bundle. These are always so exciting! I've never had a chance to go to a retreat, very envious of ya'll. But one of my most precious memory is when I first learned how to quit at a lady's church circle. It took me 6 months to hand quit a full size log cabin quit. I'll be giving it to my first grand daughter. That was 30 years ago, and I've been a quitaholic ever since.

    Debi Horne

  52. My favorite memory of sewing is when the weekend I spent teaching my daughters how to quilt. We had many great laughs.

  53. The sewing shop where I purchased my machine has a yearly sewing "weekend". Oh, how I love it. I love that the owners really don't care how late you stay – or how much food you eat. My favorite memory is when we get to show off our goodies at the end of the retreat for all to enjoy. Yes, I'll be there again this summer.

  54. My favorite retreat was in a cabin in Idaho. I had plenty of room to lay out my quilt and everyone had such good ideas for me to try. We had all ages and experiences. It was a wonderful relaxing weekend!

  55. I've never been to a retreat or to ANY quilting/sewing event. This is my first year in the quilt world and I absolutely am lovin' it! I could use a bundle like this to get mo' bettah~ thanks for the chance!

  56. I've never been to an actual quilting retreat, but I do have fond memories of my grandma, great aunts and great grandma sitting around a huge quilt and quilting by hand while chit chatting circa 1970.

  57. I haven't been on a sewing/quilting retreat before but from what I've heard it's a lot of fun and a great way to meet new people as well as new techniques. I hope to have the chance to attend a sewing/quilting retreat one day. Thanks for the chance to win a great giveaway!

  58. I went to the Fat Quarterly retreat in London last year not knowing anyone and left with lots of new friends who I will see again in July.

  59. Have never been on one, but could only imagine how much fun that would be! In a few weeks a few girlfriends and I are going to the fabric district in LA so we are excited! And have to do a bit of research now that we are going to go!
    Brianna.byman at gmail dot com

  60. Well, I wish I could post a favorite memory of a retreat but I've never been to one. I'd LOVE to go to one though–or a quilting cruise! Love those solids!

  61. No retreat. But loved quilting with my Grandmother. She had a quilting frame that hung from the ceiling and her friends would come over pull up a chair and all the ladies would guilt and visit.

  62. Wow. It sounds like it will be a fabulous time in Vegas. And a Vegas Show too? Woohoooooo I'm sure everyone will have a blast.

    I have never gone to any sewing or quilting retreat before. I've seen plenty of pictures from quilt retreats and they do all look like it is a lot of fun though.

  63. I have never went on a retreat but it sounds like it would be loads of fun. Thank you for a chance at the giveaway!!
    smjohns63 at yahoo dot com

  64. I have never been to a quilting retreat, but my best friend and I have had many sewing marathon week-ends! We stay in our PJ's and sew all day. One time another friend called, and we told her we were having a pajama party, so she showed up around noontime wearing her pajamas!

  65. I've never gotten to attend a retreat, but I have wonderful memories of all-day sewing marathons with my mom, who helped me make the cutest little outfits for my daughters. She also gave me all the fabric scraps to make my very first quilt, something she'd never gotten around to doing herself, so I could give my husband something special for our 5th anniversary. (It's lopsided and ugly, and he still uses it, 25 years later!)

  66. We have started a SEW IN at our church. It was supposed to be just for in the winter to get through the cold days of January. The ladies have loved it sew much we have kept meeting.

  67. I've never attended an organized sewing retreat, but I have fond memories of a vacation in the mountains. I had taken my smocking and while it rained, I sat and stitched with nothing else I had to do! It was so relaxing!

  68. The time I sewed 16 Maple Leaf blocks without bobbin thread, went to bed disgruntled, and when I woke up in the morning an angel had sewed them all for me. VermontPines at aol dot com

  69. The closest I've been to a quilting retreat was when my uber quilty/sewy neighbor invited me to use one of her 5 machines to machine quilt a big quilt I was finishing for my niece's wedding! It was a lot of fun to have her helping me, and to spend time in her "sew zone"!! πŸ™‚

  70. I've never been to a "formal" retreat, but my sewing buddies and I have gotten together for sewing days together. We always focus on fabric and food. My best friend and I arrange to meet at Trader Joe's to shop for lunch (always including a gooey chocolate dessert) then go spend the day sewing, chatting, laughing and eating. I'd love to go to one of the multi-day retreats at some time.

  71. I've never been to a real retreat, though it sounds wonderful. My local quilt shop has weekend courses you can sign up for which are from 9am to 5pm on Sat & Sun which are the next best thing and always a lot of fun.

  72. I've never been to a quilting retreat, but I have been to needlework retreats. At one retreat 5 ladies from Oregon brought their machines and quilting. When our needlework classes ended for the day, they would return to the suite they had rented to quilt. I was so jealous.

  73. I honestly haven't been on a retreat, my son is to young still. Maybe someday! Does locking myself in my sewing room on the weekend count?

  74. I have never been to a quilting retreat, but I really want to meet my sisters in Vegas for your retreat! Keep your fingers crossed.

  75. I thought I was the only quilter on the planet that hasn't been to a retreat yet. My sister & I keep planning but something else always gets in the way. Would love to give some of this fabric a new home!

  76. My very first ever retreat was with Lynn at kansas troubles….I have never had so much fin in my life and am happy to say I still love the quilt I worked on while there….please let me win, I would love tha pastel pile of awesomeness……..thanx…Susan

  77. Haven't participated in a retreat but won a workshop from my local guild. It was a fun one day event and I was able to finish the wall hanging by evening.

  78. Havent done one yet, but I'm taking a solo trip to New Orleans later this year, and am going to go fabric shopping and sew and think for a week!

  79. Getting ready to go on my first ever Quilting Retreat May 2-5! Two of my close friends and I are going together. One of them signed us up for a quilting class last fall, and here we are – all quilting together and loving every minute! So excited – we are cutting fabrics like crazy to get our projects ready to go. Two ladies who were quilting at a scrapbooking weekend we went to invited us to this quilting retreat. We really have no idea what to expect but I'm sure we will have a wonderful time.

  80. I have never been able to attend a retreat. It sounds like so much fun but with limited funds just hasn't been possible. Would love to go though.

  81. A few years ago, I met up with some of the members of an on-line group I belong to. Members were there from New York, Illinois, Kentucky and Missouri. It was a great time and we even went to a quilt show in Chicago, where we met up with more members from Indiana and Wisconsin! The funniest thing was, on the last night, we all were sitting around the kitchen table on laptops, sending messages back and forth to each other! Too fun!!!

    Thanks for reminding me of the fun times!
    Sandy A

  82. My sister and I met with my two daughters which makes them sisters to sisters, oregon for their yearly quilt show. Besides looking at over 1200 quilts we also got to take two classes the day before the show. It was a most joyful experiencing both great classes and good company. I learned alot during the classes. I would really like to win this week's giveaway!

  83. I have not evevr been to an organised treat – but we used to have "Stitch and Bitch" sessions when I was studying. It was just girls at first until the boys got jealous! Then used to come and knit, and another used to cook us dinner.
    I miss those times.

  84. I've never been to a quilt retreat, would love to one day…I do have a few quilting friend who get together every few months gabbing and quilting.

  85. My small quilting group, The Queen Bees, have a weekend retreat once a month (except during the summer). We go different places and check out the restaurants and local culture, and we always have a great time. One especially fun memory is the night we all stripped down (and not in Eleanor Burns' way) and climbed in the hot tub!

  86. I'd love to go on a retreat someday! Instead, my friends and I have sewing nights whenever the mood strikes us! My favorite was my first, when I realized that all my own imperfections were beautiful, and they had their own too!

  87. I've never gone to a retreat but my favorite memory of being with quilting friends is a four-hour bus trip to the Minnesota Quilters show. There was a lot of time for stitching, talking, and snacking on the way, and show and tell about new purchases on the way back. Thanks for the giveaway. This fabric is luscious!

  88. I have never attended a quilting or sewing convention but would so love to. If my husband weren't deployed, I would certainly make it in september!!

  89. I would LOVE to go on a sewing retreat but there aren't really that many around where I live and children aren't old enough to leave them to travel yet. I do have time though and until then I have my online sewing quilting communities that I adore : )

  90. I have never attended a sewing retreat, but my favorite sewing memory is of watching my mother and her friend put together the most beautiful dresses for me year after year.

  91. I've never attended a retreat but I would love to! My favorite memory of sewing is the time I sewed for an hour in peace last week! Lol!

  92. I've never been to a sewing retreat but recently I made my niece a dress that I LOVE! It was my own design and I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out, but it turned out exactly how it was in my head πŸ™‚

  93. I have never been to a retreat and would love to go!!! Especially in Las Vegas where my 2 grandchildren just moved to and I miss them terribly!!!!!! Spend some time doing my favorite hobby followed by time with the kids!!! Dream land!!!

  94. My best sewing memory is not from a retreat! I have never been to one, although I wish I could go to the Fabric Fest!
    At any rate… My best sewing memory is learning to sew from my grandmother. She was incredible! A true homemaker, war refugee, smarter than anything, and still finding time to raise her children, grandchildren, and do the books for my grandfather's job! She was the best, ever!

  95. Like many others who have commented, I've never been on a real retreat, but have taken a couple of very relaxed "classes" given by a friend to a group of friends. The best part, of course, was the commaraderie and the fun we had all together. We laughed all day!

  96. I have never been to a quilting retreat, but I would love to do that with my mom sometime soon. My mom and I have done a few quilt shop hops, and that is one of my favorite things to do with her. Hanging out with mom, grabbing something good to eat on the way, and quilt shops! Just the best!

  97. Sadly, it's been 2 plus decades since I went to a quilt retreat. We sewed until we couldn't keep our eyes open and in the mornings got up and started all over again. It was a four day retreat and two of those days we just stayed in our jammies. It was -30 degrees and snowing outside and our meals were catered so there no point in wasting time getting dolled up when we could be sewing. ;o) We all worked on the same project. We were all given homework instructions which included fabric cutting prior to the retreat. That made it so we could easily jump right in and sew when we arrived. We made a scrap quilt which included swapping fabric strips with everyone there and were not told what we were making until the end of the 2nd day so there was some suspense and a lot of guessing happening which was a lot of fun. There were 14 of us at the retreat and everyone finished a 70" x 70" quilt top before we left. All of the quilts turned out amazingly different which made the whole retreat grand fun. I would jump at the chance to attend another retreat but I never hear of any retreats locally. I would happily travel several hundred miles to attend if I could just find out where there are some.

  98. Sadly I have never attended a quilt retreat… but my favourite memory from quilting is finishing my first ever quilt and surprising my mother with it as present!
    What a terrific giveaway. Thanks for the chance to win!

  99. I have never been to a sewing/quilting retreat, but when I do, it will definitely be with my mom. All of my favorite quilting memories include her. We always have the best time!!

  100. Our little group of quilters (8) has been getting together for a weekend of quilting for the past 2 years. It's so much fun! Crazy stories are told, we learn from each other, and help each other with designs. Our lives, personalities and interests are really diverse so we call ourselves, Mixed Nuts.

  101. I work for the Commission on Aging and have the wonderful opportunity to quilt and have quilting overnights with gals that are 65+. What wonderful knowledge and passion they have shared with me! I have never been to a big quilting retreat but cherish every moment I have at our small quilting overnights!!!

  102. I would love to go on a retreat – favorite memory was watching my aunt sew me outfits when she would come to visit – she did create my love of sewing. Judy C in NC

  103. I'm in a little group of women that love to sew and we just had a retreat back in March. It was so much fun ~ sharing, eating, laughing and doing a whole lot of sewing. We do it 2 times a year and it's a whole lot of fun!

  104. The school mascot in our town is an owl, so when a group of us went to a retreat off in another area of the state we chose the name of the Half-Square Hooters. We did a crazy skit and had t-shirts with our group name on the front and the back said – we give a hoot about quilting. It was so much fun!

  105. For the past five years I have attended a quilt retreat twice a year with my friend Wilma. Wilma had cancer which she fought for over twenty five years. The last retreat we attended she came hauling her oxygen and her chemo treatments. She was determined to attend. Well, on the second day she got worse and we had to call her husband to come and get her. We were all sad because we knew she would not attend any more retreats with us. Someone suggested that we all make and sign a quilt block using fabric from the project we were working on and we would make a quilt. Within two hours, we had fourth blocks sewn, signed and assembled. The entire quilt was pieced, quilted and the binding done that evening. I was able to deliver the quilt the next week. She said no one had ever made a quilt just for her. Unfortunately she lost her battle last year but her picture still hangs up at every retreat.

  106. I've been quilting for years but in the past year, I have gotten my sister into quilting. She and I attended QuiltCon in February and took a couple of classes. We had so much fun and I've learned so much. Nothing like a little bonding with your sister!
    The ladies in my family try to get together once a month for craft day where we all work on our own projects, talk, eat, talk some more. My favorite day!

  107. On one of my first quilting retreats I packed and wore a black knit shirt and pants. The day I wore it, everyone ended up taking my picture because I was covered with so many threads and clippings that you could hardly tell it was black!!

  108. I have never been on a quilters retreat, but always wanted to especially after reading the elm creek quilter books! My favorite memory of quilting was making a quilt for my daughter when i was pregnant.

  109. Oh, the laughter! And the fun ideas you get from one another. Some of my favorite times. Love, love, love Riley Blake! Thank you for the chance to win!

  110. One of my favourite part of the retreats I've been to was making a name badge for a secret partner…it was great fun working out what to make and then the excitement as things arrived in the mail and reactions to what was made by the group.

  111. I have never had the pleasure of a quilting retreat due to it being on the Sabbath. I think a retreat held during the week would be fantastic. I would still love to win this bundle. Thank You

  112. I just went on my first quilt retreat and had a blast! Tons of sewing, great food, and Downton Abbey. It was great!

  113. wow this is wonderful. Sadly because I am so new to the quilting world, I have never been. But, someday I hope to attend one. πŸ™‚

  114. I just got back from retreat–staying up late and getting up early with nothing to do but sew–love it!! My favorite part is seeing what everyone else is working on and being inspired.

  115. I've never been to a retreat, but my favorite memory of a 'group sew' was when I was 7, I woke up and went to get a drink and found my grandmother, mother and aunt sewing furiously to make me beautiful Barbie clothes for Christmas.

  116. I've never been to a quilt retreat, although I would love, love, love to go to one. In my imagination, the retreat is held somewhere in the mountains and the participants are inspired by the beauty all around them. Who knows. – maybe it'll happen someday.

  117. I've never been on a sewing retreat. But, I did have some great sewing sessions with my roommates in college….a very long time ago

  118. I have never been to a retreat.I would like to but have not found the time to do it. Maybe someone should have one for those of us who mhave never been on one.LOL

  119. My favorite sewing retreat was QuiltNebraska in 2008. We rode a bus across the state to a little college town. We stayed in the dorms and laughed and sewed for 3 days.

  120. My favorite retreat hasn't really happened yet.But I do retreat to my living room with my pets to sew several nights a week after work!
    I can't wait to go ona real retreat!

  121. sixty years ago, i wowed my eighth grade home ec sewing class with my sewing expertice … i could do anything and everything with a sewing machine, but invariably i would have one seam on the wrong side and have to sit and pick. i still do that, try as i might, i'll have one seam backwards.

  122. I have not yet been to a sewing or quilting retreat. I would love to go, but I have not seen an opportunity for one close to my home and with a reasonable cost. When I do see one that is reasonable in cost, it is far away from my home.

  123. I went to a Cindy Needham retreat,only the 2nd retreat I'd ever been too. I was so far out of my depth! But Cindy was wonderful. She didn't care that I wasn't a great piecer, made up my own FMQ designs, hadn't ever drawn a quilting pattern on fabric. She worked with me, shared tips and explained and I had an absolutely marvelous time. The whole experience is one I treasure and i use everything I learned again and again. Thanks.

  124. I live near an Amish settlement. You can rent a house set up for a weekend with your friends, walk to great food and shops filled with fabric and see their quilts. This makes for not only sewing fun, but some inspiration thrown in!

  125. My favorite retreats have always been with the teacher Linda Ballard. They are so fun! In fact, I'll be going to another one in June and I can't wait! Thanks for the opportunity to win!=)

  126. My favorite quilting memories are the times I spend at the over-50 quilting class. We have fun, learn a lot from each other and make friends.

  127. I get together with a friend and we sew projects that are then sold at a yearly fair to raise money to buy school clothes for kids from families in need. Not really a retreat, but it's fun sewing with a friend.

  128. My favorite retreat was last year when I went to a mystery retreat with my 85 year old quilter friend. It lasted from Friday to Sunday and we had a lot of fun. My friend doesn't attend the retreat anymore, but I am getting ready to go again next weekend with another quilting friend.we always have a fun time. Thanks for the chance to win.

  129. I have never been to a quilting retreat but I sure would like to go to one (or 2 or 3 or more) But since we have retired and moved to Mexico, everyday can really be a retreat for me.
    thelady at h

  130. I would love to go to this retreat. I've never been to a "fabric retreat" and would love to attend this one. I really enjoy your blogs and learn and see so many new and exciting things. I always look forward to the emails from you. Thanks so much for making your shop so interesting. You're my favorite!

  131. Many years our little quilt group has combined a trip to a local quilt show with a stayover at a hotel, where we bring our sewing machines and sew our brains out until we can't stand it anymore. It's our own version of a retreat. One year, we pooled our stash of chocolate and had a taste-fest of all different kinds of treats.

  132. Oh to even be able to attend a retreat. Classes are always such fun – time with others who love sewing/quilting too. But with my family/caregiver responsibilities I can only manage to be away for short periods. So I do whatever classes I can work in.

  133. My sewing memory was in High School. I took a sewing class as my Home Economic requirement. My final project I decided to sew a pair of pants with pockets. Well I so remember that I had like 15 mins. before class ended and had to turn in my project. I had sewed my pockets to the bottom pants. The fabric was the "flower power" & "Peace" sign all over. The end result was she passed me with a B+. I was ecstatic!

  134. I have no memories of quilting retreats because I've never been able to go on one–unless we can consider my solo "retreats" to quilt at a friend's cabin in the Appalachians or the times over 25 years ago when friends and I got together to stitch Burgoyne Surrounded wallhangings. Actually, I enjoyed both of those events immensely.

  135. I have attended a number of two day workshops that are as close as I get to a retreat. There is always great camaradrie and laughter not to mention usually terrific food. It is often a great way to kick start my quilting mojo.
    Thanks for the chance to win such lovely solids.
    Regards from Alberta,

  136. Favorite retreat: when I WON the "neutral" fat quarter "Left Right Center" game and took home an armload of neutral fat quarters! Most memorable: In Temecula, CA with a freak summer storm approaching the retreat center from across a valley. The sky turned into a unreal enraged villian twisting into what we Californians thought would surely be a tornado. (Yes, we were all outside watching the show and yes, most of us had never been in this type of weather, so please forgive my naivetΓ©.) Thunder, lightning, hail, heat/cold, winds, stillness, rain … all happening as quickly as changing a channel. Then came a clap so LOUD, and so BRIGHT, that we all screamed like little school girls and scampered back into our sewing room to ride out the storm. The industrial weight patio furniture in the breezeway screeched across cement and littered the surrounding lawn. Heavy trash cans on property were emptied and stacked up against a distant fence and scattered across the landscape. We were all shocked to go out after the storm passed to see a mature tree split in half. The tree was located between our sewing room and our dorm. Half the tree crushed one of our cars! The sobering knowledge that the lighting hit that close to us was quite a lesson. The owner's comment: "I'm glad my sewing machine wasn't in the trunk!!"

  137. I have yet to attend a summit on either sewing or quilting, but I am sure it would be a great op for learning new skills and meet likeminded people.

  138. My favorite retreating was every Thursday in Florida when SewWhat!?! would meet to sew, quilt and chat the day away. This wonderful group of 6 ladies helped my piece and quilt the quilts for the team deployed with my daughter to Afghanistan. When the group returned home, we met with them for lunch and got to give each one their quilt (all the quilts were made with the help of other quilters across the United States, England and Australia who donated blocks and yardage). When it was time for me to return home to Washington, it was as hard to leave them as it was to leave my daughter!!

  139. Being the youngest there, and a beginner, I loved being able to learn from the experience of all of the talented ladies there. They were so kind and eager to help.

  140. I love Riley Blake! They are now my favorite designer. So cute and classy, and local for me! My favorite is still Pueces of Hope for Autism.
    I haven't been to a retreat yet, but I'd like to go to one. I enjoy attending quilting club classes at my local Bernina store. It's so much fun meeting new friends of all ages, chatting, sharing ideas and techniques, all while quilting. The sales ladies and staff are amazing there!

  141. I haven't been to a sewing retreat, but it does sound like a fun thing. I remember sewing with my grandma and mom. I remember trying to layout a blouse on some lovely poly charmeuse with a rose pattern. Leftover bit, and I couldn't fit it all and was about to blow up. Mom came in (I was in highschool at the time….now I am 50) the kitchen, asked about it, and then said, 'Let me see what I can do." I left, came back and voila, it was ready to cut. Love my mom. πŸ™‚

  142. Last summer I attended my first Quilter's retreat. I had so much fun with my quilt guild getting to know others better, sewing my projects, and playing games like 'Left, Right, Center' with charm fabric squares. But the best part of all was when the clanging of the stick and triangle let us know it was time for lunch or dinner! No cooking required of us!!

  143. I've never attended a quilt retreat or a quilting class. My good fortune is to live with my mother who is my resident quilting teacher with more than 70 years of sewing and quilting experience.

  144. I get together with a group of my friends about once a year and we have a quilting weekend usually combined with a quilt show somewhere. We usually get 6 to 8 quilt tops put together to give as comfort quilts to people going through a difficult time. I love these times with dear friends.

  145. I love retreat. This group puts one on here locally every couple of months. They are sooo fun. We play bingo, quilt, eat, show and tell, eat, door prize drawings,quilt and eat!!!

  146. I've attended to quilting retreats. The best part is getting together with like-minded people. So enjoy my 'quilty' friends!

    Lovely giveaway!

  147. Although I have never been to a retreat… from what I have seen shared on the bloggers I follow, they sound amazing and fun!!!

  148. Haven't had the chance to go on a retreat yet but hope that will change this year with the new modern guild I joined.

  149. My first and favorite retreat will be in October! I'll be meeting about 25 of my closest friends – mostly for the first time! We talk daily online and this is the first time I'm going to the annual retreat … So exciting!

  150. I'm fairly new to Quilting and sewing in general so I have not yet had a chance to find any retreats near me πŸ™ I would absolutely love to attend one!

    Thanks Riley Nlake designs and the fat quarter shop for this giveaway opportunity!

  151. My favorite and only retreat occurred at a time when I had begun to have strange physical symptoms. I treated myself to a retreat and had an awesome time of quilting, learning, eating, laughing, sharing and making new lasting friends. A few months later I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and that ended my being able to function as easily as once it had been. I shall never forget that sweet blessing, the retreat and all its experiences. I am still quilting as I can and right now I need solids for my stash that is awesome, filled with "hope" fabric that inspires me to do what I can while I can. A good retreat is good for the soul so ladies go for one as soon as you can make a way. Do it for me as much as for yourself.

  152. My favorite retreat memory would have to be from Quilting in the Tetons in Jackson, Wyoming. While I spent my time with Elly Sienkiewicz learning hand applique from dear, sweet Elly, my husband would go off in the park and watch wildlife. It was bliss!!

  153. I'm still waiting to go to my first quilting retreat – I just need to not be pregnant or have a newborn first! One day, hopefully before too long, I'll make it…

  154. The guild I belong to just had a 2 day retreat at a local church. Thirteen members spent the days making baby quilts for our charity projects. Some just finished their latest quilts. We had a potluck at noon both days. Good to get away even though this was close to home. We got to learn more about our newer members at the retreat. Melva Campbell

  155. Its been 2 years since I started quilting or watching quilting videos. But still haven't got a chance to attend a sewing/quilting retreat.

    Dream of attending one when my kids are little older.

    But would love to win these fabulous bundle of fabrics.

  156. My favorite retreat memory is staying up so late that I overslept the next morning for breakfast. I couldn't even remember where I left off in my project and was so surprised to see how much I had done!

  157. My favorite quilting retreat was in Trinidad, Ca. (northern Calif). It was taught by Linda Ballard, and the weather was so perfect. The retreat was at the quilt shop owners home that was just overlooking the ocean, and the weather was clear and bright, the sea was so calm that it looked like glass!! A beautiful memory, and Linda teaches in such a clear, easy to understand way!!

  158. I've only attended one quilt retreat–and it was at my friend's home a couple of months ago. I traveled to attend a Quilt Festival in her area and spent the night with her family. The next day we decided to have our own Quilt Retreat! I loved it and got so much done! It was very inspirational and encouraging! Thanks for the chance to win.

  159. I've only attended one day events…which are always a great way to spend a day. A real quilting retreat where you meet new sewing friends would be a blast though!

  160. I love the silliness of late night sewing!! When everyone gets a little loopy everything is so much funnier! I'm looking forward to the next retreat in June.

  161. I once attended a Mystery Block retreat and didn't know what I was doing or the importance of sewing a accurate quarter inch…quilt is still not sewn together! My had a great time with the ladies…who were a hoot!

  162. I've never been on a quilting or sewing retreat. It always sounds like great fun. I enjoy the 1 day quilt classes that our guild holds. It's a great way to get to know the members better.

  163. Our quilt guild got together one Sunday to make Quilts of Valor. Everyone pitched in and we had a great time doing it.

  164. I have never been to a sewing retreat but I think they sound like a lot of fun. I have attended class at the local community college adult program and at local fabric shops.

  165. It was so much fun getting up early in the morning and having to only think about friends, fabric and creating.

  166. I've never been to one! But I did sew at a crafting weekend with some girlfriends once. I made my first quilt that weekend.

  167. I have never been to a quilting retreat-I would love to go to one in the mountains though sometime – what better than perfect scenery to look at while you are quilting. I love the darker bundle of the solids.

  168. I have never had the pleasure of a quilters retreat but would love the opportunity to spend time with fellow quilters. The knowledge you gain from experienced people is invaluable.

  169. I have never had the pleasure of a quilters retreat but would love the opportunity to spend time with fellow quilters. The knowledge you gain from experienced people is invaluable.

  170. Last february our mqg had a retreat. I was telling everyone 'bring your swimsuit for the hottub', but some forgot… we told them the hottub was out in the dark, just come in your undies/bra… and they did! we had a blast filling the hottub at midnight in the middle of winter.

  171. Gasp! These fabrics are gorgeous, fingers crossed.. I love all things RB. πŸ™‚ I have never attended a retreat or taken a class! I think I need to fix that. Thanks for the chance to win such a generous prize. xoxo
    Seriously..I think it needs stitches.

  172. Have never been to an actual "retreat", but have "retreated" to my sewing room with my sister and laughed til our faces hurt. We do enjoy sewing time together.
    Cyn in Indiana

  173. Just learning and about to buy sewing machine. No clue on what i am getting into but will love the journey on learning to do this amazing craft. Too excited!

  174. What I would give to go on a sewing retreat. Just has not been in the cards yet…maybe 20 years from now. A girl can wish!

    I do have a memory about 12 years ago. I sewed some PJ'S with my soon to be MIL (at the time!).

    I would also love to win this bundle!!

  175. I never been to a quilt retreat but this one sounds like fun the solid fabric would be nice to win haven't worked with solids too much would be fun to give it a try.


  176. My friend recreated the royal wedding – which occurred the morning of our first day of our retreat- with a long piece of batting. It made a BEAUTIFUL veil!

  177. I have never been! It sounds like a good time and I am sure as my kids get older I am sure there may be an opportunity to make a sewing retreat memory! That being said my favorite sewing memory just happened this weekend while trying to finish a dress in t time for a party, my husband was helping me by doing my 2nd to least favorite part, turning a sewn sash right-side out. He is such a patient husband!

  178. I've never been on an overnight retreat, but a group of my friends get together once a month and sew all day. We have such fun, sewing, talking, showing what we have worked on at home. When one of us is stumped, the others always have great ideas. The local quilt shop is a block away, so we have field trips to look at all of the goodies.

  179. Quilting with my kids – my son spent his first year chilling on my back while I sewed. Now my 4yo is working on her own quilt – each time we sew it makes me smile

  180. I've never had the good fortune to attend a sewing/quilting retreat. Well, I do crash my mom's quilting group whenever I get a chance. Hope to win some of that RB fabric and be able to "spread the wealth" with the ladies in the group!

  181. My favorite retreat memory was staying up all night sewing and the looks on the gals faces coming to breakfast…they couldn't believe that I was still up! I won the award for getting the least sleep that year!

  182. I have yet to attend a sewing retreat and am slightly intimidated at the prospect. BUT our local quilting guild is having a sew-in May 4th, and I think I'm going to try it and see how it goes. I love the idea of a retreat but have NO idea what they entail. So… getting my toes wet for now. And thanks for a chance to win a bundle of gorgeous solids!

  183. Sadly I've never been to a retreat, nor do I believe it will be in my future for a while. But my favorite sewing memory would be making my first quilt: I was sixteen and making it for a youth leader expecting her first baby boy. I had no idea what I was doing, had little guidance (my mom sewed, but only simple projects), and did the best I could. I spent two months assembling that quilt. Now I can whip that same quilt up in three hours! I've since made twelve baby quilts with the same pattern, but I look back fondly on those two months spent carefully sewing and hand quilting that first quilt. πŸ™‚

  184. favorite sewing retreat? Wow most of them have been the favorite retreat…I prefer retreats that are at least three days long…prefer 7 days. Semi comfy beds, food furnished…no bake and takes…my DH is quite capable of preparing his food why should I take. A remote in the woods or by the lake atmosphere, and fun ladies, Pirates reigned at the last retreat, hair gals were there and people to give our weary bodies a massage. Fun and games and little gifts abound, and at the very least a shop with 1000 bolts, kits, threads, etc on campus to naughtily entice us to leave with more than we brought! Now that is my idea of a favorite retreat!

  185. My favorite retreat memory is sewing oodles of quilts while watching downton abbey. We also try to have a crafty project. Last year we made our own vanilla. It's a great time and a little break from the grind. I hope I can find time in September to go!!!

  186. I haven't been to one yet, but would love to one day, probably when my kids get a little older! Thanks for the chance to win. πŸ™‚

  187. Eeeeeee I would love love love to win this!! I've started going to sew-ins with the Seattle MQG and have had so much fun getting to know the ladies, getting input on projects, and shopping at the same time!

  188. I'm not sure it was exactly a retreat, but I spent a day at a community center with a bunch of other ladies and their sewing machines. We were all supposed to be working on the table runner kit that was provided, but I worked on a baby quilt for my niece's baby, and took that table runner kit home with me…

  189. My favorite memory is a quilting retreat at a cabin home in the mountains overlooking a lake. We had such a good time quilting, sharing, eating, and talking. My favorite part was sharing left over fabrics. It was really special having those fabrics to remember that weekend together.

  190. Retreats are the greatest way to sharing the love of quilting. The food is great and you learn a lot from hearing other quilters talk about their quilty experiences.

  191. I have attended several retreats, all with different ladies and I have to say that it is the ladies who go who make is memorable.

  192. I've never attended a retreat, but I'd LOVE to! I'm sure it would be so much fun to learn and share with like-minded awesome fabric lovers! Have a great time everyone going xo Montreal

  193. I have never been to a retreat, but my favorite memory is finishing my first quilt. Now I am teaching my little girl how much fun sewing is. She loves it 1

  194. My favorite memory would have to be a dream as I've never been. I would love to get together with my online sewing buddies and just stitch a week or 2 away πŸ™‚ Thanks for the chance!

  195. At a quilting retreat with the Loose Threads group at JIm Creek Naval Station I got quite a surprise. I went to start sewing one morning & my partially finished top was gone. However there was a "ransom note" in it's place. I guess the other women were not happy about how fast my top was coming together. It was very funny & we still talk about it to this day!

  196. I've never been to a retreat, but I have read about a lot of them in blogs and looked at the photos and it has felt a little like beeing there – I have to go for real someday…

  197. I havent been lucky enough to get to go to a retreat but attended several quilting classes. I even helped teach some of them. I really loved going to some mystery quilt classes. The food, story, people, and not knowing what the final quilt would look like just made it that much better.

  198. So many of us seem to be retreat-less. I am going on my first quilt shop bus tour this week. I have attended the last several sewing expos that came to our city. It was like the song 'Love and Hate' cause I couldn't wait to go but I got so behind in the classes but everyone was so nice….yes, I am the one with all the unfinished class projects….ha…

  199. I've never been to a retreat, but I do enjoy quilting with friends at my local quilt shop. It's not really the same thing, but it's the best I've got.

  200. My friend & I drove over 4 hours early one morning to make it to a retreat in Iowa with Liz Porter. We were so excited to meet her & take a class with her. I had cleaned my machine the night before, getting it ready for the weekend. As we set up our machines for the class I realized I was missing my bobbin case for my machine. Needless to say I was embarrassed & mad at myself for leaving it out of the machine. My dear friend shared her machine with me all day. I have never gone to another workshop or retreat without double checking my machine. Lesson learned!

  201. My favorite quilt retreat is when my daughter went with me for the first time. I helped her make a quilt for her first baby. So fun to share a love of quilting with her!

  202. I have never been to a quilt retreat would like to attend one at some point. I can never seem to block out the time for one. One sort of retreat on my "bucket" list is to attend QBL in Syracuse, NY. By the way, the fat quarter bundle solids are scrumptious!

  203. I've never been to a quilting retreat – but someday I might! Closest I came was sewing for a day with my daughter when she was off work. Loved it.

  204. I have never been to a retreat but would love to!
    One of my favorite memories was when I was a small girl, (over 50 years ago)and my grandmother would make my dance costumes. I never appriciated it as I should have until I started sewing too!

  205. I haven't been on a sewing retreat yet. I have twice booked to go but both of those were cancelled! I would love to go on a retreat – the thought of escaping day to day life to spend time sewing is VERY appealing!

  206. I haven't attended a formal sewing retreat but I love it when my daughter in laws come over and we have our own little retreats together sewing for different events, or people. It is a fun and most of all memorable day! Love it!

  207. i just left my favorite retreat and it is always so much fun to spend time with others and love the projects that are shared. We go out to a hunting lodge to quilt for the weekend and have the best time.

  208. My daughter and sisterinlaw and I went to our first ever international quilt festival last fall and are now looking to do a retreat of several days. the best part is the shared experience.

  209. I have never been on a retreat, unless you consider me sneaking off to my sewing room as a retreat! But I do love to spend my free time in that room, quilting. Thanks for the chance to win a yummy solid bundle!

  210. I've never attended a quilting retreat. My daughter was the one who taught me how to piece a quilt. I have made 2 small quilts that I pieced & she did the quilting.

  211. The couple of retreats I went to were just a blast AND i got SO much done. Amazine what you can do when you mostly give up up everying except quilting and eating (and talking).

    lawton_linda (at) yahoo (dot) com

  212. I went to a small retreat with my mom and sister. It's this really neat 3 bedroom apartment above the quilt shop. we sewed and sewed and sewed in the quilting store. Spent a lovely night. Got back up and sewed some more after the owner of the shop made us breakfast!.

  213. I haven't been able to attend a sewing retreat, but sewing with friends is the best way to spend time. Me and my grandmother used to sew all of my Halloween costumes together when I was young, and it helped reinforce that sewing doesn't have to be a solitary, lonely activity; it can also be sociable and fun in a different way. I'm hoping to join some quilting groups soon to regain that β™₯

  214. I never had the opportunity to be part of a sewing retreat but have enjoyed sewing at times with friends and family and that is always a plus. A retreat would be wonderful to experience. Most of the time, I am quilting/sewing on my own but to share with all you lovely quilters…my daughter and family are moving from Montana to Texas THIS week and I will be close for the first time in 18 years to her and my grandchildren. My 'girls' are 17 & 15 and they love to knit, crochet, sew & quilt. Now isn't that just a blessing!!! The beautiful fabric you are giving away would give us some special time together! Tks for 'listening' and for this chance to win! Rebecca Romano

  215. Goodness….lots of are excited for the chance to win these awesome solids…. I have never been on a quilting retreat…. YET! hahaha… Hope to do so in the future.

    Being so new to the quilting experience, all of my time spent sewing, piecing and quilting are fantastic! Have fun in Vegas.

  216. Oh my gosh, every retreat is full of stories of fun, friends and frivolity so it is hard to pick one story or one retreat…guess I would have to pick the first time I and four friends travelled by ferry to Mayne Island to have a retreat with my QFF Rebecca. Four days of laughter, food and fun with five of my best friends – oh yes, we sewed too! LOL

  217. One of my first quilt retreats, many years ago, a group of quilting friends decided to rent a cabin in the mountains for a couple of days of quilting and to enjoy the Fall Colors. Time flew by and we had a great time, but on the last day we realized we had never taken time to go outside and enjoy the beautiful fall colors. We ended up hanging all our quilt projects on the 2nd story balcony railing and going outside to take pictures. We also had a nice walk and tour thru the little town of Idlewild, CA. We had fun and it proved quilters can have fun anyplace!


  218. I've never been to a retreat, but I would really like to go. My favorite memory is learning to sew with my grandmother when I was young. She always called me a speed demon because I put the pedal to the floor for everything.

  219. Just attended my first retreat last month. It was a one-day event. Lots of time to work on my own project and there were several demos. We also had an one hour pillowcase making marathon.

  220. I've never been to a quiltting retreat. I got really into quilting when I lived in Alaska. We were in a pretty remote area and had very limited resources so a retreat-let alone the cost of getting anywhere made it impossible. Now that I live in civilization again, I love to go on one. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  221. I've never gotten to go to a retreat! I would LOVE to someday. My favorite sewing memories are learning to sew from a college roomate while we were supposed to be studying!

  222. I have never been to a retreat but would love to go to one some day. I think of a sewing retreat when I visited my sister in Houston and we sewed all week.

  223. I have never attended a retreat yet but would love to go to one soon. Have not had the opportunity to do yet and am hoping one will come up soon in my area with an ASL interpreter so I can participle in the retreat.
    In meantime I would love to win the fabrics.

  224. I hve only been to one quilting "retreat", a local woman invited people into her home and for $125 we would leave with a quilt. She didn't take into account the different skills of her participants….needless to say I finished the top on my own at a later date. It was fun though and she made us great pasta for lunch. Thanks for the give away!

  225. I've only taken some classes at my local quilt shop. I would love to go on a retreat someday! raybanfandango at hotmail dot com

  226. I've never been to one, but it's high time I do! When I was a little girl, I loved watching my grandmother create Barbie doll clothes, baby doll quilts and other fun things for her MANY grandchildren each Christmas.

  227. I have never been to a sewing retreat but i would love to have the chance.To be able to meet like minded people, and be around lots of lovely fabric.

  228. Not really a sewing retreat but my grandmother used to babysit me when I was little and we would spend days making clothes for my dolls! This is my happiest sewing memories! Thanks for the chance to win!

  229. I remember a retreat where a friend was trying to spray baste a quilt using the cheap stuff from our big box equivilent. It did not go well at all and in the end pins had to be used.

  230. I made a ring pillow for my sisters' wedding. I made it all alone on her friend's sewing machine. I had never sewn a pillow before and had not used a sewing machine since high school.
    Don't know what I was thinking of, when volunteering.
    I also waited till the last minute and had never seen a ring pillow before. Somehow it came out beautiful and looked expertly prepared. An angel must have been sitting on my shoulder. I can't think of any other way this small miracle occured.

  231. Sad to say I have never been to a retreat or any kind of sewing or quilting event. Someday I hope to go to one although I am rather quiet around people I don't know so maybe it is not such a good idea for me.

  232. I've never gone to a sewing retreat, unless escaping to my sister's house one evening a week for 2-3 hours of un-interrupted sewing time counts!

    Love the solids!


  233. I had a very small mini-retreat – just me and my aunt, who got me back into quilting after a long hiatus when my sons were very small. We spent the weekend sewing and quilting while my husband was at a golf "retreat" about a mile away. πŸ™‚

  234. Wow I have never been to a retreat but sure would love to go.. Of course I am sure I wouldn't get much sewn together because of talking and having a good time with other ladies who have the same love of sewing!

  235. I'm a new sewer/quilter but I do love to go sew in my mom's sewing room at her house or set up my machine on a card table at the family cabin. It makes me feel very creative. – I assume these would count as retreats. πŸ™‚

  236. It's not really a formal retreat, but I clearly remember my longest sewing session – I was in high school, and an avid 4-Her. I had a dress I had to finish before the fair, and I spent the better part of 24 straight hours sewing. I loved it!

  237. I haven't ever attended a real retreat! So sad. I have gone to some all Day sews and I must say that the ladies there crack me up. It is so fun to just listen to them talk…AND…I learned a ton from them.
    cwhelan at williamwoods dot edu

  238. I have never been to a quilting retreat. I would love to go on one someday. I have fond memories of teaching my girls when they were little how to quilt. They were 6 & 8 and making the blocks from the Lazy Girl book with the.

  239. Closest thing I got to a retreat was when I taught my mother and my best friend how to hand quilt tops they had made one weekend. Lots of fun and fond memories.

  240. My four quilt friends and I have a beautiful private 'cabin' in the woods that we go to for weekend quilting. It's awesome! We're alone. We take our own food or cook in the outdoor kitchen. The cabin has private bedrooms and sleeps 15. Lots of quilting 'til late at night, and lots of bonding time amidst our hectic schedules. Love it! Love the fabric!

  241. I attend two retreat every winter with two different quild guilds and another in August. cannot wai for the next one. also sewing expo in Sept. Love Quilting!!!

  242. Our Guild hosts a day retreat annually. It is subsidised for members.Non members can come for a different price. Members teach classes It is held in a 5 star hotel with good food.We can work on our own projects too. It is fun to sew with friends.There are lots of prizes.This year it is on 5th May.I have always attended one every year and enjoyed it very much.

  243. I have never attended a retreat. I have to say that for me sewing is a solitary activity, a chance to get away from all the noise around, therapy if you will. But I do remember sewing with my grandmother long time ago. Thanks for the chance!

  244. I have never been to a retreat, but think a sewing one would be so much fun! I can imagine a bunch of ladies who all love the same things getting together to share it all!
    Love the giveaway….when I saw what it was for, I could not get my comment on here fast enough! Its great!

  245. Looking forward to my first quilting retreat this summer! However, I have great memories of teaching two of my friends to quilt – we were newcomers to town, met weekly, and became best friends as a result.

  246. Hi this is Susan in Utah…I have never been to a retreat but loved sewing for and with my Grandmother and my Aunt. We would get together for the weekend and redecorate a guest bedroom or such…so many memories…so long ago!!

  247. I remember one quilting retreat vividly even though it was a while ago. It was just happy-making time. I said one afternoon while there that there was no where else I'd rather be & nothing else I'd rather be doing. It was just so much fun to sew sew sew! I love those solid colors!!! Thanks for hosting this.

  248. My friends and I used to get together at a friends lake house and sew and quilt and cook. It was the best of times. Love the light colored solids. I need those.

  249. I've yet to attend a retreat – doing so would require me to travel abroad and unfortunately that's not on the cards for another few years. Sooner rather than later I hope.

  250. Last year I attended a retreat in Santa Barbara with Freddy Moran and Gwen Marston. We had a blast! I love Gwen's jokes!! It was held in a hotel on the oceanfront in Ventura. We had a great top floor view of the ocean! Great creativity happened there!!

  251. Sewing/quilting retreat? How about all those intense tutorials at the sewing machine when I was 11, and making my first garments – a plaid, pleated skirt and blouse. Mom thought the best way to learn was to jump in at the deep end, and immediately embrace the hard stuff. She taught me to drive the same way: right through downtown Dayton, Ohio at noon on my first time behind the wheel, and with a stick shift, no less. Jeepers.

  252. I have never been to a retreat, although I would love to someday. I have spent an entire Saturday with my quilt group, sewing for a particular charity, and have enjoyed the company, the laughs, the "snacks", and the fun of quilting together for a cause.

  253. I love going to Quilt Colorado every other year for fabulous classes from wonderful instructors. I always learn lots & lots & have great fun with my friends as well. I'd certainly love to win these solids–what fun they'd be!

  254. hallo, I've attended for the first time (certainly not the last) a quilt retreat last march in Blankenberge at the Belgium coast,
    Can you imagine that we never had time to go for a walk nearby the seaside altough it was only a few steps away!
    thanks for the chance,

  255. A retreat is still on my bucket list of things to do. But I love the RARE occasion when I can sit and sew all day… you can accomplish so much! Both bundles are so beautiful!

  256. Back in July 2008 my son and I particiated in the Southern California Association of Quilt Shop Owners "Quilter's Run".

    I'm in a wheelchair and don't drive so I was thrilled when my son, Jeff, volunteered to be my buddy for this "Quilter's Run".

    We had so much fun and were able to visit all 39 shops. We were so proud.

    Best time ever!

  257. I have never had a chance to attend a retreat…but do have fun memories of my grandma teaching me to sew when I was younger!

    Hoping to pass the tradition down to my own daughters…then maybe when they are older, we can have our own retreat!

    Thanks for a chance to win!

  258. My once in a lifetime sewing dream trip was organized by our local fabric store to the garment district of New York City. The shop owner had a personal buyer in NYC, so we got to go into fabric stores not open to the general public. Truly fascinating and inspiring. (PS Just returned from Utah – one of my favorite places.)

  259. My favorite retreat was making one of my very first quilts for my first son, CJ. I was pregnant with him at the time and it was a great learning experience plus all the quilting ladies gave me lots of advice as a first time mom.

  260. My favorite was an AHA moment at a dyeing retreat when I learned about tray dyeing. We learned a lot of different techniques on a long weekend, but that was a real winner for me. That dark stack of fabrics are really beautiful. I live in Germany, but visit family often in the USA, so, I have an address in the USA.

  261. I have never had the opportunity to go to a quilting retreat. The closest I've gotten is quilting to midnight on a mystery block quilt. I hope to get a chance in the future.

  262. I have never attended a quilt retreat and have no quilty friends local either. I would love to be able to have some like minded people to quilt with someday. πŸ™‚

  263. I don't get it…the post says the contest closes on May 4th (which is Saturday), yet you say thanks for playing and announce the winners??????

  264. I have never been to a fabric retreat, but I had plenty of fun teaching my step-daughter to quilt when she was young. I really need these solids. Pretty please, pick me.

  265. Several years I attended Quilt Camp in the Pines in Flagstaff, AZ. It was a great get together even though it usually rained a lot at that time of year!

  266. I have only been to a one day retreat and it was a great experience! The best part was meeting new people and enjoying each others creativity and humor! I was filled with fun and laughter!