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Retro Romance by Jocelyn Ueng

Hey, it’s Jocelyn here! I’m so excited that I got to bring back my block from 100 Blocks Volume 7! It’s called Trendster, and I originally submitted it in colorful modern fabrics by Vanessa Christenson.

This time, I turned the Trendster block on its head for a full blown quilt for Quilts from 100 Blocks Fall 2013. To show how versatile this block (or any block!) can be, I went to tradition for style direction. Summit Rose by Paula Barnes has a rich, regal, Victorian flair to it. The Trendster meets the Queen!

This worked out beautifully! The quilt looks more complex than it really is, thanks to illuuuusions. (Channeling Gob from Arrested Development here.) I simply surrounded the block with artfully placed flying geese, and it created a great secondary motif. The rich burgundy red helps create that visually radiating pattern, with grays, blues, and greens to soften it.

I hope you love this quilt! Use Trendster and Retro Romance to stretch your fabric boundaries. Surprise yourself!