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Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Blog Tour – GIVEAWAY CLOSED

Hi everybody! Welcome to Day 1 of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Blog Tour! We are making happy noises over the newest issue, Volume 9. In here are three awesome and very different blocks, from three of us here at Fat Quarter Shop & It’s Sew Emma.

They are: #850 A Whale of a Block by Debbie,  #851 Flower Child by Jocelyn, and #875 Robo-Bop by Kimberly. Each has real personality and potential! Debbie’s block even made the cover!

We are devising ideas for settings… scaling up Debbie’s block for an adorbs nautical nursery wall hanging. Pairing Flower Child with big 12″ squares from Jeni Baker’s new Dreamin’ Vintage for a quick quilt bursting with juicy colors. Robo-Bop would make fun pillows, bags, and bed quilt for a mechanically-minded child.

Hop on the block bandwagon and see what other 100 Blocks designers have in store for you! Visit the Quiltmaker blog to see the full line up, plus chances to win some great prizes.

Just in case you were wondering, Robo-Bop was made with Mixed Bag, Flower Child with Color Me Retro, and A Whale of a Block with dots from various collections. For instructions, you’ll need a copy of Volume 9 of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks.

One winner from this post today will win their very own copy of the 100 Blocks Vol. 9 issue, so comment below and tell us your ideas for these blocks! What fabrics and what settings – we want to hear it all! The winner will be announced on Monday, May 5. Good luck!

UPDATE — the giveaway is now closed. Our winner of the 100 Blocks copy is Karrie S.!

Karrie Ssaid…
Loving the blocks! I think the middle would look great with Dreamin’ Vintage as well. The Whale and Robot would be good in metallics. Navy for the whale and Silver/gray for the robot. Or maybe a scrappy robot. Thanks for the chance to win 😉


  1. The whale block is so stinking cute! I think it would look so cute scaled up into a crib size quilt. You could even add a few jumping fish and a ship! I could see the robot becoming an awesome toddler or twin size quilt. And the flower block would look great as a mega size one block quilt.

  2. All three of these are great! I'd like to combine the robot with a rocket ship block and a couple of others for a great little boy quilt.

  3. The blocks are great! I would use the flower child block with lots of reds and whites fabrics.

  4. Truly original blocks – not just the same old, same old. Love the whale block, set as a medallion in Storm at Sea block using dirty blues, greys and greens of Moda Bella Solids

  5. I can see Kimberley's block being used for my 3 year old Grandson. Robots are so cool in his world. A quilt of an army of them would be so cute and treasured.

  6. Adorable Blocks you all made for Volume 9. Glad to have the Blour Tour starting today! I hope to WIN a copy.

  7. Since I am making nursery items for my first grandson due in September, that whale of a block would be awesome as a wall display wrapped in canvas

  8. My favorite is the whale block to make a blue little boy quilt. I'd use any of Moda's lines that would match up – maybe some of Camille's April Showers line.

  9. Wonderful blocks! I would make Flower Child in a totally scrappy version with careful placement of darks and lights. The other two would make great children's quilts. For the whale block, I would make it in a larger size, maybe 18" inches square and let it be a feature block. For the robot, I would make a row of robot blocks and make the rest of the quilt scrappy.

  10. The robot block would be great for my eight year old grandson. Definitely need to use blues in the color palate since that's his favorite color. Some red and black accents as well perhaps.

  11. What a fun, fun book of ideas to sew up some smiles! I would love to win this and share with you my creations. Thanks for the opportunity.
    Get your stash ready!

  12. I love the Whale of a Block. My nephew would love a quilt made of these blocks for his "big boy" bed. I really love the use of dots in shades of blue.

  13. thanks for the giveaway! I am so looking forward to Volume 9. I have all the others and use them all the time. great inspiration between the covers! I love the whale block. I think it would be great in a row by row! thanks for sharing. Doreen

  14. Great blocks! I really like the whale and robot since they would be wonderful for boy's quilts, I'm always looking for boy ideas. The robot would make a great center for a quilt.

  15. Ack! So stinking cute! I think all three of them would be great fronts for tote bags….what new mom and dad wouldn't love a diaperbag with the whale on the front?:)

  16. I can sure see the whale block and the robo-bop in children's quilts. I think the colors you have chosen are great, but the color scheme of the quilt could match the child's room too. Thanks for sharing!

  17. My head is spinning, I have no idea what my plans might be for these blocks but you can bet I'll use them! Really love the flower child block. I can see that in some 70's print. Grandson will want something from the robo-bop.

  18. I see I am not the only one that loves the whale block. What a cute baby quilt that would make….pink whales for girls and blues for boys….or why not use a variety of small prints for either. Just too cute!!

  19. Flower Child with Dreamin'Vintage is a great pair. The block looks very versatile – I bet it would be great with solids every other block on a large quilt or set off center and staggered down the front of a quilt.
    Thanks for the opportunity!
    notwendy gmail

  20. I adore the whale of a block ! I may just be looking for some perfect materials for this quilt for my Gboys. Boy quilts are always harder to find the really cute one anyhow ! Thank you !

  21. all 3 blocks are wonderful – I'm definitely making the whale – just a simple wall hanging – for my newly teenaged great-niece – she just redid her bedroom and it will be perfect! I'm going to want to play with the Flower Child block because it definitely will create interesting secondary designs. As for Robo-Bop, well my son is grown, but the relationship he's in now is getting serious, so I might be able to use that in the not too distant future!

  22. My 1st Blog Hope:) My fav block has to be the robot! I have a 2 yr old grandson who loves robots! Can't wait to win this issue so I can make him his own robot quilt;)

  23. Such cute blocks! I would make a cushion out of the flower power block, a crib quilt with the whale…and maybe a playmat with the robo bop, and some other fun little blocks 🙂

  24. I know for sure two people who would love the whale and robot blocks and it is always nice to have another new block handy for when and what comes to mind. Thanks for the chance to win. Patti

  25. these blocks are so cute. The whale block would look good with the Bartholo-Meow, using the deep water waverly or seafoam for the water. the flower child would look cute with the 30's Playtime or A Quilter's Garden. the robot is probably a lot of little boy's idea of excitment. I'd pair that with Space or Rocket Age.

    Thanks for the chance.
    Debi Horne


  26. I have two little grandkids and the whale block would be great (would put some fishies and an octopus in too) for one and the robot for the other. Bright fun fabrics. Have a large stash that is calling to me.

  27. Flower Child has me fascinated.i think it would look great in so many collections, especially those that have a lot of contrast

  28. I hate to be redundant, but I see the whale block, done in a variety of colors, for a darling baby quilt. Thanks for the chance to win!

  29. Very cute blocks. I can see some baby quilts made from the whale and maybe a few robots together for another toddler quilt.

  30. A whale of a Block would be cute in a baby quilt with Ocean Waves Blocks. Thank you for the chance to win. Take care and God bless, Cory

  31. I love the whale block and can see a quilt made with a bunch of whale blocks on the front and on the back just one whale in a sea of half square triangle blocks.

    senstrings at [yahoo] dot [com]

  32. Oh the whale block needs to be a baby quilt!! And the robot one too!! The middle block i can see hours of fun with color choices! Oh no favs for me i love them all! Melissa-lynn

  33. I'd make a whale of a block bigger so it can be a baby quilt! It's so adorable! Flower child seems like it will be great with blue, red and white fabric for patriotic theme (4th of july is coming, wink wink)
    I think Robo bop will look so cute on a tote bag!

  34. I love them all. My grandson would love that robo bop Maybe a wall hanging. I would have to think on which fabric line but I think flower child with Lori Holts vintage happy

  35. I think the whale block with some fishes would make an adorable baby quilt. it is so cute. thank you for the chance to win a copy of this wonderful magazine.


  36. Years ago I promised a friend a nautical themed quilt. The "Whale of a Block" block would be a great starting off point for a nautical sampler quilt. Thanks for the giveaway!

  37. The whale block is my favorite, but they are all cute. It's such fun to see the 100 blocks every year – such creativity!

  38. This is a newsy website and I'm happy to know about it. I, too, really like the whale block. It's the perfect way for me to share the northwest with my friends and family far away. Thanks for the inspiration!

  39. I love the whale block – I'd love to use it in a baby quilt, maybe with some plain or 'whale – free' blocks!!

  40. Love the retro block for a quilt for my daughter, and I have plenty of nieces and nephews with kids to make a baby quilt of the whale(so cute!!!) block!????

  41. I especially love the retro, and i would use the bohemian style fabrics that I am collecting for my hippie child. the others are adorable.

  42. Such fun blocks! My oldest has a fascination with both robots and ocean life so I can foresee pairing the whale block with an anchor block to make an ocean quilt. The robot would be perfect to create a tote to carry all her creations!

  43. All three blocks are amazing! The robo-bop would make a great pillow for a little boy. The whale block..my favorite..would be great with other blocks just like it but with other sea creatures like dolphins, birds, fish, octopus or even a boat. A great baby quilt!

  44. The Whale of a Block is such a clever block variation. It would make such a cute quilt for a child. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  45. Rosemary B here:
    I would LOVE to win this book.
    The three samples here are very exciting. Thank you for this chance to win a great book!

  46. The blocks are all so cute! I would love to see the whale block bigger, maybe crib sized. Then I would add a few more whales on it!

  47. I have a 9 mo nephew with a nautical theme going on – I would love to do the whale and add an octopus, starfish, and maybe a shell or two then frame each separately for a wall detail.

  48. Would love to make Robo-Bop in more adult colors for my robotics loving brother and hubby – maybe a pillow or a lunch bag.

  49. I would love to use the Whale block in a baby quilt with other sea creatures. It would be fun to make the whale out of fabric of minin whales.

  50. All of the blocks are spectacular! I would make several of the the Flower Child block in Christmas colors and put them together to make a table runner. Thanks!

  51. I love the whale block made up in either pink or blue gingham or dots by Riley Blake. The robot block would be great for a young boy using bright Kona solids. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of the magazine,

  52. The whale block is really cute. I have an unfinished round robin that needs some more work. It has an ocean theme, and adding the whale block to it would just finish it off.

  53. Three great blocks! Bright whales could combine with sailboats for a beautiful baby quilt. I would love to make the flower block in reds, blacks and whites, and coloring the rectangles the same as the center triangles would make a strong diagonal pattern across the quilt. The robot together with maybe rockets and stars would be brilliant for a young boy. You guys are awesome!

  54. I love the whale! I think he would be cute with a few 'fish' added around him! I just love the 100 block books! So much to choose from! Thanks for sharing!

  55. Woo hoo. Congratulations on your blocks being included in Volume 9. All of them are lovely.

    As I'm a beachy type person, I'm drawn to the whale block. Would love to create a quilt with several of these blocks and some negative space for free-motion quilting of swirls.


  56. They are all so cute. I would do them all scrappy and combine them all in a kids snuggle quilt. Thanks for the giveaway.

  57. The Robo-bop would be great as an accent pillow for my grandson's room. He loves to build things with Legos and his Erector set. Thanks for the info about the newest Quiltmaker magazine.

  58. While I was looking at the cover I thought it would be fun to make all 100 and sew them together ramdomly. I'll try to use colors as close to the samples as I can.

  59. The whale block would be so great repeated in a 9 patch with sashing in a baby boy quilt. I would enlarge the robot for the center of a medallion quilt surrounded by very bright colors. The flower block would be great to add colorful borders for a table topper or wall hanging.

  60. I would use the whale block in my under sea quilt I am making for my oceanographer friend who is ill.

  61. I love the whale block – it would be perfect to go with all of the fish/underwater fabrics that I have been collecting. Thanks for the opportunity.

  62. I would use the whale block in a seaworld theme sampler, probably in the same colors as here. The robot block I would use in black, green and yellow for my son's room! With the flower block, I guess I'd color the different sections like a flower; yellow in the middle, pink for the petals and green and blue around; I'd use it for cushions for my daughters' room. sarah@forrussia.org

  63. The Whale block stole my heart. I'm going to say that since I'm from Cape Cod originally, that's just natural selection 🙂 I'm thinking that if you blew it up and mixed in a few other nautical type things, you would have an awesome shower curtain! Or…. perhaps, have some under the sea stuff going on and then the whale at the top…… hmmmm, but baby quilt!

  64. Such cute blocks. The whale would be cute with starfish, dolphins, etc around it. The robo-bop with planets, glow in the dark stars, rockets with flames.

  65. I want to do a baby quilt with the whale in minkee or other soft fabric, with the rest of the quilt in cottons. Maybe use prairie points for the waves for more texture.

  66. Since the whales are back up here in Alaska, that block has a piece of my heart, but I love the other two blocks too. Thanks so much for sharing and letting us enjoy your creative works.

  67. First of all, congrats ladies on having your blocks published in Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Volume 9! I think all 3 blocks would look great in a variety of projects, from runners to bed quilts. What little boy or girl wouldn’t love their own quilt with the whale or Robo-Bop?! The Flower Child block would be great runner, or lap quilt, for a Mother’s Day gift too!

  68. That whale is too loveable; really cute. Any child would probably love a quilt with the whale or the robot. They would make cute throw pillows for a kid's room as well.

  69. All 3 blocks are wonderful! I can see the whale block in beachy fabrics. I can see it as a wall hanging when I find a place near the ocean. Thanks for a chance to win a copy of the magazine. I look forward to this magazine every year and enjoy the Blog hop. sandi1100 at yahoo dot com

  70. This is going to be a fun tour. Thanks for putting my name in the drawing. All 3 are really cute and I have enough stash that I wouldn't have to find new fabrics. Pillows, baby quilts, lap quilts, table toppers, endless ways to use these blocks

  71. I'd love to make a jumbo version of Whale of a Block as a baby quilt. I'd move the whale to be off-center, slightly in the bottom right corner. Thanks for the chance!

  72. All cute, but the whale block is super sweet and my favorite. I would love to see it in a bit larger size, repeated about 16 times, with whales only appearing in about 5 of the blocks…the remaining blocks made up in only triangles. I can just picture it!

  73. I'm wondering if the whale block could be combine with some ocean wave blocks for an entire water themed quilt?

  74. The whale block is my fave block of the three. It would look fun sized up a bit for a wall hanging in one of my grandchildren's rooms. I think some textured solids would be fun. Thanks!

  75. love that whale design! love applique on pieced backgrounds and haven't yet used triangles … so am looking forward to using this block with kona blues and greens and a rich, dark blue for the great blue whale.

  76. The whale block makes my day and could be set right in the middle of a storm at sea type quilt. The flower child could be made larger into a baby quilt, or with many more of it's own block and then churn dash style. The robot is wonderful and needs to me on the front of a messenger bag. Those are my opinions of the moment…changeable at any time!

  77. I do lots of children's charity quilts and your blocks would work into them well! Love the fun ideas. B.J. Peters

  78. All the blocks are great but the whale one would make a great baby quilt, beach tote, ocean themed quilt. I have all the volumes and hope to make as many as possible overtime.

  79. I think the whale for younger ones, and the robot for a little older child and Flower Power for any child of the 60's or 70's.

    All are great!

  80. Love the whale quilt… would be perfect for a baby quilt in different shades of blues & greens.

  81. The robot block would be great for a pillow for my son. Flower Power would be a fun friendship lap quilt in bright colors!

  82. I think the robot block would be great in a little boy quilt. The whale block is really creative – I love how it looks like he's halfway in the water. And the flower power block reminds me of the sixties, it would look great in a psychedelic quilt. I'm not sure what fabrics I'd use for any of them yet, but I'll know when I see it!

  83. Embroidered a 3-D robot book for my nephew recently and the addition of a pillow with the robot would be perfect.

  84. I like the whale block and would use it in a nautical themed quilt I want to make for my grandson. I have some water print fabric to simulate the ocean, so of course the whale will go there.

  85. These are great blocks. I can see them incorporated into a child's quilt. The "flower child" block made me think '60s so that one would be great in something retro. Thanks for a chance at the give-away!
    mgw070 at shaw dot ca

  86. Each one is absolutely adorable and would, of course, make a great quilt. I happen to think they each would be cute as a panel on a bag. I think they would also be darling on a bib type apron. Thank you for this giveaway.

  87. I like all three but I think I will file the flower child in my ideas file for some of those teals I have.

  88. My sister is an ocean geek so I see A Whale of A Block on a tote for her. And I'm into table runners so flower child will be perfect for that. Can't wait to get my hands on Vol. 9.

  89. I liked all the blocks. I love to use quilt blocks when teaching geometry. I used cardboard then but have just started quilting in material.

  90. I would like to see the whale done in a variety of blues for the half square triangles. For the setting I would like to see off set blocks to make it look like a sea of wales swimming.

  91. I particularly like the Robo block; I think many little boys would like a quilt or maybe I could add a robo girl too…

  92. I like the idea mentioned by another commenter about using it with a storm at sea quilt. I think she mentioned a pillow, but I think it would be great as part of a quilt label.

  93. I would choose the whale block. I would like to see it enlarged for a big block baby quilt, with adding a gold fish block or other fish. add some appliqué sea animals and it would be even more adorable.

  94. I love the blocks. They would look so cute in a children's quilts. My grand children would like each one of them, I would have to come up with one more as I have 4 grands.
    Thanks so much!

  95. All three blocks are really cute but I'd probably make the whale block first as part of a beach/tote bag for my grandson.

  96. I could place in the robot block IN the whale block for a quilt for my 6 yr old son. Flashbacks of Altraman….ok, now I'm dating myself! Congrats on the awesome blocks!

  97. Love the whale block…. I can see a very simple small crib or lap quilt with a row of whales going across the quilt perhaps a quarter of the way down from the top…offset up-and-down from each other a bit. The rest of the quilt would be solid in a sea blue, with wave quilting.

  98. Love these blocks and especially the robot, always hard to find something for the boys although y granddaughter will love this too! thanks for the fun opportunity.

  99. My daughter is making her first quilt with Mixed Bag. So I would say the robot in the same fabric for her 10 month old son.

  100. I really was drawn to A Whale of a Block by Debbie! This would be so cute to make a baby quilt for my nephew that is due soon. Thanks for the chance to win Vol. 9.

  101. That whale is adorable, but I absolutely love that little robot. I may have to buy a copy just to get that pattern for my daughter!

  102. I can see a baby quilt in different colors, textures, and prints from A Whale of a Block. They are all fabulous blocks

  103. Loving the blocks! I think the middle would look great with Dreamin' Vintage as well. The Whale and Robot would be good in metallics. Navy for the whale and Silver/gray for the robot. Or maybe a scrappy robot. Thanks for the chance to win 😉


  104. Oh my gosh. The whale of a block would be really great in navy (for the waves) with a light blue whale, and a red border, don't you think? And someone else suggested making it bigger, for a baby quilt, which I think is genius.

  105. I cann't make a choise. All The blocks are zo nice I want tot make The robot block fir my grandson andere The whale block for my granddaughter.The blocks are really fantastic

  106. Well I am not sure I could make better choices than you have,but I think I could maybe see flower child block in some rich batiks.

  107. Loved your blocks. What great child's quilt they would make. I am always on the lookout for unusual designs.

  108. The Robo-Bop would be adorable done up in red & blue on a white background for a little boys quilt.

  109. OH, that whale block is so cute . I would make a pillow top for my new grandson's nursery. His mom and dad decorated it in an ocean theme. It would be perfect.

  110. That whale block is truly adorable! How cute qould that be for a baby-in pink OR blue!! The little robot is cute for a child's quilt and I think I know a little grandchild that would LOVE one!!

  111. Being a child of the '60's "Flower Child" speaks to me. I see the block done in a more vintage, cottage style with soft pastels and florals. As for settings, the block has lots of possiblities and I'd have to play with it on the desin wall. Congrats on getting published in Vol. 9 and thanks for the chance to win.

  112. Ooh fun! Flower Child looks like it would create a cool secondary pattern if it were repeated without sashing. Thanks for the giveaway!

  113. all the blocks are great – but I love the boy related robot block. I think my grandsons would love something made with that. Thanks for the give away!

  114. The whale block would make a great little quilt for a child. I would pair it with a cute stuffed whale for a birthday gift. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  115. I think the robo-bop block would make a great potholder, in solid colors maybe. I do not see myself making the flower child block unless it is in a sample quilt. A whale of a block would make a fun center in a baby quilt using either pink or blue backgrounds and a grey for the whale.

  116. I love the whale block. This might sound weird, but I'm wondering about scattering a few in a collection of ocean waves to add some interest.

  117. I like the Flower Child… make the striped fabric that’s in the rectangle unit surrounding the QST a bold color and/or print and all the other pieces in contrasting (but subdued) colors.

  118. I have wanted to make a ocean quilt and whale would be perfect. I guess I'm going to have to make that quilt now.

  119. I would definitely make the whale block in a larger size and make a crib quilt for a boy and then a smaller sized whales, make a large runner and use it as bumper pad around the crib and of course a pillow for decoration, done in blues, teals and yellows this would be precious

  120. I would use the whale block with some ocean fabric I have, such a cute block. the flower child would look nice in yellows, and the robot anything bright. All very very cute. Good job!

  121. Oh! I love that whale block! I have some fabrics leftover from making a Bunny Hill design that will be perfect for it! Greys from the elephant and blue from the pinwheels.

  122. I like the whale in the water block. Cute! It would look great mixed with some sailboat blocks for a child's quilt.

  123. Such fun blocks!! Also..I love watching the videos…always something new to learn!!

  124. I think "a whale of a block" would look great, blown up to make a baby quilt. Maybe with a few extra fish added in.
    jen dot barnard at btinternet dot com

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