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Quilting and Sewing Questions with Kimberly!

Calling all quilters! Do you have any quilting questions that you’re dying to know the answers to? If so, Kimberly is here to help! Leave us a comment about your questions on quilting. Whether it’s how to bind a quilt or how to choose fabrics, we’d love to help you!


  1. Just a beginner here-have a question about yardage for backing quilts.

    If a specific pattern says you need 5 yards for the backing, does this amount include the overage you need to be able to have it long arm quilted? Or do you need to add an extra amount of yardage-and if so, how much extra would you order? 1/2 yard?

    Thanks for the chance to ask questions!

  2. I have trouble buying solid fabric online to construct the quilt blocks. It would be so helpful to suggest what solid fabric color would work for each new fabric collection. Could you help me???


  3. Hi,
    I would like to know how to accurately sew triangles on to squares. Do you use a trim tool to trim the points before sewing????

    Also, if using triangle paper, is it necessary to buy more fabric then the pattern requires if using the paper???

    Thanks a million,
    Mindy 🙂

  4. I have a question! You often mention stitch length in your videos. What is the standard stitch length for piecing, is that different from the standard stitch length for quilting, and is there a significant variance among machines?

    Thanks!!! And I'm so glad you asked! 🙂

  5. Is there an easy way to figure out which solids go with lines of fabric? I have a hard time figuring out even if a white or an off white (like snow) would work with some lines. Do the fabric numbers help here or is there somewhere else to look to figure that out?

  6. Please explain the process for squaring up quilt blocks.Sometimes,no matter how careful I am,the blocks turn out slightly smaller than they are supposed to be.

  7. If you choose to use triangle paper for a pattern using half square triangles, do you typically need more yardage to account for using it?

  8. Hi Kimberly! I am considering hiring someone to do my house cleaning so that I will have more quilting time however I could use that money to buy more fabric. What's a girl to do??

  9. I have a question about squaring up a quilt. Every tutorial I read or watch uses a small wall hanging as an example, not a large quilt and I don't think illustrating the technique on such a small scale is helpful to me.

    Sooo, Kimberly, I've said it many times…you are the BEST at quilting tutorial videos. No one else comes close, and, I would love for you to show us all how to square up a larger quilt….please?

  10. I'd like to see more information on quilting as you go so that handling a large quilt on a regular machine is manageable. Thanks for the opportunity to submit questions!

  11. I too would love more information on quilting as you go. I was in our local quilt shop the other day and two women brought in the most beautiful star quilt on one side and a pieced batik quilt on the back and it was all done via QAYG. She said she uses sashing to add the blocks together but didn't go into a lot of detail about the process. I would LOVE to know how to do this once in awhile with my quilts so I can spend more money on fabric than having someone else quilt all my larger quilts. Thanks for asking!

  12. I am new to quilting and have a terrible time cutting straight! I have put grip tape on the ruler, used the ruler with attached cutting blade and use the ruler with an edge that stops ant the edge of the cutting mat. The last one works best but I still slip.
    Patricia C

  13. When is comes to binding I stop when I have to hand sew the back. Hands get tired to fast and no time to sit and sew on these. What is an easy way to put on binding using the machine on both sides. Just folding over and hoping the seam looks OK doesn't work for me. I want both sides looking good. Please help…

  14. Re: Half square triangles. I need to make them larger, then trim them down to be accurate. When patterns call for half square triangles that don't make them oversized( the pattern expects me to accurate from the get go) , I never know how match additional yardage to add in my fabric to account for over sizing, them trimming. I guess the same goes for flying geese.

  15. Hello, FQS!
    What I'd really like to know is how to square up a quilt. Once the layers are quilted together, right before the binding goes on, what is the most accurate method of squaring up a large quilt. I have tried many things (including using a chalk line, which was VERY messy) and don't feel too confident about any of them. What do you do to square up a very large quilt?

  16. When do you use a scant quarter seam vs. a regular quarter seam??? Some patterns call for a scant quarter seam throughout and sometimes I wonder if the pattern author assumes that you are sewing with a scant quarter???


  17. I would like to make a memory quilt from photographs. What is the best product to buy to transfer the photo onto fabric and do you have a video tutorial of making a memory quilt?

  18. Hi! I'm having trouble with pressing. For example, I have a 10" layer cake square, cut it to have a 3" and 7" piece. Then sew them back together with a 1.5" strip between them. When I go to press the seams, the fabric does not stay square. I use spray starch like you do but the seams don't want to press straight. Can you help our do a pressing tutorial for various seam types?

  19. Hello, how about mixing fabrics from different designers or lines. I suppose you would call it pulling fabrics from your stash to make projects! Triangles, flowers, circles, stripes and solids so many choices out there it would be great if there was a good system!

  20. Hi , lately I've bee appliquéing with wool on cotton. I know the wool has been felted in the washer and dryer. I was wondering if you knew if I could wash these pieces I make. Some are table runners and I'm kind of afraid to use then after all the hand stitching. If you had any washing instructions. I'd love to know !! Thank you !!

  21. I am wondering if there is anyway to get the dye out that has bled onto other fabrics in a quilt. I used a dye catcher to prevent it, but it still happened!

  22. When I am piecing, if there aren't many seams in the block, my block is usually a little smaller then what the pattern says. if there are a lot of small pieces in the block and more seams, my block size is WAY off. Why does this happen and what can I do about it??? I am very careful with my cutting and sewing and can't figure out what I am doing wrong and often feel like giving up on quilting period!!!

  23. Help, please! When I try to use Aurifil thread, it always breaks. I've replaced needles but that didn't help. My machine is a 20+ years old Bernina. Is Aurifill only for the newer machines? Any tips? Thanks so much!