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Quick Change Blog Hop

Hello everyone! It’s Kimberly and Jocelyn here today on the Jolly Jabber and we are so honored to be a part of a new book by Martingale called Quick Change: Refresh a Room Fast with Quilted Bed Runners. This book includes thirteen fabulous bed runners designed by some amazing quilt designers. As part of the blog hop, we were invited to answer a few fun Designer Q & A, so let’s get started! 

What inspired your bed runner?
Kimberly: My bed runner, White Diamonds, was inspired by a tile pattern at a hotel in my favorite city, Las Vegas. I wanted to recreate this design and use colors that would match my bedroom which is very simple with creams and whites with touches of blue. 

White Diamonds bedrunner in Bella Solids

Jocelyn: My bed runner, Hester’s Crossing, began with my mother-in-law asking me for an orginal tablerunner she could make for her kitchen counter. As luck would have it, that same week I had the opportunity to submit designs for this awesome book, and the tablerunner morphed into a large bed runner! The name came from a few places, my mother-in-law’s name, plus the whimsical loops and crosses that are formed by the prints, and the fact that there really is a Hester’s Crossing here in Texas. 

Hester’s Crossing in the Pedal Pushers Collection by Lauren & Jessi Jung

Do you have other favorite projects from Quick Change?
Kimberly: I love the simplicity of Brigitte Heitland’s Zen Chic bed runner.

Jocelyn: I love the clean-ness and simplicity of Kimberly’s White Diamonds runner and I also love Vintage Petal by Heather Andrus and Megan Jimenez of Quilt Story. I love the contrast of the bright pops of color on the beige background, plus the awesome orange peel circles. 

What does the master bedroom of your dreams look like?
Kimberly: My dream master bedroom would have all white furniture with aqua accents. I really like the classic meets shabby-chic look for my home. 

Image via Pinterest

Jocelyn: My dream master bedroom would be a tranquil blue, very minimal with wood furniture and exposed beams. And big windows with a window seat for reading! 

Image via House of Turqouise

Martingale was kind enough to giveaway an eBook version of Quick Change to one lucky winner. For a chance to win, all you need to do is enter through Rafflecopter below! 
Follow the Quick Change blog hop for fun designer Q&A’s, plus more chances to win the eBook!

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Friday, May 1: Brigitte Heitland at Zen Chic
Saturday, May 2: Heidi Pridemore at the Whimsical Workshop Studio
Monday, May 4: Amanda Leins at Mandalei
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  1. All my beds have quilts on them. I love the White diamonds -it reminds me of a red and white coverlet that was passed down to me from past generations. I would use a quilt runner to dress up my 2 guest rooms!

  2. I have two quilts in my bedroom. One is on the bed and the other is on a hanging quilt rack on my wall. I change the one on the quilt rack to match the season (or my mood!)

  3. All the beds have quilts on top, and in addition I have one big wall quilt in one bedroom, and a few minis in another bedroom.

  4. These are so pretty-would be a great project for any beds without quilts on them! I usually make a quilt for each bed but this is another great idea.

  5. I keep a small quilt on the end of our bed, but a runner would be a fun change! Thanks for the sweet giveaway!!

  6. What a great idea for sprucing up a bedroom! Now I want to make some bedrunners so I can keep my favorite quilt on my bed and just add to it.

  7. I have a quilt on my bed, a table runner on my dresser, table mats on my nightstands and I use a quilt for a headboard.

  8. I have an antique treadle sewing machine in the corner of the bedroom that I display seasonal quilts on like they are still being worked on.

  9. Gorgeous runners! I made one lat year and hope to make more! I have several quilts on my bed and at the foot of the bed. Our dog even has two quilt for her favorite chair and bed!! (is that weird?!)

  10. I have quilts on beds, small ones on the wall, and some stacked on an antique chest at the foot of the bed.

  11. I recently completed my first bed runner, and matching shams. I love the way it completely changes the look of the room – I'm ready for a couple more!

  12. Quilts on the bed for warmth and quilts on a stand made by my mother-in-law decorate my bedroom. I agree that a simple style is most relaxing. Really like the idea of a table runner morphed to a bed runner.

  13. I decorate and use all the quilts in our bedroom…and Id love to make a new runner from this book for the foot of our bed 🙂 Thanks for the chance!

  14. I've given most of my quilts away and only keep smaller ones for cozying up in family room for movie & TV time. But I've been working on 3 for the beds my grandkiddies use when they sleep over – hopefully I'll finish them before they stop sleeping over! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂
    Debby E
    samtaylorcjsmimi at yahoo dot com

  15. I have several small quilts that I put at the end of the bed and can change out according to the seasons. I have a WIP that I am going to make as a quilted duvet, to make it lighter for summer and insert a comforter for winter warmth.

  16. I really needed this book a few months ago when I was making a bed runner for my sister-in-law & didn't have a pattern. I would like to make more of them & love the patterns that are shown.

  17. I have seasonal quilts, small wall hangings and two much loved square lap quilts that the grands use.
    I also have a couple WIPs that may morph into bed runners.
    I learned to love them while traveling some years back, what lovely memories!

    This would be great!

  18. I use quilts on my bed and footboard. I also have seasonal quilts for each bedroom. I also have a quilted table topper for my dresser. I can't believe I don't have anything hanging on the wall though. Better remedy that!

  19. I have a quilt that has been on our bed for years and I need to do something different- a bed runner might be it! I LOVE Hester's Crossing!!!

    Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  20. I don't. Yet. Once I get my stuff out of my bedroom and into my studio I will! Hopefully I'll win this book and make some bedrunners!

  21. I have one quilt hanging on the wall, another draped over the back of a love seat, and a stack of quilts on shelves. But strangely, the master bedroom is the only one without a quilt on the bed!

  22. I have been know to use quilts all over my home,,,even in odd places, like covering the electric switch box in the hall or above windows which is perfect for lots of mini's oh and sometimes I have even put them on the ceiling…my living room did not have an overhead light so my father helped me put one up on a frame….

  23. I have a white whole cloth hand-quilted quilt on the bed, lots of quilted pillows, two wall quilts, a framed antique block, a quilted basket wall hanging with a pocket filled with silk flowers, and several antique blocks placed on various surfaces. I'd love to add a bed runner.

  24. I have a couple of winter/fall quilts and a couple spring/summer quilts that i switch out. I used to have more but i have passed them on to our children as they have married and moved into their own homes and with 5 children i have lost a LOT of quilts. I saved my favorites though. I keep saying i will make myself one next but you never make yourself anything, you always end up making things for everyone else. Am i right?!

  25. I have a quilt on the bed, but I've never thought about using a bed runner. What a great idea to brighten up my bedroom decor!

  26. Pieced valances, white curtains, pieced cushion-seat, long runner on bed and both dressers, small wall-hanging are what decorates my bedroom. Lots of subtle color variations.

  27. I change the quilts on my bed monthly. I love to have variety over the year – from springy to more somber in the winter.

  28. I have a pretty flannel rag quilt covering a comfy chair in my bedroom.

    wlinda_ca at yahoo dot com

  29. I use quilts for bedspreads on all three on our beds. And in one of the quest rooms I have a large basket filled with quilts.

  30. I would love to win the book. I have wanted to make a bedrunner for a long time. The patterns shown all would do.
    Thank you

  31. I have a guilt rack in the living room and change the quilts with holidays and seasons. The bed runners are a great idea, easy way to change the look in a room.

  32. I of course have one on my bed and others stacked on my 'hope' chest so I can snuggle under extras when the weather is cooler or if I am in my chair reading a book – which translates into nap 🙂

  33. I haven't completed a bed-sized quilt yet, but I have made a baby quilt for my granddaughter, and I made a wall hanging quilt that I use as a baby quilt for when she comes to visit me.

  34. I've been thinking about making a new quilt for our bed, but I don't want to start a large quilt at the moment. I already have a solid beige coverlet, so making a bed runner is the perfect solution!

  35. I have a couple of Amish quilts that I change out a couple of times a year. I bought those several years back and they are what inspired me to start quilting.

  36. I have made quilts for my bed for winter and summer . I am now decorating a guest room and think I will use a quilted bed runner as well as quilts on a quilt ladder.

  37. I love the idea of a bed runner. I don't like to make bed size quilts tho I like the quilting process, Would love this book !
    Terri T2mcgreer at gmail dot com

  38. I always have a quilt on my bed, in winter I have it over the whole bed and in summer i fold it over like a bed runner 🙂

  39. I haven't made a full size quilt yet to fit a bed, so I use my throw size quilts at the end of the bed or on the back of our reading chair. Next up, a BED RUNNER 🙂 🙂

  40. I have made 2 quilted pillow,shams for my bed and have a small quilted wall hanging near the dresser. I am anxious to make a bed runner!

  41. I am making a King size quilt for my bedroom not but it is taking me forever. I saw these a few months back and fell in love with them! What are a great idea & would be so much easier to change out for holidays. Yet alone… Quicker to make!

  42. I just finished a new quilt for my bed about 2 weeks ago.And it replaced the one i made years ago,which was from Quiltmakers Magazine.

  43. It may be boring, but I use quilts on the bed. A couple small quilts may make it to the wall occasionally, but generally have a piece of fabric up that I look at and look at for inspiration. I'm thinking about making some insulated quilted window coverings for winter after last winter's heating bills!

  44. O-h-h! Bed runners. Plan to make one for each of my five sisters for Christmas this year. the book would make it easy to find patterns.

  45. Just a quilt at the foot of my bed! I love the idea of bed runners – I've seen them in hotels and they really add a lot of style. Thanks for the chance!

  46. I actually haven't decorated my bedroom with any quilts yet as all the quilts I have made have been given as gifts. I am working on a Christmas quilt that I hope to finishe and use in my bedroom this coming Christmas.

  47. I'd love one of these. Should be able to figure it out on my own, but the solids patterns have me hooked, and I'd never be able to figure those out on my own. Needless to say, I HOPE I WIN!!

  48. I've just begun quilting–small things, like baby quilts–so the bed runners in the book would be great to help brighten up my bedroom without being too daunting!

  49. Fun question! Of course I have a favorite quilt on the bed, favorite smaller quilts and WIPs on my headboard, and my sewing space is in my bedroom, so there are a couple minis on the wall…oh and there is a fave ufo (flowering snowball)taped to one of the walls too 🙂

  50. All my bedrooms have quilts on the bed. They decorate some of the bedroom walls and are also folded over chairs in the rooms. You never know when you'll need another cover!

  51. I have not decorated my home yet. We are in the middle of moves. But I love the idea of using a solid color for the bedding and then changing the theme and look with the bed runner. How cool!!!

    determineddebby at gmail dot com

  52. I use a quilt as a bedspread. My mama made it and sent it to me when I was oh, so cold in Anchorage! It makes me feel warm and close to my mom.

  53. at present, i have a bedsize quilt on my bed. In the future I do plan to hand a wall quilt or two once they are completed.

  54. My room is small – only a quilt on my bed and a bed runner! Oh I do have a small quilted wall handing too! thanks!

  55. I don't actually have any quilts in my bedroom; they all seem to end up in the living room. I love the idea of a quilted bed runner though. Thanks for the chance to win!

  56. There are quilts on the bed and quilts on the walls. Quilted items are also on the dresser and night stands. One covers the portable air conditioner in the off season. I have a plan to make quilts to cover our windows and patio door. Those are still in the planning stage but will be a reality soon. The bed runners in this new book are fabulous. Thanks for sharing your contributions.

  57. There is a large lap quilt on a chair by the bed. It's perfect for when I need a little extra warmth. — soparkaveataoldotcom

  58. I have one small wallhanging above my bed and a quilt on the bed, which does not fit the size. So a sheet and a quilted runner would be much better on my bed!
    m-sablik at t-online dot de

  59. That is a good question!! And one I am trying hard to figure out as we speak! I love so many styles – I get confused as to what I want to have, knowing it has to be a good investment – maybe these bed runners are my answer! Thanks very much.

  60. I have small ones hanging on the wall in my guest room, and a king size whole cloth quilt on my bed. It's time to change it up tho, and I don't know why I never thought of doing it like this!

  61. I haven't made a quilt for my bed yet, so I don't have any quilts to decorate my room . But I think that this book would be just what I need to start making quilts for my room.

  62. I put my basted project on the bed – someday I'll finish it! In the mean time it's pretty in the guest room Thanks for the chance.

  63. I always use white bed linen, this includes the duvet cover. My room is a neutral colour and has beautiful hardwood furniture in it. I add colourful quilts / bed runners and cushions (pillows) to spice it up. Being neutral though, it is very calming and serene when I need it to be. I think it's perfect.

  64. I haven't used quilts in my own bedroom yet, mostly give them away, but I like this idea of small quilts for a big impact. Great ideas in the book!

  65. After giving some quilts away for charity bazaars and gifting some, I realized that here in Germany people generally don't appreciate how much work making a quilt involves – and let's not forget the money the fabrics cost. So now I only make queen-sized quilts for our beds. But now I'm running out of beds so a bedrunner would be a pretty addition.

  66. I just use my quilt my granny made me after I graduated high school. It's only a twin size, so no quilt for my husband! LOL