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Prints Charming on Two Young Street

We met the Prints Charming duo (Cath Derksema and Kirsten Junor) at Market this past October, and we love their fresh, bold, and youthful feel. Today they’ve given us the scoop on their upcoming line, Two Young Street, and what’s to come for their studio, so keep watch for it!

Back From Market
We returned from our second trip to Houston after the release of our new range Two Young Street for Marcus Fabrics, thrilled with the response to the new range. The handle of the fabric was commented on, and it does feel so soft. Beautiful to wear as well as quilt!

Things weren’t quite so overwhelming as our first trip last year, and it was great to see some familiar faces, including the crew from Fat Quarter Shop, and with blogs and emails everyone doesn’t feel that far away.

Two Young Street
Mid this year, Prints Charming packed up and moved studios. Two Young Street was our new address and it just seemed to be the perfect range name, reflecting the direct origins of our new line of original fabrics.

It is another eclectic range from Prints Charming that offers something for all…the young and those that still feel “two young” to be anything else! Hot brights through to sophisticated blacks and greys are utilised in typical Prints Charming fashion, bold, fresh and contemporary. The beautiful soft touch sueded poplin base cloth is just perfect for clothing as well as crafting and the variety of motif sizes means the fabric will look great cut large or small. Smooth organic lines lend themselves to being stitched in and around, creating yet another dimension to our fabrics.

White is still an important part of the Prints Charming look. So, for “two young street” we have created a white on white “pick up sticks” stripe that will sit back perfectly with the entire range.

With the release of “Two Young Street” we can reach a much wider audience than our labour intensive, hand-printed process will allow. This range will be released by Marcus Fabrics, NY, and we are thrilled to be given the opportunity to work with a company that has such a rich history in the quilting world. We see this as a great way to mix the traditional with the contemporary and introduce a whole new generation of quilters and crafters to the fun.

In the Works
“Stars on Mars” fills a gap in the market for contemporary boys fabrics. This range in the classic red, white and blues will inspire you to create quilts that young minds can drift off to sleep under, dreaming of stars and space.

We are back in the studio madly printing and sewing away getting ready for our annual “market day” we hold every year early December.


  1. I absolutely love your fabric!! I can’t wait to see it in person. Keep up the bright and cheerful designs. I also love your studio…bright, airy, and open!

  2. All the fabs are beautiful… but that Stars on Mars has me doing cartwheels. In my head of course – if I actually did cartwheels there’s sure to be some damage that would take some serious explaining to my homeowners insurance agent.

    Cartwheels I tell you… CARTWHEELS! I want, want, want it!