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Pattern Designer: Ruby Blue Quilting

Greetings! Some of you may know me and many of you probably don’t so let me introduce myself. My name is Rebecca Silbaugh and I am the designer behind Ruby Blue Quilting Studio.

Back in the day, my Mom started taking some quilting classes, then so did Gramma. The three of us would get together for “Retail Therapy” trips to fabric stores. Being a very artsy person I was always intrigued by the colors and textures but wasn’t totally in love with quilting – yet. My friends and I all began to “attempt” (and I mean attempt) quilting in High School, but life kinda got in the way. Before you knew it I was a working, newlywed, college student as well as a new homeowner. There just wasn’t time for quilting.

In the meantime my Mom opened a Quilt Shop and I would help at the store from time to time. After awhile my curiosity was reignited. Little by little something magical happened and my graphic designs slowly morphed into quilt designs. So, I started sewing more, playing with fabric more and designing. Then in October of 2009 Ruby Blue Quilting Studio was born.

You’ll find my designs to be a mix of everything, mainly scrap friendly (I’ll admit – I LOVE me some scraps!!!). There’s some patterns on the easier side and some a bit more challenging, some with optional embellishments and applique and much much more. My designs tend to be on the traditional side with a bit of flair. Going to school for Graphic Design, I learned early on that in order to grow you must first have a firm grasp and understanding of the basics and foundation work. I carry this into my patterns paying tribute to designs of the past but adding a modern touch.

My goal as a designer is to instill confidence in quilters everywhere. I believe bad instructions can be one of the worst road blocks for a quilter trying to grow their abilities. I promise to make clear and easily understandable instructions for all levels to allow beginners to advance, yet be interesting enough for experienced quilters.

I hope you enjoy my patterns. You can also find some of my designs over at the Moda Bake Shop and recently in American Patchwork & Quilting Magazine! Stop on over at my blog to see what I’ve been up to and give us a chance to chat! I cannot express how delighted I am to have this opportunity and how much I appreciate the quilters that have supported my business from the start. It still feels like a dream everyday to be able to do something I love so much and I love being able to share this journey with all of you!



  1. I really like these patterns especially the last one. Hope to get one or two if they are available. I'm thrilled young designers are in quilting.

  2. Thanks ladies! I have several patterns, most of them are available at Fat Quarter Shop and several shops across the US. The patterns shown here are (in order) From Grammy With Love, Charmed Living Runner and Starbox.

  3. Hi, Rebecca! Enjoyed reading about you and how you first became interested in quilting. I applaud your goal to write easy-to-follow instructions for your patterns. This morning, I attended a book sale at my local library. I picked up a couple of older craft books that included instructions for quilts. I couldn't believe the designer expected anyone to successfully recreate her projects by following the skimpy instructions she provided!

    Glad to read that you like to incorporate scraps into your wonderful designs. I wish you great success! Sounds like you are well on your way already!