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3 for Me: Kathy Watt

Happy Friday everyone!  Whether you’re cherishing your last weeks of warm weather or simply dying for some lower temperatures, these favorites of Kathy Watt, one of our wonderful customer service representatives, are sure to suite your mood:

“In Texas we are on Day 40+ of 100 degree weather, so with hope of bringing Fall’s cool weather, I chose a stunning print from Bittersweet. Grandchildren recently entered the lives of some of my friends so I couldn’t resist Meadow Friends. What a happy print! Lastly, the summery color of this Me & My Sister Favorites print is so beautiful–I chose it because I love almost anything blue! And a bonus! I chose The Three Bears’ Sleeping Bag Downloadable PDF Pattern–it’s too cute to pass up! Wouldn’t this make an adorable Big Sibling gift for a favorite teddy bear? Feel those cool breezes coming?!”

Kathy’s 3:

1. Meadow Friends Cotton Grass Green and Boy Bug Collection SKU# 19490-13

2. Bittersweet Plum Potpourri SKU #2092-60

3. Me & My Sister Favorites Blue Bouquet SKU# 22043-26

Bonus Pattern Choice: The Three Bears’ Sleeping Bag Downloadable PDF Pattern


  1. Ooh you and I totally have the same tastes in fabrics. I love every single one you've chosen; especially that green. I suppose the green one stands out right now to me as I have a new Grandson arriving in early Sept. And that sleeping bag pattern is just adorable.

    I'm sorry about all that heat you're dealing with and the lack of rain. PLEASE come take our rain!! We've had flooding and everything else up here in Northern IL along with really nasty storms. In my area we had very bad storms this week and there are still today over 4,000 homes without power from the storms two days ago. We would love nothing more than to send this rain down your way. One of our sons had to move out of his apartment as 3/4 of it flooded so badly that all his belongings are piled into the front part of the apartment to hopefully save as much as possible. He's lost quite a lot of his things which is very frustrating for him and sad too considering the landlords have chosen to not fix the holes in the roof so far. This is the second time his apartment has flooded from heavy rains. UGH.