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New Patterns from Thimble Blossoms

Miss Camille never seems to stop for a moment! Today, she introduces us to 6 fresh patterns, all new and touched with her cute and quirky style —Wallflower, Sassafras, Domestic Diva, Home Grown, Simple Charm, and A Piece of Cake. They are shown here in Cotton Blossoms, Camille and Bonnie’s new line which is available in September.

Hello again!

Hmm… with all the craziness in the past month (or two… three, maybe?) I don’t even know where to start! The last time I posted for the Jolly Jabber my mom and I announced our line of fabric for Moda, Cotton Blossoms, and it was just a few days after the yardage landed on my doorstep, and today I get to introduce you to new stuff! So… New stuff, meet the Jolly Jabber. Jolly Jabber, new stuff.

May was a big month! The fabric arriving, designing, a LOT of sewing, and very little sleeping all leading up to my very first Market. Well, technically I have been to Quilt Market twice before, but this was my first time as an exhibitor. It was an entirely different experience, to say the least! A wonderful experience of course, being able to meet all my favorite designers, show all my new designs, spend time with my mom and sister, and be a part of Moda, but definitely a lot of work! Now that I’ve got my first Market under my belt, and orders are out the door, it is nice to sit down and breathe. And dream, of course, because I can’t wait for the next one!

At Market I debuted six new designs, all made from Cotton Blossoms, and all unique in their own way. Some of them are more quirky and fun, and some are more pieced, and are a little bit more traditional, but of course, following in true Thimble Blossoms-ness (??) there are a few funky little additions to each of them that I hope you like as much as I do. I think I say this every time, but these are my favorite ones yet!

Well, I better head out, I’ve got to go pick up my mom at the airport so we can celebrate our birthday together! June 10th is the day, and in case you were wondering, I’m going to be the big 2-5 (hooray!), and my mom? Well, a little bit older than that. 😉 Be sure to stop by my blog, because there is sure to be some sort of party going on over there, probably involving some of the new stuff…

Have a good one,
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  1. As always, I am completely impressed with talented Camille. Not only does she develop new patterns but she comes out with a new line of fabric for Moda. On top of being a wonderful mother/wife/friend. Amazing. To many more years of continued success!!

  2. Happy belated birthday to both of you! I love that Sassafras quilt. Will have to head over to the FQ Shop and check it out!