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The Bear Contest

This is a contest we lovingly call the Bear Contest. Just for a bit of fun…

This is a pretty pink stuffed bear Emma received for her birthday in April. Just post on our comment page with a guess of which dear friend bestowed this upon her, and you might just win a fabulous prize!

We will announce winners on Friday, June 13!


  1. Hi! I’m new here, but just wanted to say hello and tell you this is such a nice place to visit! I would say, judging by the recent blog entries about Bunny Hill, that the bear was given by Anne Sutton. It just looks like her stuff. Emma is so sweet!
    Jen from NY

  2. First name that came to mind was Holly Holderman. Her love of bears and Emma make for a perfect match!! Thanks so much for a chance to win some fabric… always love that opportunity.

  3. I’ll guess Holly Holderman just to be able to post and maybe win!
    Marian in cold Idaho
    (If you see summer, send it to me!)

  4. Emma is a doll and so is her bear!! I want to say Anne Sutton also and it is totally a guess 🙂 Good luck to all from the WINDY north coast of California (brrrr) Kathie

  5. Hi going to go out on a limb and say Barb and Mary of Me and My Sister Designs. That fabric looks so much like strawberry lemonade. Well without my glasses on!!

  6. I’m going to agree with Jane. Has to be Vicky from LA Designs. Why else would she want to throw the vote towards Brenda? 😉

  7. It can’t be Ann how could Kim give have a contest with everyone winning so it has to be the least obvious. Is it Brenda or Vicky? Which one notice how Brenda has been quite as a church mouse. HEHEHE:)

  8. I think the little bear was made by Anne Sutton because it looks like her “Emma” fabric pieced into his sweet little body.

  9. This is just a random guess and I know Anne Sutton is the popular choice but I think it looks like Camille from Thimble Blossom. Emma sure is growing fast! What an adorable picture!

  10. Hello Kimberly and sweet Emma,

    My guess for gifter of the cute bear with Emma’s name on the paw(how cute) is Holly Holderman.
    Emma is getting cuter every time we see her. Always, Luba

  11. I can’t help but root for an underdog, so I’m going to say Holly Holderman. Whoever made it, it’s super-cute!

  12. I’m going with the minority and say our own “Very Creative” and “Talented” Miss Vicky of LA Quilter. She can be a sneaky one trying to throw everyone off.