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New LOW Shipping Rates at Fat Quarter Shop

Hello everyone! Today, we are announcing some VERY exciting news! We’ve made some big changes here at Fat Quarter Shop to our shipping rates, and quilters around the world can now shop happier! As of today, we have reduced our shipping rates and free shipping levels.

Orders below $80 will be $4.95 
Orders below $10 can ship for $1.95

Orders below $100 will be $20
Orders $100 to $200 will be $40

Orders below $20 can ship for $9

Orders below $100 will be $24
Orders over $100 will be $40

Orders below $20 can ship for $12

We still offer the UPS express options for those of you who need things super pronto. And as always, orders will be shipped as fast as we can which typically means the same day.
Please see our updated Shipping Information page for all the juicy details and happy shopping! 


  1. Kimberly, you continue to be awesome!
    BTW, I'll take a minute to compliment you on your shipping practices. Everything always comes in pristine condition, even magazines. It's obvious you take pride in what you do.

  2. You were already awesome, and now you've exceeded even that!! Thank you for all you offer and for your attention to detail in every way – it is truly appreciated. Three cheers from the end of the dirt road!

  3. Wow! I have hesitated to order a small amount in the past ex. one charm pack or pattern in the past because of shipping costs. Plus, having free shipping on orders over $80.00 …. NOW/WOW…Oh, dear what fun with precuts!!

    Thanks so much!!!

  4. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! This will definite impact my shopping habits because often times when i want to place an order shipping is a factor that I consider. I love shopping with you and supporting all the extra things you do for us including your fast service and you tube videos. You've done a great job with your business and it keeps getting better. Thanks!!!

  5. Thank you for offering this, and I will certainly take advantage of it. As I read through your comments, I was happy to see that other people love your tutorials too! They are fantastic.

  6. Thank You for these new shipping costs…I often baulk at ordering just one or two small items so this is great!
    Also, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for ALWAYS getting my order right…it always arrives in A1 condition….halfway around the world!
    Cheryl in Australia!