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National Sewing & Quilting Month Week One Recap!

Hello everyone! We’re celebrating National Sewing & Quilting Month all September long! We challenged a group of bloggers to sew, quilt, or craft something they have never made before and they really stepped up to the plate. The needle plate, that is! We’ve asked them a few fun questions about their love of sewing and quilting. Here’s our weekly recap!

Piece N Quilt

First, we have Natalia of Piece N Quilt with her Boxy Pouch project. She used Glitz by Michael Miller Fabrics for her fabric and we just LOVE it! 

This box pouch has so much glitz and glam! 
Question: How did you start quilting/sewing?
Natalia: I’ve always loved it, but maybe my realization was when I was dating my husband and he wanted to watch a golf tournament, so I brought a sewing project along with me… Who does that when they’re dating?!?!
Why Not Sew?
Our next blogger is Erin of Why Not Sew. There are two things that challenge Erin as a sewer; darts and piping. So, she accepted our challenge and added piping to her tote bag. 
How cute is this Miss Kate bag?
Question: How did you start quilting/sewing?
Erin: I started sewing Barbie Doll clothes when I was little. Then as a teenager I would sew patchwork up the sides of my pants and I embroidered everything! I really got serious about sewing when my first baby was born. I started making her dresses and clothes with a sewing machine my mother in law gave me. Then I discovered quilting in 2001 and never looked back. I HAVE to sew often or I get a little cooky 🙂 haha! no seriously!

We have Maureen from Made by Marzipan here to chat about her love of sewing. Maureen decided to create our Color My Heart quilt block 
Quilt along with us and use #colorofmyheart 
Questions: Do you have any sewing horror stories?
Maureen: Ha! Many! When I first had the idea for Baby SnUgg Boots, I bought a half yard of fabric. I made dozens of wonky-shaped shoes and was so frustrated that my pieces weren’t fitting together the way I’d envisioned. I told myself that I had to use up every scrap of that fabric before I’d let myself quit trying. Somewhere around boot #20, I got it! And they’ve been a best-seller ever since 🙂

Pieced Brain
Denise of  Pieced Brain created this simple A-line skirt and even added a slit in the back! How lovely, and the fabric choice adds some glamour! 

Question: When was the first time you knew that you were a quilter/sewer?
Denise: I knew I was a quilter when I could not travel anywhere without visiting the local quilt shop. I had the measurement of the fabrics I needed for the log cabin quilts in my wallet, and whenever I stopped at a quilt store, I pulled out the paper and started looking for fabrics.

Quarter Incher
Next, we have Stephanie of Quarter Incher, chatting about her latest sewing endeavor! And that is sewing CLOTHING! She created this adorable dress for her daughter using one of her mom’s old sewing patterns, and it looks absolutely adorable! 
Oh sew cute!
Question: What advice would you give to someone who’s just starting out in sewing/quilting?
Stephanie: Start slow with easy project. Just jump in and go for some crazy quilt or weekender bag. Work your way up with new challenges. Don’t be afraid to cut into your favorite fabric! That’s why you bought it to begin with! It doesn’t do you any good sitting on a shelf collecting dust “waiting” for a special project. Every project is special!

The Crafty Mummy is very crafty indeed! Tonya is known for her cute and crafty creations on her blog. She was so ecstatic to join us on our I love Sewing and Quilting Tour!
sleeping bag case with elastic pocket
This sleeping bag cover is definitely a must-learn project! 

Question: Do you have any sewing or quilting horror stories?
Tonya: I’m very much a “work it out as I go along” kind of maker, so I have often found that I don’t have enough fabric or ribbon to quite finish a project. But I tend to just find something else from the stash or somehow make it work. I also have a tendency to skip vital steps in patterns. The first pair of shorts I ever made for my son was joined completely wrong and had to be unpicked about 3 times! You wouldn’t have thought after the first unpicking I would have been more careful but, alas, I still didn’t read it closely enough! 

We love all of the projects that everyone made this week. Don’t forget to visit their blog for more pictures and Q&A about sewing/quilting. This week, we have another awesome lineup of bloggers. Check them out: 
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Now challenge yourself to do something fun and new! If you’re a quilter, why not make a bag or a garment, or if you love to sew clothes, why not dip your toes in quilting or for experienced quilters, have you ever tried your hand at longarm quilting? Share your projects on our Facebook, Google + and Instagram using #fqschallenge. Thank you so much for joining us! 


  1. The sewing machine on the National Sewing and Quilting Month banner could never be used for sewing! Who designed such a ridiculous machine and who approved the banner?