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National Sewing and Quilting Month Week Three Recap

Hello everyone! Welcome back to another weekly National Sewing & Quilting Month recap! It’s been a blast to see what our amazing bloggers have created to celebrate our favorite month of the year, and this week they have some great projects to show you!

We’re so honored to be featured in Sew4Home for National Sewing & Quilting Month. For their challenge, they took a slightly different spin. Since they have fresh articles every weekday, they are always trying something new, so they chose their five newest projects to encourage you to push the envelope!
Ribbon flap shoulder bag with a push lock
Pillowcase with deep ruffled ends

Question: How did you start quilting/sewing?
S4H: I will be dating myself, but I learned to sew back in the day where they still taught sewing in Junior High as part of a required (yes.. required!) home ec class series. I made a totally awesome pair of overall shorts in a bright green fabric with white shamrocks. I thought I looked stunning when I wore this outfit, which kind of frightens me now. I think it’s sad schools rarely teach sewing anymore. It’s such a great right brain/left brain activity(creativity in blending the fabrics, colors and designs and technical skill in measuring, cutting and operating a machine). Plus, kids feel such a sense of accomplishment in the results.

Next, we have Leanne of She Can Quilt to chat about her love of quilting and sewing. For her challenge, she decided to make a bag for her husband’s baby lap steel guitar. It’s currently a work in progress but we just LOVE the colors that she’s using! 
Question: When was the first time you knew you were a quilter/sewer?
Leanne: I guess I have always been a sewer. I knew that when that burn did not stop me from more sewing. I made my first quilt during a raining March school break about five years ago now, and I knew from the minute I picked out that first fabric that I was a quilter. I love the colors and the patterns and especially the quilting. 
Paula of The Sassy Quilter is always coming up with new quilt designs and projects! Including this adorable seam ripper pouch that we ALL need in our lives! 
Zipper Pouch
Question: Do you have any sewing/quilting horror stories of faux pas?
Paula: Hmmm… does sewing or cutting every block of an entire quilt wrong, count? But, hey… this is how new patterns are made.
Teresa of Quilting Stitching and Sew On is a whiz in quilting. So for her challenge, she stepped out of her comfort zone and sewed up her first garment, a kimono! How adorable is this? 
Question: What advice would you give someone who’s just starting out quilting and sewing?
Teresa: Quilting and sewing are wonderful. A very relaxing and fulfilling activity. Try some workshops first until you decided if it is really something you’d love to do before spending money on fabric, thread and of course a sewing machine. 
Next up is Cheryl of Quilter Chic who’s sharing some of her quilty projects to get you inspired for National Quilting & Sewing Month! She’s has a few projects up her sleeve and today, she’s showing off her first pieced quilt from years ago!
National Quilting Month
Question: How did you start quilting and sewing?
Cheryl: Well, I grew up under the proverbial quilt frames, as my mother would hand quilt with friends and family. I made my first pieced quilt when I was about 16 years old, and it was pretty hideous! I used cardboard templates and whatever old dress fabric we had lying around. I got into modern quilting when my mother-in-law gave me a rotary cutter and mat. Then she taught me how to use them, and I’ve never looked back! I fell in love with quilting, and eventually learned applique, and machine quilting as well.
Charm About You
We’re so excited to welcome Lucy of Charm About You on our blog! She’s one of our fave UK bloggers, and she created this Cotton + Steel laptop bag using English paper piecing, and the results are absolutely adorable!
Question: Do you have any quilting/sewing horror stories or faux pas?
Lucy: I am constantly making mistakes but none of them too horrific and honestly, I don’t care if I mess up; It helps me to learn. I do know I have to stop when I’m tired, too often I sew things back to front, upside down or just wrong!
Lisa from In The Boon Docks decided to create a pillow with our FREE Color of My Heart pattern! Instead of using charm packs, she used the Hubba Hubba of Me and My Sister Designs mini charms for her pillow! It’s perfect for her little guest!
Question: What advice would you give to someone who’s just starting out sewing/quilting?

Lisa: First, read your sewing machine manual from cover to cover, look up anything you don’t understand on the internet, buy quilting fabric (on sale, it is no more expensive than the bargain stores), and get a 1/4- inch foot for your sewing machine and most importantly, keep trying! 

Visit everyone’s blogs for more pictures on their projects and their fun Q&A! Here is next week’s lineup of bloggers:
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Kaye of Miss Print
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  1. Rosemary B here:
    I love you all at FQS.
    Thanks so much for sharing these blogs. I visited most of them this week, so it is good to see these.

  2. I enjoyed seeing all of the blogger's challenges and answers to your questions. I think you missed one for the weekly recap – The Crafty Quilter shared hers on Wednesday, September 17.