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It’s Sew Emma Spotlight: The Magical Cat in the Hat

Hey everyone!
It’s Jocelyn here today and I’m excited to be here on the Jolly Jabber for my first It’s Sew Emma spotlight!

We were so happy that Robert Kaufman decided to bring some of Dr. Seuss’ wonderful creations back, especially that enigmatic feline with the striped hat and red bowtie. We knew we had to create a design using this cool panel of the Cat in the Hat. I love the detail of the story laid out in the background, so we couldn’t cut it up at all!

That presented us with a challenge of designing a quilt that would fit the panel perfectly. We used solids and the coordinates in simple bordered squares to surround the panel and give it some pop that wouldn’t take away from the focus.

The way that the Cat is set in the corner of the quilt makes me feel like he is standing outside on a doorstep, just waiting to cause more mischief with a gleam in his eye!

I hope the Magical Cat in the Hat pattern brings back good memories for you, and that you get to share it with your family! If you are a store owner, you can find this pattern as ISE-120 through United Notions.


  1. Wonderful design and I love the panel. Would love to create this for a young friend – would make reading time special.

  2. Could you tell me how the cat panel is quilted in your example of the finished quilt? I can clearly see that the white sashing has been quilted, but I see no stitches in the panel or on any of the other areas. Did you perhaps use a clear thread, or were those areas not quilted for the photo? Thank you!