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Introducing our 2016 Crossroads Quilt Along

Happy almost 2016 everyone! Even though 2016 is a few months away, we could not wait to show you our BRAND NEW 2016 Quilt Along. 

Our current 2015 Snapshots Quilt Along benefiting the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is still going strong, and with your support, we’ve more than tripled out initial goal!! That is unheard of and all sorts of amazing! 

If you’ve been hiding under some rock floating on a glacier in the middle of the Arctic Ocean and somehow haven’t heard about Snapshots, you can still join in. All the info is here

Now… the moment…you have all been waiting for… introducing our 2016 Crossroads Quilt Along

This year, we are looking back and celebrating the myriad of crossroads in our lives. More than anything, we know that every decisions we make, no matter how big or small, impacts our path as well as those around us. And the paths we hope to impact in 2016 belong to March of Dimes and those they serve! 

If you’re unfamiliar with March of Dimes, they are an amazing organization whose mission is to prevent pre-mature births. Today, one in ten babies are born prematurely, and many will not survive. Join us along with March of Dimes to ensure all babies have a fighting chance.  

Our beautiful Crossroads quilt uses the Strawberry Fields Revisited collection by Fig Tree Quilts for Moda Fabrics. And yes, we are offering quilt kits and backing sets so you can sew up our version. 

We would love to have you join us in 2016! For those of you working away on our 2015 Quilt Along, your blocks looks amazing and here’s to finishing strong! 


  1. Such a gorgeous quilt and great cause; do we have to buy the kit from your shop, or will we be able to purchase via donation, each block month by month? I'd love to join in but with the current exchange rate for the Australian dollar to the US dollar, makes it too expensive, and even more so when you add in postage. If I am able buy a block each month, I'll commit today. Also, I couldn't see the cost of the quilt kit listed in your store; the reservation fee is listed and so is the backing kit cost, but not the actual kit price. Can you please let me know what the kit does cost just incase our dollar (AUD) improves? Thank you.

  2. Thank you, looks like fun. Don't know if anyone actually reads the comments since there are so many. Or if anything would change. But I've noticed recently there has been a trend in both internet and printed articles to use lighter, gray print. That makes it really hard to read, particularly with these older eyes. I'll continue following along, squinting all the way, in any case.

  3. It certainly won't stop me from participating, but it's disappointing that the 2016 blocks are repeated throughout the quilt. It just doesn't have that imaginative storytelling quality that made me absolutely love Snapshots.

  4. Will the be a fabric requirements list for those who want to make it in a different fabric line? (I love strawberry fields, but want to make this quilt as a gift for someone with very different color tastes)