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End of National Sewing & Quilting Month Celebration

Hi everyone! September has finally come to an end and we had sew much fun during our National Sewing & Quilting Month celebration. Here are the last two bloggers to join in on the fun. 

First, we have Charise of Charise Creates with her adorable purse. She stretched her skills as she attempted her flower applique using freezer paper. 

Question: How did you start quilting/sewing?
Charise: I started sewing when I was six years old. My mom taught me to hand sew clothes for my Barbie dolls. I was hooked and knew I wanted to be a fashion designer when I grew up. My uncle gave me my first sewing machine when I was twelve. It opened up the world of sewing clothes and I never looked back. My best sewing memory is when I made a tailored button down shirt for my grandfather for Christmas when I was thirteen years old. He opened the box and said “Thank you Charise,” and put the box down. My mom proceeded to say “Dad, Charise made that shirt.” He wore it for decades until it was thread bare. 

Finally, we have Leslie of The Seasoned Homemaker today to show off her quilty creation, Two Deer Heads Quilt. Leslie has always been a sewer, but quilting is something that she has always wanted to try more of, especially binding, which is a HUGE quilting hurdle for her, for which she then relied on Kimberly’s binding video for help.  

Question: What advice would you give to someone just starting to sew?
Leslie: First, let friends and family know that you want to start sewing, I would bet almost anything that someone will give you a nice little machine to get you started. Then, get yourself some fabric and thread and start trying new things. Look to the blogging world for inspiration, ideas, and free tutorials. Start with something simple like a pillowcase or tote bag. Just. Get. Sewing. Then, when you feel confident, tackle a larger project. Maybe you want to try your hand at quilting or sewing a garment. Take that next step. Find something you love to sew and just have fun with it. 

Last week, we hosted our first ever FQS Staff Sewing Challenge! You’ve voted for your favorites and we’re so excited to announce Beverly and her Batik Bag as our winner! CONGRATULATIONS Beverly! 

At Fat Quarter Shop, we want to keep the art and craft of sewing and quilting going for the next generation. Help us spread the love of quilting and sewing by downloading our Color My Heart Pattern and start sewing! 

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  1. Lovely projects today and congratulations to Beverly. Not sure what contest the two anonymous commenters are talking about, but if you can't put your name to your comment, I'm thinking you probably shouldn't make the comment…hiding behind the anonymity of the internet is cowardly. Their contest, they can run it the way they want. We don't know what life events came up to delay the announcement of the winner.