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Happy National Sewing Machine Day + Giveaway!!

Happy National Sewing Machine Day! Today we will take a minute to show our appreciation of the all-important sewing machine. There are sew many great sewing and quilting projects that celebrate the sewing machine, and we thought we’d share a few here.


Sew many great sewing machine related patterns!!


Make a cute wall-hanging or placemat with Stitched with Love Quilt Pattern by Thimble Blossoms. The 17″ x 20″ mini quilt is fat quarter friendly, making it perfect for your favorite fabric collection.


Sew Big Or Go Home Quilt Pattern by Kelli Fannin is the perfect quilt to make out of scraps! Add borders or leave as is for a wall-hanging or lap quilt. It has step by step cutting and piecing instructions with illustrations at each step. This fabulous quilt finishes at 63″ x 71″.


Kelli Fannin has done it again with her Stitch Happens Quilt Pattern! This adorable quilt finishes at 37″ x 40″ and would be a great mini quilt addition to your sewing room or nook.


Lori Holt of Bee in my Bonnet has recently released her Sew She Did Cross Stitch Pattern dedicated to the all-important sewing machine, and the strong quilting women of the past that have made quilting what it is today!


We also have our very own sewing machine block – Sew On & Sew On Quilt Block from our Snapshots Quilt Along a few years ago! The block pattern is free, just add borders to make it a mini quilt or add it to your next quilting project.

Gift Card Giveaway

[CONTEST CLOSED. Thank you for participating! Congratulations to Susan, Laurie K. and Catherine O. They’ve all been notified.]

Great machines deserve a great name. Do you name your sewing machine? For a chance to win one of three $50 Fat Quarter Shop Gift Cards, comment below to tell us if you do, and if so, what is your machine’s name?

Each comment counts as an entry. One entry per person, please. Contest open through Wednesday, June 19 at midnight. Winners will be selected at random and notified via email (and posted here on the blog). Happy Sewing Machine Day!!



  1. My machine is a Janome 8050. It doesn’t have a name. I’m not big on naming inanimate objects, unless it already has a name to begin with. I was terrible as a child when it came to naming my dolls/stuffed animals too. LOL

    1. I have a Pfaff sewing machine I bought in 1974 and I still love it, but she does not have a name!

      1. I just got back into sewing and love the creativity of quilting. I am new to quilting but not to sewing. I have so many projects lined up. I am in my happy place.❤

          1. I have four Berninas so they are each called their number. For example I do most of my embroidery on my 590 but free motion quilt on my 880.

          2. I’ve not gotten around to naming my sewing machine. I know I should….so ill call her Luddie. I’ve only had her about a year. My last one died a tragic death. Broken part inside that would cost too much to fix(repairman told me)I’ve sewn for years and sew all kinds of things. But no repairs…Please!I’m 70years old and sew quilts more than anything now. Love it!

          3. I have 2 sewing machines, a Singer and a Brother. I like to do Christmas projects. This year I’m hoping to make a Christmas quilt with all my left over Christmas material.

          4. Been sewing for over 60 years and I have many sewing machine but I never named one. The one I liked the best is my Baby Lock.

        1. My Juki TL2010Q is know as ‘My Trusty Friend.’ She’s very reliable and never lets me down.

          1. I have two machines, both Singers. The newer one that I use I just call Singer. I found the older one at a thrift store; it’s from the 20s and is a gorgeous black Singer in a desk and it still works perfectly. I call her Melody as a clever way to relate it to Singer.

          2. I have a brother machine that I’ve named “sister”. I thought it was appropriate since my machine is a “she”!!

          3. My husband gave me a Husqvarna Ruby Royale for Chistmas last year. Immediately I started introducing her to my extended family and friends as, “our newest family member”. More recently I dubbed her, “Ruby”. I am mucher nicer to be around when I spend time with her.

          4. I began sewing in the 70’s and bought a Singer which I still use and is still reliable. I acquired a Brother but always return to my
            faithful Singer, so I guess I would name it faithful.

          5. I just got a brand new Husqvarna sewing machine. The last one I had rusted out on the inside. I haven’t used it yet because I’m still awaiting my orientation class for it. I think I’ll call it Saffire, like the precious gem. Oh the things we will do together. If I get frustrated, I may have to change her name. But for now, she is Saffire. Lol

          1. My Bernina bit the dust. I then got a Brother PQ1500. Just stated quilting. Using kits with jelly rolls and pre-cuts. Really enjoying it. I watch Netflix while working on my projects.

          2. My machine is a Viking Husqvarna 0pal. It doesn’t have a name. But I wish I had more time to sew😃

          1. I call my machine “Mimmie” after the dear lady that taught me to sew as a child. I would stand in the chair behind her and watch over her shoulder as she sewed.

        2. I have several sewing machines, but my jewel is a Juki. I named her Betsy Ross, Betsy for short. Betsy Ross was one of our famous ladies in history. Betsy, we are told, made our countries first flag by hand. I am impressed with that. My Betsy won’t do things like Betsy Ross, but we can make things that hopefully will bless others.

          1. Hi Laurie, You’re one of our 3 winners! Please check your email for a confirmation.

        3. I call my sewing machine Sunshine. I have trouble with my eyes so I sew early in the morning never at night. So she is my Sunshine!

        4. I named my sewing machine Baby. Just so that when my sister suggest putting it away I can say “Nobody puts Baby in the corner”.

      2. I do not have a name for my sewing machine, but I do call it names when I get really frustrated. Unfortunately, I probably should not share those names in a public forum. LOL!! 😂

        1. I don’t have a name for my machine. It’s a relatively new one, but I never thought to name it.

          1. I have a Bernini 350. Her name is Julia after my mother. I retired a month after she passed and “Julia” was my retirement gift.

        2. My Mom used to sew all my dresses and was amazing-I had such pretty things!At age 12, I made a pink A-line skirt & pink & white checked blouse and never quit sewing…had 4 little boys and made overalls – now have a Grandgirly and am in pink heaven! Love to quilt, hobby is fixing up old dolls, dressing them and finding them new loving homes❤️ Have a Juki machine (Judy the Juki) and my MIL’s Really old Singer – nothing fancy but they work! 69 yrs old so I gotta work fast! 🙃

        3. I have a Singer Quantum 9960 and I love her. She can do anything I have asked her to do…so far. Her name is Grace, because I have peace and calm in my spirit when I’m working with her.

        1. My machine is a singer 301 that belonged to my grandma. If I was going to name my machine it would be after my grandma, Marietta Rose

        2. I have a Babylock Destiny and her name is JuJu for my sister. My great grandchildren had trouble with her name and called her Auntie JuJu❤️

      3. My machine is a Bernina and it’s name is Norma. Norma was my Mother’s name and I can see her sitting at her machine. That was her happy place.

        1. I have more machines than I can count. Two Janome embroidery machines. A baby singer featherweight I love to use…her name is Beauty. My Babylock, Elizabeth is my go to for everything. I call her Suzie.

        2. My mother was a seamstress, my sister and her 3 daughters sewed, so it was a interest I also loved. I am a Irish Setter breeder since the mid 1980’s and have made tons of dog beds for me and lot of friends. But it was time to do something else. I have 4 Berninas and an old world War II black box Singer my sister gave me. Two machined are set up all the time . The B550 is named the Setter and the B770 is the Hummer. Just wish I had more time.

      4. My featherweight’s name is Minnie. I inherited it from my husbands grandmother and her names was Minnie.

        1. I just call my machine Baby. She’s mu Kenmore that has done everything for me!

        2. Squeakers2. The machine my mom taught me to sew with had a squeak, hence its name. Yep, this 2nd one she bought for me squeaks sometimes as well.

        3. No name yet for my little Brother but she’s worth a mint to me -so maybe something that signifies her value to me and my passion for piecing on her.

      5. I don’t have name for any of my sewing machines but some of my quilting guild members do and one featherweight is named Speedy!

      6. I love the idea of making a quilt with a sewing machine as the focus. My sewing room and machine give me such Joy. I enjoy looking back at projects I’ve made over the years. So many ideas and projects to make.

      7. My viking husqvarna 64 40 mechanical machine was purchased by my mom in 1975..its named” Irreplaceable ” cause they don’t make them like they used to.
        I made my own custom fitted ski suit & wool/crushed corduroy 4 piece outfit in less than 6 months and saved hundreds of dollars. I also own to antique singers and a husqvarna huskylock 5 spool serger…learning new ways to make items all the time !!

        1. Hi Susan! Congratulations. You’re one of our 3 winners! Please check your email for a confirmation.

      8. I don’t typically name items but after last weeks live stream with Mr. Domestic I have been calling my machine mon frere..it is a brother machine.

      9. I have a Brother 7500 Project Runway machine. I haven’t named it yet. However, if I ever get feather weight. it will definitely be named!

      10. I only have a machine,which I use anytime I want to sew i don’t really give it a name though it old and malfunction sometimes,but am happy once my work is done. I maybe I will call it Happiness.

      11. My sewing machine does not have a name. She has done so many projects for me. She is a very old Pfaff 1214. I am needing to replace her but as for many others, money is a factor. I would love to win a new one before she makes her last breathe.

      12. I have a Brother and i just call it my sewing machine 😀 He has served me well for 10+ years 🙂

    2. I have a Janome 7700 QCP that I absolutely LOVE! Her name is just Janome. I guess it’s not very original but I have also been known to just call my children “kid” so…..LOL

    3. My daddy bought me a Kenmore Classic for High School graduation in 1984! And I call him Fred! Fred and I have been through 2 husband’s 2 kid’s and I just finished a quilt for my second grandchild. I have had other machines but none made it long enough to earn a name except for Fred😀. I taught my son and daughter how to sew on other machines and our family joke is, when I die Fred gets buried with me.lol. I have never repaired or replaced anything on him he’s my Time!

      1. I have a machine that’s abouts 20 years old (Singer name Gail Baby after my sister who pass away from breast cancer at the age of 38,leaving behind 3 young children. IT’S on its last leg.

        1. I love Fred he would get along with my Moms old treadle her name is Winniefred she let me learn to sew on her I used to split our bedsheets down the middle before they became threadbare and would resew the outer edges together to make a strong middle I even made my wedding dress on it in 1969. Winnefred was forced into retirement and resides with my brother now and I miss her very much and vow to get her home here with me where she belongs. Maybe Fred can visit when I get her home.

    4. My sewing machine is Foxy2-my doxie is Foxy. They are both cute, dynamic and loved! When I visit my daughter, I always bring both Foxys!

      1. My Baby Lock was already named when I got her, and I guess I never thought of changing it!

    5. I did not name my sewing machine but I love my Bernina Quilter’s 440 machine I have had for years!

    6. I have two machines, Bernie and Jane. Bernie (Bernina of course) has been with me for about 10 years and put up with a lot as I used her to learn to quilt first traditional and then art quilts. When my husband retired and we began splitting our time between a home in the mountains and a condo in the city, I needed a machine in both places so Jane (the Janome) came to live in my mountain studio. They are both hard workers and they each have their special talents.

      1. Two machines. My brother machine is Alice. My juki is Dorothy.. (they are named after the character from alice and wonderland and wizard of oz.) Cause my machines take me to a creative world.. 💜💚

    7. I have 2 brother machines plus a brother embrodiery machine. My grandmother and my home ec teacher gave me the love of sewing. I’ve never named my machines but would be lost without the love of sewing.

    8. I have a Viking Emerald she’s about 6 years old. I call her Bettye (after an aunt)!

      1. I learned to see on a Singer treadle at age 8… I wasn’t tall enough to sit and reach the treadle so I stood and used one foot to operate the machine. As I grew I was able to sit and reach the treadle. I called her Esmeralda…Essie has always been my favorite. Through the year, there has been an Elsie, a June-bug, a Josephin (Josie) and finally I have found Daisy! I have loved them all and have given some to family members. Thank you for asking about our dear friends! Ok

    9. My Janomie’s name is Jettison…because that’s how I operate when I’m excited about finishing a quilt!

    10. My machine is new to me and my first. I decided to call him Meanie because that’s what my old-year old granddaughter says to everyone that doesn’t behave like she wants them to. It’s a him and not a her because there are so many issues with directions!

    11. My machine is a vintage Kenmore from the 70’s. She’s a Beast and works beautifully! Her name is Bertha! Get all my projects done!

    12. I’m planning to buy a new Brother 6000i and I wiil call it “Bro “!🤗

    13. My Singer 15-91 is in her wooden cabinet. My grandmother and I sewed when I was a child, and Gram’s machine was in a cabinet. So I named my machine after her, Helen.

    14. I have a Husqvarna Viking Sapphire 8300, a friend gave it to me since my machine was stuck in another state! I named her Helga because I feel like Helga’s always get the job done! This machine is a workhorse and is a massive upgrade from my other machine. Helga is well loved and well cared for! I was offered a chance to learn how to quilt when my friend gave me the machine and while we aren’t always able to meet every week or month, I love to sew and I know that Helga will never let me down!

    15. I’m going on my 2nd Brother sewing machine. I don’t have a special name.But I do call it ” My Brother”😛
      I had a Kenmore my husband bought me. It’s probably about 20 yrs old. I gave it to my daughter and it still sews . That thing is a “Beast”!!

    16. My machine doesn’t have a name, but I am thinking I should name her. I am grateful for how she performs.

    17. I have two machines. Neches is the powerhouse old faithful.
      The Brother is for fancy things and embroidery.

    18. Got my Sally singer for Christmas my girls said it was time to retire ole Cammy. I still her. She is older I have to switch out the cams when sewing.truthfuly don’t think my girls like that. Never bothered me. Now I come to like the auto threader and top drop bobbin. 🙂

    19. I have had my Babylock Unity for about 4 years I never thought of naming it. But if I had to name it it would be called Margarita after my mom she used to sew window curtains and my school uniforms when I was little and that brings me happy memories of her sewing.

    20. My 1956 Singer Featherweight is called Millie. She is named after one of my best friend’s mother who was the original owner of her. Millie bought her directly from the factory in New Jersey so she could sew clothes for her daughter (my friend Lisa). Lisa never took up sewing and she knew how much I loved to sew, so she sold Millie to me for very little. She truly just wanted her to have a good home. Millie was very sweet and such a spit fire with beautiful blue eyes. When I told Lisa what I named her, she cried and said I made her day.

    21. I have 2 Brother sewing machines, a Babylock Ovation and a felting machine. Sorry – none are named but I love them all!!

    22. I stitch a few times a week with my Singer, Aunt Cathy. My aunt gave this machine to me and it’s been fun saying I see with my Aunt Cathy.

    23. I don’t have a name for my machine, it’s just been the most reliable tool I ever bought. I’m still using my New Home!

    24. My sewing machine. A BerninaMatic 801, has been my trusted friend since 1983. She has sewn many items for my son and daughter (now adults), all the curtains and drapes in our home (new in 1988) and is now exploring quilting with along with sewing items for our beloved grandchildren. I’ve never named her but I do refer to her often as my trusted friend.

      1. Hi Catherine, you’re one of our winners! Please check your email for confirmation.

    25. I’m new to sewing, so my sewing machine is named “always jammed” and my serger is named “lonley girl”. 😢

    26. I have a pretty basic Brother machine. I am new to sewing and enjoying it so much. I heard it was traditional to name your machine. So, because I take mine to sewing classes and friends houses so often, I have started calling her Carrie…

    27. I use two Janome sewing machines. One is my Memory Craft 6600p & the other is my traveling/portable 7360 Magnolia. Depending on how my projects are going is what names I give them. Lol My 6600 is called “Ol Betsy.” My Magnolia is called “Maggie.” Thanks for this opportunity.

    28. I call her Happy. Notice she is a she. Lately she has been a little lonely. With only a few spools of thread resting on her. Oh and a small stack of fabric. Maybe a pair of scissors tucked underneath. Wow, I miss Happy. Hope she doesn’t start missing stitches, knotting or lose her tension.
      So, yes. My sewing machine has a name. Happy.

  2. My two Berninas are named Jack and Jill. Jack is my machine quilting machine and Jill does all the piecing. They are both essential to me for sure!

    1. I have 4 machines. 2 brother and 2 singer. I also have 3 daughters. If I call them by the wrong name 😂 imaginewhat I would do with 4 machines!!!

      1. I have two sewing machines one is a singer a confidence quilter and a Viking huskvanna. I love the both

    2. I love my machine I call him Getto Fabulous. Because I got him from a train wreck and it didnt have a case so I made one out of wood. Ive had it about 15 years now

  3. I have never named a sewing machine. Although my sons have argued about who gets the featherweight and who gets the Janome when I snuff it!

  4. I don’t name my machines, but I call them by their brand. I have more than one Singer, so they are New Singer Feather Weight, or Old Singer Feather Weight, or Singer 413. My Kenmore is Syd’s Kenmore for my grandaughter. Of course, my Sparrow is just Sparrow, which is also my nickname. My Bernina is just that, and my Janome is just that. I have an old machine with the fancy painting which is in very good shape which I call my fancy machine. Not sure what brand it is, since it is not setting out.

  5. I have one I call Romeo and one named Dorothy in honor of my great aunt who gave me her 1921 sewing machine.

  6. I haven’t given my 2 machines a personal name, but I refer to them as Epic and Sapphire which is their series name, given by Viking. I love them both!

  7. I’ve never named my machines. If I did I think I’d name my old Bernina 910 Helga, she’s quite hefty, and no nonsense.

  8. I have two Bernina, but I’m afraid I don’t name them. I don’t name my cars either.

  9. I don’t name my machine or cars, but since my sewing machine is a Janome – I’d probably use Janny or Nome.

    1. My sister has an antique longarm quiliting machine we all lovingly call Bessie. Bessie loves TLC. She doesn’t like heavy backing. She loves 100 percent cotton fabric and purrs like a kitten on quilt tops that have no bulky seams. Bessie has no rivals in our family…none of our other machines have names. My sister Julie Flick shares Bessie with all the quilters in our family, my mom, my 2 daughters, my niece and myself. We occassionally get together for a sewing session in Julie’s basement where Bessie is the center of attention!

  10. My Featherweight is named Adella after my mother. When she passed she left me a little money and shortly after I went to a estate sale, there she was and the price was right. I knew it was meant to be.

  11. I am glad you asked! I have a 1937 Singer Featherweight 221 and her name is Betsy. I bought her from a sweet lady named Betsy and I thought that was a fitting name for my special sewing machine.

  12. I have several machines, but only 2 have names. My handiquilter 16, Caroline. She was given to me by a stranger – Carol! And my featherweight, Gwenie. Given to me by my mother Gwen. They are both very special to me!

  13. My featherweight 221 is named Elsie. She was my Oma (grandma) who taught me all needlework crafts. She lived to be 102 and I feel lucky to have known her for so long! My son, was so lucky to have his great grandmother for 18 years! So anytime I sew I think about her.

  14. My machine is Betty, my faithful friend. Poor Betty is currently at the repair shop.. my two year old snuck upstairs and climbed on my sewing table, then proceeded to drop several sewing pins into the casing before I caught her. 🙄 it’s been a long week without Betty since I try to sew a little every day. The good news is my daughter seems very interested, maybe we can quilt together when she’s a bit older! 😄

  15. My sewing machine, a Pfaff Quilt Expression 4 does not have a name, but I love this machine. She sews happily for hours at end.

  16. So glad to see the I am not the only one who doesn’t name her sewing machines!! I have a Viking Sapphire for piecing and my new Bernina Q 20 for all my quilting!! They are both wonderful!!

  17. I just call my machine the “Old Gal”. It is my Grandmother’s Bernina that she got for Christmas 1970. She has a lovely avocado green carrying case 🙂

  18. I have a bernina 730 and a Janome. They do not have names, I just refer to them by there brand my bernina or my Janine.

  19. My Singer 301 is named Carter, two Singer Featherweights named Alyne and Gladys, Bernina 640 named Lulu and Janome 9400 named Nellie. Lol

  20. I have a BabyLock special quilting machine which I love. Her name is Mabel and she is awesome 10 years in and sews like new.

  21. I have a Bernina 770 QE and a Janome 8900. In other words, I’m a very lucky girl. I don’t have my names for them but I love them both. Especially the Bernina, but don’t tell the Janome!

  22. My sewing machine is a Singer and although doesn’t have a name I call her “my girl”

  23. I never thought about naming my machine, but I like the idea. I have 3, and will have to name all three.

  24. I don’t have a name for my Bernina yet but I have a little miniature Tinker Bell sitting on a thimble on top of my machine and every time I turn my machine on I say ‘ Hi Tink’ .

  25. I very fondly call my new Bernina 770 the Beast. My 440 is (probably not very original) Bernie. I love them both. I have several vintage machines, one feather weight given to me by a friend. It was her mother-in-laws machine. I call her Marty after Mary Artichuk.

  26. My machine is named “Bella”. No particular reason either. When I go into my sewing room I always start by saying hello Bella! Happy National Sewing Day everyone!

  27. I have a Pfaff that I love, but no name. I guess I’ve just never come across the right one.

  28. I have several sewing machines and my fav is my Pfaff. I named my Pfaff Lucy (my dog).

  29. I don’t have a name for my machine, but maybe I’ll give her one… my husband and I worked on repairing it for several days recently. We didn’t give up and neither did she. It’s running great now so maybe she deserves a name after that.
    Thanks for the thought 🙂

  30. No names for my machines 🙁 but I certainly love them 🙂 Especially my Bernina 1090! Thank you for the sweet giveaway!

  31. Hattie my Featherweight for my maternal grandmother who had me on her lap making aprons from grain bags on her Singer treadle.
    Leona, my BabyLock, for my paternal grandmother who spent many many hours crafting and sewing with me.

  32. A couple years ago, I got a Singer Featherweight. I named it Millie because that seemed like a nice, 1950’s name.

  33. Fun! I have 3 Babylock machines – Tilly is the Ellisimo, Millie is the Aria,Bless Bess is the Soprano (my travel machine). I have my mom’s Featherweight which I sew with a lot…and I named her Flossie, after my mom.

  34. My machine is a singer and I never thought to name it but is sure does “SING” when I use it… like a sweet melody!!!

  35. I don’t name my machines. Have a hard time coming up with names. However, when I am sewing, I can often be heard muttering, “Come on, sweety, just a little more…”

  36. I thought for sure that I would be the only one that didn’t name my machines! I can barely remember my kids names lol! I have two Vikings – a Quilt 870 and a Platinum 16. Happy with both of them. Happy Birthday FQS!

  37. I use my Kenmore that my husband bought me when we married 41 years ago. I also use my Mom’s Kenmore as well. They have no name, but we have our ups and downs!!!

  38. I don’t name my machine, although I probably should. It’s been with me 20 years and I still love it!

  39. I’ve only named my Featherweights – the first is Bobbi, for my mom, and the second is Charlene after the previous owner.

  40. I have a new Juki, a gift from my hubby for our 37th anniversary. Since I’m still learning it’s quirks, his current name seems to be “Dammit!” Hopefully someday soon he’ll be renamed something more endearing! lol!

  41. My Viking is named Sylvia, and my Featherweight is named Mina after my great grandmother, Wilhelmina!

  42. I’m not really the type who names things. I just call it “sewing machine”. If I name it will it sew better? I have a hard time remembering my grandkids names much less my sewing machine!

  43. I have several machines but my Featherweight is by far my favorite! I have named her Esther after my husband’s great aunt who gifted her to me before she passed away. She also gave me the very first quilt she made in the early 30’s. Unlike today when everyone seems to have multiple machines, Myself included. Auntie had only the one and used it daily until she was in her 90’s. She taught me to quilt and left me with much more than just a sewing machine. So, it’s Esther, my Featherweight!

  44. Mary Jane is the name of mine in honor of my grandmother Mary Jane Witte Blankenship. She hand quilted.

  45. I’ve got a Singer featherweight named Mildred, after her original owner, but my Bernina has the much more common name of Bernie. Love them both!

  46. My longarm is called Jem. Haven’t figured out a new name for my BabyLock Brilliant my hubby got me for Christmas yet. Any suggestions?

  47. My Berninas don’t have names but my Gammill longarm definitely needed a name. Her name is Miss Moneypenny, unless she is behaving badly and then she may be called a variety of names.

  48. I would tell you my Bernina’s name but I don’t want to curse and risk offending someone! LOL

  49. I don’t name my machines but I do have my grandma’s old singer so I call it “Grandma’s machine” and then I have my husbands grandma’s machine so it’s “mom-mom’s machine”, “my feather weight”, and Bernie, my Bernina. I always enjoy my weekends with Bernie!

  50. My Baby Lock Crescendo is named Celeste because I want to create only beautiful things with it

  51. I call my large Bernina830; Bathula because it sounds like a “big”name. This machine, the one I use most of the time at home,and I have quite a relationship with it as it can test my patience at time. My little travel Janome Gem Platinums is called “Sweetie”. I have a new Janome that has not been named yet. I had another Janome for over 30 years that I loved and often told it that(it never let me down). The new purchase I realized replaced it so I sent to old one off to victims of the Paradise Fire.

  52. I’ve net named my sewing machine. But then I have a kidney transplant and haven’t named it like many other transplant patients do. I do have silver foil butterfly stickers on my machine so she is dressed up and ready to go.

  53. I have 2 Berninas, a 1530 and a 730. I also have 2 Singer Featherweights, a 220 and a 221. They are not named but I do refer to them by their numbers. And then I also have a Sweet Sixteen.

  54. I simply call my Featherweight “Mama’s machine” because it reminds me of many hours of sewing with her.

  55. My Baby Lock is call Free, She is decorated with butterflies. Who fly free to do what she wants.
    I use mine to make quilts, lap quilts for service members at the Naval Hospital here in San Diego California. Who need to be cheer up for being the war. Help them to recover

  56. My featherweight has been named. Mabel after my GMa. I have 3 other machines that aren’t named.

  57. My machines do not have names, but have been called a name or two when they act up.

  58. I do not name my machines, however, I have a Brother and a Singer Featherweight. Love them both!

  59. I’ve never named my machines. Have just referred to them by their manufacturer name. Embarrassed to say I have 5! Love them all!!

  60. I call my Juki TL2010Q “Precious”…because she is the greatest machine I have ever owned and zones me out to comfort places! <3

  61. I’m not one for naming things, but my longarm I bought used from a gal named Bonnie. Clyde seemed a natural name for her partner in crime and I’ve just kept the name. He seems to like it here, so I’m not going to mess with changing the name!

  62. I have a Bernina and a Baby Lock. I have not named them. I have given it some consideration, but no inspired name has come to me yet!

  63. I have never named any of my machines. I should pick a sweet name for my featherweight though.

  64. I named my Babylock Ellisimo Pricilla. My Juki is called the Jukster She is my work horse.

  65. I have named all my sewing machines-my Featherweights are MayBelle & Opal, my big 306 vintage singer is Big Bertha, and my Janome/NewHome is Demeter. I still have to name my mid-arm! I think this all started when my son was little-he asked what our house’s name was, and I told him it didn’t have a name. Would he like to name it? He did, and our house is referred to as Fred to this day!

  66. I have a Pfaff Creative 7570 and her name is “SueBoo”. I’ve had her for 20 plus years and she’s still going strong!

  67. My machine is called Molly … just because. As an aside, I call my car Farley … Both faithful!!

  68. I have 2 Berninas and they have no name. I do love them though. I only name my cars!

  69. I haven’t named my machine, but I do call her “darling” quite frequently… unless she runs out of bobbin thread in the middle of a seam and then I call her something else!

  70. My sewing machine is Janie! Happy Sewing Machine Day! I’d be lost without you!!!

  71. I have a Baby Lock and a Janome, but I have never thought to name them. I’m going to give that idea some thought.

  72. I have a Brother sewing machine. At the time my youngest (my only boy) was 5 yrs old, and I never intended to name my machine. My son was my constant sewing companion and “helper”, and over time I began to refer to my machine as “”Little Brother”!

  73. I have 4 machines. 2 brother and 2 singer. I also have 3 daughters. If I call them by the wrong name 😂 imaginewhat I would do with 4 machines!!!

  74. I have a featherweight from 1952, the year I was born. I googled popular names in the 50’s and named her Peggy Sue!

  75. I have an Elna that I named Elva after my Grammie who was a prolific quilter! Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  76. I have a 730 Bernina given to me by my parents in 1970, and decided to get her a friend when Bernina put out the electronic 730 in the 90’s. The new Bernina is “Rio” a nickname my Mother called me, as she was the one who taught me to sew, and I think of her each time the machine turns on and flashes “Rio”.

  77. I had a Janome machine and upgraded to a Brother. When I got home and got it set up and my little Janome was sitting in front of it I said well BIG BROTHER let’s see what you can do. It has since that day been “Big Brother”.

  78. I have three vintage Singer 301 machines that I sew on. Their names are Rosie, Buttercup and Bonnie. My featherweight’s name is Sally, my Viking Mega Quilter is named Megan, and my Sweet Sixteen goes by Zoe. Also, in case you’re wondering, my car’s name is Stella.

  79. I haven’t yet named my newest sewing computer, a Bernina 830LE (or my Singer 437, Kenmore Elite, Featherweight, little Bernina, Singer 66, or any of my other machines), which is odd, now that I think about it, because I’ve named my truck, motorhome, travel trailer, and a number of others. Hmmmm … time to start thinking about that!

  80. I have never named a machine, but I love my relatively new Janome fast, straight stitch machine — a reliable work horse!

  81. I’ve never named a sewing machine. I’ve named animal quilt blocks though. My chicken pin cushion is called Hetty the hen.

  82. I have to admit that I don’t name my machines but I do have a favorite #1 and a favorite #2 🙂

  83. I have 5 machines, the only name they have is what they came with, like old Singer, new Singer, New Home etc.

  84. I sew on several machines and identify them by their brand and sometimes model
    Janome, Singer 301, featherweight, viking etc

  85. I have a Janome, and it has no name. But I love using it to create beautiful quilts!

  86. 1980s White, Beverly. 1941 Singer 66, Prudence. 1950s New Home, Hester. Random Elnita is Nita. 1960s White, Gilda. Recently acquired 1913 Singer 127, as yet unnamed. Yes, I give my machines names haha!

  87. I haven’t named my machines other than calling them by their brand names – my Janome, my Pfaff, my Babylock serger, etc. I love to sew, quilt and embroider on them all. 🙂

  88. I have a Bernina 440. I also have an old peddle Singer a dear gave to me. It was his mom’s.

  89. I named my first longarm “Emma”, after my great-grandmother. There is a new machine on order, and I’ll have to meet her before settling on a name.

  90. I have a Janome who I call Janie and a Pfaff 1229 who is my old girl and I call her Phyllis. I live them both.

    1. Neither of my machines are named. Enjoy your day!! angielovesgary2 atgmail dotcom

  91. Elsa is the name of my Sterling Edition Bernina 880. She is named after Elsa, from the movie Frozen because of her beautiful face plate which is reminiscent of the artwork from the movie.

  92. HI, I sew on the Bernina Activa 210 and call her ‘Bernie’; so original, I know! LOL! Thanks FQS for a Neat Giveaway!!!

  93. I don’t name my sewing machines. The only inanimate object I have named is my car. It’s a little Fiat, and its name is Sergio. Doesn’t that make you think of a cute Italian? Oh yeah!

    1. I have 3 machines. One is a white treacle machine from the 1800’s. I call her Old Faithful, the second is a white that is so heavy I call it 2 ton, the third is a brother that I call feather weight. You do not break your back when you pick it up

  94. I have a Brother CS-6000i. It’s a great machine but it doesn’t have a name.

  95. I hadn’t really thought about it but if I did, her name would be Bernice…named after a very dear Aunt who first inspired me to sew. Happy Sewing Machine day to all. I have no idea what life would be like without them and I don’t want to find out!

  96. Not a name, exactly, but “my other partner.” I spend as much time with it as my boyfriend!

  97. I have3 machines, all with no name but my go to is my Singer Patchwork. A simple machine comparatively but a trusty work horse. Professionally serviced once a year and runs so very well.

  98. I have 15 machines – a heavy duty singer 4452, a serger, a coverstitch machine, and a dozen assistance vintage sewing machines. If I named them all, I’d never be able to keep track of who’s who 🙂

  99. My Bernina is named Bernie. My featherweight is named Lela because that was my grandmother’s name, and I remember sewing on her featherweight when I was a young adult. Haven’t named my Pfaff yet.

  100. I never thought of naming my Brother sewing machine. I have always purchased Brother machines. If I was to name mine I would call her Crafty Lady. I have made many costumes for conversations for my kids. I have made quilts for each of my kids plus their teachers. I was in a bad car accident when a semi hit my car. I was unable to see for two years. I really missed seeing and am just now getting back to it. I love sewing and do it whenever I can.

    1. Oops auto correct…..I was unable to sew for two years. I really missed sewing and am just now getting back to it. I went through a knee replacement and had two back surgeries because of my accident. It was two hard sewing during that time. So my Crafty Lady had to wait.

  101. I have a Singer 4432 and a Brother Serger. Their names are Milo (Singer) and Otis (Brother). Love the movie.

  102. I’ve recently got my own sewing machine, my first possession in my life. (I used to use mother’s.) Although, I bought it as secondhand and it seems the previous owner just left her in a storage for years, she wouldn’t obey me easily in the beginning.
    I didn’t take her to a proper shop(too expensive!), but searched information on the internet and youtube, then cleaned, put oil, changed parts.
    Now, she seems feeling much better.
    I’m feeling much better.
    So, she doesn’t have a name, but just, ‘my kid’ 🙂

  103. I did not name my sewing machine. I have a brother. I found it in a case on the side of the road discarded. My boyfriend cleaned it out and oiled it and it works great. I think maybe I should name her. I will call her Serendipity!

  104. My singer machine is called Granny Gert. She was my great aunt Gertrude. She was the quilt maker in our family. She was beautiful, sweet and loving and I miss her!

  105. I have a Pfaff Performance 5.2 and love it! I had never thought of naming it, but I think I will call her “Joy” because that is how I feel every time I sew with her!

  106. I use a Janome DC 5100 most of the time, but also have an old (1970’s) Bernina Sport machine that is not computerized. That one is named “Old Reliable”!

  107. I have a Bernina 790 plus and call it the beast because it is so heavy to take to classes!

  108. My kids bought me a Brother sewing machine for my birthday last year. I call it my “baby”.

  109. I have several sewing machines that do not have names. But, the one that does is my featherweight because it was made on the day my mom passed away( not the year, just the Month and day) So, I named it Little Evelyn, after my Mom <3

  110. My featherweight is called “Elva” after my grandmother (who didn’t sew) and my Elna Lotus is called “Lola.” My Janome 9400 is called “Diva.”

  111. I named my Pfaff Winnie after my grandmother who taught me to sew. I named my Singer Ron for my husband as he brought it for me in 1964.

  112. I love my machines. They have names; Peter the Persnickety is my Pfaff, Suzy is my Janome Skyline S3 and Becky is my Janome QC6019. Becky goes to class with me, Suzy is my working at home machine. Peter does a lot of my free motion quilting when he is in the mood to cooperate!

  113. My grandmother gave me her Singer Slant-O-Matic 401a. It doesn’t have a name as we are still getting acquainted.

  114. I have had my sewing machine for years. I call her Grace because that is what she has shown me time and time again! Even though I would love to have a new machine, I would never think about putting her in the closet and never using her. She has been through the “stuff”. I would like a new machine for quilting only. Love my Grace!

  115. I have an industrial Singer from the late 1940’s. She is called Rosie, after Rosie the riveter. 😊

  116. I got my sewing machine free from work. It was my 15 year service award and there was a catalog of gifts to chose from, most in the $50-75 dollar range. There was the most basic and simple Singer sewing machine (I think I saw it online at Wal-Mart for $59) and that is what I am still using. No name for this one, but if i upgrade to a new, fancy machine, then I would definitely give it a name!

  117. None of my machine have names. I have three altogether. A Babylock, a 1954 Singers and last a Momtgery Wards.

  118. I have a machine it doesn’t have a name either it was given to me by my mother-in- law.

  119. Yes I named my sewing machine. My mom taught me to sew when I was 6. When I was in high school we learned to quilt together. So I have named my lovely sewing machine: “Pattie Girl” after the wonderful lady who got me started with thread and needle.

  120. I have a Bernina 1060 special. She doesn’t have a name but Id probably call her Big Bertha cause its dang heavy.

  121. Happy Sewing Machine Day everyone! I have several machines, but sadly none of them have names despite my love for each of them.
    Thank you for the giveaway opportunity, LOVE the FQS 🙂

  122. My sewing machine is a Bernina, very old, but still working perfectly! I call her Betsy!

  123. I have one sewing machine. His name is Pete and my seam ripper’s name is Repeat. 🙂

  124. I have a Featherweight who’s name is Ruby after my mother-in , who the machine orginaly beloned to.Then I have a new Eversew that is pink so its name is Pinky, of corse.Then there is a brother machine named Snoopy ,because it does Snoopy embroidery.Oh and a Janome named the Gnome .And a Viking named LaRue after my friend who gave it ot me.

  125. “King Brother” for my fanciest Brother machine, and the other two are “Big Brother” and “Little Brother”. Even my husband and son know which machine I’m referring to!

  126. My old machine that has moved on to the next life was Phyllis. I have not named my new machine yet.

  127. I have 5 sewing machines plus a serger. The two machines I use most are the Bernina and one of the Janome’s. One is “Baby” and the other is “Joanie”.

  128. I haven’t named them yet, but I am thinking. I have a Jazz, and since I lived in the New Orleans area for years (and still live in LA) I will name it Armstrong.
    My Janome, Jane, and my
    Brother, Tom (after my real brother)!

  129. I have had several different types of machines and loved them all. Espescially my first which was an engagement gift: A White sewing machine. I only name my projects, not my machines.

  130. Thanks for alerting us to National Sewing Machine Day and for the giveaway.
    I use the Singer sewing machine my mother first had in about 1938 or -39. It’s the machine I used to learn to sew. It doesn’t exactly have a name but when I refer to it I use the “name” Mom’s Old Black Singer. I sincerely hope it outlives me!

  131. My Pfaff is Gretchen, she’s German after all! And my Featherweight is Rosa Mae. Love seeing what others name their machines!

  132. I don’t name my sewing machine or car. I do love my sewing machine though. Jadahlgr at yahoo dot com

  133. My current machine does not have a name. I had an older machine a friend had given me so I names it Jess. The initials of the friend who gave it to me are JS so it worked out good! I also have a vintage (1970’s) Kenmore that I call Rose. She came in a clam shell case covered with roses. I’m not too creative when it comes to names!

  134. Well you BERNINA 750 was a long awaited purchase she gives me joy. So I call her Joy

  135. I have a Janome 8900 … I named it Oprah … because it can do anything and everything!

  136. My”Bessie” is a great old gal! She is a treadle sewing machine that belonged to my grandmother. In the early 60’s, my grandmother taught me how to use her and then when I became a sixth grader, she asked me if I would like to have the machine. Oh my gosh! You never saw a girl so happy!!! My dad brought the machine home and I used to run home from school each day to sew on her! Fast forward to the future…”Bessie” is still with me and is still the most reliable machine I have ever had. And I still have the “rhythm” in my feet that can stop and start her on a dime without having to touch the flywheel! Long live Bessie!

  137. I have 2 Brother machines, but my dream is a Janome. Some day…..
    I never thought of giving them a name! Maybe I will now!

  138. My Redeye treadle is named Ameila after her only other owner. My 1936 Featherweight is named after my grandmother Matilda. The Bernina 350 is very originally named Bernie, lol. And my Janome who balks at any type of utility sewing but free motions like a dream, Miss Persnickitey.

  139. I have an old Kenmore from the early seventies – I call her Old Faithful as she has never let me down once – good old machine – would never trade her.

  140. My sewing machine is a Brother vq2400. It goes by Betsy when it’s good and Damit when it’s bad. 😂

  141. I have a machine upstairs named Suzyand one downstairs na.ed Bertha because it is twice the size of Suzy

  142. I have 3 sewing machines. I have a Singer Featherweight 221 that was gifted to me by my wonderful mother in law just before she passed away last year. I call her Cecile in honor of my mother in law. I also have a Brother CS600i that is not named and don’t use unless I need specialty stitches. I upgraded the Brother to my Juki TL2010Q a couple of years ago but haven’t named her either.

  143. My sweetheart bought me a PFAFF quilt ambition 2.0 with IDT I call ‘Honey’ because I wanted to learn to quilt.

  144. I have several older machines from the 40s-60s. I have decided to name them after mine and my husbands grandmothers, all of whom were seamstresses. Doris, Marie, Mary Katherine, Vera.

  145. I have 3 Pfaff machines, none of which have a name. Never even gave it a thought to name them. Ha!

  146. I don’t really name my machines. One is a Kenmore, and I call it Kenny. The other is a Janome and I refer to it as Janome. Pretty original, huh?

  147. I have 2 Brother combo sewing/embroidery machines – 270D was my first but it didn’t named until I got my second, bigger, machine – Innovis 2800D (D is for Disney embroidery) and now they are Baby Bear and PaPa Bear! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂 ♥

  148. I name everything! My sewing machine is a vintage Kenmore with table from the 70’s, & her name is Ms. Molina.

  149. My newer Bernina is a 350 special edition, #cottonandsteel “Hello Lovely “ so I just call her Lovely!!! She ‘s beautiful!!
    Thank you!!!

  150. I don’t name my machines, but I sure LOVE every one of them! I have treadles, Featherweights, 301’s, Juki’s and more……my husband asked me the other day how I decide which one I’m going to sew on 🙂 Sew many choices and I enjoy using all of them!

  151. I have a Bernina 430 that I love! I have had it for 15 years but never thought to give it a name, maybe I’ll reconsider.

  152. I have a brothers LS-590 and a Janome 100Q. I love my sewing machines but have not named them!

  153. My Pfaff is a 36 yo 1027 and her full name is Camille Kristyne Mc Nelson (after Camille Roskelley, Kristyne Czepuryk, Sherri McConnell and Carrie Nelson).

  154. My Bernina’s name is Ethal. Named after the lovable, dependable sidekick of Lucy!

  155. My newest Bernina is named Mickey. Not after the Mouse, but the woman who taught me how to use the features on it. My 640 is named Agatha. A little Magnum reference there!

  156. I don’t name my sewing machine. It’s a Bernina Virtuosa 153QE that I bought new. I love it!! Thank you!

  157. I have a Babylock Destiny and a Pfaff Creative Performance. Both are fantastic machines, but neither has a name.

  158. I have a pretty basic Kenmore machine, but she gets the job done well. She doesn’t officially have a name, but I would name her Donna, after my aunt who taught me to sew when I was a little girl.

  159. I have a Laura Ashley Brother sewing machine. Such a fancy machine for me who only really knows how to straight stitch. Straight stitch is all I need for my hobby/obsession of piecing/quilting. I haven’t named her, but the funniest thing is she smells like rain hitting concrete. So I’ve thought of naming her the Rain Goddess, but that seems kind of silly!
    ljbisme at msn dot com

  160. I do name my main machines I use (at least one) on an almost daily basis (my therapy)
    My little Janome 3050 is JANE
    My Janome Horizon is RUBY
    and my Bernina is BERNICE

    These and my others are my treasures as I have a very small collection of sewing machines, and I love them all !

  161. I have acquired many sewing machines over the years (still have all of them), but I have never named any of them.

  162. Only my Featherweights has a name. The other machine is just called my Viking.

  163. My first and so far only machine is a Husquevarna machine and it has been a great machine. I haven’t named her but I may have to come up with a name now.

  164. All of my machines get names. I just bought a vintage pale green Singer last month. Love it!
    My workhorse (and that is her name) is a Brother PQ1500SL.

  165. My Janome machine is named “Sweetie” as she helps me make so many wonderful items.

  166. Haven’t named any of the sewing machines but I do xall the 6 thread embroidry “Big Boy”.

  167. I don’t have either of my machines named, unless you count the assorted curse words thrown at them on occasion 😂😂

  168. Well I call mine Betty because she is White! Betty pretty great. She is actually my first sewing machine. Bought for me buy my parents about 10 years ago.

  169. I have 5 sewing machines
    The oldest is a Singer in a cabinet
    It was my grandmothers. In fact i learned to sew using that machine. I have a brother project runway that i love to use. Gave 3 away. One to each of my daughters and the other to my daughter in law. Hoping to teach the next generation to sew and quilt. My eldest grand daughter loves to help design items.

  170. Haven’t named any of the sewing machines but I do call the 6 thread embroidry machine “Big Boy”.

  171. I have not named my sewing machines. I should since I have 5! Love the machine blocks.

  172. I have two Singer Featherweight sewing machines. The first one I named Louise after my grandmother who taught me the joy of sewing and needle arts. The second machine was one I purchased for my mother. When she passed away, I named her Thelma.

  173. i named my singer 99k hazel because it reminds me of the treadle singer my mom taught me sew with.

  174. I have 4 sewing machines. My first one, a Bernina Record 830, I bought in 1975. His name is Bernie… I have not named any of the others yet.

  175. I have never thought about it. Is a Juki. I had a Vintage Kenmore all metal, a really great machine that I consider it to be a “Beastie”.

  176. My sewing machines are all very old. I have a Montgomery Ward brand which sews forward and backward and is in a cabinet. The next one is completely metal and incredibly heavy! It’s a White brand. The other is a Brother brand and about shot. I LOVE sewing and my sewing machines. I would love to have a new sewing machine! One that I can use more creatively, to be more creative myself!! I love your website! Thanks so much!!

  177. My sewing machine is a Husqvarna Viking Sapphire and I call her Sapphire. She has helped me through some tough times.

  178. My singer is named Billie after my Mom – she taught me to sew when I was little.

  179. My Singer 301 is named Betty, my Featherweight is Auntie Em, Dorothy is my Singer Studio S16, and I call my Husvarna Sapphire #^*%!@

  180. I dont have a name but do have terms of endearment or not that I say depending on if it is behaving or not.

  181. I don’t usually name things however, I have called my machine Baby at times because it is a BabyLock.

  182. I have named my featherweight “Caroline” in honor of my aunt who let me use her brand new Singer unconditionally when I was a beginning sewist at the age of about 12. She didn’t have daughters and she so wanted to share her enthusiasm for sewing with me. She was a great teacher, not critical, always encouraging.

  183. My sewing machine does not have a name but maybe it should 🙂 Happy Sewing!!!

  184. I have a beginner brother SQ9285 and I love it. Her name is Gertrude ❤️

  185. I named my machine Bertha, my son got it for me when he first got out of High School. Not a fancy one but keeps plugging away.

  186. Of course she has a name! It’s Audrey, as in Hepburn, because she’s a whole lot of sassy! LOL

  187. My Juki domestic is named Jolene. My Juki industrial is Laverne and of course she has an L monogram on her. My travel machine is a vintage hot pink Brother named Blanche!

  188. Yes I have 2..Babylock name is Bailey and my Brother name is Avery

  189. If all is well his name is Bro (it’s a brother embroidery machine). When he’s giving me trouble, he’s Ivan (the Terrible). I have another basic machine I call Dear. Most of the time.

  190. Nomie–my youngest mispronounced “sewing machine” and called it a “nomie machine” when she was tiny. Of course, she also called the craft room “crap” room and that stuck too!

  191. My machine doesn’t have a name unless it starts to be finicky and than it is called many names I couldn’t post! But, I do love my Janome!

  192. I have 2 sewing machines. One is a Morse Super and the other is a Kenmore. I call them Super and Kenmore – just so my husband knows which one I’m talking about – haha!!

  193. The first sewing machine that I ever owned was a very basic Singer that I asked for as a combined birthday/Christmas present while I was in college. Now, many years and sewing machines later, I have 2 Berninas – couldn’t give up my old faithful 830 when I got the 440 – 3 Featherweights and several other assorted ones. But I love them all!

  194. I’ve only had my Brother for a year and a half. Quilting is a new hobby for me. Loving it so far. I never thought of naming my machine but that sounds fun so I may have to find a meaningful name for it.

  195. I have two brother sewing machines. They aren’t the best machines, but all I can afford at this point. I haven’t named them, but maybe when I get my dream machine, I will give her a name!

  196. My featherweight is named Bethel after its original owner but my other machines are nameless. Love all the patterns.

  197. I have never named my machine. But every time I use it I think of my mom. She sewed all the clothes I wore from a baby to after I was married. She could make a dress out a scrap and make it look like it had been designed that way. She made my wedding gown and hand stitched every pearl and sparkles on the dress and train. It was a true act of love and now she can’t sew and doesn’t remember doing it and I remind her wishing we could go back to those days.

  198. I have several machines but only one has a name. My long arm is named POSie for reasons I can’t say here!

    1. I have a Brother HC1850 which has been a work horse and my best friend. But she is just about slap dab wore out due to use. I call her mostly “Damnit” these day!! But I still love her!!!!

  199. Bo Jean is one of my sewing machines. My moms old Rocketeer machine is called hammaw.

  200. I have a Featherweight and a Necchi. They don’t have names unless they do something bad and then I give them a name!

  201. I name all of my machines! I am currently sewing on Batman (Bernina 740) and Wonder Woman (Bernina 350). Thanks for the chance to win!

  202. My singer is named Stella. She doesn’t often cause me problems but when she does I yell. STELLA. Just like in the movie

  203. Featherweight#1: Glinda
    Featherweight#2: Lucy
    Brother Embroidery: Linda
    Brother #2: Sassy
    Janome: Lena

  204. I have not named my machine. I love it very much but don’t talk to it either. I bought it when I retired and am so excited to lear more about quilting.

  205. My Babylock is Clara and my Brother is Emma. Both in honor of my mom and grandmother who have passed but taught me the love of Quilting.

  206. No names for my machines got a kenmore in acabinetfir my first one at age 16thenwhike I college receiveda51 singer dressmaker because my parents didn’t want to move my other one every time I moved. Then I had a elna and wore the baby outno one could fix the tension to stay so I boughta Bernina whichhas beensewing up a storm since I bought it

  207. I keep saying I need to name my machines, but none of them have names yet!

  208. I love my Singer sewing machine, made in the 50’s. Keeping it clean, greased and oiled keeps it happy and me too! “Old faithful” is her name!

  209. I have never named any of my sewing machines. I really should. I get very attached to my sewing machine because I know it helps me be creative and that makes me happy.

  210. I named my two previous machines, both of which “died” last year. My Viking was Lily, and my Brother was Joyce. My new machine is a Juki and I just call her Juki. My backup is a 1947 Singer 15-91 named Linda (the most common girls name for babies born in 1947). I also have my grandmother’s treadle and I call it Bernice, which was her name.

  211. I have three machines, the machine I use the most is my Babylock which I named Ruthie, after my Godmother, Ruth, who mostly raised me and taught me everything I needed to know in life to be a happy well rounded person. She also sewed and quilted and I have all her quilts. My Pfaff I named Patricia, she’s named after a nurse who taught me how to be a great nurse! And finally my beloved Bernita which is small but a workhorse, like my grandma, Dolores, so I named her Dolores after my grandma who made me amazing clothes all my life. Now I’m making things for her as she has Alzheimer’s.

  212. Yes! All of my sewing machines have names. My domestic is Esme, the long arm is Logan, and my travel machine is Stian.

  213. I call them by their brand names—Pfaff, Bernina, and Chicago 7–that is of course if they are being cooperative. I can’t print what I call them if we are not working well together 😉

  214. I don’t actually have names for my machines, I wouldn’t want the girls to get jealous if I “spoke to or hung out” with one more than another…and I’d lose track of who had which name – can you imagine???

  215. I have Chrissy the Crescendo, Delta the Destiny 2, and then there’s Gypsy the Soprano (my travel machine).

  216. My Pfaff Passport 3 is Matilda and my longarm machine is Lizzy. I have more machines but these are the only ones who have names. I guess that’s because I use them more. They make me happy…

  217. My machine’s name is Penny, which I think is a happy, companionable name for my dear, reliable Pfaff.

  218. I have a Bernina that my husband bought for me and a Bernina that my daddy bought my Mom in the early 1970’s! I’ve named my new machine Ann, after my mom! She passed away 20 years ago but I know she’s always with me when I’m sewing! 😀❤️

  219. My favorite is my pink featherweight 222 her name is Misty. My Teal 222 featherweight is Rae after my two Granddaughters they share Rae as their middle name. I have another 222featherweight named Madison. I love sewing on them all.

  220. No, my machine doesn’t have a name. I might name it if I thought it was the culprit in my sewing misadventures, but alas, I know it’s user error!

  221. My machine, even though it’s only 4 years old, is usually called “Jerk”. I’ve had issues with it since I got it and now it doesn’t even sew half of the stitches it has available. So Jerk is going on the shop very soon! P.S. thank you for offering the giveaway!

  222. I have a Baby Lock. Love it, but haven’t named it. I just go through withdrawal every time I have it serviced.

  223. My viking jade – I affectionately call her a pain in my butt
    My juki – I call my good girl 🙂

  224. I have 3 sewing machines. Sometime they are like my friends so I have named them after 2 friends and my sister. Jayne, Lucy and Duggan.

  225. My newest machine is a Husquvarna Epic 960Q, and it is big, so I named it the Beast! Just cuz it’s so big I will never be able to move it by myself.

  226. Yes! I love my “Sewphie”!!!!! She is a trusty companion sharing my love of quilting!!!!

  227. I have my Babci Edna’s (Babci is Polish for grandmother) vintage sewing machine. There is a small piece of tape with “5/8” written by my Babci on the bed of the machine. She sews like a dream and is of course named Edna.

  228. My machine doesn’t have a name, but I like to personalize it by putting stickers on it from places we visit. Maybe one day a name will jump out at me to call it 🙂

  229. My sewing machine is a Babylock Crescendo…I don’t have a name for her but she is 7 years old and I love her!

  230. I have a singer golden touch and sew I got in 1972 as my 12th Birthday present. I got all the accessories for it. I love my machine. I don’t necessarily have a name for her, but when I sit down to sew I say hey “baby” let’s do this.

  231. The only names my sewing machines ever had is the name of their manufacturer: Singer, Kenmore.

  232. My sewing machine is named Sweetie. My grandson thinks it is a real human being. She is to me!

  233. I don’t name my machines. I have Janome 4120, Bernina 440 and Elna 730 PRO Excellence. Janome is my everyday workhorse machine, Bernina is mostly for embroidery, and Elna for machine quilting because of it’s throat space.

  234. I have 20 sewing machines with names. Seems to happen to featherweights- lol. The one I am using currently is named Elspeth – she is a dependable Singer 222 who is 63 years old and made in Scotland.

  235. I have a Juki and totally call her by that. It cracks up my like boy. “Why, nice to see you again, Juki Lou Who!” “C’mon, Juki girl… You can do it! Don’t run out of bobbin thread just yet…” “Whew, Juke-ster, have you been getting into my sewing snacks lately?! You’re getting heavy to set up, girl.”

    I’m not going to lie; she also has some pretty sweet tattoos, as well. Lol I made a few decals on the Cricut to make her feel extra pretty, and she totally loves being covered in dinosaurs holding sewing supplies now.

  236. My featherweight sewing machine I call ‘Elvis’! I love Elvis so I just named i Elvis. I grew up loving everything Elvis.

  237. I have a bernina purchased when my favorite quilt shop closed and the owners moved to CA. At the fire sale, she had tagged it “Her Beloved Bernina” so I think of my friend Linda from Linderella’s Quilt Works every time I use it. Even though that’s not really a name, that machine gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling whenever I use it. Their new company is called colourwerx and are doing amazing things. Check them out!

  238. My Pfaffs don’t have names, but I love them anyway. They do everything I asked them to. Better behaved then my children!

  239. I have 3 machines…all Bernina. My 770QEE is named Emily. My 530 is named Huckleberry and my sitdown quilter Q20 is named Belle. One big happy family!

  240. All of my machines have names! Nina (Bernina 830), FeFe (Pfaff Creative Icon), Goldilocks (Baby Lock Ellisimo Gold), and Mrs. Mattie is my HandiQuilter Avante (named for my grandmother who taught me to sew!!) Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  241. My brand new Jerome is nameless at the moment. Maybe I’ll.name him CHANCE. He gives me the chance to create and share my creations with others, as I give all my works away.
    If I win another machine I’ll name her WINNIE, by winning I can double my efforts and ability to share.

  242. I have a Juki tl2000 and her name is Mrs Juki lol, she is in my sewing room and l also have a singer that l use in the evening when l watch tv and sew,her name is Suzy singer❤

  243. Of course my machine has a name,I talk to her everyday! Her name is Nina(and she is a Bernina, if you couldn’t guess😊)

  244. I love Sew Big or Go Home! I haven’t made it yet but I need to.

    I sew with a Singer 44s for piecing and such and Singer S16 mostly for quilting. I love my sturdy mechanical machines and someday I may give them sturdy mechanical names, any suggestions?

  245. I have a basic singer esteem and I named her Lady Daphne after a favorite flower of my friend’s who passed. She isn’t fancy but she can fake it! Lol

  246. I have never named a sewing machine. Maybe it is because I have had so many of them over the year. I would trade up to a newer one every few years so I didn’t own all of them for long lengths of time.

  247. Yes I name my lovely sewing machines! My Bernina is Inga after my husbands grandma, After all it is made in Sweden, My Baby lock is named after my italian grandma(nona) Mary or Maria, my Brother is Elizabeth after my grandma, and my Luminaire is Kate after my dad’s mom!! This is well thought out!!! LOL!!!

  248. I have 2 sewing machines. The newer one is a Brother XR3340 Sewing & Quilting machine. It’s really nice – I named it Perl. My older sewing machine is a Kenmore my husband bought from a lady at his work. Her father was a tailor and he was able use it any longer due to poor sight. I named that one Ginni after my mother Virginia.

  249. I have a Brother XR7700, my first and only machine so far, and it’s been a great machine to learn on! No name though – I’ll have to come up with one. 😊 My dream machine would be a Juki.

  250. My sewing machine and I are best friends. She takes me places I could never go alone. Her name is Sammy after my first cat. We went everywhere together when I was young. 😘

  251. Sorry Kate is named after my dad’s grandma (nona) , and my Juki is named Jeanette after my aunt!!

  252. my Juki is named Jeanette after my aunt!! Kate is named after my dad’s grandma

  253. I have been quilting on Bernie! She is a Bernina 750. When I am sewing, my husband says I am “driving my cadillac”. 🧵

  254. I never thought about an official name for my sewing machine. I just call her Juki

  255. I have a Juki 2010q, it doesn’t have a name but I have been known to call it a few names at times.

  256. I have named my machines, although I don’t always remember them. 😀 My featherweight is Heather, as it was made in Scotland. My Pfaff Ambition is Abby named for the fairy on Sesame Street that my Granddaughter loved. My Pfaff 2140 is Helga and my Pfaff Creative Performance is Violet(after all she is purple). I just got a Bernina but haven’t named her yet.

  257. I have several machines and I don’t name them. However they are the loves of my life so perhaps I should give them names. The only think I’m my sewing room that has a name is my body double and her name is “Bessie”!

  258. I have several machines and I don’t name them. The only thing in my sewing room that has a name is my body double and her name is “Bessie”!

  259. I haven’t named my machines, but I have two Singers and one will ALWAYS be “Amanda’s machine” because it was what my sister-in-law and dear friend willed to me on her passing with cancer three years ago. I have been hesitant to tear it apart and get it in working order, but I am happy to say today, in honor of the day, I took it apart, oiled and adjusted it, and it is now running like a happy new machine!

  260. I’ve only had my machine a little over a year and never thought to give it a name. It’s a Singer Confidence Quilter.

  261. I have two machines–a really old Singer my aunt got when she was in her early 20’s, (and she is in her 70’s now and I treasure it) that I’ve named “Bessie” or “The Tank” because it’s entirely steel. My new one I’ve named Punk-*as because it’s got a serious attitude with knits.

  262. I have a Brother NX-2000 and love it!! We usually refer to it as the NX-2000 vs my travel sewing machine.

  263. I have several sewing machines – set up and sewing right now are a Sparrow 25 and Elna 720 pro and a Bernita serger – it’s wonderful to have them all up and running !

  264. I am a Bernina girl. I got my first one in 1972 and bought a new Bernina when I retired six years ago. Love them both, but no name except for ‘old girl’ for the first one. ❤️

  265. Daisy Jay is my Janome 8900 and my new Bernina Q24 Longarm is called Lily ❤️ They need names…. we talk to them enough!!

  266. My main machine is a Singer Quantum Stylist 9960, and because she’s the newest machine, her nick name is ‘New Girl’! I usually just call my machines by their brand names…Maybe I should think about giving them proper names!

  267. I have several sewing machines none of which have a name. However, I sometimes call them names. Names which I won’t mention here.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  268. I have two machines. The first is a Kenmore that I bought when I was in my 20’s that I learned to quilt on over 30 years ago. The second is a Janome S5 that my husband bought me a few years ago for Christmas because I really wanted an upgrade. I have not named either machine.

  269. I do! Isabelle after my dear mother in law who I miss everyday. She was an amazing seamstress but never made a quilt but was always cheering me on!

  270. I have a 1970 Sears Kenmore that I call Granny. She was my husbands grandmother’s sewing machine. My MIL gave it to me when she passed away because it was from the year I was born. My other machine, a 2017 Baby Lick Crescendo, my Mom bought me as a “thank you” for all that I have done for her. It doesn’t have a name yet. It usually takes me a while to name things.

  271. I’m not good at naming things (it’s only because it’s law that my kids have names!) 😀 But I have 2 Bernina’s, 1 Brother, and my hubby and I own 2 Featherweights. Oh, and he us an upholsterer, so he has 3 industrial machines at work. Is that good enough? LOL I LOVE my machines, even though I don’t name them

  272. I have several machines. My Featherweight is Sweetie, my Viking Sapphire is Sapphire,but my new Juki tl 2000qi I call “Darling”…

  273. Hi I have a 1979 Pfaff, a2015 Pfaff and a Brother1500 I love them all but I haven’t named them. My dress dummy is Judy! Have a happy sewing DAY!

  274. I have several machines. One of my favorite machines is a 1946 White that I call Hilda. She’s a work horse but she can also be a witch. So I call her Hilda 🙂

  275. Happy National Sewing machine day! I have names for some of my machines. The vintage ones that were gifts are named after their original owners. My main machines are only named for their models. Vanna is my new long arm, because I won the money to purchase her from the Secret Santa contest on Wheel of Fortune.

  276. My sewing machine that I am currently using has been named Lucky! It’s my back up, starter machine that’s just plain lucky that I don’t take a sledge hammer to him because I’m constantly having to unsew!

  277. I have 2 Berninas that I use when I sew- one older and one newer. I have not named them, but definitely think of them has girls! I have heard if we talk to plants and our things nicely that they will last/grow much better! Maybe I really need to do this! Don’t know what I would do without them!

  278. I have my mom’s mom’s mom’s Singer 401A with knee pedal in a table. My mom remembers all the good times with her grandma sewing on the machine. I was little when she passed, so my memories are of her daughter, my grandma, sewing on it. So when a friend volunteered to clean it up (since Grandpa had left it out in the dusty, dirty shop after grandma passed) and she asked for a name, I said to call her Bonnie after my grandma.

  279. I have two Pfaffs. One for sewing and one I use for embroidery. I sometimes call them names, but only when they are being naughty!

  280. I call my newest machine The Beast. It’s a heavy duty machine that I can finally quilt with

  281. I’ve never thought about naming my machine. We name all of our vehicles so I’m not sure why it never occurred to me. I’ll have to mull it over and give her a name soon.

  282. One of my vintage machines is Edna Elizabeth, for my mother and her mother, both wonderful with sewing.

  283. I have a Janome 6500, but it never occurred to me to give her a name. I’ll have to give that some thought.

  284. ChiChi the Necchi. ☺️ But I just bought a Janome Skyline S7 that is needs a name.

  285. The name I have given my sewing machine is LollyPolly. My oldest grandson started calling me that a few years ago. I have a babylock Elizabeth

  286. I have an Elna supermatic and I call her just my Elna. Also a brother serger and a brother coverstitch but they don’t have names .

  287. I have 3 machines, none of which has a name. I love them all and I love sewing. There is so much satisfaction when you complete a project.

  288. I have 11, yes 11, sewing machines that are not named. Out of my herd, I like the Pfaffs the best!

  289. Ano official name. Although depending on how things are going, I may call it a name.

  290. Actually I bought a BabyLock Grace because it was my Grandmother Grace who encouraged me to keep sewing.

  291. I own a 1930’s Sears Kenmore sewing machine. I love my machine but have not named it.

  292. I have a Singer, “Spartan 192k”. She was my mothers in the 50’s. I learned to sew on the old girl when I was a youngin and have been doing so ever since. I call her “Sassy”! She’s a 3/4 sz. Little black work-horse, with a slightly temperamental tensioner…I oil her regularly because she likes to run FAST! She doesn’t agree with that ‘slow and steady wins the race’ phooey, lol. She is so fleet of foot that she has sewn right over my finger without missing a stitch.(it actually hurt REALLY bad!) I love my Sassy girl! I quilt with her now and every time I use her, I remember Mom.(who, in hindsight, was also a Sassy girl!)

  293. I have always referred to my sewing machines as “Baby Girl”. When I’m sewing, you often will hear me say, “Good job, Baby Girl”! It’s just that bond between a girl & her machine!!!!!

  294. My sewing machine is a Destiny2, aka Lady Dy. Another of my machines is also a Babylock; she is named Jane. I also have Little Brother and Cher. Cher arrived on Santa’s sleigh for my 8th Christmas. She is all metal and weighed more than I did that Christmas. Cher was my primary sewing machine until 2010. She still sews beautifully.