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Guest Blogger: Kimberly Einmo

Say hello to Kimberly Einmo, the author of Jelly Roll Quilt Magic. She’s a silly one, so make sure to stick around for the end!

I’m simply delighted to be the guest blogger on the Jolly Jabber blog for the Fat Quarter Shop! I’ve been a long-time fan, follower, and customer as well. So I was over-the-moon thrilled when they asked me if I would be the guest blogger for the Jolly Jabber!

I’m excited to introduce my newest book, Jelly Roll Quilt Magic, which was published and just released (hot off the presses!) by the American Quilter’s Society. This is my third book published by AQS and I couldn’t be happier. My first book, Quilt A Travel Souvenir, was released in 2005, and Jelly Roll Quilts & More, (the #1 best-selling book for AQS last year – I’m still blushing!) was released in 2010.

I had such a fantastic time putting the manuscript and quilts together for Jelly Roll Quilts & More that when it was released in 2010, I just couldn’t stop creating new designs, so I just kept going. I began to think of unique and different ways to use 2½” strips and units cut from charm packs and Layer Cakes. Before long, I had a whole bunch of new quilts so I put them together in a manuscript for Jelly Roll Quilt Magic and the rest as they say, is history.

But what I really love about Jelly Rolls and precuts is this: they offer so much bang for your buck in terms of design potential and most of the prep work of cutting is done for you! Did you know that inch for inch, each Jelly Roll and Layer Cake contains 2½ yards of fabric? What’s not to love? I’m excited to share some of the dynamic new quilts from Jelly Roll Quilt Magic with you. When someone tells me these quilts don’t look as though they were made from Jelly Rolls or precuts, I take it as a compliment!

Meet my family

Here’s the whole crew: (from left to right) Joshua and Snickers, yours truly and Divot, Kent and Poppy, Andrew and Tuffy; formally known as Sir Hod. (The cat – not the kid….ahem.) Can you tell we love animals?

Fun Facts About Me

• Both Kent and I used to work at Disney World (years ago!) although not at the same time, and we didn’t know each other then.

• I love period movies – anything by Jane Austen, or romance films.

• I’ve been in more than 38 countries and all but US 4 states; but unbelievably, I’ve never been to New York City. Luckily we’re about to change that with a trip to NYC planned in November!

• I studied music for 14 years and was a church organist for many years. Now I just play the piano for fun and personal enjoyment.

• I love listening to all sorts of music, but my favorite genres are classical, contemporary Christian, and Christmas music! I still love the Carpenters and Barry Manilow (I’m a music nerd, I guess!)

• I’ve lived where there have been a wide variety of critters besides typical birds and squirrels in our back yard including, deer, chipmunks, hedgehogs (my favorites!) and now, alligators, turtles and fish. I named our resident alligator Berlioz, but we absolutely do not feed him!

Thank you for allowing me to be the guest blogger on the Jolly Jabber at the Fat Quarter Shop. It has truly been a privilege! I’d like to invite you all to stop by my newly redesigned website and check out all the exciting things there, including my blog.


  1. Kimberly, I very much enjoyed your guest post — and that you're a music nerd, too! We have lots of commonalities, which is probably why I think your quilts are divine! Looking forward to checking out your new book in person! 🙂

  2. I LOVE jelly roll books and your quilts are gorgeous Kimberly. 🙂 If that is the definition of a music nerd, then I am one, too. 😉

  3. I have some jelly rolls and I was waiting for the perfect quilt to make with one of them. I must get your book- love those designs! I am an animal lover too, love most good music but can't play. I really enjoyed reading all about you. You have probably been to my country as well- I'm an Aussie. 🙂 Sandy.

  4. Kimberly was such a help to me via email to resize one of the quilts in her book "Jelly Roll Quilts & More". She not only resized the pattern but she figured out all the yardage needed too! I FINALLY finished that quilt and due the size and no one here to hold it up at the time I never got a photo of it!!! Anyway, Kimberly is GREAT and I can't wait to see her new book.

  5. Finally, someone who admits to the Carpenters and even Barry Manilow! I'm stuck back there and Jane Austen too. You even look like a cousin! Looks like a great, fun book. Thanks for posting.

  6. From one silly nerd to another — thanks for a great interview! There are still some of us for whom "silly" is a compliment, right?! Love your books and designs…I'm off to check out your blog!

  7. I am working on a quilt using FQ's. As soon as that's done, I'm going to look into your book. I love pre-cuts!

    Congratulations on publishing your third book!

  8. I just received my first book of Kimberly's last month and her ruler – I won it from her blog and am so excited to use them! The book is so much fun to read and the recipes look really yummy!!!! She has a way of writing the patterns so they make sense – like she is sitting there quilting with you! Love it! She has been so gracious to answer questions when I write! :O) Glad you featured her! :O) Bari Jo