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Guess the Genders Giveaway

Happy Friday, and welcome to our next Giveaway! Two big things happening this week… first

Happy Birthday, Emma! Our little chickie is turning 2 πŸ™‚

Also, as most of you know by now, Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Kimberly Jolly are going to be having twins! We’re super excited, but still in suspense of what the babies’ genders will be. So, to make it fun (and rewarding), we’re making it a Giveaway for our blog readers AND our Twitter followers! (By the way, we are bowled over at the sheer number of followers! If you can help us get to 800, we’ll do another giveaway!! You guys are awesome.)

Either comment on our blog AND/OR reply to us on Twitter with your first name and last initial, what you think the twins will be, AND what collection you like best from the our What’s New pages. Boy/boy? Boy/girl? Girl/girl?

We’ll randomly select one winner from the correct guesses on the blog comments AND one winner from the Twitter replies, so you’ve got two ways to win! Winners will be announced, along with the good news, next Friday, April 10th. We won’t even know the correct pair until next week, so we’re guessing along with you all!

The prize will be something from the What’s New collection you pick, valued up to $60. So get to guessing, and good luck!!


  1. I’m going to guess one of each! A boy and a girl would be grand!

    I love The Carolers, Crazy Eight, and Nostalgia–can’t pick just one.

    Suzanne F

  2. My guess is boy/girl! My favorite What’s New thing is “anything Aviary.” I would love to see that collection in person – haven’t been in a shop yet that has it in stock.

    Amy D.

  3. diane woodward: Boy/boy.
    I am excited to get “Figgy Pudding”! I just redecorated in Restoration Hardware colors and this would make a perfect matching quilt! I also adore “Aviary”.

  4. Hi! I think it will be twin girls. Since pink is my favorite color, I love the Honeysuckle Batiks as well as the Aviary line. Can’t decide! LOL

    Sandy A

  5. Holy Moly! I’m going to guess boy/girl! My favorite new thing is any of those new christmas fabrics! But I also love me some Patisserie…

  6. I’m going with girl/girl. How fun would that be?

    My favorite “What’s New” is Frosted Memories by Holly Taylor.

  7. I’m going to guess one of each because I’m half of a boy/girl set. =)

    My three favorites are The Caroler, Patisserie and Aviary.

    Rani C.

  8. I'm going to guess girl/girl. And my favorite new items for these little girls are the Happily Ever After Quilt pattern by Crazy Old Ladies and the Owl and Pussycat bag pattern by Melly & Me.

    Carol L.

  9. I’m going to guess a girl/girl pair, but that may just be because that is what I want someday!

    Congratulations either way! ;O)

    I am in love with Rebel Roses (I wanted to get both fat quarter bundles and wasn’t able to… I still get the one that’s left, either way! πŸ™‚

  10. My guess is boy/girl – You get the best of both worlds!

    I am in love with the Honeysuckle Batik Bundle – so soft and pretty. I have never purchased or used Batik’s before – I hope to make these beauties the first!

  11. I’m going to guess two more beautiful red headed girls. Can’t wait to hear the good news. My favorite new thing is the Hungry Caterpillar line…but I’m also over the moon for Figgy Pudding and Crazy Eights. I love all your stuff, and your great blog!

    Amy F.

  12. My sister had beautiful boys who grew up to be wonderful men so I hope the twins are boy/boy.

    I have a thing for batiks. The Hoffman Aspen Forest Batiks would look great in any project.

    Claudia Y

  13. I’m guessing girl/girl. My favorite new collection is Honeysuckle Batik (but Aspen Forest is a close second) – I love batiks!

    Carol Y

  14. Again, CONGRATULATIONS! Hope that all is going well with your pregnancy. I’m guessing Girl/Girl. I have a friend with three girls much the same age difference that your children will be.

    I’m loving the new Avairy line by 3 Sisters. But that new Windham line looks tempting, too.

    Take care!

  15. I’m going to guess boy/girl…and I love Nostalgia from the What’s New page…so now I’ll head back over to Twitter and leave my comment there…I just started following on Twitter yesterday!

  16. I’m going to guess Boy/Boy πŸ™‚

    My favourite new line is Mediterranean Monaco. It would be nice to try a line that is different from my usual colours.

    Viv W

  17. My guess is girl/girl! I don’t know I just have a feeling and I am in love with the Honeysuckle Batiks from Hoffman. Good luck! Can’t wait to hear the good news.

  18. I think a couple of brothers for Emma would be fun so that’s my guess.
    I like the Carolers collection even though Aviary is more my style, its a good thing to branch out sometimes right?

  19. My guess is that Emma is going to be the big sister to a boy/girl. I love the new Frosted Memories and am saving my pennies for that collection.

    Cindy D

  20. I think they will be Girl/boy.
    Kansas Winter (but she ALWAYS wins my heart) Nostalgia is a very close second. GREAT new patterns
    Marlise S

  21. Hmmmmmmm well since my twin girls are 15 now, I’ll go with girls.

    I love the Flag Day Farm line. And the Hallmark Christmas is so much fun…… I can’t decide!!!



  22. I’m going to say identical twin girls. I have to because I already have identical twin girls πŸ™‚

    My pick for Favorite New Thing is: The Very Hungry Caterpillar because we love the book so much. I’m also loving Holly Jolly Snowmen and Crazy Eight…so hard to pick just one.

    Tamara V

  23. I’m going with girl/girl!

    my favorite thing would be (it’s always so hard to choose just ONE thing!) Baskets of Flowers Petite Fat Quarter Bundle and the candy bag pattern

    Casey D.

  24. I am going to guess a couple of twin boys.

    My favorite collection is the Holly Jolly Snowmen although I also like the Black White and Red All Over fabrics.

    Laine S

  25. I guess that you will get a matched set, one of each. A boy AND a girl. Two for the price of one. How fun!

    My fave on the What’s New is The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

    Jennifer L

  26. I am going to guess 2 girls that way Emma is a big sister to little sister’s how fun would that be. Not saying that a Boy wouldn’t be great either. All little babies are wonderful in my eyes! Of course that’s why I guess Twins on the first guess of whats new! No matter what they are I prayer mommy,babies are and will be healthly
    sheri w.

  27. I think boy/boy.

    I’d have a hard time choosing but I think my favorite is Aviary, with Figgy Pudding as a close second.

    Marian B.

  28. Congratulations! I have a strong feeling about 2 girls for some reason!
    My favourite What’s New is : French Monaco, the Carolers, Anna Marie patterns, omgosh, the Williamsburg in all colours are divine too! WHo can really pick one? The Hoffman batiks are absolutely drool worthy too!
    Love it all!

  29. wow how did I miss this that twins are on the way………now what is she having well as I am a twin of 2 girls I would like you to have a boy and a girl….
    …so my guess boy/girl……..
    things are going to be busy in that house…..miss emma is so cute…..but she is only 2……

    what a great celebration I would love some “Nostalgia”…….taking me back to the days when I was a little girl with my twin sister….

    Goodluck hope all goes well…….

  30. I think girl/girl – girls all round! I love the new Anna Maria Horner patterns and the Monaco range – Congrats!

  31. I am going to say boy/boy… for the favorite what’s new? Well, it isn’t a collection, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the new Melly and Me bags. I am also thinking Mary Engelbreit’s The Caroler line looks like a fun new take on Christmas fabric.

    Nicole L

  32. I think one for dresses and one for soccer.
    I like all the Lynette Anderson – the magazines and the Aspen Forest Batiks.

    Good Luck
    Jette J from Copenhagen

  33. My guess is Boy/Boy. What fun to find out soon!

    Lots I love, but Frosted Memories by Holly Taylor would be my first choice.

    Lindi J

  34. Okay you said comment on which item…..I love so many of them like the Honeysuckle Batiks, Frosty Noel Batiks, Stashblasters book and I’m not finished the page. Wow do I have a big wish list.

    My guess would be for 2 beautiful boys!

  35. Congratulations on the news of twins – double the fun!! I’m hoping you have boys – I’m one of a set of girls – and I love the Holly Jolly Snowmen by Kathy Schmitz.

  36. hi i think it will be twin boys. good luck.
    My favorite new bundle is the french monaco, and the very hungry caterpillar (probable just nostalgia).

    Jessie B

  37. As a fellow mom of twins, I know what a blessing they are – CONGRATS! I’ll guess GIRL/GIRL, just like mine – they are great friends – it’s so fun! I’m loving the Monaco collection!

  38. My guess is for 2 girls!
    My favorites in your what’s new section would surely be the new AMH patterns – can’t wait to get my hands on those!

  39. My guess is two beautiful boys. After raising two sweet girls of my own, I hadn’t realized what I’d missed out on. Now I’m raising my little 4 year old grandson. Oh my gosh! What a joy he brings to my life. But beware, boys are much messier and love to collect bugs in jars….AND THEN SLEEP WITH THE JAR! My favorite thing about your blog is your listing of your favorite blogs. I’ve added so many to my toolbar so I can check on them daily. But your shop and blog will always be my favorite. Blessings to you and those sweet babies…whatever they may be.
    Gloria M.

  40. I think she will have a Boy/Boy combination…& My favorite new collection is Williamsburg New Town Farm and in a close runner up–Hallmark Christmas!!! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!!
    Cindy N.

  41. I’m one half of a girl/girl twin package and it is loads of fun to have a built-in best friend everywhere you go. So I vote two girls!

    And, I LOVE The Caroler Charm Pack
    Mary Engelbreit for Moda Fabrics. My twin is the craftier of the two of us but she helps me a lot!

  42. I believe a boy/girl. This would let you make both of Brenda Riddle’s new patterns: Benji’s pocket (featured in new section) and Betsy’s closet. I have my eye on those patterns to purchase from you. But also in the ‘new’–I love Lynette Anderson’s new birdhouse purse, the indigo fabrics, and Mary E’s things always make me smile!

  43. I say girl/girl!

    I love all the french monaco colors. Makes me feel less like winter and more like spring/summer.

    Renee F.

  44. I’ll go with Boy/Boy. Boys are actually great fun (although I have to admit mine were 3 years apart LOL).

    Love the Frosted Memories and Kansas Memories collections.

    Karen A.

  45. My guess is Boy/Boy!

    One of my favorites is THE CAROLER layer cake by Mary Englebreit!

    I love you site! Best of everything with the twins!

    Kathy L.

  46. I’m Katie W. I am guessing girl/girl. In the what’s new category, I love Aviary, so anything from that collection would make my day. Or a Nostalgia jelly roll. Congratulations on your two babies.

  47. I am guessing girl/girl………. Hey!! Just cuz – most of us quilters are gals and I would love to welcome a couple more!!! Just kidding (guys). Oh my!! I have been off the boards for a bit or missed some things!! I usually love the homey and coziness of darker fabrics like Kansas Troubles, but for some reason that new April Cornell is tugging at my inner being, but but but….. I spotted that Williamsburg New Farm Town red pack – whooooo hoooo!! Gonna start making me a list………my grandgirls would love that Owl and Pussycat for their little bags or I could make them to look like their cats – how fun would that be for them. Oh just can’t decide but will be anxious to hear if I won!! Thanks for the fun!!! Linda P.

  48. I am guessing it will be boy/girl. And what I like from what’s new. well I love the summer wind pattern and also anything Aviary.

  49. I guess boy/boy. But any gender will be great!
    I would like to see Aviary line,especially “Aviary (any or every color)Gingham Birds Yardage.

  50. I’m going to say two boys! I can’t wait to find out!

    As for favorites, I’d have to pick the crazy eight line – it looks like fun!

  51. Happy Birthday, Emma! You're going to be a wonderful big sister…and since I always vote for girls, my guess will be girl/girl for the twins. The "Indigo Pewter & Honey" by Judie Rothermel is calling my name in the What's New section.

    Debby C.

  52. I am going to guess girl/girl

    Love the patterns by Anna Maria Horner and the Toffee Apple Pattern and the Owl and Pussycat by Melly and Me

    Megan P.

    I’m also a twitter follower πŸ™‚

  53. I’m guessing boy/boy. I just love the Williamburg New Town collection – I went to school in Colonial Williamsburg, so I’ve got a special place in my heart for it!

  54. I think boy/girl. Lots of wonderful new patterns, but I really love the Aspen Forest and Honeysuckle Batik lines AND Frosty Noel is awesome.

  55. I guess two boys.

    April Cornell’s Nostalgia is my favorite. I especially love the colors and the prints are beautiful. The Carolers and Patisserie are very close seconds.

    Monica P.

  56. My guess is going to be one of each as well…boy/girl. Congrats on the expecting of twins:)

    There are so many great new items it is hard to pick just one. I love the new Christmas material and the Hope Quilt pattern.

  57. Congrats! I’m guessing boy/girl. And I would love the Very Hungry Caterpillar fabric…my cousin is having a baby and I need to get to work on his quilt!

    Michele F

  58. I am guessing twin girls. Very exciting no matter the outcome. I love Nostalgia by Moda. Turnovers, Honey Buns, Jelly Rolls, Layer Cakes. Sounds delish!

    Robin S.

  59. Well I have three boys and would have loved to have a little girl so my guess would be girl/girl. But my most important sincere wish is that everyone is healthy and that they add happiness to you and your family. If my name is picked I would like nostalgia or any new town farm item. Really picking the prize is harder then the sex of the twins!! Congratulations!!!!!!

  60. I’m going to guess “girl/girl”, partially because more girls are boys are being born right now, and partially because I can’t remember the last time I saw a set of boys -the twins in my family tree are all girls.

    As for what I like best out of the What’s New section: I love the “Frosty Noel” fat quarter bundle. I think it is exactly what I’m looking for, when it comes to making napkins my wedding that I plan on having in the winter!

    *If it were physically possible I would hold my breath in anticipation and hope!*

  61. I’m guessing girl/girl twins. Would love to win the Frosty NOel batik bundle. Even though I’ll be happy when spring weather really starts, I love the wintry, icy blue of this collection.
    Eileen R

  62. I’m going with girl/girl. My favourites would have to be Nostalgia and Mediterranean Monaco, so great! Thanks for the giveaway!

    -Kaye P.

  63. This is so exciting. Congratulations to the Jolly’s! I’m guessing boy/boy. My favorite is the Holly Jolly Snowmen favorite by Kathy Schmitz for Moda. Love Christmas.

  64. Twins! How exciting! A double blessing! I’m guessing 2 sweet little sisters for Emma. Happy Birthday, Emma!
    I really like the batiks…especially the Aspen line, but really all of your fabrics are luscious.

    Linda H.

  65. I’m thinking girl/boy, but I guess we’ll all have to wait and see.
    There are so many new things! I love all the special cuts, they are so fun. The crazy eights, dessert roll, is a new one I haven’t seen. The frosted memories range looks nice.

  66. I’m guessing girl/girl. (My mother tells me that when she was pregnant with me, she knew I was a girl, because she “wouldn’t have boys.”)
    I’m totally in awe of the French Monaco collection. It looks like big prints, which I love to use fat quarters of for modern quilt designs.
    Fun blog.
    And best of luck to the parents- and babies-to-be!

  67. I am going with Boy/Boy and I love the Melly and Me bag patterns. Any of them is fine, all of them are GREAT. Thanks and best wishes to the mommy to be!

  68. I love the “Birdhouse Bag Pattern
    Lynette Anderson Designs” and the Frosted Memories fabrics! And I think the twins will be … girls!
    Nat D

  69. well, my ideal would be a boy and a girl but since I only have 1 son and he was wonderful to raise, I am going to say 2 boys

    love all the new stuff but anything Lynette Anderson is what catches my eye. I love the new birdhouse purse.

    Robin C

  70. I think girl/girl.

    I think Hallmark Christmas is adorable. (although I don’t know if I can think about Christmas since we’re finally just getting rid of snow now)

    Jen B.

  71. I’m going to guess ya’ll have a boy and a girl! Congrats!

    I scrolled through the new products thinking ah I like that one the best, no I like that one too. It is imposible to pick one!
    The Carolers, Kaufmans Batiks, Aviary ranked tops!

    Christine W

  72. I think 2 boys! Little boys are so sweet and loving.

    I *love* Nostalgia and Aviary (still, sigh).

    Enjoy your pregnancy and your darling Emma.

  73. I’m going to guess two girls.

    I love Aviary, Patisserie, and also Frosted Memories (and lots of others as well)!!

    Congratulations and best wishes to you and the new babies when they arrive!!!

  74. I am guessing girl, girl. I love your Holly Noel, and must have pattern Happily Ever After, and many more. Love your website.

    Sandy G

  75. Happy birthday Emma!

    My guess is two girls (girl/girl), and I love the Patisserie Charming Jelly Cake from Fig Tree Quilts for Moda Fabrics.

    (it was the only Pattiserie bundle/product on the What’s new pages (sorry) that one is to expensive for the give away draw)

    I also love Moda’s Aviary and Nostalgia fabric lines.

    There is so much lovelyness to choose from.
    Thanks for the fun, and good luck to mrs. and mr. Jolly and the little ones!

    Violet V.

  76. i am partial to girls and would say twin girls .. but no matter what they will be well-loved … as far as fabric .. anything aviary or the frosted memories collection. karen m in ca

  77. I hope you have a boy and a girl because it would be much easier to tell them apart. I’m loving Aviary–esp. the eggs on blue!

  78. Well, I’m thinking boy/girl, or maybe boy/boy…but then it could be girl/girl too…LOL. I guess I’ll have to go with boy/boy because they seem to be in the minority poor little guys. My favorite new item is very hard to chose…but I think anything Holly Jolly Snowman, or Frosty Noel because I don’t have anything seasonal yet as a fairly new quilter. But Miss Rosies Windmills In Flight quilt kit is sooooo beautiful. Very hard to choose. Most importantly, congratulations on the twins. I know you will be delighted no matter what.

  79. I think Emma would love to have two little brothers, so I’m guessing twin boys.

    Aspen Forest Batik would be my pick if I should win.

    Ruthie W

  80. I’m going to guess boy/boy! How fun for the Jollys!! I would have loved to have had twins! Oh, choosing just one of the new lovelies is very hard…it would have to be either Aviary or Patisserie for me! Congratulations again on the new additions!

    Terri G

  81. girl/girl I’m partial to little girls! All my children were girls and all my grandchildren are girls! I like the Crazy Eight fabric. Cynthia B.

  82. I’m going to go with boy/boy. I’m loving Aviary. I can’t think Christmas yet. It hasn’t even stopped snowing from this winter.

  83. I think you will have twin girls. Just like me. I don’t think I can pick just one new addition. But, I do love batiks and I do love snowmen…. they are all really great!
    Thank you,

  84. I guess for the combination boy/girl!
    I would love to have twins! Good luck to you three & Happy Birthday to Emma:)

    Sonja D.

    I like the Hallmark Christmas

  85. I think it will be two baby girls. I love French Monaco by Dena Designs and Anna Maria Horner’s Multi Tasker Tote.
    Christine R.

  86. I think they will be girl/girl.
    And it was really hard to pick one but I love the Gold and Brown Williamsburg New Town Farm from Windham…

  87. Congrats on the twins. My guess girl /girl. My fav fab for TODAY… Monaco or Basket of Flowers… either would make for fun girl quilts.

  88. My guess on the babies is boy/boy. Won’t the big sister be proud. My favorite new collection is the Indigo, Pewter, and Honey.

  89. Oh, wow! My guess is one of each. It’s exciting to have twins around. I just became an Auntie to twins a little over a month ago, a boy and a girl!

  90. Well, my vote is for a boy/girl twin set. . . I’m a bit partial though, that’s what my twins are! My favorite new thing is yet to hit the store, French Hat Box from Tanya Whelan!

  91. My guess is boy/boy.

    As far as favorite new thing, it was very difficult to choose just one! So I’m narrowing it to French Monaco, Fig Tree Jelly Cake, and Nostalgia.

    Iva M.

  92. Holly Noel, with Frosty Noel a very close second…I may need them both!…just like the variety of boy AND girl…hope they are healthy..we Know y’all will spoil them (grins)
    Carol D.

  93. Definitely going with boy/boy. It seems to be the trend in my little corner of the world, so I’m sticking to it!

    As for the fabric, I am a batik lover and going to say one of the Island Batik bundles, BUT free fabric is definitely a chance to go out of one’s normal range. With that in mind, I am quite attracted to French Monaco

  94. I guess boy/girl. I always thought that would be neat, and you would not have to guess who was who! I jotted down four collections, and narrowed it down to Kansas Winter and Honeysuckle Batik.

    Carmen O

  95. I’m going to guess BOY/GIRL! πŸ™‚

    So much great new stuff! I love the Anna Maria Horner and Melly and Me patterns, and the new fabric collection, “Monaco” by Dena Designs.

  96. Since I have a twin sister so I will guess girl/girl. How fun!

    It is so hard to pick just one. Love Indigo, Pewter & Honey… so that would be my one.

    Richelle R.

  97. I’m guessing 2 boys!

    I really like Patissere right now it is darling. I also like Frosted Memories, but I am not ready for winter/Christmas yet.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  98. Oh, I think that I will guess a boy/girl because that it what I would want if I was having twins. I certainly can’t decide what I like more in the fabrics. The french and mediteranean monaco prints are awesome! because I like bright colors and the paisley prints in the williamsburg are very nice too. Hm…

  99. Congratulations on your new bundles of joy!

    I’m going to guess girl/girl.

    My favorite new collections are both of the Monacos by Dena for Free Spirit!

  100. that is WONDERFUL news!!

    My guess is girl/girl.

    I think my favorite new item is the “Frosted Memories” – I love how they are very muted.

  101. I’ll guess a boy and a girl! Congratualations on your soon to be new additions.
    I’d love that new Lynette Anderson Birdhouse bag pattern and her Felix and Hugo buttons – thank you for offering her items for sale! Would you also consider stocking patterns from Leanne’s House and Janelle Wind?
    Pat S.

  102. Congratulations on twins!!!
    I will guess boy/girl, wishing you two bundles of health and hmmmm sweet babiness.

    Yes I love everything in the new section, Oh dear to pick one, I loved paper dolls, McCalls magazine if I remember right. I choose that one.

    Best wishes.

  103. I am thinking the twins will be girl/girl.

    Congratulations and good luck.

    I like many of the new lines but particularly like Monaco!!

    Wendy W.

  104. I think it will be two girls. Hope to win a fabric bundle. Love Aviary! Thanks! Good luck to the new little ones.

  105. First, my favorite new lines are Holly Jolly Snowmen and Williamsburg New Town Farm. My ecclectic tastes – go figure~!

    As far as the new “Jolly” line of products (ha), I figure a pair of rascally, sweet boys would make life interesting around your home! One boy for Emma, one boy for Mom – and Dad gets everyone!

  106. Happy Birthday Emma!
    I'm guessing boy/boy. Which ever it is, congrats to Mom & Dad. So many favorites to choose from, but narrowed it down to the Holly Jolly Snowmen by Kathy Schmitz.

  107. Congratulations – children and wonderful! I’m going to guess Boy/boy… My favorite is the island batiks…

  108. I think girl/girl!
    I have to say that I just LOVE LOVE LOVE Sandy Gervais’ new Crazy Eight line…I can just imagine my house done up in all those fun fabrics!

    Can’t wait to hear the results!
    Laura W.

  109. Okay, I am going for girl/girl, as I have three little girls and LOVE it! Can’t have enough girlies! I love Erin McMorris’ new line! Yay! I love giveaways!

  110. Congrats on the twins. I think it will be a boy and a girl. I love so many of the new collections, but my favorites are frosted memories and Williamsburg New Town Farm.

  111. I’m guessing boy/boy and Miss Emma will be the boss of both of them! I love the Aviary collection but Nostalgia is calling me too.

  112. Congratulations on twins! Double the fun! Seriously, but forget about sleeping. I had identical boys but I am thinking that you will be having the assortment pack: one of each!

  113. Ohhh how fun. I always wanted twin girls — more fun to sew for.

    …and I love the Mediterranean Monaco line.

  114. I think Emma will have a brother and a sister. Happy birthday to Emma and double congratulations on your twins.

    My favorite what's new collection is Nostalgia anything, but the Melly & Me stuffies are a close second and I have to mention the gorgeous botanical batiks.

  115. I’m going with Boy/Boy!!! Boys are so much fun, especially in pairs!

    I love the Frosty Noel Fat quarters!
    Jennifer S

  116. Oh! Oh! Boy/Boy. That is my guess. I’m liking “The caroler” a lot. And the honeysuckle batik. Yum. Edith P.

  117. Good luck for the big day, Kimberley. I’m guessing boy/boy. And I’m loving Nostalgia and Aviary from What’s New.

  118. Happy Birthday Emma! Two is so much fun!!! You are so lucky to have a new brother and sister coming to your house. Yes, my choice is boy/girl. Twins are so exciting…you get one for each hand and twice the hug factor.
    I just spent an hour looking at all the wonderful new choices. Very tough to make a decision. I think Frosty Noel Batik is very pretty, but my two absolute favorites are Aviary and Indigo,Pewter and Honey. I absolutely pine for yardage of several Aviary prints. Judy Rothermel was here last month at the Broward Quilt Expo in Ft. Lauderdale. I saw Indigo, Pewter and Honey up close and personal. It is amazing. I love it!

    Thanks for another wonderful give away.
    Peggy M.

  119. I’m thinking boy/boy. Wouldn’t Emma be such a sweet big sister to two little boys!
    I have fallen in love with “Aviary”

  120. I’m going to guess two girls for the twins, congratulations!

    My favourite … (at this very moment, anyway), is Nostalgia

    Anne S.

  121. I am going to guess girl/girl and
    then you would have your own
    “3 sisters”.
    I love Aviary by 3 sisters, very chic!
    Maureen L

  122. Hmmm…I’m going to guess girl/girl because I’ve always thought it would be so much fun to have 3 little girls. (I only had one but she’s been a delight!) My fav fabric collection is Nostalgia but as usual I can think of so many projects with most of the others, too! Dont’cha just LOVE fabric?!!

  123. How exciting to find out the gender! I’m guessing girl/girl. But I’m sure you’ll be happy no matter what.

    So many wonderful things on the new page – amongst my favorites are Frosted Memories, Nostalgia and the Aspen Forest batiks

  124. Congratulations on the twins! My guess is boy/girl.

    As for the new collections, I can’t go past the lovely Christmas Noel batiks – I can’t decide if I like the Frosty or the Holly set better!

    Claire O

  125. Congratulations! I’m predicting two boys.

    I love both the Indigo, Pewter and Honey and Williamsburg New Town Farm
    lines of fabric.

  126. My guess is Girl, Girl. My favorite new collection is Aspen Forest Batik by Hoffman! Your web site is awesome, thanks for the great job and terrific selection!!

  127. I think they will be a boy and a girl! I like Kansas Winter, and also Williamsburg New Town Farm. I really wanted to choose Rebel Roses, but it wasn’t on the Newest Additions pages. That is my absolute favorite!!

    Nancy L.

  128. My guess would be girl/girl. Congratulations on your good news!

    I absolutely love the Beach House Collection. The fabs are so soft and breezy.

  129. I am guessing boy/boy, little brothers for Emma.

    I like the Carolers by Mary Englebreit, in the Midnight colorway.

    Best wishes to the whole family!

    Mary E