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Feels Like Home Week 1 + May-nia Update

We are kicking off Week 1 of the Mystery Feels Like Home Stitch Along with one of my favorite blocks, this cute little bluebird! He’s come to visit us on this beautiful day. If you are part of the club you received an email today with the first pattern, and I hope you’re stitching along.

We invited some stitchy friends to stitch along with us and they’re sharing their Feels Like Home progress on their vlogs. You can share yours, too, with the hashtag #FeelsLikeHomeSAL and be sure to tag us @fqsxstitch so we can see and share your work!

For FQS Stitch May-nia I am working on 18 new projects. Each day I will work on either a new project or a continuation of one I previously started. Some people focus on one large project during Stitch May-nia or choose to finish WIPs. You can plan your May-nia to what works best for your schedule! These are the projects I started on for the first week of FQS Stitch May-nia.


Share your progress with us by using #FQSStitchMaynia

If you’re stitching, what are your plans for FQS Stitch Maynia? Please share in the comments below. Please join on Facebook and Instagram. Be sure to tag us @fqsxstitch so we can see your work!

Happy Stitching!

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  1. My Granny was a lady tailor! She made men’s and women’s suits and overcoats. From the time I was a little girl I sat beside her machine as she applied her trade! One day, she told me that I was ready for a test. The thought of actually sitting down and sewing almost left me breathless. To start me out, she had me sew on lines that she drew on a paper, no thread and an old needle were in the machine. For days I practiced and finally the day came when I was ready. Granny started me with potholders, and then tea towels. Finally, the big day arrived, she gave me a very simple pattern for a girl’s sundress. It had a plain little top and no sleeves. The first thing she had me do was iron out the pattern pieces. She taught me to “read” a pattern and fabric. She then showed me how to lay the pieces on the fabric keeping aware of arrows and clipping signs. Years later when I was married and expecting my first baby, I used these skills to make my maternity clothes from m husband’s old navy “whites”. In those days you recycled everything, especially fabric. As the years went by and the babies were born, I made layettes and Halloween costumes for my children. Now that I am a grandmother I have graduated to the art of quilting. As the grandchildren come along, I make their first quilt. What joy this skill has brought to my life, it brings such peace to my soul to cut and piece each block of that quilt. Happily my eldest daughter has the same skill and will carry on after I am gone. It’s a wonderful gift a mother and grandmother can pass on to the next generation!

  2. My Dear Mother and her two Sisters taught me so much about sewing, embroidery, hardanger and quilting during the ugly years of WWII, when we al waited and waited for our Loved Ones to come home to us. What a Blessing stitching was to me then and now. Today it is pure pleasure to sew and to mentor others in this beautiful and satisfying art. Giving pleasure to both the maker and the recipient.Love my Needles and Threads!