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Farm Girl Vintage Photo Shoot!

Hey everyone! A couple of weeks ago, Kimberly and the FQS team took a trip to the great beehive state Utah to visit the lovely Bee in My Bonnet for her upcoming book, Farm Girl Vintage

From left to right: Cindy of Riley Blake, Lori Holt, Kimberly, Sarah, and Jina of Riley Blake
If you haven’t heard the “buzz” about this adorable book, it contains over 14 projects including 10 quilts, three farm blocks, 45 different sampler blocks (in 6″ and 12″ sizes) and 140 pages of inspiration.
Now it’s time for some sneak peeks at our photoshoot!
Lori’s magical wardrobe full of quilts!
Scrappy Haystack Sampler
Summer Picnic quilt
Milking Day quilt
Farm Girl Vintage Sampler quilt
Now that you’ve had a little taste of Farm Girl Vintage, be sure to pre-order your copy at our shop! When you do, we will include a brand new Bee in My Bonnet Canning Season pattern (retails for $9.98) for FREE. This pattern includes a small quilt and two mason jar covers to go with your Farm Girl Vintage book! 
Canning Season pattern projects 
And, here is another fun sneak peek, Kimberly made her own adorable table runner from the book in the Milk, Sugar & Flower collection by Elea Lutz. How cute is this?
Now we know that you are all anxious for the book’s release in April 2015, so hurry and pre-order your copy today. You won’t want to miss our upcoming Farm Girl Vintage sew along coming soon (you will need your book handy to join). 

Thank you so much for joining us and Lori today! Happy quilting! 


  1. Oh my word, the third quilt from the bottom, the one with the bottles (or vase?)… that quilt is just GORGEOUS. I love everything about it! (and let's face it… I love all the quilts on this post – your use of color and pattern is just spot on.)

  2. Oh, which quilt is going to be in the Quilt Along? I'm thinking that could be a lot of fun. I was a farm girl, too, but I married a city boy. Now that my kids are grown I wish they'd had the same (well, at least some of the same) farm experience I had. Especially, the apple trees, a pony, a couple dogs and lots of cats & kittens and all that sunshine and time outdoors, not to mention the chores and driving a tractor, instead of playing video games so much, is what I wish they had experienced.

  3. I have already pre-ordered FARM GIRL VINTAGE and can't wait to get it. Just can't get enough of this one either!

    Thanks for all y'all do!

  4. Rosemary B here
    first photo of you 5 is sweet. Thanks for all that you do and share.
    I love these quilts. The book is on my wish list. Thank you

  5. I fell in love with this at first sight. I have my pre-order in already. Love the mason jars, milk cans-everything! The wall hanging behind everyone is pretty awesome too!

  6. I've already ordered the book and am getting to ready to place a FQS order for fabric. Would you be able to tell me what fabric you'll be doing the quilt along in….I might like to get some in the same order I place. Thanks so much!