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Fall Quilt Market 2014: Sunday

Happy Sunday! We’re in the last half of Fall Quilt Market and we are having an amazing time in Houston! Today, we were so excited to meet new friends and fans during our book signings and of course browse more amazing notions and collections at Market. Keep reading for more photos from Market! 

Our favorite duo shows off their new Bandana collection for Moda Fabrics
Playing hide and seek with Joanna of Fig Tree Quilts
Cotton + Steel‘s new collection is just A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E
Don’t you just love Tula Pink’s throne? We do!
Welcome Jen Kingwell to the Moda Fabrics designers family
Gerri of Planted Seed Designs beautiful quilts and projects from her new book Quilted Living
Melissa of Polkadot Chair‘s Derby Style collection for Riley Blake Designs is so cute
Leah Duncan for Art Gallery Fabrics was inspired by Austin, TX (our home) when she created her collection
Jocelyn, Kimberly, and Sarah at another Fat Quarter Style book signing
Pam Kitty Morning showing off her new collection for Lakehouse
Happy 30th birthday Kona
Wildflower Meadow collection for Riley Blake Designs is perfect for a little girl’s room
So excited for Julie of Jaybird Quilt’s Gravity quilt (look out for our video on the quilt soon)
Brenda Riddle’s Ambleside collection is definitely one of our favorites
We know you’re anxiously waiting for Daysail by Bonnie & Camille

Since Quilt Market was filled with book signings, we’re giving away a copy of our first It’s Sew Emma book, Simply Fat Quarters, our newest book, Fat Quarter Style, and our book with Gerri of Planted Seed Designs, Quilted Living to three lucky winners! 

To enter, it’s time for Math class and some number crunching! All you need to do is guesstimate how many steps Kimberly took on average at Quilt Market per day. We kept count on a handy dandy Fitbit, and it’s going to be a little shocking! 

Enter our giveaway through Rafflecopter!  This contest will close on Monday, October 27th at 11:59 pm CST and the winner will be announced on Wednesday, October 29th. For the final day of Quilt Market, come back and see what made Kimberly’s Favorite Finds list, plus what each Fat Quarter Shop staff picked as their standout Market collection!  

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  1. I think it is 14000 steps – I would love to add u to my friends on Fitbit to challenge???? I can't wait to see what the FQS will add to its collection of fabric.

  2. I've been to events in that convention center so I'm going to guess 40, 358 (give or take a step or two!)

  3. When I go to Festival next week, I know that I'll walk at least 3 miles in zig-zag style – up and down the aisles! So, I'm guessing Kimberly might have done half that plus a little more for nosing around all the colorful booths, so I'm guessing that it's around 3900.

  4. I do about 13000 just walking around our op shop all day volunteering so I'm thinking Kimberley probably averaged about 18250 per day

  5. I'm guessing she took WAAAAY more than expected!! Maybe around 33000? Wish I'd been in her pocket while she took 'em!

  6. I will guess 20,452 steps in a day! There is much to see. Thank you for this great giveaway. Have a super great day and rest up after all that walking!

  7. 18000! I bet you didn't even notice how many you took because there was so many beautiful things to see! Thanks! Sarah: crjandsbj(at)netzero(dot)com

  8. i have so enjoyed seeing market thru your pictures. i would imagine that in a single day at market it would not be unusual to get in 29,575 steps. would love to win your second book as i already have the first. patti in florida

  9. I'm guessing there's quite a lot of area to walk, but considering time spent sitting and listening to presentations and time book signings, you can't be walking the entire time. How about 24,000 on average? That's still a huge amount, I think.

  10. Kimberly took 25689 steps per day, and then fell asleep in a chair back in her hotel room…..LOL…..poor girls her feet must be killing her….hope she wore great shoes…..

  11. Well last year she avereaged 5.2 miles per day and I think they'd be smaller steps than average exercising steps, so I'm guessing 13,317.

  12. I am guessing 25,060 steps. My birthday was on 25 oct and I let you guess what the 60 stands for!
    I spent most of yesterday looking up Kimberley's posting on Instagram, being so envious! Oh! How I would love to make it to Market some day! This was the next best thing!
    Thank you so very much!
    PS. I love your You Tube videos: so professional, so well organized. I especially appreciate your efficiency, I would venture to guess that you were a teacher in a previous life!
    Diane Cรดtรฉ,

  13. Because I'be never used one of those devices, I have absolutely no frame of reference. I'm going to refrain from looking at the suggestions of other, smarter folks and guess 12,021.

    Thanks for taking all those steps and all those photos!

  14. I am guessing about 15,000 steps- there is a whole lot of walking going on at Quilt market.
    The books look terrific. I am sure your winners will love them.
    Regards from Alberta,