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Fall Market 09: We’ve arrived! and Sample Spree Giveaway…

** Thanks for entering! This giveaway is now CLOSED!! **

We’re here!! After a long, arduous…3 hours in the car (yes, that is very tongue-in-cheek, and kudos to all you certain folks who drove halfway across the country in your cargo vans) we have arrived here at the Fall 2009 International Quilt Festival in Houston! What happened tonight? Fabric 2.0 Lite, hosted by J. Caroline, and Sample Spree! (Snagged some goodies for a giveaway — keep reading!)

We arrived late afternoon, so didn’t get to do any Schoolhouse 🙁 But the Fabric 2.0 event was fun…met some Twitter peeps and other shops, including the host Caroline (who is soooo friendly & fun)!

 Then headed over to Sample Spree, where we bought a little bit of this, a little bit of that…

I don’t have a picture, but Debbie was so wild about her Allie sample that she bought from Bunny Hill Designs!

Some pretty quilts caught our attention…this is from the Me to You table, and uses some Flower Sugar <3
Saw some familiar faces 🙂

Now how cute is that? Melly & Me, with their Hooty and Tweet softies!
So nice to put faces to names! Met Vickie, Julie & Rachel
Reminder to self: restock on these Carolina Patchwork patterns, they’re fantastic…
More yummy fabric at Red Rooster’s table

Ran into the French General — Kaari Meng! Her new line Rural Jardin is…sigh! Still waiting for Rouenneries yardage to drop!! Hurry hurry, Moda!
Stopped to admire this Meet Me in the Meadow display at Jillily’s table…
SAMPLER BOXES! Moda Bake Shop’s newest!!
And the Moda chaos only beginning…
Ain’t Sample Spree a beautiful thing?

We smuggled some of these beauties back to our room…Moda’s newest Bake Shop addition, the Sampler box!! Aren’t they smart?? I’m using way too many punctuation marks in this paragraph, but we love them so much…we hope you do too!

The Moda Bake Shop Sampler box comes stocked with 12 packs of 40 – 2 1/2″ squares. Each pack is a new Moda release…hence you get to sample a little bit of 12 lines. SWEET! It also includes projects & templates for charm quilts, as well as the history of charm quilts. The groups for this season’s box include Bar Harbor, Butterfly Garden, Collection for a Cause: Charity, Eden, Frolic, Garden Party, Lakeside Resort, Looking Back, Martinique, Spring Fever, Verna and Whimsy. AND, this box is available in November, so you get to sample the fabric waaaay before the line even comes out in Feb/Mar 2010! I think it makes a perfect gift, just in time for the holidaaaaays…

So here’s how you can help us…we have just added the Moda Bake Shop Sampler Box to our store’s Coming Soon page. If you wish to be notified when the Sampler box arrives in our store, let us know via Kimberly’s e-mail address in the pink paragraph below the Sampler box, so we can get a good idea of how many to order at our Moda meeting! That way we can have enough for all!

Help us, help you! 😉

Yeah and of course…the giveaway! So what have you heard about in Twitterverse and Blogland about Market? Who would you like us to visit and paparazzi? Comment on this post (gets you 1 entry) and or send us a tweet (for another entry) to let us know, and 5 winners will receive these super sweet Sampler boxes! We’ll announce the winner next week!

For now good night…tweet & talk more tomorrow 😀


  1. I would like to know who the 3 sisters are that design for Moda? I thought found there website once but it looked pretty non-descript for the fab fabrics that they design… are they that illusive?

  2. I love the sampler box! I love getting your updates on twitter and I am so jealous that you are surrounded by all those yummy fabrics!

  3. Lots and lots of booth pictures of Minick & Simpson, Bunny Hill, Little Acorn, French General, anything Robyn Pandolph … heck, you know the ones I like! Oh, and pictures of quilts with applique and piecing like the Sugar Flower and Jilly ones you have here. 🙂 Mostly you all have a ton of fun!

  4. I would love to see the Lecien booth and what they're coming out with!! Also Tanya Whelan and Amy Butler oh and the 3 sisters….actually I'll be happy with any all things quilt market 🙂 Oh I love the sampler box, so soo cute!

  5. Your shop is my first stop when looking for fabric. Can you stop and have a look at the new range called 'California' Dreamin' by Jenean Morrison? If you like it as much as I do then maybe you just might decide to stock it too 🙂

    Have a great time at market!!

  6. Ohhh!! Such wonderful goodies, I would love to see all the Lecien fabrics and Cosmo threads. Plus, of course, anything from French General! I'm turning greener by the minute.

  7. Love the Sampler Box. What a brilliant idea. The things these people come up with. As for any requests for what I would like to see. I cant decide as I would like to see everything!!!! Sample spree should be called Heaven instead I think hee hee 🙂

  8. The sampler box looks fantastic. I want to see it all too! Figtree, 3 Sisters, Tanya Whelan …. actually anything MODA. And news of all the Aussies over there would be terrific too.

  9. I always love the way you bring the show to us with your pictures!!! Great Sampler Box~Ö~
    Your my Angels!!! I like Bunny Hill, Little Acorn, April Cornell, Lakehouse, French General, Minick & Simpson, Pamkittymorning… I could go on and on! But I would just absolutely love to win a sampler box and send you a picture to post of what was made with it!!!
    My eyecandy is working overtime. Please pickin me! Crcliffe@Yahoo.com

  10. The Sampler Box looks fabulous – 40 bits from 12 lines, I can barely control myself!! I'd love to see the "Sweetwater" stall (love "Authentic" and can't wait to see "Make Life…"). There are also a few Aussies over there – Diedre & Leonie from "The Quilted Crow" in Tassie, Helen Stubbings from "Hugs & Kisses", and you can't beat Rosalie and Mel from "Melly & Me".

  11. The sampler box is adorable! It looks like a lovely chocolate box.
    Japanese quilters will surely love this box,because they(we) like to piece with tiny pieces.

    I'd like to see the booth of Fig Tree Quilts,Sandy Gervais,Thimbleberries…and those who don't have their own blog.

  12. LOVE the Sampler Box – what a great idea! Would like to see Joanna's booth Fig Tree & Co), Heather Mulder Peterson and Sandy Gervais, just to name a few! Bring back lots of goodies for the shop!

  13. I love this sampler box…those folks at Moda sure know how to market a product, don't they? I would love to see more Sandi Henderson and Tula Pink coverage please!!

  14. oohh–my list is quite long:
    new Amy Butler patterns
    new Heather Bailey fabric and patterns
    new Denyse Schmidt fabric
    new flannel, home dec and laminated fabric from some of the lines

    Did I say my list was long?

  15. Oh wow! You all are certainly having a lot of fun surrounded by all those yummy displays and gorgeous fabrics. Thank you for posting this wonderful update so folks that aren't there at the market get a taste of how it is like. The sampler box is such a wonderful idea; Moda has done it again! 🙂

  16. Thanks for a great blog. I would love to win a sampler box! Heather Bailey and Laura Gunn should have some wonderful things to show.

  17. The Sampler Box looks too good to be true! We need updates from Minick & Simpson, Blackbird Designs, 3 Sisters, Sandy Gervais, Fig Tree, etc. Love the pictures; how excitiing to be at Sample Spree. Keep those updates coming.

  18. I echo the call for Lecein and I would like to see Heather Bailey's new fabric. Is Tanya Whelan there?

    I love the new Moda sampler box and would love to get one when they are available. Winning one would be better!

  19. I love the pictures and commentary. Keep it all coming. I don't even know what to expect from quilt market. I just wish I was there!

  20. Oh my goodness…the list would be too long. Who do I want to see? Sandy Gervais, Lynette Anderson, Anne Sutton, Melly and Me to name a few. Love the little sampler boxes, I think my stash absolutely MUST have this!

  21. That looks like so much fun! I would love to meet Tula Pink (I know that's not her real name) and Camille(but I know she didn't go)

    Quilt market looks awesome!!! I'm so jealous of you guys. Have fun and keep posting lots of pics!

  22. I also would love to see some of sweetwater's new line…make life…it looks like so much fun from the sneak peaks. Also, I just love you showing all the lovelies and giving credit for where we can get the patterns, fabrics, etc. You are all wonderful to share! Wish I was there!

  23. The sampler box looks devine! What a great idea to tempt us with lots of new fabrics!

    Thank you for all the news and photos from Houston.

    The whole place looks huge and overwhelming. I would love to hear about it all!!!

    Have lots of fun and keep the great posts coming!!

  24. These photos look like TOO much fun! Thank you SEW much for sharing..we get a little "sampler" of what you're enjoying.

    Sewing hugs and blessings…

  25. The box looks yummy!!! I would love you to visit and paparazzi Melly & Me and Rosalin Quinlan from Australia. I would love to see her fabrics (((O:
    Have lots and lots of fun and look frowar to your next post!!! It's as though I''m a tiny bit part of it (O:

  26. I am a new quilter and this is my first time to see your blog at market, so I am looking forward to seeing as many samples as you can post!!!!! Thanks for the chance – so jealous you get to touch all that yummy fabric! LOL!

  27. I'd like to know more about the French General, Fig Tree and certainly the new entries that we will be hearing more about in the future.
    The Sampler box is so enticing. What fun to play with all those fabrics. I'm sure that will lead to more fabric purchases.

  28. Those samplers are fabulous – certainly a great idea! Let's see, oh so much to find out- but perhaps it would be great fun to see the Michael Miller folks or Lecien to see what they've all been up to recently!
    Have a wonderful weekend and stay at Market!

  29. There are a couple of people! Anna Maria Horner because apparently she brought her new baby with her and Tula Pink because she is one of my top designers right now. And Joanna from Fig Tree just because I think she is a very nice lady!

  30. Oh, I wish I was there to see it all!! These Moda Samplers look delicious! Of course, like a kid in a candy shop – I want it ALL! Thanks for sharing photos for those of us who don't get to go to Market. Julie

  31. I'd love to see what Lecien is showing at market! Does Yuwa attend, too? Thanks for sharing photos…fun for us at home to get to see a bit of what's happening down there.

  32. Great giveaway from Moda. I would love to see anything Michael Miller, Chelsea Anderson from Pink Fig patterns, love Jennifer Paganelli, heck anything from Free Spirit. Have fun, wish I was there!!!

  33. Love the Sampler Box! I like seeing all the pictures of the products and people…Want to see Denyse Schmidt's new line…
    Thanks for sharing it all with us.

  34. I would love to see lots of pics of new patterns, fabrics – booths – just all of it! What's Terry Atkinson up to, or Gudrun or how about Heather and Joel from Anaka's Treasures?
    Are there any patterns available for those wonderful new Moda Bake Shop Sampler boxes? Thanks for sharing all your photos and bringing Market to us!

  35. I want to go myself and see everyone!!It looks great.I would love to see the make life sweet booth. Thanks for the giveaway

  36. Oh those sampler boxes are a neat idea.
    Looks like you are going to having a great time.
    I think I would like to know who the 3 Sisters would be?

  37. I would love to see and hear more about Studio E. I just bought their most recent line and think design and the colorways are just fantastic.

  38. Very cool. I'd love to see what Atkinson designs are up to. I'm also interested in what general trends are out there for 2010

  39. Thanks so much for sharing pictures!!! I desperatly wish I could bet there – so I really appreciate all the pictures. The designers I'm most interested in seeing are Bunny Hill, Fig Tree, Lecian, and French General.

  40. After following you at spring market – looked forward all day yesterday to your Houston updates – great pix! Please keep them coming.

    What's new from Kansas Troubles and Fabri-Quilt?

  41. Hi! I to want to see EVERYTH
    ING! But I'll try to make a list although I know I'll forgget something… Fig Tree, French General (love, love, love!) Thimbleblossoms, and anything else you come up with!

  42. Those Sampler Boxes make me weak in the knees! What will Moda think of next??

    Go poke around Sandy Gervais's booth–love her!

  43. Oh thanks for sharing- I could not go this time- i would love to see Lynette Anderson's booth, Lecian, Henry Glass and Brenda Riddle's booth! Thanks and have a blast there!

  44. I'm really trying to NOT jump into Twitterville, but you're making it awfully tempting! I love seeing all the pictures from a lot of bloggers. If I could just go buy everything that I'm seeing!

  45. I would love to visit all of them or even be a fly on the wall at Quilt Market!! My personal must meets would be Amy Butler, Heather Bailey, Patty Young, Paula Prass, you know everybody!

  46. I'd love to see what the LizzieB booth looks like. Those two are so creative and crazy. 🙂 Thank you for the wonderful give-away. Take care and God bless, Cory

  47. Love the sampler box such a great idea! I would love to see Sandi Henderson "Meadowsweet", Heather Bailey, Paula Prass, pictures of quilts, well pretty much anything.

  48. The photos are great! I love being able to see what's going on at market through all the blogs. I've been reading Sandy Gervais' blog and her booth looks just adorable.

  49. I love the photos. it gets me so excited to make my Christmas list! 🙂 I was curious about 'California' Dreamin' by Jenean Morrison. Thanks!

  50. Thank you for sharing the yummy pics of the new fabric! And what a great idea-The Shop Sampler! It is hard to pick my favs…but I would love to see Fig Tree, Sandy Gervais, French General…I love it all! Thank you so much for sharing!

  51. The Sampler Boxes are great! Thanks for your updates at Quilt Market. They are always awesome along with your fabulous photos.

    Would love to see the booths of: Anka's Treasures
    Fig Tree
    Pieces From My Heart Sandy Gervais
    Terry Atkinson for Red Rooster
    Chez Moi
    Little Acorns Lecien

  52. Love the Sampler Box. It would be so much fun to work with. And I don't want to miss a thing. Do you think you could show us all?

  53. I would love to see the new French General line and of course, 3 Sisters–what am I saying, anything Moda, of course.

  54. Love your posts! From what I read, it's really hot there for set-up. The Sample Boxes are really neat – thanks for the pictures!

  55. wait wait don't go to bed, I want to hear more. I look forward to your blog and market is just the best. It is like I'm there with you. Send lots of pictures, please. dianew revak, fl

  56. How fun! I love that sampler box idea… so clever! As for what I'd like to see from market – can you post pics of the sample spree madness here on the blog? I've heard it's absolutely crazy and that the Moda booth is completely mobbed.

  57. That sampler box from Moda is such a smart idea!
    Have fun at Market. I'm enjoying seeing it all so keep the blog posts coming!

  58. Thanks so much for this wonderful market post! The sampler box is wonderful…I'll definitely be heading over to your site to e-mail for it! Now, from all I've heard in blogs and Twitter…I'm thinking Kaari Meng's new line "Rural Jardin" is the one I most want to see right now!

  59. Thank you for sharing your visit. I would like to see Sue Sutton's Bunny Hill, Amy Butler, and Fig Tree. The sampler is so sweet and yummy!

  60. I love the Sampler Box idea! How clever – MODA has some great marketing folks!

    I would love to see some of Heather Mulder Peterson, Three Sisters, and Moda's newest stuff.

    Thanks for helping us "be there" with all the photos!

    Bari B

  61. Thanks for sharing market with us – so fun to see all the inner working of the fabric world. Would love to catch a sneak peek at some of the new line and patterns coming down the pipe, so anything you can share would be great! Love the sampler box, too!

  62. I'm following your tweets from market. I hope you show photos of the new French General line and also new quilt designs by Minick & Simpson. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  63. How cute is that sampler box?!

    I'm loving all the quilt market pictures! I really want to see the booths and their smiling proud desingers, especially Fig Tree Quilts, Patty Young's and BariJ's!

  64. Ooooooh I want a sampler box!!

    And I would love to see my friend Rob Appell–he's at market with Michael Miller, selling his realistic wildlife quilt patterns.

  65. Naturally, I want to see everything! Always love Fig Tree, Three Sisters,Miss Rosie and everything Schnibbles…oh heck, just everything. Thanks for all the pictures. Keep them coming.

  66. How neat to see a picture of Rachel, whose blog ( PS I quilt) I follow., thank you for posting pictures of people and fabrics. Sandy Gervais is someone I am interested in knowing more about.

  67. I don't tweet and I am on vacation! Just had to check in on QM news. I would love to see what is coming over at Michael Miller, get some pics of Sandi with her newest line – Meadowsweet.

  68. I would like you to look at: Stitchery from Lynette Anderson- Annie Downs and Red Brolly. Sprout design -Melly and me – Sandy Klop -Michelle Engel Bencsko

    Have fun

  69. If you could just get a booth pic of every booth at market that would be fab. =) Just kiddin' of course–but, seriously, the booth pics are my favorites–I'd love to know if there is any new Lecien cuteness coming & I'd love a pic of Heather Bailey's booth–can't wait for Nicey Jane!

  70. Please take a lots of pictures of "Rural Jardin" by French General. Moda's Sampler Box is great idea! I can hang on the wall and count how many days to buy those beautiful fabrics.

  71. The other members of the Jolly Jabber INEEDTOKNOWRIGHTNOW Club kicked me out last night for falling asleep. They said some nonsense about me snoring while I was waiting for you to finish your market post.

    I love your post, I love your pics. Love. Love. Love your market posts!

    PS… Now I have exclamationitis – which I caught from you. I mean… which I caught from you!!!

  72. You should have warned us first – there is some serious drooling going on here! I just love the idea of those Sampler Boxes and I would be in heaven with Jillily's yellow and white quilt. And as for that table stacked with packs of fat quarters at what, to me in the UK, are such amazingly good prices – I am so envious! May the rest of Market be even better – if that's possible!

  73. I wish that I was as creative as Moda. Hats off to their marketing group! Oh yeah, I would love a sampler box.

    Happy Market!

  74. My mouth is watering and my fingers are itching! Can't wait to get my hands on some of these beautiful lines and patterns. Wonder what kind of cool project we could come up with for the sampler boxes? Ideas?
    Rain Vincent

  75. Oh you are too much fun! I feel like I'm there! Great pics, so exciting to see the new lines. I would love to see some Heather Bailey or some more bloggers. So cute to see these chickies at QM!

  76. So much inspiration in one place. WOW! Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures that you took. I almost feel like I'm there. Wish I was, I just hate missing out on all the fun.

    I really love the concept of the sampler box. How fun to have a small bit of 12 fabric lines all in one box. I don't think I could even open it and use it. I'd probably have to buy two boxes one to use and one to look at. LOL!

  77. WOWZA! Moda have got it soooo right, those bake shop sampler boxes look truly good enough to eat. And Im starving!! xxxxxxxxx nicola

  78. Hope you're having fun at Market. I would LOVE to see what Joanna Figueroa has been up to, Minick and Simpson, Bunny Hill, Kansas Troubles too…I enjoy seeing pics of the designers in their booths and finished items for inspiration most of all. Sampler boxes are a great gift idea.

  79. Do you need for me to come and stand guard in front of all that fabric? I'll make sure that people only look and don't touch! Right! lol

  80. How about Kansas Troubles Quilters, French General and Fig Tree Quilts just to name a few. Can't go wrong with Moda. It is all so yummy! The new sampler boxes are fantastic!!

  81. Those sample boxes are brilliant! Can't wait for that one.

    I'm excited for Sandi Hendersons new line, Meadowsweet. I'd love to see what she's made with her samples and get a few early project ideas!

  82. Anything French General! Could you track down Mark Linpinski and ask him what the hooty-hoo is going on with him quitting everything?? Quilter's Home sans Mark makes no sense to me. Argh!!

  83. Let's see, Fig Tree, French General, Sandy Gervais. Actually a picture of everything would be nice. Can't wait to see all the new stuff.

  84. Would love to see what's new from Crabapplehill Studio and Miss Rosie's Quilt Co.
    The sampler boxes are way better than a box of chocolates!

  85. Hello,
    It would be fun to see a close up of Bunny Hill's booth! Always enjoy your updates! Thank you for dropping my name in your basket for the drawing! 🙂

  86. I want to see it all! I want you to Paparazzi Moda, Fig Tree Quilts, Tula Pink, Sweetwater, and the list goes on, and on, and on….
    Oh, And so far I haven't heard too much in blogland. They're just now getting up and going about it. Talking about the shopping spree and such. Can't wait to hear more!

  87. The Sampler boxes are just SO wonderful – I would jut love to win. What a feast it would be to see all those fabrics up close and meet the creative people behind them… Great to see Rosalie and Melly from Australia – Anni Downs is also there I believe..love their designs. Thanks for the chance to win!

  88. I love the pics and the sampler. Will be attending next Saturday for the first time!!! I can't wait. Hope to meet you there.

  89. Your Blog is the first one I have checked out who has an update – please keep it up, just love reading all about the MARKET it is like being there. Great Good. Cathie from Oz

  90. I read your blog post first to find out about new things from Market. I would love to hear about anything from 3 Sisters. I have always loved their designs. And Moda, anything from Moda!
    Stop by Bunny Hill's booth too! Love her stuff! And Fig Tree too!
    Oh goodness! I wish I was there to drool! I would be in heaven!

  91. I would love it, if you would hit Lynette Anderson's booth, 1527. She just came out with a new book and punch needles that I did the demos for. Would really love to see her booth.


  92. Hi, I am just speechless…how could there be so many incredible fabrics in one place? I am wondering how far is South Carolina from the Fall Market…would my husband and dog miss me if I slipped out and got on a plane…
    Please put me in the entries for the special Moda sampler box. Jan D

  93. I'm just drooling over all the wonderful treasures!! Please go say hello to Alex Veronelli at Aurifil Thread. He's such an elegant and knoweldgable gentleman!

  94. Moda always has neat new ideas. It is difficult to select…
    Sweetwater, Amy Butler fabrics, Joel Dewberry, Tula, and Three Sisters

  95. I would love to see the new Michael Miller selections and some pics from their booth. BTW, LOVE the updates on twitter about Market. Almost feel like I am there!!! The New Moda Bake Shop Sampler is YUMMY looking!!!

  96. What a clever idea to get all of the sample squares in our hands early in the season…Great for gifts, secret sister, and incorporating into quilts, runners and purses. Love it!

  97. I'm always curious to see what Joanna Figueroa is up to? Love all the pics of the yummy, yummy fabs. The pic of the soft owls was the cutest!

  98. Oh… So much better than a Box of Chocolates !!! &&& Totally Delicious… would so love to see anything Lila Tueller & Ricky Tims please…

  99. the short list would be that i need to see anything heather bailey, french general, fig tree, paula prass, sweetwater, tula pink….

  100. Where would I start – really there would be so much for this Aussie to see. I would start with Moda and then move onto Fig Tree and then Sweetwater and then some of the fellow Aussies – Hatched & Patched and Melly & me.


  101. Eyads, as another Aussie by residence, I think like Ellen Easter, I'd be standing there stunned like a deer in the headlights. Starting with Moda, and with all the fabric lines Moda has I don't know how I'd extract myself!

  102. I love the pictures of market. Bunny hill is doing a great fob with pictures too. I wish I could be there. The work involved is incredible. Thanks

  103. Oh how I wish I were there. I can't imagine being able to see, fondle (in some cases, lol) new fabric and idea, and most of all see the folks whose blogs I read. The pictures are so wonderful and almost, almost make me feel like I'm there, thanks for sharing them. AND those new Bake Shop sample boxes…***sigh*** to die for, what a wonderful idea! They would make beautiful gifts, decorations or…fit nicely into my Millenium quilt, lol. Great stuff, thanks again!

  104. Sandi Gervais, 3 Sisters and Sweetwater as they have a new design I saw on their blog. It looks great. Hope your going to get that one. The sampler box looks good. Can't wait to get one. Thanks for the competition.

  105. Would love you to visit any of our Aussie designers…..that would be so cool!!!!!
    thanks for the preview….nearly as good as being there :o(
    'o) Wendy B

  106. Thanks so much for sharing all these wonderful pictures with us. I am especially interested in Joanna's new Whimsy line and patterns. I love the retro quilts, fabrics and patterns. I also enjoy seeing the new designers.

  107. These market pictures are fantastic and what a wonderful way to wet out appetites. I was wondering what Moda would come up with next and they do not disappoint. Nancy Halvorsen and anything Benartex is my pick. Pictures please!!! Judy C in NC

  108. What a great blog, makes us feel like we are almost there. Love those sample boxes. Anxious to read more news on Quilt Market. Anything you show is great.

  109. Wow that sampler is sweet! I would like to see more of Amanda Herring at the Quilted Fish. I love her patterns!

    Thanks for sharing all the pictures. It looks like a fun time.

    Sandy A in St. Louis

  110. The pictures I saw from the market were absolutely great! Everything seems to be soooo busy and fun. Digging through miles of Patchwork and Quilting.
    Unfortunately I didn't had the chance to go as its located in a land called FarFar away! :o) (at least if you want to go from Germany!)
    BUT… in the case I would go, I would like to visit Fig Tree Quilts. I am absolutely addicted to the designs of Joanna!

    Conni from Berlin, Germany

  111. I've been quilting for about three years, ever since I made my first baby a quilt (I'm a newbie!) and I can't believe how utterly in love I am with it all! I aspire to be like all of you fabulous quilters and designers. There is so much talent out there. It would be so fun to go to quilt market and just wander around for hours! Anyway, thanks for being my favorite on-line fabric supplier and filling me with inspiration as I learn to quilt!

  112. Hi – really anxious to see the new French General line and what's new from Sweetwater – my 2 faves currently. Also look forward to Sandy Gervais offerings – always a fave.

    Thanks for all the photos and the detailed info. Love seeing all the new stuff.

  113. I too would love to see what 3 Sisters have coming up, I have loved everything they have out so far so I need to feed my addiction. The sampler box looks fantastic as well, throwing my name into the hat:) Looks like you are having a fanastic time, can't wait for more pics.

  114. Wonderful pictures from Market! Would love to have you visit a new designer and blog about them and would love hear from Minick and Simpson and their new line Bar Harbor. Love the sampler boxes!!!
    Laura T

  115. I would love to see Sandy Klop or Alex Anderson and maybe even Laura Wasaloski! And oh, all of the lovely Australian ladies! Love their lines and patterns.


  116. I'd love details from Bunny Hill and Rosalie Quinlan! You do a great job with your photos – someday I hope to go to Quilt Market but, for now, I follow your posts. Thanks so much!!!

  117. I'd love to see some of Amy Butler's newest. Always like to see new patterns as well – love contemporary fabrics. How about Mark Lipinski. The sampler boxes are certainly eye-candy and I have had a wonderful afternoon catching up.

  118. Wow – everything looks so fabulous!! I too love the idea of the sampler box.

    I would like to see Fig Tree and I like Country Threads too. I really enjoy seeing anything new too :o)

    Good luck!

  119. I would like to see Andover Fabrics. Their licensed children's book prints are a favorite with our family — my mother finished a Very Hungry Caterpillar Quilt last winter and I have one underway.

  120. I'm new to quilting and everything I've heard about Market has come from the Jolly Jabber blog. I should have guessed that there would be a fabric equivalent to scrapbooking's CHA. I'm intrigued by these sampler boxes, they look like they could be turned into a fun little quilt. Thanks for all the photos! It's been fun getting to travel along with you!

  121. I want to know what the next 3 Sisters line looks like and patterns for Aster Manor and Rouenerries. Plus whatever Anne Sutton is up to.

  122. I've been following your blog recently, and I didn't know much about "Market". I'm loving seeing all of the great pictures from this week though. The sampler box is really intriguing.

  123. I think the sampler boxes are a great idea. I love to use the 2 1/2 squares to whip up the vintage baby quilt for a quick gift. I would love to see the new Riley Blake line, Amy Butler, Fig Tree of course, and I love the things that Bunny Hill designs. I think that market looks like so much fun and tiring too. Just not enough money to buy all the things that you want

  124. Am I too late for the giveaway? If not, I'd love seeing what Sandi Henderson, Patty Young, Laura Gunn and Paula Prass have coming up!

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