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Designer Tidbits: Sandy Gervais

Sandy Gervais is here on the Jolly Jabber to chit chat about her newest collection for Moda Fabrics. Flirt is filled with hearts, flowers and birds, all coordinated with wavy plaids and dots! In a color palette of red, aqua and grey, this group is sure to have you love birds singing.

Q: To what or whom would you dedicate this collection?
A:To all of you love birds out there – this one is for you.

Q: What is your favorite project using this collection?
A:I like the Spring Sampler Block of Month. I like the mix of the pieced blocks with the appliqué and the birds makes me smile.

Q:If you could live in a movie, what movie would it be?
A:Breakfast at Tiffany’s or The Devil Wears Prada – I would love to wear the beautiful clothes. My dream job would be to work in the fashion world.

Q:What do you get nostalgic over?
A:Visits to my Grammie Fishers. The only toys she had in the house were marbles, yet we loved to go there as we could find so many ways to entertain ourselves. We made hollyhock dolls, played hide the thimble and sorted through her button box just to name a few.

Q:What is your favorite TV show of all time?
A:Sex in the City – again love the clothes and the bonds of friendship. Cheers, Seinfeld and Friends are my favorite all time sitcoms. I never tire of watching the reruns.

Q:What’s the strangest compliment you’ve ever received?
A:This is not really a compliment but more of a comment. For a long time – and it is still happening – people did not connect Sandy Gervais of Pieces From My Heart (my pattern company) to Sandy Gervais fabric designer for Moda Fabrics. Many times someone would stop by my booth at market and say – boy you sure use a lot of Sandy Gervias’ fabric. Then I say “well I am Sandy Gervais.” Another time someone standing in my booth said – I really like this fabric – it kind of has a Sandy Gervais feel. – and I say – “well that’s good because I am Sandy Gervais.” Rosy cheeks always follow these conversations.


  1. I am a super big fan of Sandy Gervais fabrics! In Fact it was one of her collections of fabric that I saw in a quilting magazine like 3 years ago (Fresh Squeezed)that I first obsessed about that brought me over to using designer fabrics. A whole different world opened up than using the cheap $1 and $2 fabrics I was purchasing before. I think that there is nothing wrong with using those fabrics per se, its just the same prints in two-tones for the past Decade.

    What I always appreciate about SG fabrics is the whimsy that is so true to her artistry. I also love the fabric that although all the fabrics in a line go together most can be used with other fabrics, I often mix different lines of SG fabrics (I kind of have a little obsessive collection of different lines some just scraps from Moda scrap bags which I totally wish FQS sold!).

    Okay I have gushed enough for now (although I probably won't stop chatting my hubby's ear off over here). Thanks for sharing the interview!!