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Designer Tidbits: Patty Young

Add a punch of MOD to your stash with Textured Basics.  Patty Young of MODKID Boutique‘s newest collection for Michael Miller Fabrics will have you rethinking your traditional basics.  With a pop of color, some out-of-the-ordinary prints and a dash of texture, Textured Basics is changing the way we think of and use basics.

Q: What inspired this collection?
A:This collection is based on the principle “Basic doesn’t mean boring”. After a long conversation I had with Kathy Miller (co-owner of Michael Miller Fabrics) in early June of this year, it was decided that my next fabric line would be a collective of basic geometric prints in straightforward colors; something that would be timeless but would still embody the MODKID vibe. Dots and stripes were a given, but I toyed with several other geometrics until I came up with the six finalists, adding in a houndstooth, a hexagon and a diamond to the mix. The color palette was chosen next and I specifically chose six hues that spanned across the spectrum as well and worked well together. And then came the final touch: adding that faux canvas texture that received all the oooh’s and ahhh’s at Quilt Market. This was an afterthought but definitely not taken lightly. I thought the designs needed that little extra Je Ne Sais Quoi to make them stand out among all the other basic prints out there. I scanned in a few textures and played around with the opacity and scale until I came up with the perfect one. Once that texture was added to all the prints, I knew it was finished!

Q: What is your favorite project using this collection?
A:Staying with the theme of “Keep it simple”, we decided that we should do a line of Micro-Mini patterns to go along with Textured Basics. The idea behind these, just like with the fabrics, was to design a set of sewing patterns that were simple and easy to sew but still retained that certain whimsical and “cool” vibe that our full-size MODKID patterns are well known for. We set out to design six different projects (yes, the number “6” seems to be a theme here as well). There is something for boys, girls, women and the home, so that everyone can partake. If I had to pick a favorite, it would have to be the Wrap Skirt, for its striking simplicity, with a close second in the Houndstooth Quilt, because it looks like modern art on the wall!

Q: What is your favorite thing about the quilting and fabric industry?
A:My favorite aspect of this industry is how selfless, helpful and friendly everyone is. This is the only industry where you’ll find people from different companies (essentially competitors) eating, drinking and having a great time together. I truly love it! I love how you can be having lunch at a show and run into a fellow designer from another company, sit down, and minutes later, you are best of friends. Some of my closest friends have come out of this industry… people I’ve met at trade shows and conferences… and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Case in point, at the last Quilt Market, I had dinner with Carla Crim (a.k.a. The Scientific Seamstress) and she urged me to start doing PDF patterns because it was “the wave of the future”. Although this was a road we weren’t quite ready to travel, she made such a compelling point, that as soon as I returned we got to work on a few fresh new projects. The Mod Owl Stuffie, was our first PDF pattern, with the Elf Stocking (FREE pattern for Baby Lock) following soon after and most recently, the Katie Twirl Skirt! We are really loving these projects and I can honestly say this wouldn’t be the case without Carla’s friendly advice and helpful tips.

Q:What is your studio like?
A:Our studio is 2,800 square feet of color and fun! We have areas designated for warehouse, design, sewing and lounge. Colorful fabric racks line the walls. Four machines (two sewing machines and two sergers) sit on long tables along one wall. Two large cutting tables in the center of the studio provide plenty of work space and storage.

We have a stereo system that blasts music all day long and whoever arrives first gets to plug their iPhone into it! At the moment it’s Christmas music all the time, but on other times of the year we have several playlists that we rotate or we just choose a Pandora station that we all can agree upon and go with it. The kids have a little lounge in the back where they can play Wii, read or draw. We even have a small fridge stocked with drinks and snacks, and a microwave for heating up our lunch!

To top it off, we stopped for a chat with Patty at Fall Quilt Market! Here is an peek inside her Fall Quilt Market booth, and a little discussion about Textured Basics!