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Designer Tidbits: Moolight Manor by Deb Strain

If Halloween is your favorite holiday, then you will love the new Moolight Manor collection for Moda Fabric by Deb Strain. Her beautiful designs are filled with creepy crawlers, haunted houses, and all of the other ghoulish things that we love about Halloween. Deb is here on the Jolly Jabber to tell you more about this spooktacular collection.
Q: What was your inspiration on the Moolight Manor collection?
A: Happy Halloween from Moonlight Manor!!  Halloween always brings to mind spoooooky icons that appear in the fall, as the air gets cooler and the leaves get more colorful. But what if those same icons were more fun than spooky?  Our little twin grandsons love Halloween but not the scary part. So, keeping this in mind,  I included dancing skeletons, witches’ boots filled with candy, friendly spiders and ghosts  in a light-hearted view of a haunted mansion. Moonlight Manor keeps the fun of Halloween, without the scary!
Q: What is your design process?
A: I do all of my designing by hand, so every fabric line starts with a lot of sketches. Then, I choose my favorite patterns and clean them up so that they will be easier to repeat. The fun really begins when I add color!  It is such a thrill to see how a pattern changes when different colors are used.
Q: What design trends are you currently exploring?

A: Currently, I am  interested in the art of  lettering and the design aspects of using type as art. Hand lettering can be so beautiful and organic or graphic and industrial.  So many possibilities! I am also exploring the use of simpler, color driven patterns in my fabric designs.  Clean, fresh and fun is my motto right now!  (Of course, it may change next week, but that is half the fun of being a designer!)


Q: What projects you would like to see made with Moonlight Manor?

 A: I can see Moonlight Manorbeing used in so many projects for Halloween:  table-runners, wall-hangings, Halloween bags and basket liners. In addition, there are endless possibilities when it comes to decorations for Halloween!  Moonlight Manor would work perfectly for banners, pillows, and  Halloween costumes for little ghosts and goblins.


Q: How do you describe your style?
A: My style usually changes with the project that I am working on.  It is often fun, bright and whimsical, like in Moonlight Manor.  However, if I am doing a nature line or traditional Christmas group, I aim for beautiful and rich.  I am so fortunate that Moda allows me to work with a range of styles in my fabric lines! 
Q: What is the biggest sewing faux pas that has happened to you?

A: Since I am still a novice in the sewing world, I would have to say that I have as many faux pas as successes! Needless to say, the seam ripper is a close and dear friend!




  1. Love her designs! This Halloween print looks fun – I especially like the dancing skeleton! What to create, what to create?!

  2. Such cute Halloween fabric! I love it! Can't wait to have some! You always does such beautiful collections!

  3. What a fun collection! Love Deb's fabrics and am sure this one will not disappoint either 😉 Thank you for sharing!