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Designer Select: Joanna Figueroa

Fall is upon us and we have just the collection to help you savor its warmth. Ring in the new season with Honeysweet by Joanna Figueroa of Fig Tree Quilts. Joanna carefully selected 12 prints and three solids to bring you a perfect taste of Honeysweet. Keep reading to hear more about her Designer Select Fat Quarter Bundle, and enter the giveaway to win one for yourself!

Q: What was your inspiration behind Honeysweet and your Designer Select Fat Quarter Bundle?
A:I was inspired by a gorgeous but tattered vintage quilt that I unearthed at our local flea market recently. Honeysweet feels like a classic California Autumn. Filled with a beautiful mix of soft and saturated Autumn colors, the collection centers around deep raspberry reds and strong persimmon oranges and is accented by olive toned greens and rich aquas. It is anchored by neutral browns and is set on an entire array of ivories and the softest of peaches. If there were such a thing as an Autumn rainbow, it would be filled with these colors! A perfect autumn palette with some wonderful groupings that can be pulled out as accents or on their own.

Q: What are 3 words you would choose to describe Honeysweet?
A: 1. Autumn Rainbow
2. Rich
3. Versatile

Q: What do you plan to make using Honeysweet?
We have made so many things with this collection already- quilts- a lot of quilts-, bags, coin purses, accessories – but believe it or not I am somehow not tired of it yet. Maybe that’s because this is easily my favorite time of the year and so these colors are speaking to me loudly right now LOL!

Clovers and Jam Quilt Kit featuring Honeysweet
The One Piece Bag by Fig Tree Quilts featuring Honeysweet
Painted Ladies by Fig Tree & Co. featuring Honeysweet

Personally I am in the midst of pulling out the oranges to mix in with blacks and greys to make a vintage Halloween flavored quilt [and kit of course]. I am also using the oranges to mix in with some cream Snuggle fabric to try to make an infinity scarf for myself. I love how the cream and oranges play together and I am hoping that the snuggle will make it soft enough to loop around and be a warm snuggle scarf. You will have to check back with me about how that one goes.

*2 Truths and a Lie*
1. Orange is my favorite color right now. I really love it paired with aqua.
2. My favorite food is ice cream. I could eat it in any flavor combo.
3. Christmas is my favorite holiday but Halloween comes in a close second.

One of the 3 statements is false. Comment on this post telling me which statement you think is false. Answer correctly and you have a chance to win Joanna Figueroa’s Designer Select Fat Quarter Bundle! Contest closes Monday October 7, 2013. Good luck!


  1. I believe Joanna loves Halloween MORE than Christmas, so I am choosing #3 as the false statement. And I simply LOVE the new line. Always consistently beautiful, each new line. Thanks for designing so many wonderful fabrics!

  2. I'm a bit of a Fig Tree groupie and I don't remember her saying anything about ice cream on her blog. I think the second statement is a lie.

  3. Statement #3 is false…I am totally loving these fabrics and I usually don't do orange but these are fabulous!!! Thank you for the chance to win one.

  4. i'm thinking that #3 is the lie. a lot of folks now love halloween more than christmas. (although i'm not one of 'em!) besides, whose favourite food isn't ice cream? really?

  5. I am guessing the lie is about the ice cream. I think we will all either be right or wrong, since that is the most popular vote.

    thanks and I so hope I win!

  6. I think that number 2 is false. This is a beautiful collection, thank you for a sweet giveaway.

  7. Definitely has to be about the ice cream .. although I don't know why ,, but christmas is a fav of most everyone, and her collection has orange and aqua together


  8. I'm going to say #2 is the lie. Everyone has a favorite flavor or two.
    And I really love these soft oranges and aqua together too!

  9. I am picking #3 as the lie. I hope that my choice is correct. I am still purchasing the bundle because I want to insure that I have some of the fabric.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win more of the beautiful fabric!

  10. First of all, can I say that Joanna cannot design anything that is not beautiful….I always LOVE her fabrics! I think #3 is the lie, she has designed some great Halloween quilts. Thank you for the chance to win.


  11. I am going to say the ice cream being your favorite food is false. Because you said you want to do a halloween quilt so that tells me you like Halloween and I see you used orange and aqua together in that little bag so that makes sense too! I love these combo of fabrics!

  12. I am going with Icecream – not because I think she doesn't like it but because it may not be her absolute favourite and "any flavour" combination could give some yucky results.
    Amazing fabric collection by the way.

  13. I absolutely LOVE Honeysweet!! I think #3 is false because I know how much she loves Halloween and of all the food pics I've seen her take, I've never seen ice cream!

  14. Yikes, this is hard – I'll pick #2 as the fib… but I'm going to cry crocodile tears if this is wrong and I lose out on a chance to win this fabuloso fabrics…. the colors of this collection are glorious!!!


  15. I think the ice cream comment is the lie…I know she loves orange and aqua, and I'm lactose intolerant and love Christmas myself, so maybe that's why I think so! Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. Another beautiful fabric line. I just love the colors Joanna uses. So peaceful and happy πŸ™‚ I think the ice-cream comment is the lie.

  17. Joanna Figueroa obviously loves aqua and orange, Halloween is orange so it must be the ice cream statement that is false. This lady is talented and must have some ice-cream combinations she loves but not all of them!

  18. This fabric looks good enough to eat. Therefore who needs ice cream? I'm guessing that #2 is the lie. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  19. Joanna is a designer and love fabric; I believe #2 is false. I also love Fall's warm and inviting fabric and can hardly wait to see Joanna's vintage quilt. Thanks for sponsoring the great giveaway; I'd love just a little bit of Honeysweet.

  20. I don't know if this is indeed a lie, but my guess is #3. With all the Halloween quilts she makes, I think Halloween may inch out Christmas as a favorite holiday.

  21. I think #2 is false. We ice cream lovers become very particular with our flavors… #1 seems very true and I agree! and #3 somehow seems right too. Lovely, rich fabrics in this collection!

  22. #2 is the "lie". I love these fabrics!! Such a beautiful collection!! Autumn is my favorite time of year and these fabrics capture the beauty of Autumn! I love Joanna's fabrics. Thanks for the opportunity to win such a beautiful collection!

  23. As an ice cream lover, it makes me sad to say that number 2 is probably false. I wonder if Joanna's favorite foods are kapusta and pierogi.

  24. The creator of this collection has to love orange and is there someone who doesn't love ice cream? I will guess that Halloween is actually your favorite holiday (especially if you love orange). kathleen dot lutz at doh dot state dot nj dot us

  25. I've always loved Fig Tree Quilts.
    My first instinct was that the ice
    cream was a lie, but maybe we're all wrong. However I'll stick with
    the ice cream.

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  27. I think #2 iS false. I love Joanna's new line esp. the aqua and orange. It is a great way to get those scared of orange to make a beautiful quilt.

  28. Those are hard choices! I'm going to go against the grain and choose #1, even though the oranges in this line are my absolute favorite part. πŸ™‚

  29. I'm going to say that number 2 is the lie. I love, love, love this fabric line! The colors are wonderful.

  30. I'm going to have to guess that #2 is the fib. I absolutely love Honeysweet, the colours are so yummy, anyone could be forgiven for thinking they were edible!

  31. I think number 3 is false. Her pinterest board has a lot of autumn in it and recipes for pistachio ice cream. Thanks for letting me guess. Keepin my fingers crossed.

  32. Since nearly everyone is saying the same answer and they are probably right, I'll go off track and say 3. I'll say a different holiday is her favorite. I know I'm probably wrong, but that's okay.

  33. Truth – Orange is my favorite color right now. I really love it paired with aqua.
    Lie – My favorite food is ice cream. I could eat it in any flavor combo.
    Truth – Christmas is my favorite holiday but Halloween comes in a close second.

  34. I'm going to guess that #3 is false. Why? Because she making orange and aqua look irresistible and whose favorite food isn't ice cream?

  35. Number # 2 is false. I just love these colors. They relly make me happy and inspires me to create a new quilt.
    Britta F. Jensen, Denmark

  36. I also think it is #2 that is not true. I love "Honey Sweet" and have followed Joanna on her web site as well as on Crafsty> I favor the browna and aquas in this collection.

  37. Even though she says she loves the orange and the creams playing together, I still will go with #2. Love Fig Tree and we used to have a Persimmon tree (the fruit on the orange fabric), so I know exactly what rich color that is – oh yum! Thanks for this opportunity.

  38. #3 is false…she says that this is easily her favorite time of the year.
    I really love the color combination she has put together here.

  39. I am going to guess #2 to be false….win or not " I WILL" be making a quilt with Honeysweet, it is simply gorgeous!!! My favorite line to date..and that is no lie πŸ˜‰

  40. I think number two is the lie. Ice cream is not her favorite. Love her style and would be over the moon to win some of that honeysweet.

  41. Number 2 is the lie… but no lie that your fabric line is beautiful!! Love the Orange!!

  42. I am guessing that Joanna statement about ice cream is a lie.
    I know orange is a favorite color, and I know she loves all holidays!
    Hope I guessed correctly, cause I am loving Honeysweet, and it would be "sweet" to win some honey!!

  43. …. Love the Honeysweet Line ….
    Joanna Figueroa you've done it again …. beautiful fabric …
    I think #2 is False πŸ™‚
    Thanks for the Give Away ….

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