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Deb Strain on “Fabulous Fall”

Fabulous Fall by Deb Strain has finally come to the Fat Quarter Shop. It’s hard to believe that summer will ever end, especially considering that we still battle 100+ degree temperatures every day, but with this new collection, we’re excited for fall! (I’m sure a number of kids out there will disagree.) Fabulous Fall has got all the goodness of fall–leaves, acorns, pumpkins, and pinecones–as well as a dash of Deb’s whimsy–swirls, butterflies, and her famous dots. The autumn palette is brightened with the addition of teal and olive to the crisp walnut, gold, vanilla, and cranberry tones. However you feel about the season, Fabulous Fall is definitely going to make you like it even more.

Hello Friends…

Here in Ohio we are starting to see edges of the end of summer. The evenings are getting a little cooler and the flowers in my garden are getting a little tired looking. Our children are getting ready to start school and that will mean football games, raking leaves, and of course fall.

What better way to describe fall than “fabulous!” It really is my favorite time of year with all of the rich, warm colors, incredible smells, crunching leaves and comfort foods of the season. I wanted this group to convey that richness and warmth in both color and pattern. The rich color of pumpkins and swirling leaves, acorns, pine cones, and the warmth of glowing candles, all were inspirations for this collection. Hope that your fall season is truly “fabulous” and that you enjoy this group that was such a pleasure to create!

Deb Strain

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  1. I love fall and can’t wait to get some of this fabric. The colors are vibrant. I will really enjoy working with them. Keep up the great designs.