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Welcome to Cross Stitch University!

Cross Stitch University is open and ready to take on its first class of students! Learn to cross stitch with free video tutorials.

We are sew excited to announce a beginner cross stitch lesson plan designed just for new stitchers! If you have zero cross stitching experience, this is the free cross stitch course for you. Each week from August 30 through November 1, we will be putting this cross stitch piece together from start to finish!

We’re offering free cross stitching video tutorials on our FlossTube channel starting August 30. With our free pattern and tutorials, you will be surprised by how easy it can be to cross stitch.

Have you always wanted to learn how to cross stitch? Do you want to improve your stitching skills? This free beginner cross stitch pattern was designed to build your skills, stitch by stitch.

How To Cross Stitch – The Cross Stitch University Starter Bundle

Honestly… when you’re headed back to school and trying to learn a completely new subject, it can be pretty overwhelming. That’s why we’ve created the beginner cross stitch kit, to take out any potential stress of gathering your new cross stitch supplies for the very first time! The Cross Stitch University Starter bundle even includes the FREE Cross Stitch University Pattern printed in full-color. 

This handy bundle is going to include all that you need to begin your cross stitch journey, including:

We are hoping that we can help guide you on what to buy for your first cross stitch course with this helpful bundle!

To show your school spirit, check out our Cross Stitch University page for fun notions like a project bag, t-shirt and cute enamel needle minder.  

Learn How to Cross Stitch

Join Kimberly Jolly as she shows you how to sew each part of this beginner cross stitch pattern from start to finish. Along with the free video tutorials, a new badge will be released on the blog with each video as we make our way through the course! Right-click any of the badges below to download them!

Supplies to Get Started
Download this Badge
July 27, 2021
Watch Video

Reading a Cross Stitch Chart
Download this Badge
August 30, 2021
View Lecture

Prepping to Stitch
Download this Badge
September 6, 2021
View Lecture

Starting to Cross Stitch
Download this Badge
September 13, 2021
View Lecture

Download this Badge
September 20
View Lecture

Changing Colors
Download this Badge
September 27
View Lecture

Confetti Stitches
Download this Badge
October 4, 2021
View Lecture

Download this Badge
October 5, 2021
View Lecture

How to Backstitch
Download this Badge
October 11, 2021
View Lecture

French & Colonial Knots
Download this Badge
October 18, 2021
View Lecture

How to Finish a Cross Stitch Piece
Download this Badge
November 1, 2021
View Lecture

Download this Badge
November 8, 2021
View Lecture

Don’t cram – stay ahead!

One of the first lessons every student learns is to avoid cramming information in before each class and test, so we want to help you stay ahead and on top of your schoolwork! Come back to the blog each week to download each badge and to watch our new lectures!

We have a few weeks before we start stitching, so clear your schedule and get a hold of a needle, because we’re ready to study and stitch with you! Keep up with us by following and using the hashtag #CrossStitchUniversity on Instagram to see and share progress work from you and your fellow stitchers.

Class is in session on Monday, August 30. We’ll see you then!

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  1. I have been cross stitching for years but I am self taught from my first pattern. I only recently discovered a new way to start through one of your YouTube videos so I think this may be worth doing even if you are not a beginner

  2. I cannot wait I to am self taught years ago and back new to cross stitching but could new class thank you so much

  3. I am left handed. Is Kimberly or some lefthanded cross stitcher on staff going to address the obvious differences that a left hander needs to know for successful cross stitching?

    1. Hi Nancy! Yes, we will be going over some stitching strategies for left-handed cross stitchers!

  4. Is there a way that we can subscribe to the blog so we get an email when there is a new post? I always forget to check so am behind on most things.

  5. I have cross stitched for years but have learned a few tricks from watching Kimberly on floss tube. I figured this is a great way to build a stronger foundation to my skill sets. Previously I have only done those kits with a large area to cover and would give up after a while. I am super excited about these smaller (and adorable) projects from FQS and designers like Stitchin with the Housewives. Bring it on!

  6. I am excited, can’t wait! What a savoir this would have been during the peak of Covid& we were stuck in the house!

  7. I am new to the computer class format Want to join and start this class
    Am I too late to order the items for the first class and get caught up through watching the videos?
    Thank you so much for your help

    1. Hi Kathy! You aren’t too late. The first class is on August 30th so you still have plenty of time to get all of the supplies that you’ll need!

    1. Hi Linda! All of the products and supplies needed for CSU are available now except for our special bundle, which will be back in stock by the end of the week.

  8. Even though I am not a beginner at cross stitch I am going to join in because I always learn something new from your videos.

    1. Right-click the image to download it to your desktop, or click and hold the image to save it to your phone!

    1. Right-click the image to download it to your desktop, or click and hold the image to save it to your phone!

  9. What is the purpose of downloading the badges? Is just to save the badges or is to save the video for future reference?

  10. Hello I’m too late to start and wondering will there be another or continuous beginner cross stitch class!!

  11. Anyone know how to easily remove a large area of stitches? I was feeling so good…completed the larger tree. Took it out again tonight to look at it and realized I started counting from the wrong spot and the tree is 4 rows too high. Need to remove and start all over😥😥😥