Classic & Vintage Wild Goose Chase Quilt Block Tutorial

Classic & Vintage: Wild Goose Chase

Classic & Vintage: Wild Goose ChaseIt’s Friday, and we’re going to send you off on a Wild Goose Chase… but you’ll wind up with a beautiful quilt!  The next Classic & Vintage block in our YouTube series is the Wild Goose Chase quilt block.  This vintage block is one of our absolute favorites, but those flying geese units can be tricky to line up for even blocks.  Our main tip here is to use the flying geese paper by Triangles on a Roll — it’s so easy to use, and all the units wind up sewn in perfect rows that you don’t need to worry about!  PLUS, we have all Triangles on a Roll notions on sale 15% this week only with promo code Triangle15, so there is no better time to snatch one up to try for yourself!

We made our version one-of-a-kind with Snowberry and DENIM, both by Moda!  The blend of the two was amazing and gave it a elegant, worn look that we love, plus it has a universal appeal for everyone!  Our version of the Wild Goose Chase quilt is kitted up with those fabrics and a flying geese paper roll, so check it out.  You’ll love how smoothly the denim sews up!

Snowberry by 3 Sisters
Snowberry by 3 Sisters

The free Wild Goose Chase block pattern is here, so go ahead and print that out, then hit play!


Ready to take on the full quilt, but dying to try it in other fabrics?  The Wild Goose Chase PDF pattern has four different size options!

Of course, we had wonderful bloggy friends join us to show you more avenues for the Wild Goose Chase design!  Hop on over and let them know your thoughts.

We can’t wait to see what you make, so be sure to use #wildgoosechasequilt so we can share your finished beauties.


  1. Love this quilt in the blues and grays – very elegant! Loved your video and how this quilt block comes together.

  2. I don’t know why I couldn’t open your web site recently with Safari by my pc.
    So whenever I got news letter from you, I tried opening it, but I couldn’t.
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    Thank you.

    1. Hi Sakiko, we checked and your box was sent out on June 22, so you should receive it soon. If you ever have any questions about your box or subscription, feel free to contact sewsampler (at) fatquartershop (dot) com.