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Book of the Month: Those Crazy Kids

Welcome to our second Book of the Month feature at Fat Quarter Shop! This month we are featuring Those Crazy Kids by The Buggy Barn. Debbie Taylor is here today to take us on a little adventure inside the book.

And remember, the Book of the Month is 20% OFF all month long!

When this book came in, I could not keep my eyes off of it! I was so intrigued by those cute trucks, I just had to make one! I choose Anne Sutton’s Lily & Will fabrics and picked two of the brown colorways and started sewing.

After reading all of the instructions, trace your patterns onto freezer paper. Take some time deciding which pieces go with each colorway. I labeled each piece and got everything cut out.

1. Iron the freezer paper onto the fabric and it will make a difference if you iron onto the right side of the fabric or the wrong side. The instructions say right side, but I wanted my truck facing a different direction, so I ironed onto the wrong side. This adds a degree of difficulty to the piecing, so I would suggest ironing to the right side of the fabric as the directions in the book indicate. The freezer paper pieces can be used numerous times in case you are duplicating blocks.

2. Cut out all of the pieces and place back onto the diagram in the book just to be sure you have the placement correct.

3. Following the piecing diagram, start sewing each section together matching dots and following trimming instructions.

4. Applique the wheels in place.

5. I made my finished block into a pillow!

This block was so much fun to create and I hope you will give it a try. I’m looking forward to making each of the blocks!