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Book of the Month: Skip the Borders

We are excited to present our November Book of the Month! Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts is here to share a bit about her new book, Skip the Borders.  We fell for this book when Julie began promoting it with her blog tour.  We couldn’t wait to skip the borders! Be sure to go back to the tour posts, you might see a familiar one!

Julie encourages you to break the rules in this one of a kind book, giving you permission to try a borderless quilt or add some flair with your binding. She will show you how. And remember, the book of the month is 20% OFF all month long!

Hi, I am Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts and I am so excited that my first book Skip the Borders has been chosen as the Book of the Month. My book which is published by Martingale gives you permission to break some of the traditional rules of quilting and instead let your quilt speak for itself.

 In the book there are 15 unique patterns that are broken up into three categories.

One Block Quilts

Two Block Quilts

Outside the Block Quilts

Of course no quilt is complete without bindings, especially borderless ones. Bindings are one of my favorite parts of quilting and I have been known on my blog for my binding tutorials. I took what I already shared and expanded that into an entire chapter on bindings discussing the function, color options, details, math and more.

My book is designed for quilters of all skill levels so don’t be afraid to jump in and try any of the patterns.