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Book of the Month: Save the Selvages

It’s time again for a new Book of the Month! Daniela Stout of Cozy Quilt Designs is here today to tell you a little bit about our December Book of the Month, Save the Selvages by Sandy Thompson! And don’t forget, the Book of the Month is 20% off all month!

I am so pleased to present this book by Sandy Thompson, which I call the ULTIMATE small project book. Not only is Save the Selvages the PERFECT way to use and show off all of those selvages that we might otherwise toss, it is also a terrific collection of fun and satisfying small projects. Imagine an eReader Pouch, a perfectly-sized boxy tote, a personal purse and a steno notebook cover just to name a few.

And the way the book is written is the best part. Sandy has designed this book so that all the projects start with the same technique: complete your 8½” Foundation(s). Then flip to your favorite project and get going! Since most of the projects use the same starting pieces, you can choose to make your Foundations as you need them or create a big stash of Foundations to pull from when you feel the need to create. Plus, it has full-color directions and excellent instructions, so it’s sure to be a favorite book whether you are making the projects with selvages or without!

But be warned. Save the Selvages may cause an addictive tendency. You might start buying fabric based on how cute the selvage is. You may hang out in class and quilt shops asking others, “You gonna use that?” referring to the long specially woven edge of fabric. You might even guard your selvage stash with the same crazy dedication as you used to hoard your fabric.


  1. I made selvage pin cushions last year for our quilt guild show boutique. I have quite a stash of selvages, but I haven't started buying fabric because they're cute–YET!!!

  2. I've got a ton of selvages and a friend gave me hers ~ I've done a few things with them and now there's a book? Heaven!