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BOM Mini-series Part 2: Thimbleberries Village Green

Today’s our 2nd part of our 2-week BOM Mini-series — we’re really excited by the response so far to Part 1!! Hope you like Part 2 just as much. Debbie is stepping in today to introduce the Thimbleberries Club for 2010, which we just put online this morning, so it’s fresh and ready to be ogled LOL!

Fall is just around the corner with the new 2010 Thimbleberries Club. And we were not disappointed this year! This year’s club is Village Green 2010 Block of the Month! This 12-month series features one quilt measuring 72″ X 82″ finished. And, like the 2009 club, there are three wonderful colorways to suit your fancy: Dawn (light), Dusk (medium) and Midnight (dark).

Tradition, tradition, tradition (Fiddler on the Roof, anyone?) — Lynette Jensen is known for her traditional row-houses, and she doesn’t disappoint this season with ten houses tucked in among stars, flowers, trees and fences. And we love the thought of “Village Green”! Kinda gets us all thinking about how we can green up our own communities.
When you join our Village Green BOM, you will receive all the fabric you need to complete the quilt top and binding. We also have a 44″ wide backing set available separately. As a member of our Thimbleberries Club you will also receive monthly accessory project patterns as well as two bonus project patterns! The bonus quilt projects include instructions for The Throw Quilt and The Queen Quilt.
So which colorway is your favorite? Sign up before the spots for your colorway are taken! This block of the month starts in January 2010 and ends in December of 2010. Maybe even gather your friends and do this project as a monthly get-together!

We will be blogging about the new additional 2010 Thimbleberries Village Green Kit Klub in the next few days, so be watching for more on Thimbleberries!

Debbie T.

Since the Village Green fabric isn’t in yet (due in December!) the prize for today’s giveaway is a $100 Gift Certificate.

Same rules apply to win…you can either:

1) Post a comment & tell us your favorite colorway (Dawn, Dusk or Midnight) for 1 entry.

2) Mention this BOM & giveaway on your blog with this link
( Then comment with your blog link for 3 entries.

3) Sign up for the Village Green BOM & tell us in your comment for 5 entries!

We’ll announce the winner in 2 weeks, so thanks and good luck!


  1. I love the Dawn colorway. I love this BOM!! It seems kind of Frank Lloyd Wright "arts and crafts" style to me….which fits right in here since I live in a craftsman bungalow. That certainly means I should join this…..right??

  2. I love them all, but if I had to choose one – and I do – I choose Dusk.

    Or Dawn.

    Or Midnight.

    Why did you have to go and put a menu in front of me?

  3. Okay, yes, I like Dusk best so far, but that's based on first impressions. And yes, I did indeed mention this on my blog–BEFORE I KNEW THERE WAS A GIVEAWAY INVOLVED. Does that net me extra points?! LOL! Here's a link to my blog post: It would be every so cool if I could WIN so I might be able to achieve just a small, small percentage of the fabric Ms. LA Quilter has amassed. If CALIFORNIA ever DOES fall into the ocean, I'm guessing it will be from the weight of the fabric in that condo!

  4. Wow, I have been waiting for this since I started this years Thimbleberries BOM…I thought I would be going with the dusk, but oh the deep richness of 'midnight' is the one that truly speaks to me. Thanks for the preview and thanks also for another generous giveaway. Good luck to everyone!!!

  5. I love the dawn one very much. What a nice giveaway. When I wasn't already involved in another BOM I would be surely be in this one.

  6. I like this Thimbleberries Club … a lot! I do enjoy Lynette Jensen's traditional fabrics and patterns and have used her fabrics and made some of her projects before … but never the club ones. Hmmmm … maybe this is a good year to change that! All the colorways are nice, but I think I would choose "Midnight"… very striking! … 🙂 Pat

  7. I absolutely love the midnight colorway. The stars twinkle in the sky. What a great quilt. BTW, $100 is a fabulous giveaway. Thank you!!!

  8. If I see the overall quilt image, I'll say "Dawn".
    I was charmed a lot by the border and pink fabric used in "Dusk".
    If I purchase fat quarter bundle, I'll choose "Midnight".

  9. Dawn is my favorite, so light and cheerful and I love the purple flowers. Personally, dawn and I don't see each other much, I'm definitely a night owl and see midnight quite often! It would be fantastic to win the gift certificate! I am mentioning on my blog for additional entries, with a link.

  10. Since I love jewel tones, midnight is my favorite. But they are all beautiful. I would love to win this giveaway. What a prize!! If I win, you can contact me at dmj53(at)hotmail(dot)com

  11. I love the dusk colorway. I am really liking the rich pumpkin oranges right now. Thank you for offering this wonderful give-away. Take care and God bless, Cory

  12. I like the dusk color option…it is bold enough without being dark. Again, I can't sign up for the BOTM at this point but I LOVE it…and I did put the link in my blog and I clarified the links from just your blog to each of these two posts. Go check out todays post =)

  13. Hmmm…it's a Quentin Tarantino Dilemma'…I'm torn 'from dusk till dawn'…heehee, I mean, between 'DUSK' and 'DAWN'! Although all three are beautiful, but I think if I have to reduce it to one it would be the lightest version…
    …who is very tempted to poke some buttons in the shop ;o)

  14. My first ever BOM and first ever non-flannel quilt but couldn't resist trying this !!! I just signed up—can't wait–yeay!

  15. Oh my Gosh what a cute design! I love the Dusk collection. The colors blend very well together and it would be wonderful to create. I hope you pick my name. Cheers!

  16. I really like dusk…
    Thanks for the giveaway. hope I win. I can think of 100 ways to use that gift certificate! 🙂

  17. All three are yummy but I think Midnight would be my choice…however my darling daughter likes Dawn…maybe I will have to make two!

  18. Il ove – oh i think it is the dusk – the medium colorway – it looks like it has some real pop to that quilt! please sign me up for the giveaway! thanks for being so generous!


  19. I left a comment earlier but now I have decided that this is the block of the month that I choose–I signed up for dusk and that is 5 more chances for me! I am so excited!

  20. This is the first year I've not done a Thimbleberries BOM. However, I do love her designs – to me they say welcome, come in and stay a while. Love them all!