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BOM Mini-series Part 1: Pennsylvania Dutch

** This giveaway is closed! Thanks for playing! **

Happy Monday!…well, aside from those Monday blahs, right?

Hopefully what we’ve got planned will lift those blahs at least a little. Over the next two weeks, we’ll be doing a Fat Quarter Shop Block of the Month Mini-series, highlighting 6 of our Block of the Months that will start between October and January. And each Block of the Month Mini-series will have a nice little prize, too.

Today is BOM Mini-series Pt. 1 – Pennsylvania Dutch BOM
Back in July we posted about this little beauty.

Pennsylvania Dutch is a 12-month sampler quilt that really speaks to our hearts in the color and art. Betcha didn’t know that Kevin pitched in on this one. Yes, in fact, he helped a very pregnant Kimberly select and lay out the pieced border.

We chose Wiscasset by Minick & Simpson because the gorgeous antiqued blues, reds, golds and creams just melded with the pattern by Legacy Patterns, that theme of home tucked into the country. Pennsylvania Dutch starts in November — we can’t wait ๐Ÿ™‚

I mentioned a prize, right?

For Pennsylvania Dutch, we’re giving away a Wiscasset Charming Jelly Cake (a Jelly Roll + Layer Cake + Charm Pack).

Here’s how to win:

1) Post a comment – get 1 entry

2) Mention this BOM on your blog & link back to this entry ( or to the Pennsylvania Dutch page ( – get 3 entries

3) Sign up for this BOM, or if you have already signed up, tell us in your comment – get 5 entries

We’ll announce the winner in 2 weeks. Thanks & good luck!!


  1. I've only participated in one block of the month so far (well, I'm on the eighth month), and I am having fun with it. This one looks like one I'd enjoy too. Great colors and pattern.

  2. If the other fabrics are as lucsious as the top fabric on that layer cake that will be a delish cake!! I love that you are highlighting your BOMs. We'll get to see them close up and be tempted by every one.

  3. I would love to sign up for this, but it's not in the budget at the moment. I am trying hard to get it into the budget by Nov (or mid Oct to sign up for it!)

    In the mean time, I have mentioned this on my blog!

  4. You betcha I've signed up for it already! ๐Ÿ™‚ What's not to love about it – my favorite colors from my very favorite shop! I'll be putting up a link tomorrow on my blog! A gal can never have too much Wiscasett!

  5. I'm signed up for this BOM. Great sampler quilt and beautiful colors. I would absolutely love a chance to win the Charming Jelly Cake. That's awesome that Kevin helped Kimberly with the border.

  6. I debated over doing this block of the month, but decided I needed to get through my Homestead Hearth BOM first! Love the quilt!

  7. Have admired the Wiscasset line since I 1st saw it on the FQS website (of course)!
    I have never done a BOM project, but this Pennsylvania Dutch mini series seems like a great place to start.
    Thank you for the giveaway, itis always fun to read the comments of other quilters.

  8. Stunning colours and patterns, been looking at this for awhile-very homely looking. Would love to win these fabrics to play with as BOM is out of the budget at the moment-but you never know!!

  9. Oh this Wiscasset fabric is beautiful. I've done BOM in the past and they work great for me. I'm able to keep up with each month's block and at the end of the year have a nice quilt.

  10. This line of fabric is gorgeous! I love that your going to to be telling us more about the BOM's…and of course, always love a chance to win some fabulous fabric

  11. This is such a beautiful quilt oh my how I would love to win this giveaway…as would everyone else, lol. I don't have a blog so can't post there. I am currently doing your 2009 Mystery BOM but haven't signed up for this one yet. Hmmmm….dare I start another one?

  12. What a phenomenal collection of yummy Americana fabrics!! I'd make you proud if I won these beauties!!


  13. hmmmm…beautiful fabric! And an even more beautiful BOM…if I could, I would sign up for this one, too {I think I could if someone would offer a time BOM too…).
    As always, the FQS BOMs are simply irresistible.
    Cheers, Julia

  14. Love the fabrics, love the blocks. I have been wanting to do a traditional block quilt for awhile now. Hmmmmmmmm. Might have to sign up.

  15. Since I live in Pennsylvania Dutch country, this would be the perfect win for me. The fabric looks wonderful. Kathie L. from Allentown, PA

  16. Love the colors…still a newbie to quilting and expecting a baby. Not great timing for starting a BOM. bummer. Love these colors though.

  17. Love everything from Minick and Simpson!I was lucky enough to see and touch Wiscasset @ a Moda trunk show this past w/e- it looks great online, but GORGEOUS "in person" Thanks for giving us a chance to win!

  18. I love minick and Simpson's fabrics. What I love most is their colors stay basically the same so that you can intermingle their lines!!

  19. I have yet to see a Minick and Simpson fabric line that I don't just love! Am looking forward to seeing the BOM, as it develops.

  20. Good morning! I love fabric designed by Minick & Simpson. It appeals to my "earthiness" with it's muted colors! I have signed up for the BOM, and have added you to my blog.

  21. Okay–I had convinced myself I didn't need to do a BOM right now. I couldn't commit to it and I didn't want it to pile up here at the house, but after seeing your pictures of it, and seeing the Minick and Simpson fabrics (LOVE THEM!!!), how could I resist. So now I am crossing my fingers and hoping you pick me. 'Cause if I won a chance to do it, I just couldn't say no, right?

  22. I absolutely love this block of the month….the pattern, the fabrics, everything! I want to see all of the BOM before I decide which one to do because I know I can't do them all! Thanks for the chance to win!

  23. I can hardly sign in any BOM from overseas but I always enjoy to see what the new BOM is like.
    Wiscasset line is pretty good esp little flowers on ivory and sand.

  24. Yay for Kevin helping on this quilt – good job! I love the fabric you chose – so timeless! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  25. What a beautiful quilt!! and yummy fabric by Minick and Simpson. Thanks for offering the giveaway — there are sooooo many ideas running through my mind for that fabric!!!!

    Mary J.B.

  26. Was lucky enough to get some of the Wicasset fabric in some of the Moda scrap bags and I love it. Wonderful choice for this BOM.

  27. I love Wiscassett…can't wait to get my hands on it. Now, I'm super tempted to try this BOM. I'm already doing the one with Glace, and the blocks are gorgeous! Thanks…I love your store and blog!

  28. I've never used a jelly, a cake, or a charm, but if I did wouldn't I be a charming, jiggly, sweet thing? Oops, I am already!

  29. I love the Wiscasset fabric – it's the perfect choice for this quilt pattern. I'd love to make some projects with these fabrics!

  30. I have been positively drooling since I first spied the Wiscasset collection. ohmy…a chance to win some? How terrific is that! Thank you for the opportunity.

  31. Laurie and Polly's fabrics are the best! The fabric makes the quilt! I have one of their quilts on my spare bed right now.

  32. Those colours are stunning! Sadly I can't afford the BOM, but I think I'll have to get at least a layer cake once it's out ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. OMG…another fantastic giveaway! That's it…off to tell the bloggers about it!! (but don't want to share the news cause man…this lessons my chance of a win!)

  34. I think is my favorite of your BOM giveaways! I just love these colors and how they blend so well together – just beautiful! I've also blogged about this one too!!

  35. I think that the Pensylvania Dutch quilt is just gorgeuos. Im going to the US next year to visit a friend whom I went to primary school and high school with who now lives in Nth Carloina.I havnt seen her in 17 years. I know her husband ,who is american would love the colors in this quilt.
    hugs Patty elf3of14 knoxfield vic

  36. I love this BOM. I'm not usually a fan of red, white, and blue quilts, but the creams and tans really enhance the other colors. So pretty!

  37. I love the colors of this BOM and I really am tempted to join this one, however I've already got 3 BOM's going. But, the fabric designs are beautiful.

  38. Love that Wiscassette line! So old timey and patriotic to boot! PS. I've been to a Wiscassette, Maine…wonder if it's inspired by the same…lovely area!

  39. Hi! I really like the Wiscasset line, soft and patriotic too. I have been meaning to comment on how I enjoy reading the Jolly Jabber, thanks for the recipes and lots of dymamic content. I always enjoy stopping by. Thank you!!