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Best Quilting Rulers for Beginners

Are you a beginner quilter looking for the best quilting rulers to start your journey? Look no further! This blog post explores quilting rulers that are suited for new quilters. With the right rulers for quilting, you can easily make precise cuts to complete your quilts confidently. Read on to find the best quilting rulers for beginners (and beyond)!

Why Do We Need Quilting Rulers?

Fabric and quilting rulers are versatile tools used to measure and cut fabric, mark lines, and make precise cuts at different angles. They are particularly helpful for complex patterns and squaring up quilt blocks to achieve consistently-sized blocks that fit together perfectly.

Fabric rulers and templates are designed to make quilting projects more manageable and precise. Quilting rulers come in various shapes and sizes, each with unique shapes and uses. Together with a rotary cutter and a rotary cutter mat, they’re essential for an enjoyable sewing experience.

Since cutting fabric is integral to quilting, having a few basic quilting rulers is essential for beginners.

Best Rulers for Beginners

Creative Grids 6.5″ x 12.5″ and 2.5″ x 6.5″Quilting Rulers

If you start with just two rulers, our recommendation is to go for one large and one small ruler. The Creative Grids 6.5″ x 12.5″ Quilting Ruler is a good all-around quilt ruler that works well in cutting Fat Quarters (18″ x 22″ pieces of fabric), and it’s small enough to fit on most cutting boards. We love the clear markings and the non-slip gripper on the bottom of Creative Grids rulers that provide stability when cutting.

For the small ruler, the Creative Grids 2.5″ x 6.5″ Ruler is our favorite. The smaller size makes it easy to use for a range of cutting, and it’s perfect for drawing lines on half-square triangles. Plus, it’s pretty cute.

TIP FOR NEWBIES: When you’re just getting started, pick up some basic rulers that go with the pattern you’re working on. As you make more quilts, you will naturally collect more rulers as you need them for different quilt design.

Creative Grids Perfect 10 and Perfect 5 Rulers

The Perfect 10 Ruler is a fantastic option if you prefer a simplified ruler that’s easy to read. You can cut popular “pre-cut” shapes like 5″ squares and 10″ squares. We love it for Layer Cake-friendly patterns like those in the Perfect 10 Quilts Book by It’s Sew Emma!

The Perfect 5 Ruler is the Perfect 10’s little sis’, also, with its own book of inspiring Charm Pack quilts, The Perfect 5 Quilts Book. You can even use the ruler to make your own Charm Pack by cutting around the edges of the ruler.

Both rulers feature a design that easily glides over fabric until pressure is applied. Then, the exclusive Creative Grids gripper holds the material securely in place, eliminating slipping and miscuts. With the Perfect 5 and Perfect 10 rulers, beginners can confidently enjoy a seamless cutting experience!

Creative Grids Quilting Square Ruler Set

The Creative Grids Quilting Square Ruler Set is a great option to have at your cutting table and one of Kimberly’s favorite notions because it’s handy for squaring up a variety of quilt blocks!

This set includes five rulers ranging in size from 2.5″ square up to 6.5″ square, which are common units and block sizes in quilting.

Specialty Rulers for Confident Beginners

If you’re a confident beginner and you’re interested in some specialty rulers for your sewing room, check out some of the options below. These rulers are designed for specific purposes and can help you level up your quilting game.

Stripology XL Ruler

The Stripology XL Ruler by G.E. Designs is a game-changer for quilters who want to cut fabric fast! Stripology rulers have a unique design that makes cutting multiple strips at once fast and effortless, and they come in several sizes. It makes cutting strips a breeze and ensures they are cut perfectly every time.

Shaped Rulers

These rulers are for special shapes and blocks. This category includes rulers for tumblers, curves, Dresden Plates, flying geese, half-square triangles, triangles, scallops, and more! There’s pretty much a ruler for any quilt shape you can think of! The Double Tumbler Template by It’s Sew Emma has two shape options on it, and you can see how it works in the How to use the Double Tumbler Video Tutorial.

The 30-degree Starburst Ruler is another example of a shaped ruler. This one is designed for creating unique and intricate starbursts with ease. The angles are marked clearly, making it easy to line up your fabric and cut precise pieces every time.

Free Motion Quilting and Longarming Rulers

If you’re using your sewing machine for free motion quilting, check out the Scallops & Waves Easy Peasy Quilting Template by Fat Quarter Shop. To use the ruler, position the template on your quilt top and trace the desired side with the marking tool of your choice, then re-position and repeat. Quilt over the lines as you would with straight line quilting. Templates like this can be used on a home machine and also by longarmers. We have many specialty longarm quilting rulers.

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Quilting rulers are essential tools for any quilter, whether you’re just starting or have been quilting for years. We hope this list of quilting rulers for beginner quilters has helped guide you to the tool you need.

Remember, there are many specialty rulers to explore, and each one can bring something new and exciting to your quilting projects.

Happy quilting!


  1. I love my creative grid rulers! I prefer the rectangle ones,as I find the square ones turn on me when I am cutting!! I wish I had bought this brand right from the start! So worth the extra cost

  2. I love using CG rulers…I have found them to be the best! I do have a question for anyone who whishes to respond…when you line up your fabric under your ruler, WHERE do you position the edge of the fabric…to the “INSIDE” of the line on the ruler or to the “OUTSIDE” edge of the line? I’ve always struggled with this and have always wondered which was the actual correct measurement. Thanks!!!!

    1. Hi Joanna!

      It depends on if you need a scant measure or a fat measure. It’s also about finding what works for you and matches how you sew. If you sew a scant ¼, fat ¼” or right on. For example, When when Quilty Staffer Teresa draws her stitching lines she puts the ruler line right on top, but if she’s cutting pieces she tends to be a bit fat with the lines and will line up just to the left of the measurement so it has just a little more to the cut piece.

      Let me know if you have any other questions. I hope this helps! Happy quilting!

  3. You should probably give a warning that the CG 6 1/2 x 24 and 6 1/2 x 12 are not for lefties. I found out the hard way after spending quite a bit of money. CG has finally made it known on their website and have made similar rulers that lefties can use. The square rulers are fine for lefties.

  4. I love creative grids rulers. My favorite is the 3.5 inch x 18 inch.

    Don’t like the stripology as much as the shape cut. Shape cut is simple and viewable.

    1. Creative Grids rulers are the best simply because they are easy to read and the huge selection of sizes available. I agree with Kimberly about what sizes to purchase first but after that there are a few sizes up that I prefer because they make squaring up blocks easy.

  5. Impressive article, enjoyed reading it.
    Thanks for shedding light on this topic.

  6. I love Creative Grids rulers, and the Stripology rulers are my favorite time savers that give perfect results. One other thing though is how outstanding the CG cutting mats are. I too love all the cute colored mats that match my decor. But some of them are very hard on old eyes. The gray of CG is great at all times of day, natural and artificial light. I will not waste money on another brand in the future.

  7. Creative Grids rulers are the best. I’ve been replacing all the other brand rulers I have. At one time I considered getting an Accuquilt for cutting but then discovered the Stripology rulers from GE Designs. They really are a game changer!