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Bee in my Bonnet Design Boards by Lori Holt

Hi everyone! We are so EXCITED to introduce the Bee in my Bonnet Design Boards by Lori Holt. Everyone has asked about these design boards for ages and ages and they’re finally here! These ready-made boards are sew sew cute and a must-have in every sewing room. These Design Boards come in two sizes (10″ and 18″) and six different colors. 

Design Boards are essential for fabric auditioning and organizing your fabric pieces after cutting.  Just lay our your pieces on the Design Board, and they’ll stay in place until you’re ready for them. Stack up your boards and they won’t budge, whether you’re moving them around your studio or taking them out for a sewing retreat. 

Won’t these look great in your sewing room while you’re sewing all of your Farm Girl Vintage blocks? 

If you can’t choose just one or two Design Boards? No worries, we created the Master Collection with all of them, so you don’t have to choose. So what are you waiting for? Pick up your favorite Bee in my Bonnet Design Board at our shop today. 


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