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Back to School with Pam Kitty Love: The Final Quilt

After months of sewing the the cutest blocks, we are finally ready to show off our final Back to School with Pam Kitty Love quilt. Our final project, you could say. Kimberly, Debbie and Pam are finally ready to turn them in! These sampler quilts are made with block patterns from Barbara Brackman’s Civil War Sampler in cheerful Pam Kitty Love fabric by Pam Kitty Morning for LakeHouse Dry Goods. The combination was just perfect and we ended up with two adorable, but very different quilts! Take a look.

Kimberly used a bunch of brightly colored Pam Kitty Love prints, with many blues, yellows and pinks in her mix. The quilt came out cheerful and with a retro vibe. The blocks are so sweet and would make adorable pillows, tablerunners and smaller baby quilts, too.

Debbie’s quilt is much more dramatic! She used the bolder black prints, which make the blocks pop and really draw your attention in. Debbie also chose two black prints for the inner and outer border for an even bigger dramatic effect. We just love this quilt and can not look away! Take a minute to just stare at it, we know you want to!

We love how differently the quilts turned out. While the Civil War Sampler blocks are traditional and historic, the variety of prints and colors used allow each one to stand out and look completely unique. We had so much fun creating these quilts and hope that everyone else who joined in did too. You can see all of the block photos over on Flickr. Don’t forget to pop over to Pam’s blog to see her final quilt!

To round out the Back to School with Pam Kitty Sew Along in style, we are ending with a giveaway! Sweet Things, the latest collection from LakeHouse Dry Goods, recently arrived and is as cute as can be. We know you will love sewing with Sweet Things! We are offering one lucky winner a fat quarter bundle of Sweet Things to brighten up your stash! Leave a comment below letting us know which bundle you would choose and what you would make with it for a chance to win! Contest closes Monday July 22, 2013. Good luck!

UPDATE: Barbara of Pointless Quilter has been chosen as our lucky winner!  She won a Donut Sweet Things Fat Quarter Bundle by Holly Holderman for LakeHouse Dry Goods.  Congrats! 


  1. I would choose the Chocolate Sweet Things. The colors are so vibrant against the black tones. And I would make a lap quilt with sampler blocks.

  2. The quilts are beautiful, all the bundles would be great for sewing for the granddaughters. If I could only pick one the Sundae bundle.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Deb Anderson

  3. I would choose the Chocolate Sweet Things bundle. I would team it up with some matching solids and then design a throw quilt for my reading corner.

  4. I would use the Sundae Sweet Things bundle. My great niece has a purple room and I am planning to make her a lap quilt for Christmas. This would be perfect!

  5. They are both so DELICIOUS….but I would choose the Pastry Sweet Things. It would be SEW cute to make a summer quilt. Love how cherful it is.

  6. I would chose the Pastry Sweet Things. I have a young neighbor who is expecting her first child and it's a girl! This would make a wonderful quilt. Thanks for the chance to win!

  7. They are all adorable! SO hard to pick one…either Tart or Donut maybe…right…that's not one, is it? I guess Chocolate would be interesting. A different angle on a fun summer quilt.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  8. I love the pastry sweet things bundle. I would love some cupcakes and pink in a house with 2 young boys and a hubbie!

  9. Definitely, I would choose the orange, lime, and pink bundle to make a quilt for a sweet baby girl I know.

  10. Hi There!
    I would choose the Pastry Sweet Things Fat Quarter Bundle! I love love love the pinks! Well, actually, I love them all and it was a difficult choice. I would choose Modern Butterfly as the project to make with the bundle as my super-awesome step-daughter is cookoo crazy about butterflies right now and I love to see her smile!
    Thanks for the amazing give-a-way!!!

  11. Both beautiful, yet so different!

    I would choose the Chocolate bundle – I love the way the bright colors contrast with the black.

    This would make a great quilt for my niece's birthday (I know it's weird but her favorite color is black!)

  12. I would choose the Vanilla Sweet Things. What a soft set of prints! I have a new baby granddaughter that needs a snuggle quilt out of it! Thanks for such beautiful fabric and a chance to win some! Love your website.

  13. Love today's quilts! I would choose the chocolate bundle–I love the contrast the dark fabrics provide.

  14. What gorgeous quilts, they are both very lovely. It is so hard to pick a favorite bundle but I think I would go with the Tart Sweet Things. I really like the greens for a change.

  15. WOW! Beautiful! I would choose Tart Sweet Things, then Chocolate Sweet Things… Then well I want them all!

  16. I would choose the tart bundle and make a quilt for my friend who just announced she is pregnant with a baby girl and I would keep the scraps to brighten up my own stash 🙂

  17. I would choose donut and tart, and mix them for some cute summer outfits for my granddaughters – I have a bucket hat pattern and am anxious to try it out

  18. Hi.

    I would choose Tart Sweet Things and make a set of reusable gift bags from them. The set has patterns that seem suitable for both boys and girls, and I have two boys and two girls that I regularly gift.

  19. I'd choose the Chocolate sweet (and I would probably choose one print from each of the other colors to add to it)

  20. I would like any of the bundles and I would love to make the pattern "Color Me Crayons" for my niece. She loves pink and purple!!! Pick me, pick me 🙂

  21. I LOVE the sweet things fabrics….and the scrap quilt sampler…..I think I'd have to make one. haven't done a sampler in a long while…..they are inspiring!

  22. I would like any of the bundles and I would love to make the pattern "Color Me Crayons" for my niece. She loves pink and purple!!! Pick me, pick me 🙂

  23. I think I would like the Donut bundle and I would like to make the same civil war sampler blocks you just finished. In fact I purchased a bunch of Lakehouse Pam Kitty fabrics just for that purpose!

  24. I would choose the Sundae bundle because good purples are really hard to find. And I think this bundle asks for a flower quilt, don't you think?

  25. Tough call but I would have to pick Sundae or Donut Sweet Things. All of the bundles and prints are adorable! I'd made some cute zippy pouches with it.

  26. I would choose Chocolate Sweet Things and then get pieces from the Vanilla, Donut, and Sundae Sweet Things to use with it.

  27. I love your sampler quilts! I would pick the Pastry bundle and use the fabric to make a quilt. Thanks for the fun giveaway.

  28. I just can't decide between Sundae Sweet Things or Tart Sweet Things, they would both be perfect for a bunting quilt that I am planning to make, thanks for the chance!

  29. I'd probably pick the Sundae sweet things. They all are such bright fun colors so I'd probably use them to make a toddler quilt or maybe a fun picnic blanket for our trips to the park and beach.

  30. They are all adorable, but I think I would choose the Vanilla Sweet Things with a new grandbaby on the way! Thanks so much!

  31. Both of your quilts are beautiful. I never would have thought how different they would be using the same collection. I must get Barbara Brackman's book. As for the bundles, I would choose the chocolate sweet things and get pieces from the other bundles to make a little girl's quilt.

  32. I love adding black into any quilt it always makes such a great punch. I would definitely choose the Chocolate bundle. Thanks for the inspiration!

  33. Great quilts, and a wonderful way to show how each quilt can be its own. I would select the Tart bundle.

  34. I would choose the purples in the Sundae Sweet Things bundle as it is my granddaughter's favourite colour. I would love to make her a quilt to go in her bedroom in the new house she is about to move into.

  35. I love the Vanilla Sweet Things bundle. Bright pops on a white background would be perfect with the brights I already have in a cheerful quilt for my niece.

  36. I wish my daughter liked pink–I love the Pastry bundle. However, if I won I'd probably choose the Tart bundle and make a quilt with it!

  37. I love them all but I would choose Pastry Sweet Things and get a jump on a valentines project I have had my eye on! It's never to early to start a new project!

  38. I would love the tart bundle. There is something about that green that is calling my name. Oh, but wait! Why not both bundles?

    Having fun.

  39. I'd get vanilla sweet things. I need those as stash builders. I loved taking part in back to school with pam kitty. I am not very near to finishing my quilt though!

  40. I just love both of those quilts!!! So pretty!
    I think I would choose the Vanilla Sweet Thing bundle!
    Thank you so much for the chance!

  41. I love both of yalls quilts and Pam's quilt. It finally stopped raining enough for me to get a picture of my flimsy. Can't wait to get it quilted. This hop has been so much fun. I think Sweet Things would be great in a Civil war sampler too!

    I love Sweet Things and want them all, but if I have to choose 1 , I would pick Tart sweet things – looks like a Granny Smith Aple to me! I can always use more green in my stash!

  42. They are all very cute but since I'm making my 3rd of 5 baby quilts in the orange/aqua family (apparently those are the "in" colors for a little girl nursery) I need more orange/ tangerine/ clementine/ coral fabrics to sew with! 🙂

  43. I love this collection and the joyful quilts. I think I would pick the vanilla sweet things because they would be such wonderful neutrals in a scrap quilt.

  44. I like the orange/pink/green bundle – lovely, happy colors! 🙂

    I'd make a basic sampler quilt – maybe the Women's Votes quilt that Barbara Brackman is doing now?

    🙂 Linda

  45. Like all of them, but if I were to choose – it would be the Donut Sweet Things! Thanx for the chance – and I love these two quilts!!

  46. Oh with 2 little grand girls I would have to say The Sweet things in any girly combination would be something to start with….to add to and make those 2 sweet girls very happy!

  47. Just one bundle? Well, since I already bought some of the "vanilla" pieces, I'd probably choose the Sundae Bundle! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  48. Your quilts are gorgeous!! Love Sweet Things!! The Chocolate bundle is definitely my favorite would love to make a quilt with it!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  49. Would love to create a quilt using Chocolate Sweet Things, but love them all. Hard to select only one.pTFr

  50. I'm getting hungry just thinking about all these cute little bundles! Gee, how do you choose between awesome and awesome? Well, I'm thinking purple is catching my eye, so how about the Sundae Bundle. Now what would I do with it? I think I'd make a bag or two. I'm needing some storage bags and they sure would be cute in the purple! Thanks for the opportunity!

  51. I'd choose the tart bundle. I've been looking for a bundle to make Elizabeth Hartman's valentine quilt to use as a picnic blanket. What gorgeous colors and theme for spring and summer days with the kids at the park. Thanks for the inspiration!

  52. its a really hard choice, all are amazing! If I had to choose just one, it would be Vanilla Sweets, so soft and fresh. It would be perfect for the B.Brackman project. Thanks!! Lee M.

  53. I love the Donut bundle….and unfortunately, I also love donuts. I would love to make a summery table runner for camp. Beautiful quilts, like them both!

  54. Love the quilts! I think the vanilla bundle would be my favorite!
    Love this line!!

  55. Love both quilts but think the polka dots in the yellow, pink and soft colors is my favorite
    Kathy Matchett

  56. It is so hard to choose. I love them all, but I would choose the Chocolate Sweet Things bundle. I would make some kind of dramatic quilt with this bundle.

  57. I would choose Donut Sweet Things….I have a daughter that loves orange and I would make something for her this with fat quarter bundle. Thanks.

  58. Love the Chocolate Sweet Things!! Could definitely use more dark colors in my stash.

    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  59. Both versions turned out beautifully! It's hard to choose a favorite bundle of Sweet Things because they're all just adorable. My favorite would have to be Tart Sweet Things which reminds me of tart granny smith Apple's. The bundle would definitely have to be paired with Chocolate Sweet Things.

  60. The Tart Sweet Things combined with the Chocolate Sweet Things would make an awesome quilt. The greens are definitely my favorite!

  61. Fell in love with the purple and black fabrics, love the block patterns and contrast created. I would love to sew this up.


  62. I would definitely get either the Pastry or Sundae bundles as my granddaughter Melanie's favorite colors are pink and purple and I would make her a quilt.
    Very cute fabric!

  63. Wow! What a difference in the two quilts. Great job. I would choose the Sundae Sweet Things Bundle. Thanks for the chance to win.

  64. I'm definitely a pink cupcake kinda girl. Me and a friend of mine will travel way out of our way to find a cupcake store:-) I probably would make us both a cupcake table runner!!

  65. Hard to choose, but the vanilla pack looks amazing. Would use in some Art Deco butterfly blocks.

  66. I would choose pastry because my daughter is all pink all the time. I might mix it up with chocolate though, because that just sounds good. I've been wanting to try one of the patterns in the Angles with Ease book, or maybe the Strawbrry social pattern.

  67. My beloved daughter wants a Swoon quilt for her college dorm bed…she says "something cheery and bright that will go with everything." The vanilla pack seems to fit that description perfectly!

  68. Love, love the Civil War Quilts ~ they are both awesome ~ I would have to choose the Pastry Sweet Thing Bundle ~ Might have to start a Civil War Quilt myself ~ Again, they are beautiful.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  69. Thank you for the chance to play and win fabric…I would enjoy the Pastry Things bundle. I have a new grandbaby girl and she looks beautiful in pink!

  70. I would choose Vanilla sweet things bundle. My children are foster parents and I make a special quilt for every foster child that comes to us. I would use it for that. I have been in love with this line since I first saw it!!!!

  71. I would choose the Chocolate bundle and make a quilt for my youngest daughter. I love the quilt made with the black. It is very eye catching.

  72. Being an orange fan, I would choose the Donut Sweet things, then I would use them to make a children's quilt that I would send to Calgary, Alberta to be donated to a family that lost everything in the recent floods.

  73. II would choose to make the doughnut bundle for my neighbor, who is in a nursing home, to remind him of the colors of sunsets on the Oregon coast.

  74. Such a hard decision however I would pick the Tart bundle as it is a colour I have not tried in a quilt and would like to. Love the pattern. So inspiring.

  75. I would love the sweet pink, blue bundle, it is absolutely "sweet" and I would make quilts for the two sweetest granddaughters in the world-mine!

  76. I'd love all of the brights but if I just had to pick only one I'd choose the Tart Sweet Things- I love those greens, it's so perky.

  77. Both quilts turned out great! I would choose the Tart bundle–I never seem to have enough greens. I think I would use them to make Lori Holt's Row quilt–I haven't started it yet, but love it!

  78. I came over from Natalie' s Blog. the "Sundae Sweet Things" bundle. Those purples are so pretty. I made my Civil war quilt in CW fabrics. I love the quilting Natalia did on them.

  79. Wow, such beautiful quilts! Just gorgeous, great job! I would have to pick the Donut bundle, I have been on an orange kick here lately and Idon't know why, I have never really cared for orange at all but now I love it! Orange and Purple, seems so colorful rich to me! Thanks for the generous giveaway 🙂

  80. I would chose the Tart Sweet Things. Love the colors and they would work great in an applique piece with birds and flowers!

  81. I would choose Vanilla Sweet Things – such a pretty, happy fabric line!! I am thinking that I would make a lap quilt with this fabric – thanks for the chance!!

  82. I would love the Vanilla Sweet Things to make a baby quilt for my grand baby! The quilts are gorgeous! Thanks for the give away,

  83. Well talk about impossible situations…I have six granddaughters, and there is a collection perfect for each one! I found that I couldn't just choose one for the project (tote bags) that I had in mind, so I flipped a coin (several times) and came up with the Tart collection, for a tote bag for me.

  84. Love the quilts and I think I would choose the Vanilla sweet things with maybe a punch of color and would make a fun quilt for one of my grandchildren!

  85. I love the quilts. Thank you for the chance to win. If I were to choose which bundle I prefer, I really like sew sweet color way. I think it would look good in a zigzag quilt.

  86. I would choose the black prints as I always think black just adds something to a quilt. I would have to look at the fabrics and then decide what I would want to make.

  87. I'd probably get chocolate or vanilla. They are all delish. Love the quilts, the one with red and black is stunning. Thanks.

  88. Not sure which bundle I'd pick since they are all so fun. I think I'd make a baby quilt or a couple of quilts for my daughter's AG dolls.


  89. I love all the bundles but my granddaughter loves the color purple and these fabrics would make a great something for her! I I think a combo bundle would be great!

  90. I would choose the Sundae Sweet Thing Bundle. I would make a child size quilt in a log cabin pattern and donate it to a child in need in my community. Thank you for the chance , the quilts are beautiful.

  91. Both of the quilts are fantastic. Holly always puts out the cutest fabrics. If I had that bundle of FQs, I think I would use them in a "pinwheel" themed quilt. Thanks for the giveaway!

  92. I would choose the Pastry Sweet Things. I have two sweet girls that would love these prints. Thanks for the giveaway.

  93. I would choose Chocolate Sweet Things because I love the color contrast and honestly I love anything that says "chocolate"!

  94. Both of your quilts are beautiful!
    Please may I choose the Pastry
    Pink bundle? I would love to win
    for once please?
    Thank You for a chance.

  95. oohh.. That's a hard one, but I guess I would have to go with Pastry Sweet Things, pink is my daughter's favorite color.
    grecomara at gmail dot com

  96. i normally would choose pinks but the Vanilla bundle would be great for either a low-volume quilt or a truly cute background for other Lakehouse fabrics!

  97. I really like the Pastry Sweet Thing for the front with Pink Eyelet for the backing and Cerise Awning Stripe for the binding. There it is! A new quilt to make.

  98. I love all the bundles but would love the chocolate sweet things bundle to make a lovely tablecloth for summer picnics! awolk at rogers dot com

  99. All the fabrics are as cute as can be. Purple has always been my favorite color, so the Sundae Sweet Things bundle would be my choice.

  100. Chocolate Sweet Things Fat Quarter Bundle is what I would choose and I would make a sofa quilt. Thanks.

    (smjohns63 at yahoo dot com)

  101. I really like the purples of the Sundae Sweats Things. My bedroom is done in purple so I would make something for it….pillows or a bed runner. Thank you!

  102. I'd pick the Sundaes Sweet Things and I'd make a quilted over dress for my little niece, and then if there were left overs some little quilted bibs because a good friend is trying to get pregnant.
    lfhpueblo (at) msn (dot) com

  103. Donut Sweet Things looks very good to me. Love the color orange to add interest to a project. Thanks for the chance to win some of this collection.

  104. Very hard to choose…Tart Sweet Things bundle would make a lovely bed quilt for mt granddaughter

  105. Love the Tart Sweet Things Bundle, I am often attracted to greens!
    Loved to see the two finished quilts and how different they come accross based on fabric colorway print alone!

  106. While I am not normally a 'pink' person, I do love the Pastry Sweet Things" bundle. My granddaughter would be over the moon with a new quilt made with this. Thanks for a chance to win.

  107. I just LOVE Kimberley's quilt, and I would choose that colourway. I don't care that it's supposed to be for a little girl, I would make a bedrunner or something for me if I won the fat quarter pack!

  108. I am like everyone else…my choice would be to have every single fabric in this collection and then let my imagination go….
    But..for this opportunity I would chose the Donut grouping..for a quilt being made in shades of yellows that sorely needs brightening up for my friend who loves yellow…then I would chose one from this collection for the backing. Thankyou for the opportunity and the pleasure of seeing all of the new fabrics.

  109. Love Lakehouse and can't get enough of her wonderful fabrics and designs. I would love to have the Donut collection, because I never purchase this color and it would be a wonderful to make the cute cupcake applique quilt.

  110. My Granddaughter just finished her 1st sewing project & she loves pink. I'd have to go with the Pastry Sweet Things. Thanks!

  111. It was a toss-up between the Chocolate bundle and the Tart bundle, but I decided the Tart would work better for me. I would make a chevron patterned lap blanket with a solid black to offset the lime greens. It would be for my sister because it's the same colors as her first vehicle, a Bronco 2 that was lime green with black racing stripes!

  112. ZOWIE…they are all so delicious! I might "settle" on the Vanilla Sweet Things just because they would go so well with all the other color combos in this collection. I would make a sampler quilt to cuddle with on the couch, but I'm afraid it would make my mouth water looking at all the fun fabrics!

  113. I would have to choose chocolate sweet things because the cupcakes and donuts just pop on the black background and ooooh those greys!! I think I would make kitchen items, pot holders mixer cover, etc. Would sure love to win the fats!!

  114. I would pick the tart bundle because I hear tarts are healthier than donuts. Love them all!! Need a Pam Kitty fix love her quilt.

  115. Both quilts are beautiful! Love all the bundles! Would love to make a quilt using fabric from each bundle. To answer your question though I'd pick the Donut bundle, yummy colors!

    Thank you for a super giveaway and a chance to win.


  116. What awesome quilts! My favorite is the Chocolate Sweet Things bundle! I love the dark with the bright colors. And I'd love to make a quilt for my son as he loves goodies fabric – he even has a donuts, a ice creams & a chocolates pillow cases. Thanks for a chance to win! 🙂

  117. I like both the Vanilla Sweet Things Fat Quarter Bundle and the Tart Sweet Things Fat Quarter Bundle (green). I'd love to make dresses for my little one.

  118. Definitely the Pastry bundle, I have a nephew who loves ORANGE and I would use them in his graduation quilt. The rest are just right for twin niece who are thankfully not graduating this year, but next!

  119. All these fabrics are so joyful, and I love fabrics that make me smile! Love ALL the Sweet Things Bundles, but I am in a green phase, so I would pick the Tart Sweet Things!

  120. I would choose the Sweet Things bundle! It would be absolutely perfect for a quilt that is in my brain for our soon-to-be 4 years old granddaughter! Thank you for offering this contest!!!