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Back to School Giveaway Winners

We hope you all had a swell time writing a poem for our little Back to School Giveaway. We have been reading through the entries all week and are amazed at the creativity!

It is now time to pick our winners. We read through the poems and chose five entries that tickled our fancy. The lucky winners are…

Happy Cottage Quilter said…
Travel, travel
miles and miles.
A time together
to share lots of smiles.
A special date
a time to remember
When we started together
knowing it would be forever.
The years have flown by so very quickly
Not many more before we reach 50!!

Mary said…
What did I do this summer?
Nothing that was a bummer!
I taught my granddaughter to sew
And helped her make some cookie dough.
And since there wasn’t any fog
I played outside with my big dog.

But my flowers wilted
Because mostly I quilted!

Nikita said…
We did not go anywhere
just really here and there
Did a lot of local events
and spent some time with my parents

The children grew
and the adults got fatter

Filled with lazy days of BBQing, Ice cream, pies, and lots of sewing.

scottylover said…
In June north to Chicago I flew
to meet with old friends not new
We went to a quilt show and saw
beautiful quilts that left me in awe.
We talked, sewed and shopped
until we had to stop
Because back home I had to go.

Sandy A

Jenn said…
Summer was filled with parties galore
We were even able to see the seashore
Alas school must start
Which is good for my heart
For my sewing machine thought me a bore.

Thanks for playing, everyone! Winners, you have been contacted via email. We hope you all had fun with our back to school assignment! Everyone gets an A+ in poetry!


  1. If only my English teacher could see this.. She thought I'd never get anywhere or anything in poetry : )

    Thank You for the wonderful giveaway!