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Aurifil Thread Box with Me and My Sister Designs

Hello everyone! We have Barb and Mary of Me and My Sister Designs today to talk about their two NEW Aurifil thread boxes. Barb and Mary created two custom-colored threads that are exclusive to these boxes. 
First, we have the Everyday Color! Large Aurifil Box, which is the “big daddy” version of the two (and Barb’s favorite). This box comes with 12 large spools that go perfectly with all of their fabric collections. Mary loves the Everyday Color! Small thread box that comes with ten mini spools which are oh… so… cute! Watch the video to learn more about their colorful spools. 

Barb and Mary have a special surprise for you! head on over to their blog and enter to win a small Aurifil thread box! Let us know which Aurifil thread color is your favorite! Thanks for joining us on the Jolly Jabber!


  1. I am now using Aurifil 2000 for piecing thanks to you, Kimberly. I have also used 2310, which is also great for piecing.
    I love all the colors for quilting, especially all the pinks, purples, and turquoise choices.