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2014 Summer Book Club: A Cut Above by Gerri Robinson

Welcome to the 2014 Summer Book Club with Fat Quarter Shop. Today, we are dishing about Gerri Robinson of Planted Seeds Designs‘ first book, A Cut Above. We are huge fans of Gerri Robinson’s one-of-a-kind quilt designs. Gerri did not start exploring the world of precuts until 2012, where she challenged herself to explore outside her comfort zone. The designs found throughout the pages of A Cut Above chronicle the steps she took to overcome her own design obstacles about working in a precut environment. A Cut Above has 23 different projects from fat eights to layer cakes. 
Here are some projects form A Cut Above that we adore. 

Rugby Stars and Friendship quilt
Buttoned Up quilt and Buttoned Up Pillow
Carefree quilt and Buttoned Up Boxed Cushion 
Galaxy quilt and Dancing Among the Stars quilt
Fat Quarter Shop team with Gerri at 2014 International Spring Market
Kimberly and Gerri with her Chain of Heart Quilt 

It’s time for our 2014 Summer Book Club giveaway! We are giving away a stash of books to ten lucky winners from now until the end of August. To enter, comment below and let us know what is your favorite precut. One winner will be picked each week and all the winners will be announced August 26th. Good Luck and happy quilting!


  1. Oh, this book is screaming out to me! I'll take a chance and enter your giveaway I. Hopes of being lucky. My favorite precut is the layer cake because you get the range of fabrics in the group and the size is large enough to use for a variety of things while letting you get a good feel for the scale of the design. Thanks for the chance.

  2. My favorite precuts are charm packs. I love Carrie Nelson's Schnibbles pattern and i love the finished quilt size, too.

  3. What a delightful grouping of quilts she has created for this book! Oh my, I want to make every one. Favorite precut? Probably a tie between layer cakes (large pieces of fabric that showcase the prints) and charm packs (because they are so versatile and seem to be my go-to size). Thanks for the great giveaway!

  4. My favorite precuts would be whichever one I am using at the time! I love them all! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  5. I have been addicted to jelly rolls for awhile, but my most recent project uses layer cakes, and I have discovered how versatile a layer cake can be!

  6. My favourite precuts? After fat quarters, layer cakes – they are big enough to work with and still get some scrappy variety.
    The rugby stars quilt has my name on it. I used to live just outside Rugby.

  7. It's hard to pick just one! I love fat quarters for samplers, charms for quick quilts and jelly rolls for fun! I'm starting to collect mini charms, too, which I think will be wonderful for mini quilts or as cornerstones on scrappy projects.

    Sandy A

  8. Great book! I guess I like charm squares because I get to sample the whole fabric line at once. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  9. I don't work much with precuts – I usually buy 1/2 yd bundles, but I have worked with layercakes in the past and I think that would be my precut of choice.

  10. This looks like a fantastic book! My favorite pre-cut is the jelly roll :)'
    Thanks for the chance to win

    caribousmom (at) aol (dot) com

  11. I love fat quarters but mostly use layer cakes. Honestly, I've used all sizes and it has always been fun. This book looks amazing!

  12. I want to make everything in this book ! I use all precuts but I guess my favorite would be the layer cake

    Thanks for the chance to win this Awesome book !!!!!

  13. Love them all but lately have enjoyed the fat eights. They can easily be cut into strips or squares. You get really useable pieces of entire collections without quite the expense of the full fat quarter bundles.

  14. I love charm packs! You can make a simple quilt out of them by just adding some sashing, or add a solid and make half-square triangles for unlimited possibilities. They are inexpensive so you can collect a lot of different fabric lines!

  15. I usually lean to fat quarters or yardage (I may have some fabric hoarder tendencies!). I love the look of charms and am hoping to get a few packs for my daughter (4 1/2) to turn into doll quilts!
    Thanks! Sarah: crjandsbj(at)netzero(dot)com

  16. Great book! My favorite precut are charm packs, seems like you can do so much with them. Thanks for the giveaway πŸ™‚

  17. My favorite precuts are charm packs. I know they're small, but I can make a very scrappy mini-quilt, and they're great for cutting small applique pieces. πŸ™‚

  18. The book looks gorgeous. I love charm packs because they are so affordable and you get the whole range. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  19. I have that book and love it!! Although my daughter keeps narrowing it, so I would take a new one. It's so hard to have one favorite pre-cut. It all depends on what type of quilt, but I'd go with fat quarter.

  20. It is a hard question to answer as I do love precuts. I love charm squares, layer cakes and jelly rolls which to choose. Lets go with Layer Cakes as my current favourite as I have just finished a large quilt using Layer Cakes.

  21. I do love the charm pack so that I can see which prints to order yardage of. I'd love to order fat quarter bundles but seldom can fit that purchase into my budget!

  22. I love all the precuts, but my favorite would have to be fat quarter bundles-lots more fun!!! This book looks amazing-hope I can win one of them. Thanks so much for doing this giveaway!!

  23. I love jelly rolls. There are so many ways to use them in a quilt.
    wlinda_ca at yahoo dot com

  24. My favorite Precuts are Charms and Jelly Rolls, fat eights too for bigger projects I can make multiple styles out of. Precuts are just an overall blessing to me. Thanks for sharing this Great Book, I would Love to win it!!

    Huggs, Nancy

  25. My favorite precuts are fat quarters and I know this for sure because every time I go into a quilt shop I head for the fat quarters. I just love a stack of coordinated fat quarters stacked together and tied with a ribbon.

  26. I'm so new at this I haven't even used all the different precuts. I've used a charm pack and loved it, and I know what a fat quarter is but have never worked with a stack of them. Guess I have to do a bit more sewing to determine a favorite!

  27. I would have to say that my favorite precut is the fat quarter. It gives me lots of fun fabric choices and also the availability to cut it to smaller sizes, for example layer cake or charm square size, etc.

  28. I can't choose just 1 ;-> I LOVE my fat quarters they're so versatile, my 2nd choice would be the layer cake. Sometimes if I see a new line that I just have to have (with no real plan) I'll buy a charm pack. Thanks for showing us such a great book. ;->

  29. My favorite are the charm square packs. I love making scrappy quilts with 2 1/2 inch squares. I can cut up some of the charm squares and save the rest for other projects.
    paweis at yahoo dot com

  30. Fat quarters will probably always be my favorite pre cuts. They are a great size, so handy to pull out for a quilt project.

  31. My favorite depends on the project… I love charm squares, & have used them on numerous projects. I also have lots of jelly rolls!

  32. Fat quarters are the most versatile. Charm squares are fun to play with. and to combine with Jelly rolls for interesting designs. Layer cakes work up quickly. How can I pick just one?

  33. I like the fat eighths since that way you can get a little bit of a lot of fabrics. I seem to be making more scrappy things and so it gives me nice variety but in a small amount. Really cute projects in the book. Thanks- K-

  34. I've worked with several jelly rolls which I love. I have yet to venture into charm packs, later cakes or hexie precursor though I keep seeing them and wanting to give them a go.

  35. This book is exactly what I need these days! I've always loved charm packs because you get a great variety of fabrics in one collection. But I just discovered all the incredible things you can do with jelly rolls therefore I'd go for rolls now!

  36. I just love jelly rolls as I find they are so versatile. I also love FQ bundles, but sadly, the shipping and duties to have them sent from the US to the UK make them impractical.

  37. I love a Layer cake, I love how I can get a whole range for a fraction of the price of buying yardage of each one, and a 10 inch square is so versatile for lots of designs especially with books like these to help me.

  38. This book is perfect for me as I cannot decide which pre-cut I like best. I have more fat quarters and layer cakes but only because I've made quilts from all my charm packs! Love the creative designs in this book!

  39. Rosemary B here
    I love layer cakes. They are large enough to see the pattern and you get a lot of great matching colors and designs. So beautiful!
    You have a lot of options to do with it too.
    I love this book. I want it :=)
    I am so glad I found your webpage.
    I have learned so much!
    Thank you for much for this give away and for being one of my very favorite blogs and fabric shopping places

  40. This new book looks so colorful and inviting, as though one can hardly wait to open it and explore the pages. My favorite cuts are Jelly Rolls, since I dislike cutting such long strips on my own.

  41. I love Charm Packs – the different fabrics you get.. There is new patterns for their uses.. also i would say my alltime favorite would be fat quarters.. I am currently using batik jellyrolls..

  42. I've done a lot with Jelly Rolls, but that's because I have a pattern book with lots of lovely patterns for Jellies! I think I would do more with fat quarters, layer cakes, and charm packs if I had a book or books that utilized them.

  43. I own Gerri's book and love it! My favorite part is that the leftovers are used in other projects, I hate waste. My favorite pre-cut is the fat quarter. Thank you for the opportunity to increase my book stash!

  44. I like layer cakes. They can quickly be turned into a charm pack or mini charm pack, but still big enough to have lots of other options. Thank you for the give away!

  45. I have used all the precuts except the candy squares and I think my favorite is jelly rolls. Great give away, thanks.

  46. layer cakes would have to be my fave…..you can always get lots out of them…..but then again, charm squares are very versatile too…..and mini charms……fat quarters are always coming in handy and I've had some fun with turnovers….ooooh so hard to choose…..I think, like any good dessert…..I'd have to have them all!!! LOL :o)

  47. Fat quarters are my favorite, because there is so much usable fabric. This book is on my wish list and I would love to win it. Thanks!

  48. I love charm packs, you can do so much with them. Thank you for all the fun projects and information you provide. I learn so much from them.
    Happy sewing!

  49. Oh why pick just one. I love all of the quilts. My pick first would be either Rugby Stars or maybe Galaxy Quilt. Love using pre-cuts and fat quarters. Pre-cuts can give a new quilter color confidence and I love to teach others how to use them.

  50. it seems like I have been using fat quarters a lot lately for several projects.

  51. My favorite precut are the charm squares. They look so pretty together and I can find more patterns and ideas to use them.

  52. I have always used fat quarters, but would like to use layer cakes, and then experiment with some charm packs. Great book giveaway!

  53. I LOVE LOVE LOVE all precuts. My favorite are probably fat quarters because without them we probably wouldn't have The Fat Quarter Shop as we know it and it is among my favorite places to shop. In this book, I would like to make the Rugby quilt for my son who is my shinning star.

  54. Love all the precuts, but fat quarters are the most versatile. Jelly rolls are so fun to make a strip tube quilt-instant fun!

  55. Layer cakes and fat quarters are my favourite precuts. It is quick and easy to cut layer cakes into charm squares and mini charms. Fat quarters can become just about anything. It would fun to create with this new book.

  56. I'm in love with jelly rolls. They're the perfect size for almost any quilt pattern. And so easy to use. Even the scraps are useful for leaders and enders.

  57. I love the quilts you showed from this book. Thanks for the chance to win a copy!

  58. I'm new to machine piecing and quilting, and have found charm packs to be the easiest for me to figure out how to use, although I'm beginning to understand how eventually moving up to fat quarters can yield larger, coordinated quilts – and build stash at the same time. This looks like a wonderful book – thanks for showcasing it.

  59. It's a hard choice but I think Fat Quarters, Then would come layer cakes and then jelly rolls. They are all great! The book looks very interesting and I would love to add it to my collection. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  60. My favorite pre-cuts are layer cakes (their large size provides a lot of versatility) and fat quarters (they help build up the stash!). This book looks great….thanks for the opportunity to possibly win a copy!

  61. I love all precuts but if I had to choose it would be between jelly rolls and layer cakes. Gerri's book has so many wonderful designs. Thanks for the chance to win.

  62. I have used and like them all but I think jelly rolls are my favorite. What a great book! If I don't win one I guess this will be my next purchase! πŸ™‚

  63. Charm packs are my favorite pre-cut. I like to do small, fast projects and they are perfect for that! Thanks for the give away!

  64. I haven't done too much sewing with precuts, so take this with a grain of salt, At this point I think my favorite precuts are the 5 inch charms squares. After watching Jenny Doan create marvelous quilts with jellyroll strips, I'm interested in getting some jellyroll strips and working with those, too. I just watched her video about making an Irish Chain quilt using jellyroll strips. That quilt is my very, very favorite so I think I'm going to give this method a try.

  65. My favorite precut is a tie between a jelly roll and those little candy squares. The candy squares are just too precious and great for sweet baby quilts.
    Gerri's book looks like a huge pile'o fabulous fun.

  66. Oh boy do I need this book. I love precuts, my favourite is the charm pack. It's a nice size to work with.

  67. I think Fat Quarters are my favorite. I love getting the whole range of fabrics in a collection. Thanks for the chance. Beautiful quilts!

  68. This book is right up my alley, I love charm packs. I use all precuts depending on what I am making. Thanks for the chance to win.

  69. I think layer cakes are my favorite pre-cuts, since I can cut a couple of other different items from it, or use it whole.

  70. I really like charm squares because there are so many patterns that just use 2 of them. For larger projects I prefer layer cakes.

  71. My favorite precut is the layer cake. Fat Quarter bundles are great for the quantity of fabric, but I like that with layer cakes there is usually less cutting required before you can get to the sewing.

  72. My very favorite are fat quarter bundles… More fabric! But next to that is probably charm packs, especially when my 10-year old wants to sew. Just pull one or two out and she's on her way!

  73. I'm in the boat with Gerri. I have not used pre-cuts and really need to look into playing with some. I think the Layer Cake would be the most versatile to get longer and slightly larger pieces but i"m so not sure.

  74. My first pre-cut is my fav, and that is the jelly roll. I made a zippy quilt and fell in love. I have also developed some love for charm packs.

  75. Fat quarters are my first choice but layer cakes and jelly rolls are great as well.

  76. This is an AWESOME book. Right now I'm in love with Fat Quarters (Jo Morton's Haberdashery and waiting for her Melodies line. Also love the Snowbird collection. Too many to list!) And also Layer Cakes.

  77. My favorite lately is the layer cakes as I have been using ideas for children's quiet pages and making them into tote bags. Thanks so much for bringing fresh new ideas to us!!

  78. I love a fresh, new fat quarter pack but have done lots of small projects with charms! Looks like a beautiful book – I'm putting it on my wish list!

  79. I am new to quilting and have used jelly rolls and fat quarters. I love them both!! Would love to have the books!

  80. I like jelly rolls and fat quarters because you can get to sewing faster, but it's hard to resist the fat quarter bundles for versatility.

  81. My favorite pre-cut is a jelly roll….next to that are charm squares… love, love, love! Thanks for the lovely giveaway chance! onlydiamods@hotmailcom

  82. I love to sew with charm packs. They are a fun and easy way to make fun little quilts. I can see this book is going to have to be one for my library. Thanks for sharing.

  83. I love everything Gerri has done, pretty unique and
    talented lady! I have her book, but, for any precut, PICK ME! (please?) Denise A.

  84. I'm a big fan of fq bundles.

    Gerri's book looks great–I would never guess that the red star quilt was made from pre-cuts.

  85. My favorite precut? my favorite precut of fabric is off the bolt. Any size will due! I just love fabric . 1 yard, 2 yards. Layer cakes, fat quarters, charm packs. Love fabric. Thanks.

  86. Looks like a beautiful book with all those lovely quilts. Hard to choose a favorite pre cut because they are all nice in their own way, but since we need to pick one, I'd say layer cakes. Layer cakes have a little more to work with. Thanks for the chance to win!

  87. Geri: Your work is so beautiful, so classic. I am impressed that you took a leap out of your comfort zone. I use a layer cake for it's versatility.

  88. I think my favorite is the fat quarter. I did make skirts for 3 of my granddaughters out of several charm packs which turned out well.

  89. What beautiful quilts, especially the ones with stars!! Right now my favorite pre-cut is a Layer Cake–just right for the scrappy projects I like to sew. Thanks for the chance to review new books and to win one!

  90. They are all like candy to me. This book is going to be on the top sellers list guaranteed!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win such a great prize.

  91. Jelly Rolls were my favorite but now I'm into Layer Cakes. Its fun using precuts – makes the project so much easier.
    Thanks for the chance to win.
    Brenda Kowalski

  92. I have mostly worked with layer cakes as pre-cuts and they are great. I currently have two different 6" strip rolls and am agonizing over what to do with them. Maybe this book will help! Thanks for sharing

  93. I think charm packs would be my favorite because I don't have to spend a ton of money but can still get the whole collection and make something I like with them.