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April 2014 Book of the Month: Fresh Family Traditions + GIVEAWAY CLOSED

It’s time again for a new Book of the Month! This month we selected Fresh Family Traditions as our April 2014 Book of the Month. Sherri McConnell of A Quilting Life is here to tell you more about the book, and we are giving some copies away! But don’t forget, the Book of the Month is 20% off all month long!

Hi Everyone! It’s Sherri from A Quilting Life, and I’m super excited that my new book, Fresh Family Traditions, has been chosen as the Fat Quarter Shop Book of the Month! The Fat Quarter Shop Jolly Jabber blog was one of the first blogs I started reading — before I even started my own blog. I’m so excited to tell you more about my new book and give some away, and I hope you are excited too!

The inspiration for Fresh Family Traditions came to me when I was nearing completion of my first book, A Quilting Life. I had borrowed some family quilts from my grandmother to use for some photos for that book, and I had the idea that it would be really fun to remake some of my great great grandmother’s designs in today’s fabrics. Several of the quilts in the book are based on some of these family heirlooms.

I also thought about other things that inspire me to design quilts, whether it is the fabric or the block style, or even memories of my grandmother and great grandmother. The cover quilt is based on a similar quilt made my Great Grandmother, and I named it “Kitchen Sink” because my fondest memories of her are of her teaching me to do dishes at her kitchen sink in Iowa when I visited as a young girl.

Because I love to use quilts to decorate in my home, there are projects of all sizes included: patterns for bed quilts, throws, wall quilts, several pillows and a table runner are all in the book. The projects range from beginner to intermediate level with many projects designed for use with your favorite pre-cuts! I hope you’ll enjoy this book and be able to create some of your own fresh family traditions through quilting!

We are giving away three copies of Family Fresh Traditions, thanks to C&T Publishing! Check out Family Fresh Traditions, Sherri’s blog, and leave a comment on here letting us know what quilty traditions you have or hope to start. Three winners will be chosen on Thursday, April 10, 2014. Be sure to include an email address in the comment. Good luck!

UPDATE! Our winners have been chosen! Congratulations to Mary on Lake Pulaski, Quilt Nana, and quiltmom!


  1. about the only family traditions that we have are at Xmas time and that is how I decorate the house and what kind of cookies I make – just not much for traditions here – would love a copy of the book.

  2. I am new to quilting (just the last few months) but I would love to share this with friends/family especially my daughter and one day (not anytime soon) with grandbabies

  3. I decorate beds, walls, tables, and sofas with quilts. I love it. I'm more of a traditionalist, because the history behind the quilts make them more personal. I'm teaching my daughter and oldest grand daughter to quilt now. Hopefully, they'll have as fond of memories as I do.

    Debi Horne

  4. We have everyone to our house for Christmas. We've been doing this for more than 20 yrs, even before my son (the only child in our family)was born. Also I always make cookies, Candy and fudge to give to friends and family for the holidays. This looks like another great book from Sherri. Thanks Toni Anne ;-> tpott@optonline.net

  5. Oh I'd love a copy of Sherri's new book! My adult kids and I started a new tradition of making gifts for Birthdays and Christmas, it doesn't matter how big or small the gift. For Easter we're planning to make our own kites to fly after Easter dinner. It'll be fun to see what they come up with!

  6. I try to make the majority of gifts for special events–births, graduations, weddings, etc. And if I possibly can, I have a tradition of giving a quilt. I also love to decorate with quilts. I'd LOVE to win a copy of Sherri's book.

  7. I follow Sherri's blog – have been enjoying her little projects with candy charms. I come from a long line of quilters and have taught my daughter to quilt who has passed on her skills to friends. We all seem to prefer the traditional blocks but occassionally that modern/fresh sneaks in.

  8. There is no quilting tradition in my family until me and there is a question as to where the sewing gene may ahve come from, may relate to a tatting gene in one of my greataunties! LOL So, I would be making quilts from old patterns and telling people I am from Sherri's family 🙂

  9. Our family quilting tradition is quilts for graduations. It seems I have one at least every year, so it keeps me busy.

  10. As far as I'm aware, I'm the first quilter in my family. My hope is to see the budding interest from my young daughters continue to grow and be passed on to their future children. My plan is to continue quilting and filling my home with quilts and table runners and totes and hopefully they help everyone feel warm, cozy, and welcome in our home.
    Sherri's books are on my wish list. Her blog is one of the very first I stumbled upon a few years ago. Thank you for the opportunity.

  11. No quilting traditions so far. I'm the first quilter, and I haven't been at it long. Right now, I'm working on making a quilt for every member of my family, starting with the youngest–and least critical. Now, I've worked up to the second youngest generation, and to date, they've all been greatly appreciated. Thanks for the chance to win this beautiful book.

  12. I'm the first quilter in my family so I've started the tradition of a new quilt for every Christmas! So far I've made 8!

  13. I would love to have a quilting tradition in our family! I guess I'll have to settle for a handmade christmas tradition.

  14. My quilty tradition is that I love to make quilted gifts for my family members, especially for Christmas gifts. I would love for this to inspire all of the younger ladies in my family to start quilting and/or hand making their gifts as well. Hand made gifts are the best! Thanks!

  15. Only quilty tradition I've had is that I made sure to finish 1 quilt a year, along with working full time. This year I'm hoping to exceed only 1! Thanks for the chance on this great book!

  16. My granddaughter will be four this summer and wants me to teach her to sew. I have aspirations of teaching her to quilt so one day she can quilt for her Nona! Thanks for the chance.

  17. I don't have any quilting traditions yet. But I'm the "Mema Who Quilts" and I'm still fairly new to it. I hope to make a quilt for every family member before it's all said and done. I started out with my grandbabies (2 girls so far, and a boy due in about a week!) and will proceed on with Mom, siblings, and my three grown children and their spouses. I look forward to all of it.

  18. One tradition I have is to make a baby quilt for each baby born into our church. I love it!
    cjnid AT imaxmail DOT net

  19. My favorite quilting tradition is with my Mom and sister – both also quilters. My sister and I have birthdays that are close to each other, and every year my Mom organizes a sewing day at her house as our birthday gift. She chooses a pattern and provides fabric for each of us and we spend the day each sewing on the same project with different fabrics. We sew, eat, and talk all day. I look forward to it every year. Thanks for the giveaway chance!

  20. I'm the only quilter in my family, so no traditions really. I like to make projects for my family and friends and hope to pass my love of fabric and handwork on to at least one of my kids 🙂 I'm currently working on quilts for the seasons to spruce up our playroom which has become my workroom now that the kids are older.

  21. I try and make at least 1 fabric gift for birthdays and Christmas. Hopefully I can pass the quilting bug onto my two girls as they get bigger and we can start some traditions!

  22. My grandmother quilted and she gave quilts to each of her children and my mother continued that tradition by giving a quilt to each of her daughters (she only has daughters) and grandchildren. I have made quilts for each of my nieces and nephews. When my nieces or nephews havea baby, they get a quilt. Now that I am a grandmother each of my grandchildren have received a quilt at birth and for Christmas, plus whenever I think of a reason to give them one.

  23. Would like to make kids quilts for important moments in their lives. I still have the blanket my grandma made when I went off to college.

  24. One of our family traditions is a candy advent at Christmas time. I get the mint M&Ms and make a cellophane wrapper for each day until Christmas. I put one M&M for each family member (7 per day) and we each get one. The rule is, Dad has to be home for work before we can have one! It's super fun for the kids, and hopefully helps me to stay on track and not have as many treats, because I'm getting one every day!

    I love the idea behind this book – and since I'd love to win, my email is smileynann@yahoo.com

  25. Ever since I got hooked on quilting, I give a handmade gift (quilt, bag, table runner, etc.) for just about any gift giving occasion. My family members always enjoy it but maybe not quite as much as I do.

  26. Sadly, we don't have any quilty traditions in our family. I am new to quilting and got my sister-in-law hooked, so I'm looking forward to starting many traditions for years to come! I guess the one tradition we have is that when a new niece or nephew is born, I give them a quilt (well at least hopefully before they turn 3). 🙂

  27. I so want to make the Sassy quilt from Sherri's book. My favorite family tradition is simply spending time together and enjoying each other's company

  28. My sister and I live far apart and our tradition is to share books together by phone or now, FaceTime. Then when we have time together we go to quilt shops and pick fabrics to use in making projects from the books. This giveaway would be perfect!

  29. My tradition is one I hope to change this year. I start Christmas quilts too late to finish and then have promises to keep. This year a new tradition will start – I'll finish Christmas presents because I will be more organized and start earlier. The first present will be a baby quilt for a new grandbaby due very close to Christmas.

  30. Sherri's book looks like a lovely one to add to the collection. I am the only quilter in our family. I started a tradition of making a new Christmas wall hanging or decoration each year to be added to our collection. The in December, all the other quilts come down from the walls and the Christmas ones go up! Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  31. I am a first generation quilter in my family. I make Christmas quilts which are enjoyed every year during the month of December. I would like to pass down my skills to my children so they can continue on with quilting. anitalahay at shaw dot ca

  32. Love it! I am starting the tradition of quilting in my family, and already have my daughters interested and learning lots about fabric etc.! Thanks for the chance to win!

  33. I wish I could get a grand interested in quilting, it's just me and my sis. we have been talking about making a quilt right after Christmas.

  34. I would love to finish the quilt that my grandmother pieced for my daughter. She hand appliqued and embroidered Sun Bonnet Sue blocks and just need to be sewn together and made into a quilt. I'm just learning to quilt so it's a little intimidating for me.

  35. We have family "carpet parties", where we all pick a favorite quilt, while eating dinner in the living room while watching tv. This is a rare occurrence, so it's a big deal when we do it! Thanks for the chance! Spetzie at att dot net

  36. There are a couple of ladies who asked me to teach them to quilt when I retire. I hope that turns into a regular sewing fest.

  37. My mom and I joined a BOM together this year – fun to sew "together" even though we live hundreds of miles apart!

  38. My tradition is to make a baby quilt for each of my 12 nieces and nephews (so far) and to make a lap quilt for each of them when they graduate high school.
    I will also make wedding quilts I'm sure, but we haven't had one yet!
    Great giveaway!

  39. I love to quilt and when I started, my plan was a quilt for every bed. When I accomplished that, I change to two quilts.. LOL My kids helped along the way by always asking who the quilt was for and if they could put 'dibs' on it. 🙂 We love to watch movies together and everyone has their favorite quilt for the movie. Its a tradition I hope to pass on when my kids have families… I'll make the quilts! LOL

  40. My mom helped me make my first quilt at age 11 from one of Eleanor Burn's Quilt in a Day books. She and my sisters made a beautiful quilt for our bed when we got married – I've only really quilted for the last 1.5 years but am loving it. I made my daughter a pinwheel quilt for Christmas and hope to teach her too as she grows.

  41. Well, my mom quilted but I didn't pick it up until about 20 years ago, long after my mom was gone. So I hope to pass on this tradition to my daughters or granddaughters, maybe even grandsons???? Thanks for the opportunity to win this fabulous book! My email is qltdiva1@fuse.net.

  42. Our traditions morph. It used to be stockings on the fireplace even after our own children were grown. Upon my dad's death, that sort of went away. Also 4th of July paternal family reunions ended with his death. That was time for parades, picnics and fireworks. The larger family somewhat governed by a mother in assisted living several hours away. It is hard to maintain any real traditions.

    So we create new celebrations.

  43. i am new to crafting in general and am currently trying to teach myself how to crochet, tunisian crochet and sew/quilt. my mother, the craftiest person i know, hasn't sewn, crocheted or knitted in years. we live 1800 miles apart but are both doing new things. she just finished crocheting a scarf, knitting two scarves, and made her first quilted wall hanging this week. so we will hopefully be quilting together as the years go by!

  44. My mom grew up in a family of girls that made hand stitched quilts. I took a quilting class with my mom a we both made 9-patch quilts. Mine was lap size and hers ended up being queen size.

  45. My family's quilting tradition is: At least one new quilt for every new baby. Both my mother and I enjoy making quilts and giving them away. Sometimes the baby receives a quilt from each of us at birth, but sometimes only one of us has the time to make the baby quilt. In that case, the child will receive a new quilt when the crib is replaced with a bed.

  46. First generation quilter here too – the main quilty tradition I have started are that my babies get a cot/lap quilt for their first birthday. I see many more quilts in their future, but that is the one tradition I seem to have got going properly so far…

  47. My grandma has always pieced quilts and my mom would quilt them. She passed away this winter so it is more important than ever that I teach my daughter to piece and make sure my mom still has enough tops to quilt.

  48. Just finished a label for my granddaughter's baptism this weekend. It has always been a tradition to honor my grandchildren on special occasions !

  49. I'm the first quilter (although my mother is a prodigious seamstress), but I am making quilts for all my nieces and nephews.

  50. I started quilting just recently when looking to make a 'memory' table topper. I've been so busy sewing since and love every minute in my sewing room.
    This book looks so wonderful! I would love to place one on my sewing room shelf – that would be a tradition to pass down to my girls. They love to see my next projects each time!

  51. I don't have any quilting traditions as of yet. I am a self taught quilter. So I guess you would call me first generation. But I hope to teach my children the joy and love that I have for quilting. And that my quilts will be past down from generation to generation

  52. My mother used sew a lot of things, clothes, aprons, blouses, costumes for school but never a quilt…she was always going to teach me how to sew but we never made the time…sadly she passed away when I was 24. I taught myself to sew and decided that, besides clothes I was going to make a few quilts so that I had something to pass down to my family…and to carry on a hobby that she truly loved…

  53. My quilting traditions were established years ago…spread my love of quilting with my family and friends by making them lots of Quilty things!

  54. My ten year old grand daughter is getting a sewing machine instead of an Easter egg, and I have promised to take her shopping for fabric. We are planning to make her mum something special. I hope this will inspire a new generation of sewers in the family 🙂

  55. I first began quilting in high school with my future husband and future mother in law!! After many years of education (9 to be exact!) I graduated and had a lot of time on my hands and needed a good hobby so I immediately thought of quilting!! I took a beginning quilters class at my local quilt shop and learned the finer details and have been avidly quilting ever since!! When I first bought my sewing machine, my husband helped me learn how to use it!! Though he won't admit it, I think he likes quilting!! He seems to always hang around and watch 🙂

  56. I hope to be able to pass along what I know about quilting to my kids and nieces. Not many people in my family quilt but I want to show them that even though it can take a long time to complete a quilt that it is worth it. Especially in this fast paced, need to have it now time that we live in!

  57. About 23 years ago I taught myself to sew watching quilt in a day on tv. 5years after that I taught my mom to quilt. We quilt together all the time now about 6 years ago we got my two other sisters into making quilts too. This has brought our family closer even though my sisters live out of state we get together for retreats and sewing together as much as we can. My daughter has now started quilting with us all too. So our family tradition is spending as much time as we can together sewing. We do a lot of inspiring each other thru facebook and Skype sharing our projects and doing quilt alongs.

  58. I've started a tradition of making quilts with family history, like including 50y/0 embroidered signatures of family members, tatting from my great great grandmother on a special baby quilt, and whatever else I dream up! Would love a copy of Sherri's book.

  59. Quilting skipped a couple of generations in our family. My grandmothers on my mom's side were quilters, but my mom wasn't. I quilt, but not my daughter. I'm hoping my new great, great niece gets the bug to quilt.

  60. I have just been quilting a short time and have begun to give small quilts to family members as quilts, so I guess I am hoping to establish a tradition. I always am on the lookout for fabrics that would be perfect for baby quilts, in hopes I will someday have grandchildren to give them too. I also have some handmade quilts from each of my grandmothers that I treasure.

  61. A tradition started was all grandchildren get a t-shirt quilt and a memory quilt with pictures made for them by the time they graduate.

  62. Not sure if you can call this a tradition, but after supper and a shower my kids love to snuggle under one of the quilts I made!
    cpoot at telus dot net

  63. I share my love of quilting with my mom. She lives in Scotland and I miss her terribly. But the miles apart don't stop us. We constantly do show and tell on FaceTime. She shows me what she is working on, and vice versa. We've even given each other lessons over the internet lol. Our mutual love of quilting and sewing makes all those miles between us just disappear.

  64. Just started quilting and already getting my daughter interested in the tradition. She's 12 and working on her first quilt. I have to help with the cutting, etc but it's another hobby we can do together. I'm sure she'll appreciate knowing how to use a sewing machine someday…or at least I hope so lol! jennyhest@aol.com

  65. Both of my grandmothers passed away before I was born so I don't know if they knew how to quilt or not. My mother did and she taught all of the girls in the family. She made all of us a quilt and I am carrying on the tradition. I have made my children and grandchildren a quilt. However, since there are only boys in my family, they don't seem to want to carry on the tradition. LOL I love the more traditional quilt patterns, but I have seen some modern quilts that I like as well. Thank you for the giveaway.

  66. I make a quilt as a wedding gift for my nieces and nephews when they get married – we have 27 nieces and nephews–they love getting them and appreciate the work that has gone into them. Still have some unmarried ones so need to keep quilting!!

  67. I am the first one in my family to be a quilter, but both of my grandmothers loved to knit and crochet and they were terrific at it. My mom sewed our clothes when we were little, and also sewed the most darling Barbie doll clothes for us. So I feel like they passed down those "hand" skills and passions to me, and I'm so thankful. Would LOVE to win a copy. Am a faithful follower of Sherri's blog.

  68. Quilting has been passed down from mother to daughter in my family. I have recently taken it up and have a daughter and granddaughter that are anxious for me to teach them. I'm reading and trying everything I can so I'll be a good source for them to learn from.

  69. Our quilty tradition occurs on each child's first birthday. During the celebration, one of the parents places the child on her handmade baby quilt on the floor. About 5 to 10 ft away from the child is placed a bible, a jigger of whiskey, and a silver dollar. Then everyone encourages the child to choose one. When the child goes over and chooses one, the father immediately drinks the jigger of whiskey, the mother hands the child to the father, the father holds the child up for all to see. Everyone applauds. Then the conversation is about the choice the child has made and how it will affect the future of the child. i do not know where this tradition comes from, but i am a part of a Polish family. So, i like to think it started in Poland.

  70. I don't know what kind of quilting traditions I really have except that I donate as many as I give as gifts – but I am teaching my 9 year old son – he is currently making his first quilt.

  71. I am fairly new at quilting but my tradition is that each member of the family gets a quilt from me that corresponds to their lifestyle

  72. My. Grandmother taught me to embroider and sew in the early 60's when I was a child. She and I made doll quilts together. Today I put a small bit of polka dot fabric in every quilt I make as a nod to her. It was her favorite.

  73. I traditionally make a quilt for each son/niece/nephew as they reach age 10. We also have a fun traditon of the the "Ugly Baby Quilt" — it's the gift that keeps on giving– the trick is wrapping it in such a way that the next recipient won't be alarmed. The ultimate white elephant gift, so to speak.

  74. I am a new quilter – so I don't have any traditions yet.
    However, I am trying to complete each quilt before starting any new patterns. It's hard, but it motivates me to stick with it and make a completion.

    I think I'm a block maker and not a quilter sometimes because I want to stop after I've made all the blocks. For some reason – sashing and borders are not my thing : )


  75. While both of my grandmothers were excellent seamstresses, so far as I know, I'm the first quilter in the family. My grandchildren all live far away but when they come, they sleep in the twin beds I grew up in. My first 2 quilts were 'signature' quilts for those beds. Each time the kids get to come for a visit, they get to sign the quilts. Hopefully, one day they will be the first of many quilts filled with memories for them.

  76. I give a quilt to each niece/nephew as they graduate from high school. In a few years I'll be adding great-nieces/nephews to the list!

  77. When I met my (future) husband, I had just begun my first quilting class. He was really impressed because his grandmother, great-aunts, and mother were quilters – I always joke "the only reason you married me is because I quilt!" We have numerous quilts from his family members which we treasure, and I make quilts that someday I hope our children and grandchildren will also treasure.

  78. My Great Grandmother and Grandmother both quilted out of necessity. They were both farmers' wives. I love quilting, and although I am not a farmer"s wife I have enjoyed quilting for my family and displaying family quilts in my home.

  79. Quilting is a tradition that has been passed down for five generations in our family. It's something we all love and share. No matter how different our lives are, we have quilting in common!

  80. Quilting is not part of my family tradition (at least, not to my knowledge). I made my first quilt from the scraps left over after making my daughter's first-grade outfits. That quilt was on her bed until she went to high school. I am happy to say, though, that because of my efforts, quilting is part of HER family tradition and she has now taught her daughter how to piece. So, in effect, quilting is a new family "tradition" for us.

  81. Quilting goes back several generations in my family, mostly patchwork from extra fabrics, old clothes, etc., more of a necessity to not waste anything. I've been quilting for about eight years now and love all the new techniques to make the old patterns. My granddaughter is just starting to sew and, hopefully, we will make a quilt for her bed in the next couple of years.

  82. My grandma, who was born in 1882, started quilting in her 20s. She went to make dozens of quilts, and each has now been given to a descendant as a wedding present. Now that all those are given away, I am hoping to continue the tradition…

  83. As a new quilter I have dreams of making a quilt for everyone in my family. This book has so many wonderful quilts that fuel my desire to quilt for everyone I love. Thanks for the chance to win a copy this beautiful book!

  84. I started making quilts for my family and one or two family members get a quilt at Christmas – sometimes its a surprise and sometimes its not – but we all look forward to seeing the quilt at Christmas.

  85. My grandma made a baby quilt for each of her grandchildren. I have several quilt squares and unfinished tops that she made that I am going to finish for my siblings kids, her great grandchildren, since she can no longer do it herself. It meant a lot to her that I love quilting too.

  86. I quilt words: names, dates, wishes (like "happiness", "prosperity", etc. into the machine quilting. I don't usually tell the recipient, so it's fun when they finally find the all the words written into the quilt!

  87. When my grand daughter was born I was just learning to quilt. I vowed to make her a quilt every year until she turns 18. I have gifted her 8 already she is 8.

  88. Both of my grandmothers quilt as does my mom. We share ideas and fabrics. I included a quilt in the background of my son's monthly birthday pictures (just took the 12 month picture for his 1st birthday yesterday!). Sliceofpilife (at) gmail (dot) com

  89. I quilt with my Mum and my step Mum (Pam). We all have the same machine and share tips and ideas. My Mum taught me to sew and my youngest is becoming quite a little sewer herself. I just love that it's a common interest we can all share.

  90. My grandmothers on both sides both quilted; one by machine and one by hand. I am keeping up the tradition by teaching my son and daughter-in-law how to quilt, plus my granddaughter so far. I have made many quilts which is my passion (or addiction! LOL.)

  91. We have 2 new grandsons to celebrate Christmas with this year! I want to show them that sharing special times with Family is the best time! Thanks for the chance, Dianne

  92. I love seeing traditional patterns and design with modern fabric. This has been a passion of mine since I began my affair with quilting more than 13 years ago. I am always so impressed with my modern quilters abilities to produce so many quilts so quickly, but every time i get basted and ready to quilt, I break out the frame and the needle for hand quilting! The soft feel and vintage look that hand quilting produces can not be replicated.

  93. First off, I really appreciate the inspiration I get from Sherri and the wonderful work she does. I am the first quilter in my family, so I am not sure about any traditions there. I would interpret the "quilty tradition" I hope to start (and finish) one day is a Mariner's Compass.

  94. I want to make a quilt for each of my kids, and make weddings quilts for each of them as well. Not much of any tradition so far, but I hope to change that.

  95. I love decorating in old hand stitched quilts from grandparents. They are displayed all over our home, and I love it. I hope to pass them on to my daughter and that she will also display them with pride! I have also been trying to make replica ones to actually use to snuggle with and display on the couch and recliners.

  96. I love to make handmade gifts for Christmas and birthdays. Thank you for the chance to win Sherri's beautiful book.

  97. I am the first in my family to sew or quilt. I have begun making a quilt for every member of my family and hope my future daughter will some day be making quilts for my future great grandchildren.

  98. I give each of my daughters a full-queen size hand-quilted quilt every year for their birthdays which are just one week apart.

  99. Each of our kids get a queen size quilt when they get married. Also I have just started teaching my grand daughter how to quilt.

  100. I have loved quilting for a long time and understand the importance of passing on this tradition. I recently got my 8 yr old grand daughter started on her very first quilt. I hope to instill an interest in quilting in her that will last a lifetime. Hope to share this book and some of the quilt projects in it with her. Cindy bluemoonstencils@yahoo.com

  101. My tradition is to make a "birthday quilt" for each of the Grandchildren for thier 1st birthday. It is my hope they will pull it out for their birthday month each year and know that they truly are SPECIAL!!!!

  102. I find myself rescuing more and more vintage blocks (not the expensive ones, no, ones from yard sales and thrift shops and headed for the dumpster) and turning them into quilts. I guess that's how traditions form lol. Thanks for the chance to win. VermontPines at aol dot com

  103. I don't know if you would call it a tradition but every two years my grands get a new quilt on there birthday as their tastes grow and mature along with them

  104. My maternal grandmother, great aunts, mother, and aunt each made quilts. Now my cousin and I are quilters, and enjoy making quilts for others. Sherri's quilts are always stunning, and it looks like this book is no exception. Thanks for the chance to win!

  105. Quilted Christmas stockings line up the Quilt Ladder–even the pups have their own… There a quilt rack in the living room with a Quilt for each season. Pumpkins, snowmen, bunnies, flowers, and red,whit and blue flags…. What is home without quilts and traditions?????

  106. The only quilts my Grandma made were Utilitarian type and the only one left was mine made out of old clothes. I hope my children and grandchildren have lots of them in their homes to remember me by!

  107. I am fairly new to quilting and my grandmothers nor my mother were quilters. My daughter loves helping me pick out patterns & fabrics for quilts right now as she is only 2.5 yrs old, but has asked if she can learn when she is older which I would definitely love to be able to do with her. I have made my nieces each a quilt when they were born and of course still need to finish the one I had started before my daughter was born to be for her.

  108. My grandma sewed most of my clothes when I was a little girl. Grandma passed away 15 years ago, but just last year I found a quilt top she had started before she died…made of scraps from all the outfits she made me! I decided to finish it myself, and caught the quilting "bug" in the process! I have now completed almost 10 quilts in one year, and have found my passion. Thanks Grandma!


  109. It would be fantastic to win the book. I met Sheri in a quilting class in St George taught by Carrie Nelson. I had already been reading her blog and guessed who she was. Let me say it was a fun class. I've been making quilts for my granddaughter as the different holidays come up. I think she'll always be able to remember me when she plays with and cuddles with them

  110. My best friend and I love to share our love for quilting with our children – we love to pass on a tradition of a quilt for milestones in our lives! thanks!

  111. I started quilting several years ago but my quilty tradition started about 1 1/2 years ago when I joined a prayer quilt ministry. Every Monday we get together and make quilts for sick and hurting people. I feel so blessed to be part of this ministry. Also my 10 year old has taken an interest in quilting. A few months ago she finished her first quilt and is ready and excited to start the next one. I'm looking forward to sharing quilty traditions with her. Thank you for the opportunity to win this wonderful book.

  112. The first quilt tradition I'm well on the way to completing, is a handmade quilt on every bed. The second will be a Christmas quilt on every bed for Christmas.

  113. I don't have any existing traditions either, as many others have said. Nobody in my family quilts, and I have taught myself and plan on teaching others. I guess that will be my tradition.

  114. We have a lot of family traditions, birthday dinners, holiday cooking and eating. I started making quilts for my children and grand children. Now the grandchildren help pick out fabric for handmade gifts for a parent or Aunt or Uncle. My granddaughter is making presents for her mom and Aunt on their birthdays, Christmas and Mother's days. Hopefully they will always keep these and add some of their own

  115. My quilting history began with my great grandmother but I didn't know that until my grandmother shared an article that was published in the newspaper when she (my great grandmother) turned 100. In it, she described how when she was very young she was working on a quilt and a reporter saw her and asked if she would describe what she was doing. She related in the article that she was so humbled by his interest in what she was doing that it gave her a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment and it galvanized her interest in the art. Of course, for her, quilting was a necessity more than an art form. When my GRANDMOTHER turned 100 several years ago, I made her a quilt. When she opened the package she was brought to tears, and said "no one has ever made me a quilt before!" She carried that quilt with her from place to place for the next two years of her life and it made its way back to me. I was also given the first quilt that my great grandmother had done on a treadle sewing machine, where she had stitched out her name in thread. These two humble quilts are prized by me and point to the tradition in my family that i am privileged and proud to carry on.

  116. One of my favorite traditions is New Pajamas for Christmas Eve. We ALL received new jammies to wear so we would look good for Christmas morning pics.

  117. Although quilting is new to me, I come from a long line of quilters and seamstresses. We slept under quilts growing up, and I am making quilts for my children right now to continue that for them. Thanks for the giveaway; it looks like a fabulous book! sarah@forrussia.org

  118. So far my tradition is making each grandchild a quilt. I'd like to make them each another quilt as they get older, I've done one of those so far. I'd also like to teach my grandaughters to quilt; right now they are too young, but one granddaughter already likes fabric and quilt stores at 2 1/2 years old!

  119. My grand mother gave me the itch to stitch!! I have one quilt that she had made and it is very precious to me. I remember as a young girl, my grand mother and one of her friends, use to make Barbie doll clothes for me. I had the best dressed Barbie in town! Lol! Those memories are so precious and I hope to pass on memories similar to these for my grand children!
    Please add my name to the lovely giveaway!

  120. I am fairly new to quilting, but my hope for my family's quilty tradition would be that I could pass on my love of quilting to one or more of my four children!:)

  121. Quiltmaking skipped two generations in my family so I am so excited to have two of my great grandmother's quilts. I have made each of my nephews a hand quilted baby quilt so that I can continue my great grandmother's craft.

  122. I love Sherri's blog and her patterns and have been waiting for this book to come out! Thanks for the chance to win a copy!

    caribousmom (at) gmail (dot) com

  123. I am blessed to have 2 quilts that my great-grandmother made. Having 2 sons, most of our traditions revolve around food! It is not Christmas unless the younger son has a can of black olives in his stocking!

  124. I'm the ony quilter in my family and I've started to gift my siblings with a quilt on their 40, 50 or 60th birthdays. I only have one more to go!

  125. My quilt traditions include making a quilt for each child's wedding. Grandchildren also receive several quilts before they are born! One year I made Christmas quilts for each child to add to their decorations. One can never have too many quilts!

  126. I would love to make quilting a new tradition for my granddaughters to learn my daughter who has a mild disability is slowly liking the idea of putting the colors together I would love to win this book to learn more

  127. I've been trying to make a quilt for each niece or nephew as they have come along, and now am trying to play catch-up with great-nieces and -nephews. Wedding quilts, also, but at my finish rate, they'll be anniversary quilts, and I won't guarantee which! I need to learn to make display quilts and not bed quilts, I guess!

  128. There are so many awesome quilts in your new book it is hard to decide which one to start with, so I would probably just look and look through the book til I could decide.
    Thanks for all your hard work.

  129. The quilty traditions in my family are just starting… I make rag quilts for each of the great nieces and nephews. I feel like since I started with those, I should keep it consistent. Perhaps the best quilty event though is the love for homemade items that has been developed in my youngest nephew. His first was a rag quilt before he was born. Two years ago, he came to me (at 5 years old)to tell me he needed a new one because his feet stick out. After seeing the quilt I made his sister he said to Grandma,"This quilt is beautiful! You should have Aunt Kim teach you how to quilt so you can make one. I will lay out the pattern for you." Great to see such a little one so excited and appreciative of things that are homemade.

  130. My quilty tradition was to give graduation quilts. I want to start making quilty stockings for the grandkids Christmas.

  131. I have memories of two family quilts. The first was made by my great grandmother and covered my great grandfather's bed. It was made from old clothing and was randomly pieced and handtied. The second was a well used double wedding ring made by my grandmother. Both quilts have disappeared and I would like to create a small modern version of each piece in rememberence of my family's quilting heritage.

  132. I would like to start making quilts for special occasions. I just need to sew faster! Thanks for the chance to win. I love Sherri's quilts!!!

  133. I think I got the quilting bug from both of my grandmothers. One was a piecer and the other an appliquer. It skipped my Mother and seems to have skipped my daughter. I do have hopes for my granddaughter. Lol

  134. I want to make a quilt for each of my babies to be given on their first birthday. So far we only have one son so I'm looking forward to continuing that tradition. I also hope to have the quilts I made for our home handed down as heirlooms.


  135. I hope one of my granddaughters will one day be interested in quilting and I hope all my grandchildren will cherish their quilts I made them.

  136. I just gave my daughter a sewing basket for her bday (per her request). Hoping to start some sewing traditions!

  137. Both of my grandmothers quilted. I watched & always wanted to learn. It skipped a generation (my mom). But it is my fav past time & have taught my to oldest daughters

  138. I am teaching my 2 oldest granddaughters, who are 3 and 4 years old, to love quilting. I let them sit in my lap while we make doll quilts.

  139. This is a lovely book and I'd be beyond excited to win one. I realize the chances are slim but I've got everything crossed. LOL

    My grandmother taught me to sew on her treadle sewing machine. I have wonderful memories of spending every summer with her working on school clothes. She truly inspired my love of a needle and thread.

  140. As far as I know there were no quilters before me and so far no one seems to have shown much interest for the future, but a tradition I read about was having guests sign the label of the quilt they sleep under on your guest bed…specifically anyone who sleeps under your Christmas quilt on Christmas night. What a wonderful way to record your holiday guests's visits.

  141. As a new grandma I decided that I would make a special quilt to commemorate each birthday. Easy to do when there are only two or three. With a total of nine and one great grand it is a little bit of a challenge to keep up.

  142. My Gram taught me to make quilts, and I made my first one when I was 21. We hand quilted it, Gram, Mom and me, with my infant son playing under the quilt frames as we quilted. Since then, I haven't stopped making quilts. One of my main quilty traditions is that each new grandbaby gets a new quilt made by me, their Nonni.

  143. When making a quilt I also try to make a lap size version so I can give to the elderly in the nursing homes. You should see their faces light up knowing that they got that warm pretty quilt for them. Usually once their they usually have nothing pretty. So I try to donate as often as I can.

  144. The women in our family have made quilts for those in the following generations–a worthy tradition. I may have no one after me, so I would like to reach out and quilt for someone else who needs it. I try to work on quilts for within the community as well as quilts to honor friends and military veterans.

  145. I'm a first generation quilter so I don't have any traditions yet, but I'm looking forward to starting some with my daughter when she gets older. She's 4 now and just barely started asking me teach her last week. Woo hop!

  146. No traditions since I am the only quilter but I try to make sure everyone gets a quilt. Adults, children, nieces, nephews all of them.

  147. I do not come from a family that did any quilting as far as I know. But I want to pass on quilting to my daughther and anyone else I know that is interested in learning.

  148. So far, I am the only quilter in my family, but with 3 adult daughters, who knows? At least they are starting to say, "mom, make me this", when they see something they love…..

  149. We don't have any traditions in our family really other than I know my grandmother quilted some but I never saw her doing it. I'm new at sewing but I'm trying to encourage my granddaughter and nieces to sew and they love going through the fabric!


  150. I'm the only one that sews in my family so I haven't thought much about traditions. Maybe someday my children will want to quilt with me then we can start our own tradition.

  151. I'm the only one that sews in my family so I haven't thought much about traditions. Maybe someday my children will want to quilt with me then we can start our own tradition.

  152. I have started making a new quilt for each Christmas. Just lap quilts to drape over a sofa or two. I look forward to making one from Sherri's book.

  153. I am starting a new tradition, because I am becoming a grandma in September. I will make each of me grandbabies a quilt for their birth. With their name and date of birth on it. I want to make them several throughout their lives, but the birth will be the first tradition.

  154. I'm starting some traditions – I made my daughters a throw each as they left for university, and now I'm building up to making them each a larger bed quilt, But I get distracted by other quilty projects and fabric buying!

  155. I am the first quilter in the family and am beginning the tradition of making quilts just to say I love you, thinking of you. I now also make baby quilts for my dear friends too. Thanks for a fun giveaway.

  156. I am the first one in my family to quilt, so there are no traditions here…, but I try as hard as I can to make my own! I love to make quilts!

  157. My 11 yo daughter and I always make some gifts for family. We just went to a baby shower for her cousin–I made a quilt and she cross-stitched a bib for the baby. Thanks for the chance to win–the book looks great!

  158. Since my mother owned a sewing machine but never actually sewed on it, I'm creating my own traditions! My neighbor taught me to sew and she also introduced me to quilting with a hand-quilted baby quilt that she gave when I was expecting my first child. It still hangs in my house on display! Now, I'm teaching my youngest.

  159. Proud to say I am a 4th generation quilter! And, what is even better, I have at least one quilt made by each generation. its interesting to see how much things have changed…

  160. We have several traditions around the holidays. Last year I made a goal to decorate for each month or season. Nothing big, just table runners, front door deco and stitcheries around the house. My 8 year old reminds me at the end of each month that it's time to change things!

  161. I have begun making everyone in my family a quilt. I don't know if my husband would even want one, but so far the rest of us have one. =) Thanks for a chance to win the book.

  162. Our quilting tradition is based on my grandmother's quilting. Sailboat block quilts for the boy babies and sun bonnet sue quilts for the baby girls. She made us large quilts with these patterns and mine is on display in the quilt case. So the new grand babies have quilts like grandma or grandpa.

  163. I wish my grandmothers would have made quilts as that would have been a rich family item to have. I have made quilted items for my 3 kids, and am now working on quilts for each of my 6 grandkids. They will each have a little bit of family love to wrap themselves in.

  164. I am hoping to get my daughter interested in quilt making, then someday my grandchildren when I have some. Thanks, Sherry(keithriggs1@yahoo.com)

  165. I have a quilt my great grandmother, grandmother and my then 8 year old mother made. You can see my mom's giant stitches in brown thread in one area of the quilting. That quilt inspired me to be a quilter, and that love has been passed down to my daughter. I can't tell you how much it touches my heart to know this love of quiltings, quilting and family has spanned this many generations.

  166. I would so love to win one of these books – thank you so much for the opportunity. Have been following Sherri's blog for some time now – she has certainly influenced the change in my selection of fabrics – once was full on country – now loving white backgrounds and beautiful popsicle colours. Congratulations to whoever the lucky 3 are.

  167. I am starting my own quilting traditions. I am making my boys matching quilts right now. Eventually, I hope they will have one for each season.

  168. As my nephews and niece got married I made each new couple a quilt. Now that they are having babies, I make each new one a quilt. So fun to have great excuses to make a quilt 😉

  169. My daughter and I are both quilters as was my grandmother and great grandmother. We really enjoy sharing our quilting adventures together, doing collaborative projects and encouraging each others learning of the craft. We are going to Craft South in June together in Nashville and super excited!


  170. My DIL and 2 grandsons, 25 and 13, all want to learn to sew and quilt. I am hoping that we can get this kicked off as soon as school is out this summer and then continue on with a simple quilt to be done by Christmas.

  171. This book looks amazing! Love the beautiful patterns.
    I learned how to sew and quilt from my mother, and I am now passing this tradition on to my daughters. I love discussing quilt patterns and fabric with my mom, and attending quilt shows. This is a fun activity that I am looking forward to continuing for many more years with my daughters.
    anetemso [at} gmail {dot} com

  172. My most precious and rewarding tradition is carrying on my grandmother and great grandmother's love of quilting. It by passed my mom, but gma taught me to quilt by making potholders from her old clothes. Now that I'm a senior, I find not only do I have warm and cozy quilts but I find that it reduces stress as well. I LOVE your book and actually I am a traditional/primitive quilter but I really like some of your new fabrics takes on older more traditional patterns.

  173. I am teaching my little 5 yr. old granddaughter, Chloe, how to sew & quilt. I am hoping that she will pass on the craft to her children. I am the only one in my family who quilts. I also decorate my house for every single holiday with quilts all over the place.
    This book looks so inspirational.
    Thanks for the chance.


  174. My mother made a couple of quilts, but wasn't a quilter. I began a few years ago and have made quilts for all the new babies in our family. I guess that's as near a tradition as I can get. Would love to win a copy of Sherri's book. Thanks! mcthekat (at) gmail (dot) com

  175. We don't have any quilting traditions in our house. I believe my grandmother quilted but because my dad was the youngest of thirteen we never got the chance to know her. I just remember my mom saying grandma made her own clothes for the kids and I sort of remember an old quilt that she possibly made. Wish I knew more today. We do have holiday traditions but no quilting traditions – yet. I'm trying to teach my niece to quilt. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  176. My mom quilted- and passed on her love of sewing to me. Neither of my daughters sew tho they are crafty. I hope to sew with granddaughters one day- the first one is just one!

  177. My MIL makes a quilt for each child when they are born, and then lets them choose the colors for a quilt when they go to college. I make a quilt for each child when they move from a crib into a "big bed" and let them choose a theme.

  178. My sisters and I make wedding quilts and baby quilts for family members – a tradition started by my mother started before she passed away.

  179. The tradition is my family is one I have started by making everyone a quilt or two or three. I would love to win a copy of the book thanks for the chance

  180. Quilting was passed down to me from past generations. My sisters and I always make a quilt for nieces and nephews when they graduate from high school.

  181. I am the first to really "sew" in my family, but both my son (6) and my daughter (3) like to help out, so perhaps I will be able to pass it on to my kids. grecomara at gmail dot com

  182. Still a new quilter ,my grandmother made quilts for me and my brother when we we're kids.She's been long a long time, hope to start giving some of my quilts to my kids as birthday gifts.Have one done for my daughter and daughter in law . Ready for this new tradition . Thanks for the chance to win!

  183. My grandmother was a crafter and artist. I remember her trying to teach me to crochet and embroider. She never really was interested in fabric quilts, but recently my mother told me that she had doll blocks that my grandmother stitched and that she wants me to make each one into a pillow for all the grandchildren. It will be a project of love. Thanks for the chance to win. I love family traditions and quilting has become my passion.

  184. I am a first Generation Quilter and almost 50 years old. I quilt to give others a piece of me that I hope will last another generation. I am passing on my love for quilting to my grandchildren who want to piece something everytime they are visiting. I consider myself to be a newby still because I started my quilting journey only 3 years ago by self teaching, videos and books.

  185. Beautiful quilts– especially enjoyed seeing the pillow made with Lucy's crab shack fabrics which I have a stash of scraps of after making three " beach" quilts for my grown children and their spouses and two smaller ones for our grandchildren. Making and giving quilts and especially involving my daughters and daughter-in-law in fabric and pattern choices (with me doing the sewing) is the tradition that has been forming in our family over the past decade. It's joy for me and I hope the fabrics and quilts hold happy memories for them in the future.

  186. My family tradition that I started two years ago is that someone in my family will get a handmade item. First year all the women (4) got throw quilts. Last year my brother-in-law got a throw quilt. Thinking my sister may get some type of carry-all bag this year.

  187. My mom and I have made quilts for many years and then we got away from it and so now I've gotten us both back into it and we are having a great time with it. Even bought a new sewing machine.

  188. Love the look of this book. I'm trying to get my daughters to love quilting. I'm making a quilt for my youngest who is getting married soon. She helped me pick out the design and fabrics.

  189. Some quilty traditions in our family are a quilt for each new grandchild(seven so far) and a quilt for each adult married child. I also make a pillowcase each Christmas with fabric themed to each grandchild and that is their Santa sack that contains most of their gifts.

  190. I make quilts to celebrate momentous occasions: birthdays (50th, 60th, 80th), new babies, weddings, anniversaries… etc etc

  191. I make a baby quilt for each new grandchild, and a wall hanging. There are so many quilts I want to make! I would especially like to try the scrappy trip around the world 🙂

  192. I`m a newer quilter, but my quilty goal is to make a bed quilt for every family member. I`ll just have to see how far I get into my extended family!

  193. My mom taught me the basics of hand quilting. I really didn't like it. Got married. Had no time. In church learned how to machine quilt when our children where in high school. Loved it. Learned the basics of machine quilting. Taught my daughter. So now we both had the basics. Things got real busy with college for both children. So stopped quilting for years. Am back now. And loving it. Love paper piecing. Am sharing ideas and patterns etc with my daughter in another state. She is learning more now also. This is such a fun journey we can share together.
    Thanks for a chance.
    quilting (dash) lady (at) Comcast (dot) net

  194. No traditions from me. My grandmothers made quilts out of necessity for cold Wisconsin winters on the farm. Every one was used, worn out, tossed. I hope my granddaughters do the same with the ones I make for them. The worst thing about making a quilt for someone is not seeing it used.

  195. Not too many quilty traditions here. My mother-in-law made each of my kids a baby quilt (which inspired me to start quilting), I've made everyone in my immediate family a Christmas stocking, and my sister-in-law and I have both been known to mail quilts to my mother-in-law to get them quilted by her favorite quilter instead of using a local long-arm quilter!

  196. My mother and aunt were quilters, as I am but my daughter refinishes and upholsters furniture so she is creative in a different way.
    I would love to win Sherri's new book; thanks for the opportunity!

  197. I am the only one that quilts in my family. But hope to make a quilt for every new baby that comes along, in the family or friends of my kids. So far I have completed one this year and have three more to finish in the next couple of months.

  198. Every new grand baby gets a special quilt made by Grandma! We have 4 already and two on the way. With 7 married children, I know there are more to come!
    satterfieldfamily at sbcglobal dot net

  199. I'm the first quilter in the family, so I don't have any handed down traditions. One I've started on my own is to make a charity quilt every year for the past 4 years!

  200. I didn't come from a family of quilters. I have learned my grandmother made a few, but my love of quilts came from my husband's aunt who who made family members quilts for births and weddings. I haven't begun making them for any special occasion, I just love making them and surprising my family with them!

  201. I have a couple of quilts that have been in my family for several generations. I am the only quilter, so it's up to me to preserve them.

  202. I have followed Sherri's blog for quite a while & can't wait to get my own copy of her new book. I am teaching my 11 year old granddaughter to sew & am anxious to teach her how to make a quilt.

  203. I really don't have any quilting traditions, other than to use my quilted tree skirt every Christmas. Thanks for the give away!

  204. Sherri's new book looks great and would be fun to make a family heirloom from! I'm the first to quilt in my family but my youngest daughter has started sewing and quilting and made a tablerunner! So perhaps a quilty tradition has begun! Thanks.

  205. Our family tradition is to show up at 10 am at my in-laws on Christmas morning. Don't be late!! Only the smaller kids exchange gifts. Each adult brings a gift for the dirty Santa exchange. We have alot of fun.
    The book looks really great. Would love to win one.

  206. Family Fresh Traditions would be a very nice addition to my quilting area…the pictures show a vibrancy that you just can't wait to have in your own home!

  207. This book looks like a real treasure! Thanks for the opportunity. No quilting traditions as of yet…simply a fun hobby I enjoy when time aloows;-)

  208. We go to my inlaws at 10 am on Christmas morning. Don't be late because the turkey is done at noon and it's time to eat!! lol
    We all bring a gift for the dirty santa exchange. Such fun. The book looks great, thank you the chance at winning one.

  209. Thanks for the chance to win FQS! My grandmother quilted, but then it skipped a generation and landed on me. I'm slowly embedding the love of fabric into my daughter. I think she will pick up the passion for it as she gets older.

  210. I would love to win a copy of Sherri's book. She is an awesome quilter and I love her blog. I have been teaching my husbands granddaughter to sew and quilt. Hopefully she will enjoy it and she will pass this hobby onto her children and grandchildren. Thanks for the chance to win!

  211. I use quilts all over the house. I use them on the beds, on tables, over the backs of chairs, anywhere I can. I love making quilts! This book looks wonderful and I follow Sheri's blog. I hope to win but if not I will definitely buy this book. Thanks for the chance to win. Hugs,

  212. I don't have a family member who is interested in learning to quilt. However, I am teaching my 13 year old neighbor
    the love of fabric and creating wonderful quilts. She's very creative and keeps me on my toes!


  213. Every baby gets a quilt. None on the immediate horizon though, so have been making table toppers that would be a good Christmas present for each family.

  214. My family didn't have a quilting tradition, but my husband's Aunt got me started. She hand quilted other people's quilt tops. I love the new fabrics in the older quilt patterns. This book would be inspirational to use. Thanks for the chance to win!

  215. I'm the only quilter in my family and I would like to get someone else interested in quilting. I'm working on my sister because at least she sews!

  216. As a child, I couldn't imagine wanting to sit around and hand-quilt like my grandmother and aunts…as an adult, I understand how wonderful a sewing community is. I hope to pass a love of hand-quilting on to my own girls.

  217. I don't have any, and I don't think I'll be starting any since I cant get anybody to like to quilt like I do!

  218. We have a very tattered quilt that was made by my great grandmother. My mother started quilting when i was in high school and we have quite a few of hers. I love that my daughters appreciate the work that went into them and the connection to their grandmother. I'm quilting now and they love getting their own quilts.

    Thanks for the chance to win. I love the fabric choices that Sherri makes in her quilts. They are so fresh.

  219. My mom has a tradition of making a quilt for each grandchild when they graduate from high school. She may not be with us when my two nephews graduate, so I plan to carry on her tradition and make the quilts for them, when the time comes.


  220. Our tradition is to meet in the summer at our home in the mountains and spend time together, sewing, swimming, boating. The grandchildren, cousins, all others look forward to this time together. We sew a new quilt and the young ones are learning too. It is a special time to catch up and to try new food and new sewing ideas. It is a great time together as family and friends.

  221. traditions of making things for others and special family dinners during the holidays rank as my favorite family traditions.
    Thanks for the chance to win Sherie's new book.
    Regards from Alberta,

  222. I'm the only quilter in my family as far as I know so no traditions really. I like to make projects for my family and friends and hope to pass my love of fabric at least to my kids 🙂

  223. Ha! Seems like many are the only quilters in their family. I'm proud to say I took over the role from my Grandmother. My only tradition is every new baby gets a quilt. I try to make another for the kids as they leave home, but I'm a bit behind. Looking forward to having a designated sewing room when our basement remodel is finished!

  224. I'd love to have this book!
    I'm trying to pass on my love of quilting to the next generation by making quilts for my nieces and nephews and great-nieces and great-nephews!

  225. My mother never sewed. I believe I'm the first in the family to make quilts. My grandmother sewed and crocheted, but no quilting. My daughter isn't interested, but my granddaughter seems to be, even though she is five. I hope to instill in her the joys of creativity, and my love of quilting.

  226. My grandmother did all her quilting and sewing by hand. Each time I EPP or hand piece I feel I am carrying on the traditions of her generation. It makes me feel connected to my past. Congratulations on your newewt book. It is a winner.

  227. Since quiltiing for the past 2.5 years I began to gift a quilt for special occasions and holidays. It's turned into a big hit and now requests come in for their next! LOL ( I believe I've created monsters! ) The best part is my sister and SIL now join in (rumor has 2 cousins are joining us!!! ).
    Thank you.

  228. I have a large Lemoyne star quilt that one of my great grandmothers pieced and the other great grandmother quilted it. My mom did a little quilting, and I still think of myself as a beginner. I took a beginning quilting class and have been going on on my own. I definitely was bit by the quilting bug.

  229. Looks like a fantastic book, thanks for the chance to win a copy! My granddaughter, age 9, is starting to become interested in quilting and loves to paw through my scrap basket for pieces to use. I'm looking forward to starting a new tradition of quilting with her!

  230. Quilting is a long standing tradition in my family. When I was a child my dad and grandparents pieced 9 patch quilts (never any other pattern!) and quilted them on a frame made of sawhorses, 2X4's, and c-clamps. My dad quilted until he passed away and by then my sister-in-law and I were quilting. Now our cousin's daughter has taken up the tradition and just finished her first quilt. I could write a thousand words about what quilting means to our family, but the basic message comes down to love and togetherness..

  231. My sister and I are making a quilt for my parents 30th…I think my sister and I making gift quilts together will be a great tradition, especially since she often has to live overseas (we send materials and quilt blocks back and forth)

  232. Congratulations, Sherri! I make quilty gifts for family and friends. I also decorate my home with quilted items made by me or special friends.

  233. I'm excited to see Sherri's new book. I am a novice quilter and haven't established too many quilty traditions yet, but one I hope to make a priority is to attend at least one quilting retreat a year. I get so much done!

  234. I've made quilts for my 3 oldest granddaughters and am working on quilts for my 2 year old twin granddaughters. Their 5 year old sister wants me to teach her to sew this summer. How exciting to pass this along to another generation! I can't wait to see how the wonderful inspiration your book will provide. Thanks!

  235. I love family traditions, but I have only been quilting for about a year. I think my new quilty tradition will be that my family should expect quilted gifts from me in the future! I would love a copy of the new book!

  236. My grandma made quilts for all of her grandkids when they were born and when they graduated from high school. I've already made the baby quilts for my four little ones, and I'm a few years (11!) out from needing to make the graduation ones 🙂

  237. We do not have any family traditions re: quilting in our family but I am trying to change that. I made all my Christmas gifts this past year and every one in our family now has at least one quilt which I have made.

  238. I definitely want to continue giving baby quilts to all my friends and family members who have new babies. As well as quilts to all my nieces when they go off to college!

  239. Like many others, My tradition is to give each of our children a quilt when they get married. I then do a personalized quilt for each grandchild when they are born.

  240. My great grandmother was a quilter and I love continuing the tradition. My boys participate in quilting too. My oldest made a quilt by himself for a school project about our state and my youngest likes to see how the quilts are constructed. He loves geometry and he's intrigued by complicated quilts.

  241. Terrific quilts, Sherrie! I'm one of those kids who grew up under grandma's quilt frames – and could hardly wait to be old enough to quilt with the rest of the relatives and friends she'd invite over. I was lucky to get her last quilt – it's a wholecloth quilt made of tricot, and I helped to quilt it before my wedding. I helped my mother tie my very first quilt at age 8. The quilt fell apart, but I still have the blocks and plan to remake it. My mother had started her first pieced quilt shortly before she passed away, and that became my first pieced quilt. My triplet daughters have been quilting with me for the last 11 years. Now that all the beds are covered, we've got quilts on the walls, tables, couches, etc. we make a lot of charity quilts together. Now, with one of the girls married, I'm starting to think about quilts for grandbabies…

  242. I am the only quilter in the family, but I have started my own tradition of making a quilt for my grown son and daughter for EVERY occasion. I've made a quilt for them and their families for Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day, and other occasions. I still have to quilt them one for Thanksgiving and Canada Day, and I'm looking forward to that. I would love a copy of the book!!

  243. I am the only quilter in my family and I don't have any daughters, but I do have 2 beautiful granddaughters and I hope I can interest them in quilting. We then may be able to start a quilting tradition in our family.

  244. So far daughters and granddaughters expect ME to make the quilts! I have helped one to make her own and hope the others will one day be excited to try this enjoyable and fulfilling hobby. Thanks for your contributions to quilting! love your blog and books! Helen hrgloverQ@hotmail.com

  245. I would love to have a copy of the new book. The patterns are yummy and I love making homemade gifts for all my friends and relatives. Hope I win, my birthday is next week too!

  246. My son came home in a handwoven blanket and someday when I have a grandchild I hope that little one comes home in a blanket made with love just like my son did.

  247. I am a young quilter, and the only quilter in my family so I hope that when I share my passion for quilting with others I will inspire them to go out and find a passion of their own.

  248. It's typical, but I make quilts for each new grandbaby. I'm up to 15! Now I have told the grandkids they get a bigger quilt when they turn 10…gave the first of these in Jan. Going to be some busy years coming up!

  249. I think it would be fun to have a quilty tradition of creating lots of pillows for my family. I have so many ideas for quilts but not enough time. Pillows are so much more do-able for me, and I'd love to be "known" for making them.

  250. I'm trying to quilt baby quilts for my niece's and nephews babies. And with 27 nieces and nephews, I know that I'll be quilting for a LONG time!!! Thanks for the chance to win the book: Sherri is one of my favorite quilters!!

  251. My mom didn't quilt and I wanted to learn how to quilt for many year. After a few classes, and completing some quilts, I feel like I can now call myself a quilter! I hope to teach my four daughters how to quilt so that they can pass it down to their daughters.

  252. I love your quilts Sherri and I love the internet "Quilt Family" that I enjoy getting know! Congratulations on another great book and cover for a book – love it!

    Sincerely, Marlene

  253. Our family tradition is grandmothers teaching the grandchildren to sew, quilt, knit and crochet. My oldest grandchild is only 4 but has already shown an interest is sewing with Nana!

  254. I'm thrilled to share the love of all things sewing and quilting with my granddaughter. She has loved sitting on my lap and helping me sew since she was a baby She's 10 now and is saving money to buy her very own sewing machine. I've offered to get her one as a gift, but she really wants to earn enough money to pay for it herself! It would be awesome to share this book with my very special quilting buddy! ♥ Thanks for the chance! ☺

    my nana maree @ yahoo . com

  255. Our tradition has been to make a baby quilt for the newest grandchild! I'm finally getting caught up. I would love this beautiful book! Pick me!

  256. My grandma always made me clothes for my barbies. Whenever I'd go over to her house she'd have a box with a new outfit in it. My dolls even had real fur coats made with fur pieces off of my grandma's coat when she had it altered. She would knit and crotchet and I wish I would have had her teach me that. I think I'm the only quilter and new to that as well. I've started gifting for birthdays, x-mas, weddings, etc. I think my husband thinks it's not the best gift but I put a lot of thought in them and who they are for so I'm going to keep on giving! I'd love to have this book for more inspiration. Thanks for the chance. shopgirl7232(at)yahoo(dot)com

  257. We love the chocolate eggs from See's every Easter ! My girl is 22 yrs old and living in LA, but they are still a part of her Easter!

  258. I'd love to start a quilty tradition of giving a quilt away every Christmas to a stranger-preferably someone homeless or in need. I know, it is a pretty big order to fill, but I have no children and at some point my small near family will get sick of getting more quilts to store! 😉

  259. Thank you for this opportunity to perhaps win a lovely quilt book. Am hoping to have seasonal quilts to decorate my home. Am presently finishing a fall time appliqué quilt. It is the pattern Henrietta Whiskers by Anne Sutton. I love it.
    Your blog is very enjoyable and informational. Thank you!

  260. Thank you for the chance to win this beautiful book! Sherri's quilts are lovely and I am sure that this book contains excellent instructions, just like her first book.

  261. Family traditions are mostly around Christmas time, like my husband's super delux breakfast. I hope the quilts I make are treasured as family traditions.

  262. My family traditions include decorating for all the holidays including hand made large wreaths for door or house and making Applesauce Cake for Christmas. This a recipe handed down in the family. Would love to win the book, It looks so inviting, no screaming at me to make some the patterns. Thanks for the giveaway and chance to win.
    katztoo at exede dot net

  263. My family traditions include decorating for all the holidays including hand made large wreaths for door or house and making Applesauce Cake for Christmas. This a recipe handed down in the family. Would love to win the book, It looks so inviting, no screaming at me to make some the patterns. Thanks for the giveaway and chance to win.
    katztoo at exede dot net

  264. My family traditions include decorating for all the holidays including hand made large wreaths for door or house and making Applesauce Cake for Christmas. This a recipe handed down in the family. Would love to win the book, It looks so inviting, no screaming at me to make some the patterns. Thanks for the giveaway and chance to win.
    katztoo at exede dot net

  265. I hope to share my love of quilting with my granddaughter. My mother shared her passion for quilting with me, so I hope to pass that down a generation or two!
    yoyopattycakes at hotmail.com

  266. A tradition i have is to participate in our LQS's block of the month program each year. It's always fun meeting with the other ladies…although I seem to never finish getting the boM's quilted.

  267. I create a quilts in all sizes, send a picture to all four children, the first one who asks who is that for gets it! None of the children know this is how they receive that particular quilt, but it works! Thanks for the giveaway!

  268. I teach quilting classes. I don't make much money, I want students to be able to buy quality material and tools, I am trying to pass on quilting to all who want to learn, and hope that they have the passion I do and pass it on. Katn@bellsouth.net

  269. I am starting a tradition that I hope will continue. My grandmother taught me how to quilt and I am teaching my granddaughters. Hopefully in generations to come this will continue.
    paweis at yahoo dot com

  270. No tradition really…but starteduilting with my two daughter's (all are Beginners). We decide a pattern, make it & when we get together at Christmas..we switch them! This past Christmas.. we each made two Large D9P Throws. Then gave to each other!! WAAAY Awesome!! They each made me one & for each other..& I made one for each of them!!! (Working on Appliques Wallhangings for Christmas 2014.)


  271. I've been making a quilt each Christmas for family. I switch off between my family and the inlaws each year, it's always anticipated who will get it each year.

  272. Our wedding present from my mother-in-law was a beautiful hand sewn quilt. She was a prolific quilter. She also made a crib quilt for both our sons and twin bed quilts when they were older. I do not make as many quilts as she did but I would for sure like to make quilts for any grandkids.

  273. I would absolutely love a copy of this book. The way you have taken old and added your take on as you say fresh family traditions, because that's what family is about traditions individual for you and me.

  274. I make a quilt for each of my grandchildren, and hope to teach any who are interested how to quilt!

  275. My grandmother made quilts for each of her grandchildren. I am making quilts for each of my nieces, and for the children I am blessed to be an honorary auntie to. Now I'm making quilts for the great-nieces and -nephews, too. I hope someday they will make quilts for the kids who follow them, and perhaps think of me.

  276. I have started the tradition by making each of my children a quilt – 5 done, 1 to go- and have just finished a quilt for the first child of the next generation – my great nephew. Luckily my children have grown up around me sewing, knitting and crocheting and treasure knits given to them by their Nanna. Three of my 5 girls have pursued textiles as part of their school electives, so I'm hopeful that a love of fabric, yarn and "making" will continue through the generations.

  277. I have no quilting family traditions, but would like to start. I'd like to make a quilt personalized for my adult kids

  278. I am a third generation quilter and sewer. Making and giving quilts to family and friends is something I learned from my mother, giving a quilt is giving someone love and letting them know they are special. My daughters are continuing the tradition by making quilts and giving them to family and friends

  279. I am the quilting tradition! It started with me and will probably end with me, I don't have children and my nieces aren't interested in quilting… why should they when their aunt can make them one!! Thanks for the giveaway.

  280. Now we are looking forward for our Family tradition for easter: going to the cabin. For Nice Food, og skiing, sweets. a lot of talking, reading books…. And for me; stitching and doing som EPP. I love Your book and would love to win a copy. Thanks for the chanse 🙂

  281. My 3 sisters & I started doing block exchanges & round robins about 7 years ago. We love our "new" quilting tradition. It keeps us connected since we live in 4 different states. Thanks.

  282. My favorite quilting tradition is 10 of my family and best friend members go on a week retreat twice a year. Some sew totes, some scrapbook, some make cards and the rest make quilts.

  283. We have a big family celebration at Thanksgiving and Christmas is just a little smaller. Not everyone can come around Christmas. I am new to quilting, but have made some Christmas quilts we put out and holiday table runners for the tables so that is fun. Just being together is so much fun though. We finally have a little one, and he is enjoying all the Christmas decorations, goodies, books and of course, presents and that is so much fun to watch again. A new generation!

  284. At one time I hope to have made a quilt for all family members. Thank you – this book looks like a great addition to any quilt book library!

  285. I'd like to start a family tradition of having a new quilted table runner for each season. Thanks for the opportunity to win an awesome book.

  286. For Easter all the grandkids paint me ceramic eggs and this has been a tradition since my 4 sons were babies, I have lots of them and they love to look at them, its really cute for the first egg, we do a foot print on the egg.

  287. I layer quilts on beds, I hang them on walls, I fold them and lay them on a bench or drape them over the back, I haul one to yoga class to sit on or cover me in savasana, I drape them over sofas, have them on my kitchen table, and on my island, on my dresser, gosh, they are throughout my house and I love it that way. 🙂

  288. I have inherited my mom's tradition of collecting fabric and starting too many projects at one LOL! Crossing my fingers to win a copy of this wonderful book

  289. I love quilting and like to think I have picked up the tradition from my grandmothers and their mothers and sisters. I took over hand quilting a beautiful hand pieced quilt top for my mom that she had found among my grandmother's possessions, so I guess we kept the tradition going together. This book looks wonderful! Thanks for the giveaway!

  290. My Grandmother made baby quilts for all her grandkids. They were all made by hand.

    My mom made baby quilts for all her grandkids that were born before she died.

    I don't have children, so I can't carry on that tradition, but I do have a nephew that was born after my mom died and I would like to make a quilt for him.

  291. My family loves Christmas and it's tradition for us to get together and share gifts and great food! I would love to start a tradition of sewing Christmas quilts for all of my family. It would add to all our treasured memories!

  292. When we were kids one year my sister wrapped a present to look like a bonbon, (Christmas cracker). We thought that was pretty cool & every year since I always wrap at least one present like this, & then we act as though it was such a great idea & never been done before. More a family joke than a tradition. 🙂

  293. After years of using a store bought tree skirt, I finally made a quilted one. My husband loves it and didn't even mind the white artificial tree or the non-traditional colors!

  294. I would like to make a quilt for each member of my family. Including my sweet hubby. I've only made one for two of my children so far. I didn't have anyone who sews during my growing up years, so I am the one who needs to start the traditions 🙂

  295. My grandmother made a quilt for each of her 17 grandchildren. I used mine all through childhood, always slept under it during my college years, lugged it to Alaska when I lived there and stopped using it after I married (and it was getting kind of fragile!) I still have it and treasure it. I have made quilts for each of my boys and plan to make one for any grandchildren I may be blessed with in the future!

  296. I don't really have any quilting traditions in my family, but I've started following usual ones … a quilt for a new baby, a wedding, a major anniversary … or any excuse, really! Thank you for the giveaway!

    paulamb at shaw dot ca

  297. My quilty tradition is to give quilts to family when they are having a new little one join the family. I would also start the tradition of handing down quilting, but we do not have children, yet.

  298. I would love to start a quilting bee with all of my 17 granddaughters and 6 daughter-in-laws. The kids love their quilts but. I would love to help them make their own.
    Just think of all the new quilters I could encourage. 🙂

  299. Hope chests are alive and well in my home and I am sending each daughter off with 4 quilts. I have special memories of lemonade and cookies on a quilt made by my husband's grandmother when they were little and wanted to sit in the front yard and watch the school bus drive by.

  300. I made a rag baby quilt for my daughter for the birth of her daughter, my first grandchild. Now I am teaching my daughter to sew so that when the time comes she can make a quilt for her grandchild as well.


  301. My mother in law was a quilter and after she passed away I am trying to make a tumbling block quilt that she had made for her twin boys when they were children
    VHarrah{at}aol[dot] com

  302. I learned to sew and quilt from my Aunt. Maybe one day one of my kids will be interested, until then they do sure do use the ones I make. Every baby in the family gets a new quilt.

  303. Soy la primer quilter de mi familia y he comenzado la tradición haciendo un quilt a cada uno de mis hijos como obsequio en su nacimiento, luego para los bebés de mis amigas y ahora para algún pariente o amigo (mío o de mis hijos) q necesite un regalo especial q le abrigue el alma… Deseo con el corazón recibir el libro!.
    Mi mail es alouette_noir@hotmail.com

  304. Neither of my daughters were ever interested in learning to sew. But now that I have 4 granddaughters I'm hoping to I can teach them the joys of quilting when they get old enough.

  305. We need to start a family tradition…I want to make quilts for my children and grandchildren and would love to make baby quilts for new family members too. I wish more were into quilting so we could do more together. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  306. I haven't been quilting long but I hope that I will inspire my niece to take up sewing and creating/crafting too. Making funtioning art (quilts) is a lovely way to bond together. amycav at hotmail dot com

  307. I seem to be the only one in my family that finds great pleasure and peace in continuing family traditions. It's worth the effort!

  308. I just want to share news about Pat Sloan's new fabric line – called "One for you, One for Me'… "it's what I said to my mom when I gave her flowers (or weeds) from the yard" in cottons and Batics. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  309. Summer family picnics are a tradition. My husband has 75 members in his immediate family so it is quite a celebration. I have made quite a few prom and wedding dresses and more alterations then I can count.
    Book looks lovely. Thanks for a chance to win.

  310. My great-grandmother, grandmother, and mother all made quilts, though they were much simpler than what people make today. Every fabric had a story and I loved hearing about them. Now I make quilts using modern techniques but every one still has a story. I hope my grandkids will be willing to listen to them!
    craftytokyomama at yahoo dot com

  311. My Mother Out law insists on taking over each holiday I would love to do one but I must wait! As for patience I have none. Thanks for the giveaway!

  312. I don't have any quilting traditions in my family. I'm the first/only one in my family to sew. I don't know how to quilt, but would love to learn how, so I could make each of my kids a quilt.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  313. No sewing or quilting traditions in my family. I am the only quilter. However I am hoping to teach my only granddaughter to quilt.999(

  314. My daughter, who is 8, received her first sewing machine this past Christmas. Since I did not know how to sew or quilt I started learning on hers and teaching her as I went along. Now there are two sewing machines in the house. It can get quite loud at times. Now we both love sewing just about anything crafty. Everytime she gets a new doll, we always have to make a quilt for her dolly. She truly does love making small quilts. pdutton75@gmail.com

  315. In a long line of quilters and crafters, there are plenty of traditions in our family! I've started the tradition of making quilts for each of my nieces and nephews 🙂

  316. My Grandmother didn't quilt, but she crocheted. she would crochet a blanket for each of the grandchildren when they graduated. (which doesn't sound like much, but she had 10 children and 30 grandchildren!) My Kids Grandmother is gone, so I quilted a quilt for my first daughter when she graduated and hope to continue (and for my grandchildren !)

  317. No quilters in my family, but I have been giving a quilt to each of my nephews and nieces when they graduate from high school.

  318. I love taking the traditions that my grandmother taught me and used in her own quilts to make fresh new modern quilts with a hint of her!

  319. I am a fairly new quilter and I have so many ideas I want to do. I would love to make a quilt for everyone in my family. Right now I am working on one for my oldest Granddaughter.
    I love the quilts you've shown that are in your book, especially the star quilt!!!

  320. I have started the quilting in my family, I give quilted gifts at christmas time to all family and friends and now my daughters friends are getting interested in sewing and want to learn.My daughter just wants me sewing for her lol.

  321. I don't really have any traditions as far as my quilts go, but I do have two little boys that I would like to at least instill the specialness of a quilt and give them plenty along the way!
    peachspark (at) hotmail (dot) com

  322. My quilting tradition is that I want to complete at least one quilt per year. And I want to make one for each of my children and grandchildren. So far, I have made a stars and stripes quilt for one son and am finishing a small crumb-pieced quilt for my first granddaughter, who loves to sew.

  323. I try to make 2-3 quilts that I raffle off every Christmas for my extended family members. I do this in memory of my Oma, who used to have something homemade for everyone in the family each Christmas. I can't seem to make that many things each year, so I am happy with 2-3.

  324. My mom and I just attended a quilting getaway together for the first time – and it's definitely going to be a yearly tradition from now on – so much fun! Thanks for the giveaway chance : )

  325. I am trying to pass down quilting and sewing to my granddaughters. Would love to have this book to share. I read her blog all the time!

  326. My Mom made quilts for nursing homes, cancer patients and ill children…when she passed I inherited her sewing machines and I decided that they needed to continue the work she did, so I learned to quilt and I now belong to The World of Charity Stitching group and this past year I have made my 100th quilt for that group. Many smiles have been brought to seniors, children, abused women and cancer patients.. all from a family tradition of making and giving to others.

  327. I made a small red and white pinwheel quilt a few years ago that I bring out at Christmas to decorate the dining room table. Because of the colours, I can also use it on Valentine's Day.

  328. I'm the only quilter in my family, and I made a quilt for my son when he was born. I'd like to make a quilt for my nieces and nephew as a way to mark special occasions.

  329. I love to make quilts for the grandkids. There are fantastic novelty fabrics available. Would love to win this prize.

  330. My son said he didn't like or want any quilt when I first started quilting. But after I made one for a friend, he saw a pattern and it grew into an adventure of choosing fabrics and he now has a quilt that was his college graduation present on his bed in his first apartment home. I find myself wondering if he will like my next quilt…:)

  331. I don't know if it is a tradition or not but I made baby name quilts for each of my children when they were born…

  332. My grandmother hand quilted. I have a couple of her quilts. She was elderly when she quilted these quilts. The quilts are not the type of quilts in this book but I still cherish the quilts. No one in my family taught or made sure I carry on the quilting tradition. Beautiful quilts in your book.

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  334. I am trying to start a tradition of giving handmade items (quilts, bags, placemats or other small items) as gifts for my family members on Birthdays or Christmas. Thanks for the chance to win this fantastic book!

  335. My quilty traditions involve making quilts for my sons and nephews and I have made quilted Christmas tree skirts for them all as well!