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Alphabitties Specialty Marking Tools

Have you seen our new Alphabitties Specialty Marking Tools? The It’s Sew Emma team designed these cute little letters and numbers to keep your fabric extra organized after cutting. Simply label each pile with the corresponding letter or number in the pattern! Watch this handy video to see the Alphabitties in action.

The package contains 26 letters and 10 numbers, and they pair perfectly with It’s Sew Emma patterns. We love lettering our fabrics, and the Alphabitties help keep everything in order. When your pattern calls for fabrics A – Z, it can get a little confusing!

If you plan to bring your sewing on the go, simply use a Clover Wonder Clip to attach your letter to your fabric stack.

Pam Kitty Morning thinks the Alphabitties are for work and for play! Meow, indeed.

Lori Holt of Bee in my Bonnet uses the Alphabitties to stay organized while having a “Quilty Kind of Day.”

Tricia of Notes of Sincerity used them to mark fabric, while her grand-daughter used them to practice spelling!

We hope you decide to try the Alphabitties! How do you keep your fabric in order while sewing?


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