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A Sewn Vintage Lifestyle + Giveaway Closed

Verna Mosquera of The Vintage Spool‘s style is nothing short of inspiring. We drool over her fabric collections and admire her timeless appliqué quilt patterns. We are thrilled to have her on the blog today to chat about her first book, A Sewn Vintage Lifestyle, which celebrates her romantic and vintage inspired aesthetic. Keep reading for a closer look at her book and a giveaway!

As I prepare for the release of my first book A Sewn Vintage Lifestyle, it seemed fitting to share a bit about the process and a few things I’ve learned along the way. In 2007 at the International Quilt Market in Houston I had just released my first fabric collection, Sweet Escape for FreeSpirit Fabrics and was approached by F+W Media about writing a book. My company was very young and so were my two sons, so I kept her information and put the book idea on the back burner. A few years later, it all fell into place! Timing is everything, and it is important to wait for a time that is right for you.

The book features 20 charming, useful and beautifully sewn projects for the home that reflect my vintage and romantic inspired aesthetic. The projects range from quilts, (both patchwork and appliqué) to embroidery and simple sewn projects. The task was rather daunting, but I realized it must be how some people feel when they look at one of my appliqué quilts and don’t know where to begin. I decided to take my own advice I often give my students and that was to take it one step at a time.

Writing A Sewn Vintage Lifestyle has been one of the coolest things I have done in my creative career and in the process I have learned a few things. I have learned to take time to smell the roses. Stop, catch your breath, feel good about what you have accomplished. Spend time with those most important to you and spend time doing what you most enjoy.

I feel incredibly blessed to work in a field that I have a tremendous passion for while I raise my two children. A Sewn Vintage Lifestyle is a compilation of all that I have learned along my creative path. It has been quite a journey. My hope is that it will inspire others to create. I am proud and honored to share it.

For a chance to win one of THREE copies of A Sewn Vintage Lifestyle, comment below letting us know how you add a touch of vintage to your life. A winner will be chosen on July 11, 2013. Good luck!

UPDATE, Dee, Peggy and Teachpany are our lucky winners!  You have been contacted via Email. Congratulations!


  1. I'm fortunate enough to have quilts from three generations. I look at the old fabrics and see how the smallest scrap was put to good use. Your book is beautiful!

  2. I mix many vintage items in my decor, along with the new quilts that I make. The book looks very beautiful and an excellent resource for adding vintage to today's decor.

  3. I use a set of mixing bowls that were my grandmother's, along with a few other touches of vintage decor in my kitchen. Looks like a beautiful book!

  4. Would the fact that my MIL just gave me a pair of underwear that belonged to my husband when he was a baby for me to use for my son, I think that's pretty vintage, we have a lot of vintage things at our business.

  5. Oh what an absolutely beautiful collection of projects!!

    I have my grandmother's (father's mother) sewing basket to hold miscellaneous supplies, and I'm in the process of setting up my sewing room with my grandmother's (mother's mother) kitchen table as my cutting table.

    I also decorate at Christmas with stockings made from some quilts (that had seen LOTS of use and wear and tear) that belonged to my mother's great-aunt.

  6. I love decorating with antiques and thrift store/garage sale finds – especially for the Holidays! They make me remember my childhood and my grandmother's house 🙂

  7. I LOVE the vintage look, and I would so enjoy doing the projects in this beautiful book. I would use the vintage-style projects to decorate my home in the country! I hope I'm the lucky winner!

  8. I have old hankerchiefs that were my grandmothers. She had a beautiful one that had a blue heart embroidered on it and I used that as my something blue for my wedding. I also found my mother's engraved cake knife from her wedding to use at mine. Even though they weren't able to attend my wedding, it was nice to have personal touches from them.

  9. OMG, I have a seriouse love of all things vintage, shabby chic roses, love love love it !!! where to start, I keep a little glass vase in my bedroom filled with my moms old jewelry just to name one.
    Thankyou so much for the chance !!!

  10. O I love this style. All of my porcelain dolls are around my house in their vintage dresses. I love sewing small quilts for them to drape around them and sit on. This book is such an inspiration

  11. I love vintage!! I try to add the look to every room in my home, from doilies, old handkerchiefs or whatever else I can find. Would love to win!!

  12. Congratulations to Verna on her first book. I love Vintage decorating, it's so personal. I have many things from my grandmother including her quilts and I love collecting antiques.

  13. What feminine fabrics. I have doilies that I made when I did a lot of crochet. I also have some old butter presses that I put up on my cupboards

  14. I love to mix modern and vintage pieces. I have a lovely collection of vintage glassware that i love to mix with my new china and everyday dishes.

  15. I have a collection of my mother's old handkerchiefs that I hope to make into a quilt. The book will certainly give me inspiration!

  16. I love all of your creations! They are so beautiful! I make patchwork quilts and also sew small crafts, like softies, to add vintage to my life. I would love to win a copy of your book!

  17. Absolutely lovely!

    I collect whatever catches my fancy…including quilts from my GGrandma & GGGrandma, 1930-50's kitchen items, and floral/bird prints.

  18. I repurpose vintage I items into useful and nostalgic things to decorate my home with. For example, I use a carrying pie safe to hold my quilting magazines definetly a conversation thing.

  19. I have a king size comforter that my grandmother crocheted for my grandfather, he's been gone for 35 yrs now.

  20. Wel my husband likes modern funrniture, but I love the romantic vintage look, I found a compromis about that, the furniture is quit modern I ad assesoires romantic and vintage, that way we have both what we want

  21. Wel my husband likes modern funrniture, but I love the romantic vintage look, I found a compromis about that, the furniture is quit modern I ad assesoires romantic and vintage, that way we have both what we want

  22. Crafting vintage inspired items helps me display my old soul 🙂 I just love mixing a touch of vintage in with modern designs to make it truly unique and fun 🙂

  23. Vintage in my life in my wardrobe in my kitchen . I love the connection with yesteryear. I guess I am getting old. What I see as commonplace, my daughters say it is vintage. Great giveaway.

  24. What a beautiful collection of projects to sew. I have vintage items scattered through my house, an antique rocking chair, hand crank butter churn, an old fireplace popcorn popper and various other items. I think it makes my house look cozy and warm. Thanks for the winderful giveaway.

  25. I use an old set of glass embossed luncheon plates and cups. The projects in this book along with your fabrics are very nice and inspiring.

  26. I love to collect vintage needlework pictures I get from the local auction house. I feel happy to display them in my house because I know someone spent a lot of time and love creating them.

  27. I love having things my grandmother made and my great grandmother used in my home. They taught me the beauty and utility of things we make.

  28. I have 3 glass ornaments that go on my tree each year. One was on my dad's first Christmas tree , 87 yrs ago, one from my mom's first tree, 84 yrs ago and one from mine, 62 yrs ago. They are the m8st precious ornaments I have.

  29. I just finished polishing my mother's silver. I stand there at the sink and remember her hands doing the same job. Vintage things give me so much comfort.

  30. the oldest thing vintage in my house is myself! I live in such tight quarters now that collections are out of the question, but I love the quilts in this book – would love to work on a few.

  31. I have aquired several antique pieces of furniture handed down from family. They are often refinished. That's my vintage touch. This book looks amazing.

  32. Please don't enter me into the drawing… I already have Verna's lovely book. I love her style! I put doilies on my tables (thrifted) to add a little charm. Verna's fabrics and patterns are gorgeous!!!

  33. I love to use 1930's fabrics for baby quilts and I love to use vintage baking and serving dishes inherited from my Grandmother. Congratulations on the book – it looks absolutely divine.

  34. I have a bedroom that is decorated in all family antiques. I have made pillows to coordinated with the antique quilt made by my great-grandmother. Love vintage even though the rest of my house is fairly contemporary,

  35. Love the quilts you made. I also love to mix vintage in with my décor. I have been lucky in finding a few vintage quilts from a friend with an antique shop. Oh and I love old kitchen utensils and sewing items.

  36. Such beautiful projects!! I'd LOVE to win a copy! 🙂

    My "Vintage" is a ship that my grandfather built over many, many hours on my mantle, and a gorgeous quilt from my grandma on my bed. I cherish both of them… 🙂

  37. I hope it is not too late to enter, I would love to win this…such lovely designs…thanks so much, that is if I am not too late.

  38. I love vintage, and would love a beautiful vintage quilt for the back of my sofa. I think it is the perfect way to bring vintage into my life.

  39. To add vintage, I have some special quilts that I display and have a wonderful selection of wooden spools and sewing notions that I am extremely proud of!

  40. I have created vintage style in my bedroom, but where I really would like to add vintage is in a travel trailer set up for sewing.

  41. I buy things from cute shops that carry vintage items and add them to my newer furniture. I like the collected and not matched set decorating.

  42. I am very fortunate to have scraps of fabric from sewing dresses for my mom…alas, she has been gone for quite a few years now. She loved my sewing for her and whenever I use those fabrics in a quilt or project I can think of her and remember her sweet spirit.

  43. I love vintage, chic, and shabby! I have a new home and in the process of decorating! What I can, I am trying to make. I have some purchased items as well….but I love the homemade touch. Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  44. I have quilts from my mother, my aunt, my mother-in-law, and from quilting friends, all who have passed. I also have some antique quilts and I cherish them.

  45. Oh, I love the projects that were shown…

    I have a few kitchen items that belonged to my grandmother that I use and a crochet bedspread that she made. I wish I had more of my grandparents' things.

  46. I love old lace doilies and embroidered table scarves. I have several old quilts that I display also. Love this book.

  47. I got my quilting inspiration from my great grandmother, Salt Lake City, Utah. She made a quilt for everyone in her family and I still have mine. I was 10 when I received it and now am 67. I cherish this vintage quilt. I have repurposed my silver plate as vintage décor for my kitchen…so love the look. Thank you for your generous give away.

  48. I have a few of my grandmother's hankies as well as some buttons from her button box. I also have (and use) several of my mom's things from her kitchen. I remember using these items when I was a small child.

  49. Jeanie said…
    I got my quilting inspiration from my great grandmother, Salt Lake City, Utah. She made a quilt for everyone in her family and I still have mine. I was 10 when I received it and now am 67. I cherish this vintage quilt. I have repurposed my silver plate as vintage décor for my kitchen…so love the look. Thank you for your generous give away.

  50. I love vintage floral. I add some of my grandma's things to my new modern things for a touch of vintage.

  51. I love the vintage look. This book will be great for creating new and exciting vintage looks for my home, especially my bedroom.

  52. Actually I have just added a touch of vintage by purchasing a grandmothers garden quilt top .. circa 1930 or before, it is very thin and fragile, and muslin was used for the background .. since it is so fragile and cannot be quilted, I plan to display it in a shadowbox on my sewing room wall ,,
    This book looks awesome and I love the fabrics, would love to add it to my library .. I love vintage but more the story and history that goes beyond the quilt itself ..

  53. I use vintage linens as shelf liners and vintage crocks and baskets to hold my craft and sewing supplies

  54. I love to add old fashioned roses to my quilts and home decor. I also like to repurpose old and vintage items when I can. Thanks for the chance to win your beautiful book.

  55. I don't know that I have added anything lately yet just viewing Verna's quilts seems to calm me. Their beauty with the pastel and vivid colors along with the designs add a calmness to my being. Thank you Verna for the lovely quilts. Good luck with your book and thank you for the opportunity to win your book.

  56. I love that I have vintage dishes, crocks, linens, etc throughout my home. I have a scrap-teddy bear made by a friend of mine from a quilt made by my grandmother before I was born. The vintage crock bowls are used everyday in my kitchen and memories touch me each time I use them. I love the look of your site and can imagine how wonderful your book must be. Thank you for allowing me to enter.

  57. i try to turn things into new things. for example, i just made bracelets and earrings out of fabric tape measures and they turned out really cool. i use scrabble tiles for necklaces, rings, keychains and other projects.

    i am hoping to add the vintage feel soon with quilting as i am brand new to sewing and am a little intimidated to get started.

  58. I love things from the past. It's great fun to decorate with thrift store vintage finds as well as little modern touches here and there. Your fabrics are gorgeous! thanks for sharing your talent with others! Julie Buchtenkirch

  59. I would make one of the quilts in soft pinks like the one my grandmother made me when I was little. I also have a quilt that my great grandmother made in the late 1800's, but the colors are much darker than the one my grandmother made in late 1950's.

  60. I live in a small, very old house, and I find that vintage items fit better, especially vintage chairs and tables. Of course, tables need table cloths and chairs need slip covers and cushions, and I like to make these in a vintage style as well. Thanks for the chance to win this lovely book.

  61. Such a beautiful book and gorgeous fabric, my home is a mix of new and plenty of vintage items from family and collected items. Thank you for the chance to win this book on my birthday!!

  62. Vintage is wonderful! Quilts to pass down to my children, and handmade goodies inspire vintage. i love heirlooms passed down to me. They decorate my home.

  63. What a beautiful quilt. I like to add vintage laces to projects and use other vintage materials to create a little vintage in my home.

  64. I display, use and create "vintage" every chance I get. I love keeping the beauty and history alive! Thank you for the chance to win such a beautiful book.

  65. Most of the furniture in our house has been passed along by parents, grandparents, great aunts and uncles. In fact as I look around the living room I can only see chairs that we actually purchased ourselves! I don't have old things just to look at them, I will use them because that's what they're for. 🙂

  66. I love to use items that belonged to my grandmother and great aunts, but I also "rescue" vintage potholders, kitchen and table linens, almost any kind of hand stitched or hand made items I come across in antique stores.

  67. I would love to win a book. I think that Verna looks exactly like her fabrics, GORGEOUS….thanx for the chance.

  68. I love Vintage. I bought a older more Vintage styled home. I have things that I got from my grandmother and I buy and collect vintage sheets as well. I love to go to thrift shops looking for vintage items. My daughter and I love to go to antique stores also. I have bought a few pieces of older furniture that I have redone.

  69. I have some vintage wooden spools that I'm using to hold binding for quilts. I also have several vintage items from my grandmother as well as my mother and I even have several vintage quilts. Thanks for the chance to win.

  70. I have almost every dress that I smocked for my daughter when she was little. I am also the keeper of the precious things I made for my granddaughter. I hope to see them passed down.

  71. I am a first generation quilter. I taught myself how to quilt when I was 17 and now I am 32. I have picked up a few vintage quilts from flee markets and antique shops. But I do hope that my quilts will be passed down and will be known as vintage one day. Brandi Pond @ Peace of me quilts

  72. I have my grandmother's vintage chicken scratch aprons and a lot of her crochet doilies. She taught me the love of sewing.

  73. I love Verna's designs! would love to win this book, but will probably just have to pony up and buy it!

    I have some lovely table linens that I sprinkle through out my house.


  74. Oh how fun and what lovely projects! Right now, I'm collecting vintage linens to use in modern quilts and pillows! Thanks for hosting such an awesome giveaway!

  75. I love to sew with vintage prints, this line is perfect. I add vintage to my life in little ways, like a coin purse or a table runner. I'd love this book to check out that great tablecloth! Thanks for a chance to win!

  76. I inherited a lot of hand-embroidered linens from my grandmother that I use in my home and sometimes incorporate in sewing projects. I love the look of your book.

  77. I have a Carolina Lily quilt from my great grandmother arrainged on a table with old photos, jars of buttons and old thread spools.

  78. My kids would say I am vintage enough (I argue that I am not even old, never mind vintage!), but apart from that I have some of my Grandmothers and her sisters cup saucer and plate sets in a cabinet in my sewing room and I just love looking at them!

  79. Love the pink and soft green together.
    I have an old singer treadle machine in its cabinet and a spinning wheel.

  80. I have vintage in my home by never buying new furniture and always getting used stuff and painting it. Plus I love those soft colours of fabrics to sew with. Love the book!

  81. I love the colors in the book! So pretty and calming. I love to stop and smell the roses. I love rose and floral print fabrics, too. I've used quite a few in my decorating, including a floral print fabric for my shower curtain, florals in my bed quilt, and blues and florals in the guest room.

  82. I have some furniture pieces which were made by my grandfather over a hundred years ago. These vintage pieces are very dear to me.

  83. I have many vintage items in my home, from quilts to china to garden decorations. Each piece makes me think of the prior owner and wonder if that person loved the item as much as I do.

  84. love the look of vintage and I have pink depression dish pieces and will put some fresh cut flowers in them and it changes the whole room….also sometimes will fill with a fresh scent of floral.

  85. I have my grandmothers Cannonsburg brown drip dishes that I use everyday. Thru the years some have gotten broken but I'm always on the lookout for more on E-bay. I also have some aprons from feed sacks that belonged to another grandmother that I use. I love the look and soft colors of vintage fabric.

  86. I have added the vintage decor to my daughter's room when she was growing up. Have done the same with my grand daughter. Wonderful fabrics!

  87. The book looks amazing. I it just my style, I just finish a tote with vintage fabrics for my daughter for her birthday. I am really wanting to do a quilt with some vintage hankies that belonged to my great Aunt born in 1900. They are beautiful and have beautiful lace and embroidery on them, just don't know where to start.. good luck with your book I am sure it will be very popular. You have lovely things.

  88. I have some vintage pieces through out the house. Most are family items from my grandparents like furniture, dishes, art, etc. One item I still need to get from my mom is a trunk that my ancestors packed when they came to America from Germany. I have always liked vintage items but so much better if it was a family piece.

  89. I have my grandmother's sewing machine. I've never tried to sew with it but I like to lift it out of it's wooden cabinet and look at it now and then. I also have my Great Grandmother's bedroom suite and Christmas ornaments. Thank you for the chance to win this beautiful book.

  90. I love to have things around my home that belonged to mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. I knew all three very well, and they were all very important ladies in my life. I love all they taught me, and having some of their treasures continue to inspire me! Some may think that I'm talking about jewelry or furniture, but I'm not! I'm talking about an old colander (reminds me of time with my grandmother in her kitchen), a large metal tea kettle (reminds me of my great-grandmother and how everyone loved to visit her home), and all kinds of various treasures from my Mom (old letters, favorite pictures). They all remind me of simpler times and inspire me to follow their examples!

  91. I am the first quilter in my family but both my daughters have quilts I have done so hopefully it will be held on by them. I do so like the quilt done in simple squares on point. The color combination is so very good.

  92. I use my mother's and grandmother's kitchen tools, dishes and recipes. It helps me to feel close to them and brings back so many precious memories!

  93. I use crocheted doilies and quilts made by hand by my dear grandmother. I don't even consider them vintage – they are just warm reminders of the love she put into making her home a joy!

  94. I suspect I'm going a little past vintage as I'm about to sew together my first pair of 1770's stays (corset in today's parlance).
    I've already made myself a 1913 suit.

  95. I look for vintage linens to buy at garage sales and second hand stores for use in decorating. I especially love two hand embroidered pillowcases I found with crocheted lace on the edge.

  96. I'm all about Vintage. I have my Grandmother's Bedroom set and my Great Aunt's (her sister) Living Room set. Lots of handmade doilies and quilts from the family and treasure them every day. Would love to own one of your lovely books. Thank you.
    Carol O

  97. I like to add vintage here and there from what I wear, to what I decorate the house with. We use vintage china, have little vintage toches in the deco.

  98. We have a "hobby farm" and like to add decorate with old farming tools. I also collect wooden dough bowls and rolling pins so I decorate with those also.

  99. What a glorious book! I add vintage touches to my home by using vintage linens to make pillows, curtains and other decor around my home. Thanks for the chance to win!

  100. So happy that hand me down has become vintage. What a difference a word makes. There is not a room in my house that does have something of my grandmother's.

  101. I use vintage handkerchiefs for accents on my shelves, along with displaying antique dishes and figures on my shelving. I am also fortunate to have several feedsack aprons, both adult and child size.

  102. Love the fabrics! I use lots of repro fabrics in my quilts and have a few things that belonged to my grandparents.

  103. I've got lots of vintage things, from my Great Grandmothers, Grandmothers and things I've bought over the years. Love the homey feeling it gives my home!

  104. I love to add to my vintage look by shopping at antique shops. I have a collection of English flowered plates hanging on my shabby wallpaper in my bedrooms. A little art, a little ceramic, a little soft fabric hanky in a collection all spell vintage. Stephani in N. TX (Tomazec@aol.com)

  105. I love vintage and have a collection of aprons that I dealy love. All of the aprons are vintage and remind me of my grandmother.

  106. I don't have a lot of 'vintage' per se but love to have pretty things around, especially in my sewing area.

  107. I lovingly own a quilt top that my grandmother made. Vintage items from my family are precious to me. Time for me to make my own vintage quilt to pass down.

  108. My whole home has vintage touches…..from my family and my hubbies family we are the custodians of many treasures.
    From quilts, linens, dishes to pictures, furniture, toys and tools…..we have been blessed.

  109. what a wonderful give a way.
    Hope I'm not too late t enter.
    I have vintage style all around my house, curtains, pillows, etc.
    quilting dash lady at Comcast dot net

  110. I like to add bits and pieces of vintage to my household. A quilt here, a wooden box there, pieces from family members. I like to add the old with the new.

  111. i love collecting and using antique furniture and equipment in my life and it is so much fun adding vintage fabric, etc to help accent and dress them up. Thank-you so much for sharing

  112. I've admired Verna's beautiful designs for years–this looks like a wonderful book. I love decorating with vintage items that I find at flea markets, antique shops, garage sales and even along side the road! I usually repaint or recover to fit into my mostly blue and white decor.

  113. I think I bring vintage to my life with my clothing. I don't purchase vintage clothes, but I like to buy clothing that is in the style of the 50's. I think women's clothing from that era was so much prettier than it is now.

  114. We have special objects from our parents' and grandparents' homes that we display and use. We also have old family photos.

  115. I love the soft romantic aura of vintage tableclothes,dresser scarves and doilies. Really anythhing hand sewn. I love your style. Bobbie

  116. I love vintage things in my home. From my grandmother's sleigh bed to her cookie cutters and my grandfather's scale and printer's tray (he had his own print shop in the basement), i am surrounded with wonderful vintage pieces.

  117. I have quilts and dishes from my mother around our home. It keeps her near. Thanks for the chance to win this beautiful book!

  118. Thank you for introducing Verna and her beautiful fabrics. I would love to win a copy of her book…first project may be the cushion shown on this posting.

  119. Verna makes beautiful thing and she is a beautiful person, inside and out! I've had the pleasure to meet her. So glad to see her attain another goal! Can't wait to get her book!

  120. I'm hoping I didn't miss this giveaway – it was posted yest (7/11) and said it ended 7/11?

    I am very much into vintage, antiques, etc. Modern and contemporary just don't fit our style. I love crocheting doilies – and that adds a simple vintage look.

  121. Hi! I have some vintage fabric from my Mother.and from my Aunt I have what was called a bed jacket( you wore this over your gown when ill and in bed to cover up for company) also I have a few vintage dishes and chacheys (sp). Love this fabric so beautiful and just takes your breath away. Thanks for the chance.

  122. I own various items passed down through the family as well as a collection of vintage pillow cases that I'm saving for different projects and to be used in the home.

  123. Our home is filled with vintage items from family members who mean so much to us, my mother-in-laws china cabinet, my grandmother's silver tray, my aunt's kitchen rooster and so on. Every time I look around our home I am filled with memories, the projects in this book will be a beautiful addition to our memories.

  124. I love vintage kitchen tools and textiles. I inherited some from my great grandmother and I love them! Also, vintage sewing supplies, especially wooden spools.

  125. I just love any vintage. My sewing room contains a vintage singer sewing machine from 1890; a vintage sewing machine cabinet along with a vintage wooden sewing basket/case. Just to name a few of my favorite things. I just love this book. Thanks for a chance to win.

  126. Love Verna's work and vintage style! She is such an amazingly sweet, talented person! I add vintage into my life by surrounding myself with things that remind me of the past, or look well loved, like old dishes, vintage sheets, sewing machines, anything cute 🙂

  127. I LOVE the first quilt shown and all the rest! They are beautiful! First I am married to a very vintage husband, age 84, who always inspires me to make more quilts. 🙂 Then, everything in my house actually is vintage having collected from my gmas, parents and other family and so most of my quilts reflect that era.

  128. Well, I'm headed out the door to an estate sale, now! ha ha. Hopefully I'll add a touch of vintage from something I find there.

  129. I decorate with lots of vintage items. We have an Oak "ice box" as an end table. And most of my quilts are vintage-looking. Thanks for the giveaway

  130. A quilt I have. I love vintage fabrics and include them in projects. Thank you for the chance :-). The projects and fabrics are gorgeous!!

  131. What beautiful items! Your book looks wonderful! I like keeping things from my folks and from my childhood out and around me. I think it's important to remember those that taught me handwork and crafts and to share it when I can.

    Thank you for a super giveway and a chance to win.


  132. My sister Bev made a beautiful vintage quilt for my late husband when he had cancer it has Ps 23 lovingly embroidered on it. I have it draped over a chair in my lounge. How blessed I am to have wonderful memories of him within the quilt & also to still have my very special sister. Xx

  133. My bedroom is vintage style. I have old charcoal pictures hanging in old frames. I'm in the process of making a quilt for my bed in soft, floral vintage patterns. For me it's just so relaxing and puts me in my comfort zone.