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3 for Me: Kathy Watt

Welcome to the Jolly Jabber on this beautiful, happy Friday–thanks for stopping by! This week, we’re excited to welcome back Kathy Watt as she shares her current favorite designer with us:

“Choosing a favorite designer is like choosing a favorite child; it depends on the day. Today it’s Howard Marcus and his latest Collection for a Cause, Comfort. It’s a version of an 1860 New England Quilt. I’m drawn to this style and color palette. The best part is that a portion of Moda’s proceeds will go toward helping the American Red Cross efforts for Japan’s earthquake victims and the Pacific Tsunami Relief. Wrap yourself in some comfort and know you’re doing a good deed too!”

Kathy’s 3:

1. Comfort Tonal Prussian Blue Shell Blossoms SKU# 46114-36

2. Comfort Brick Striped Flowers SKU# 46117-10

3. Comfort Madder Brown Plaid Floral SKU# 46118-22

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  1. OOh I really love reading these because it always gives me new things I've not seen yet. I really like the Comfort Brick Striped Flowers fabric. VERY pretty.
    Thank you. Great choice.