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3 for Me: Jocelyn Ueng

Happy Friday everyone! Once again, we hope you had a terrific week and want to thank you for kicking off your weekend with some good old fashioned color mania! Please join me in welcoming Jocelyn Ueng and her favorite color, midnight blue:

“Blue has always been my favorite color, but there is something about midnight blue that grips me. This hue is dark, rich and mysterious, with an almost velveteen quality. It can be contemporary, like these prints, or harken back to the days of Downton Abbey. Plus, it’s a flattering shade on just about everyone. I heart you, Midnight Blue. I would love a blouse from the Secret Garden print, a skirt from the Lark print, and I would use the Cayman Bay print as a neutral paired with bright raspberry and lime prints for a contemporary quilt.”

Jocelyn’s 3:

1. Secret Garden Midnight Fresh Cut Flowers SKU# SH5020-MIDN-D

2. Lark Midnight Kasbah SKU# PWAB69-MIDNI

3. Cayman Bay Batiks Midnight Rice Texture SKU# SP25-H2