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3 for Me: Jessica Thornburgh

Hey everyone!  It’s Friday again and you know what that means…3 for Me time!!  Without further ado, please put your hands together and join me in welcoming our newest Marketing Department team member, recently relocated all the way from California, Jessica Thornburgh:

“I have always gravitated toward jewel tones, starting from when I was little and my favorite Disney Princess was Jasmine all the way up to today with my current t-shirt choice. Naturally, I stuck with jewel tones for all 3 prints.  I love the rich colors and the smaller tone on tone prints.  I am a huge fan of geometric shapes and repeating patterns. I’m constantly using them in my art and design as texture and background, just like in these prints – that definitely swayed my decision.  My eye just knows what I like!”

Jessica’s 3:

1. Merlot Batiks Pomegranate Grid Texture SKU# 2308-381

2. Sparkle Orange and Rust Sparkles SKU# 39055-888

3. Winter Solstice Red Fade-out Collage SKU# 9JYA-1